• AutoExpress drag races the BMW E82 1M Coupe against the DSG Audi RS3

      This is a great drag race to see but not really all that surprising. The Audi wins the race by virtue of its AWD launch and DSG transmission. Whomever was driving the 1M launched poorly. The 1M had the higher trap speed by 3 MPH so it is the faster car. Makes you wonder how the 1M would do with a DCT transmission. The video calls the Audi an automatic (not this again) and suggests it would win by a larger margin in the rain (as if drag racing the rain is smart or desired) leading both comments to sound, well, stupid.

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        Maybe one day when BMW produces a proper sporty version of the Z4 again there will be something to compare against the TT-RS.
        I agree. I would love a road version of the Z4 GT3
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        sweet video
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        I thought the 1M would get smoked.