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    Today, 02:51 PM
    Want to flash tune your new third generation Audi TT-RS or 8V Audi RS3 sedan at home? Well, you can. Custom Code UK developed a handheld OBD-II flasher which will let you tune right in your own garage. Iroz Motorsport is the exclusive importer of the Custom Code flasher in the USA. As for pricing: It seems you will only be able to flash Custom Code software though. Nice, but not exactly being able to tune however you want yourself or to go get an outside Protune as Cobb allows.
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    Today, 02:32 PM
    Gintani is still tuning the project 991.2. This is a preliminary graph that gives you an idea of the difference the tune makes. Gintani believes they can add a little bit of power up top but as you can see this motor is a torque monster down low. Compared to GIAC's 91 octane tune Gintani does not ramp in the torque as hard down low but the peak comes at about 4200 rpm compared to 2950 giving a broader curve: The torque increase is 110 lb-ft over the baseline but for whatever reason the baseline is a bit lower than it was on other Mustang dynamometers while the peak horsepower is right on the money. The dyno was recently calibrated. Gintani is still tuning so take this as an early result but obviously there is a lot on tap from the stock 991.2 Carrera. Additionally, dyno results with cat bypass pipes from Soul Performance should come today and Gintani also plans to do a race gas tune which thus far nobody has done.
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    Today, 02:11 PM
    This is the new Aston Martin Vantage V8 and it is... well, controversial. Somehow it is nowhere near as elegant as the car it replaces but at the same time it looks much more modern. There definitely is quite a bit of DB11 in it. Yet it does not come together as well as its big brother. Perhaps all the sharp angles take some getting used to? Also that big nose just stands out against the neon paint color. Darker colors should blend better. The interior is absolutely spectacular. Second to none. Aston Martin knows they are the best of the best when it comes to the interior styling. Pricing is expected to be $150k or so which is perfectly reasonable. Especially considering the car has 50/50 weight distribution and weighs 3373 pounds dry. The only downside? An automatic transmission. They could have copied the AMG GT dual clutch but chose not to. On the other hand the automatic may have far more torque handling capability for the 503 horsepower twin turbo V8. Deliveries will begin in the second quarter of 2018.
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    Yesterday, 08:33 PM
    The McLaren 570S in stock form is more than enough car for most people considering it runs low 10's at 135 miles per hour. If you were most people you would not be reading this site. How does the McLaren 570S respond to tuning? Very well. The M838T V8 is hardly pushed in the 570S and it shows with these results. The baseline with race gas blended in produces 503 horsepower and 508 lb-ft of torque at the wheels. Very solid baseline figures on a Mustang dyno: Add in a downpipes and a Stage 2 DME Tuning ECU dyno tune and the car goes to 588 wheel horsepower and 582 lb-ft of wheel torque. Race gas improves these figures even further to 608 wheel horsepower and 619 lb-ft of wheel torque but you will notice the gains mostly come from 3500 rpm to 6200 rpm. Toward redline the race gas and pump gas curves level off and mirror each other as the stock turbos look to run out of breath. With a race gas tune and downpipes the 570S will be running deep into the 9's at well over 140 miles per hour. In other words, it should be able to go up against the 720S big brother.
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