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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    05-23-2017, 11:02 PM
    VTT (Vargas Tuning Technologies) is mostly known on BimmerBoost for their N54 work but their S55 turbo upgrade program is getting going. Really getting going as their Stage 2 turbocharger upgrade set a new stock internal record for the S55 motor at 734 wheel horsepower and 762 lb-ft of torque at the wheels. More details from VTT below: We finally got around to finishing up the testing our on S55 Stage turbo's, and the results as we expected. We picked up the Stock motor S55 power record, previous it was 728, we made 734WHP, and 729WHP on two different pulls this am. We also managed to make 762WTQ on a more aggressive throttle map. Also if anyone wants to say glory pulls, here are 10 runs all above 700WHP from yesterday and this am. The 734WHP, and 729WHP runs were made on the E30 OTS BM3 map, no special tuning, the problem is the E30 scaler is too low up top, and even with PI adding a ton of fuel, we are just plain out of fuel. Dzenno gave us a map with better E85 scaler, more aggressive throttle, and 2-3 degrees less timing, it picked up the tq down low, and it pulls clean all the way up every run. The E30 OTS map is prob a little aggressive timing wise for these boost levels so we wont run it there, custom maps are always better for these levels. As you can see car is making 500WTQ by around 3300, and 700 by 3800K. This is a solid 500+ RPM better spool than the other turbos you see on the market. A big thanks of course To Dzenno at BM3 for the help, its fun working with him again! Also to Terry, Mike at EOS, and Bell intercoolers for the great intercooler. Not to mention the owner who let us use his car as a test bed! There is one S55 making more power at 745WHP (11WHP more), which is a fully built motor, fully ported head, 9 second race car, and one car making more Power / TQ at 763WHP/776WTQ (14WTQ more) and its running a 100 shot of NOS. Impressive? We think so...:eusa-clap: We will be getting this car to the track, and 1/2 mile events very soon. Specs are as follows 2015 BMW M4 DCT Dodson Sportsman Clutch upgrade 100% Stock motor Stock Crank hub VTT Stage2 turbos VTT silicone charge pipes BMS intakes Aftermarket downpipes Catless exhaust EOS V2 top mount PI manifold PFS Double Shot LPFP Upgrade VTT / Bell Air to Water intercooler Custom BM3 flash by Dzenno JB4 100% E85 Boost level 34-35 psi Log:
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    05-20-2017, 07:42 PM
    ABR Houston is able to build your N54 motor in a variety of ways. They have several options to choose from. As the N54 is an open deck block some high power N54's run into issues with cylinders flexing under load. Basically, you can start here and choose options for your build: Let's go over three main options: THE MERCENARY $1999.95* Bare Bones Closed Deck Block What’s Included? CNC closed deck conversion Hone the cylinders to equal size and provide the cylinder bore size Replace oil galley plugs Deck the cylinder block with our custom deck plate THE HITMAN $3349.95* Closed deck conversion with crank installed What’s Included? CNC closed deck conversion Hone the cylinders to equal size, and provide the cylinder bore size Deck the cylinder block with our custom deck plate Check and if needed, straighten crank Refurbish the crankshaft, and polish the journals Replace oil galley plugs Clean all oil passages Inspect crank sensor tone wheel Measure and decode block and crankshaft Balance crankshaft and pistons to .5 gram Replace main bearings Replace and torque bedplate bolts Replace and torque main bolts Install front and rear main seals Install bedplate injection plugs, and seal bedplate Check turning torque of rotating assembly THE PUNISHER $4999.95* Assembled Short Block With Stock Rods & JE Pistons Exchange engine program! The fastest way to get back on the road! What’s Included? CNC closed deck conversion Hone the cylinders to equal size, and provide the cylinder bore size Deck the cylinder block with our custom deck plate Check and if needed, straighten crank Refurbish the crankshaft, and polish the journals Clean all oil passages Replace oil galley plugs Inspect crank sensor tone wheel Measure and decode block and crankshaft Balance crankshaft and pistons to .5 gram Install stock compression JE pistons File fit piston rings to each cylinder Replace Main bearings Replace and torque bedplate bolts Replace and torque main bolts Install front and rear main seals Install bedplate injection plugs, and seal bedplate Check turning torque of rotating assembly Depending on options things go up from there. You can add headwork, Pauter rods, or Schrick cams for example. The end goal is up to the customer. In today's age of big power N54's engine builds are becoming far more common. ABR Houston in particular has a lot of experience in this area.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    05-23-2017, 08:52 PM
    The proof is in the timeslips, isn't it? You can argue about dyno plots and mix and match results to try to claim one E9X M3 S65 V8 supercharger kit is better than another but it is very difficult to argue against someone trying out two different kits and posting the results from the same car at the same track. That is exactly what BimmerBoost member @dnotorious did. In his own words: The Rotrex blower of the Active Autowerke kit offers much more mid-range torque than the Vortech V3si based ESS-Tuning kit. There is something to be said for area under the curve. Look at his dyno plot: 621 horsepower at the wheels on a Dynocom but look at that torque curve. BimmerBoost has said it once and will say it again, Active Autowerke offers the best looking torque curve for a supercharged S65 V8 in the business. That is of course speaking of a stock internal S65 which the Rotrex blower seems to pair perfectly with. Ok, dyno plots are one thing. What about actual 1/4 mile times? He picked up ~5 miles per hour of trap speed and 3 to 4 tenths of a second on street tires: Feel free to argue with the timeslips but picking up that kind of trap speed is no small feat. Great comparison data and great independent results.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    05-22-2017, 09:11 PM
    Maybe the factory BMW S63TU turbochargers can be pushed this far but is it really a good thing? To hit a glory pull peak figure like this would require pushing the turbos far out of their efficiency range. The number looks nice on the graph but is this really realistic F10 M5 performance? This is the claimed mod list: F10 M5 on Stock Turbos and No BEF JB4 and BMS chargepipes MSR intakes Akrapovic exhaust Fabworx downpipes Custom meth system installed by TNT Racewerks Tuned by TNT Racewerks MS109E with 3 gallons of e99 M1 Meth Tuners and owners alike need to get out of the habit of posting a cell phone snap of a dyno plot and then claiming some sort of record. Where is the torque curve? What is the correction factor? Where are the boost and air/fuel graphs? Where is a log? How lean is this thing running? If someone wants to claim a world record with this they can go ahead but there does not appear to be anything to be proud of here other than a meaningless glory pull. A quality tuner would never put their name on it.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    05-22-2017, 07:52 PM
    How is this Liberty Walk widebody fad not dead already? Well, LB Performance claims another victim but this time it is a W204 C63 AMG coupe. The said thing is Mercedes-AMG already makes a widebody C63 called the Black Series which looks and performs much better than this hacked together kit. What is the purpose of this kit? To show the world you like to ruin your cars performance? What wind tunnel testing does it undergo? Exactly none. This is the epitome of German rice. The CFRP body pieces run roughly $17k plus paint and install. Save the money, buy a C63 Black Series, and don't look like a tool.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    05-24-2017, 01:11 AM
    Well, UGR (Underground Racing) is the king of the 1/2 mile. You should already know this if you view this website. In June of last year they pushed a Gallardo to 240.641 miles per hour. In September they topped themselves increasing the 1/2 mile world record to 247.25 with a twin turbo Huracan. Topping 250 was only a matter of time and they did it with a 250.27 mile per hour pass this past weekend. What do you say? Nothing. You just respect it. As far as the modifications UGR tends to keep those details close to heart. We do not know the horsepower or specifications. At this level they only seem to be playing against themselves. The ultimate top dog is the M2K Motorsports Ford GT which does 293.6 in the mile but the all wheel drive Lambos have a traction and shift speed advantage in the 1/2 mile. Either way, cars are getting absurdly fast.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    05-23-2017, 10:06 PM
    This Porsche 991.1 Turbo S belongs to BoostAddict member @sdg1871. His car is tuned with a GIAC Stage IV flash for upgraded turbos. He has a 68mm VTG turbo upgrade from Champion Motorsports along with their intercoolers and a Tubi exhaust. The car is quick especially off the line which shows in the runs below. He easily beats just about everything he runs as nobody can match the launch. Well, only the all wheel drive Jeep Cherokee SRT with over 1000 horsepower can. The two McLarens are easily dispatched: Next up are a pair of GTR's. The blue one has bolt ons. A 997 turbo with unknown mods tries its luck: The only car that poses a real challenge is this Jeep. The 991 fights it off when the Jeep is on low boost but with the boost turned up the Jeep impressively wins. Talk about a stoplight terror:
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    05-23-2017, 11:57 PM
    It depends how you look at it. Is $85k for the quickest production car in the 1/4 mile a lot of money? Absolutely not. Never before has the world's quickest production car been available at such an affordable price point (in today's dollars). If you look at it as $85k for a Dodge Challenger then, sure, it seems like a lot of cash. Maybe you are one of those people who would rather buy a standard Hellcat and modify it yourself. Maybe the Demon's 2.7 liter blower is not big enough for you and you want a 4.5 liter Whipple? What you get for $84,995 from Dodge is a car that will dominate on the dragstrip while being backed by a factory warranty. Dodge is even being pretty funny about the options. The Demon Crate with dragstrip tools and the race gas tune costs $1. Yes, $1. A front passenger seat will cost you $1. What about rear seats? Also $1. Want a trunk liner? That's a dollar too. There are options costing more than a dollar such as a leather interior at $1595, an upgraded audio system at $995, and a $4995 power sunroof that someone has to be absolutely nuts to order. Overall, the Demon is still a huge performance value at $85k. Dodge deserves a ton of praise.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    05-22-2017, 07:33 PM
    An F10 M5 or F13 M6 with an S63TU 4.4 liter V8 twin turbo tune makes for a beast of a car. The thing is, even with a tune an M5 or an M6 is at a disadvantage compared to an McLaren MP4-12C and its 3.8 liter twin turbo M838T V8. Why? For one, the McLaren is just over 1000 pounds lighter. That is a massive weight difference. Secondly, the McLaren has better aerodynamics. The sleek design simply has less surface area. Add in the 8500 rpm redline, tighter gearing, and dual clutch transmission and you can see why the car is tough to beat even in stock form let alone when tuned. The M6 gets a slight jump in the beginning but the MP4-12C quickly passes. It continues to pull and looks to open up a lead of roughly 4-5 car lengths. The MP4-12C is actually a great tuning value on the market right now especially when compared to newer McLaren models.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:40 AM
    BMW with a major new model often does a concept car that hypes and shows off the design language. Now, this is an early leak so more photos along with higher resolution pictures will come but the first thing to remember is that the real thing will not look like this. They will try to get close though. You get a basic idea of the direction in which they are headed with the 8-Series. Also keep in mind, the 8-Series is expected to replace the 6-Series. Why? Well, apparently the 4-Series keeps moving up in size and the 8 is close enough to the 6 to create redundancy. However BMW works it out do finally expect a real M8.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    05-22-2017, 08:55 PM
    MotorTrend reviewed the 2018 Lexus LC500 and there are certainly some areas where Lexus deserves praise. For one, they launched a premium coupe with excellent styling inside and out. Additionally, the car maintains 50/50 weight distribution which is something even BMW struggles with these days. That is about it though. For the $92,000 starting price the performance does not match up to the MSRP especially in today's market. The naturally aspirated 5.0 liter V8 under the hood is nice but it is inferior to the 5.0 liter naturally aspirated S85 V10 BMW offered over a decade ago. How is the Lexus supposed to compete with modern twin turbo V8's which dominate the segment? It can't. Lexus tossed in their same V8 they have been using forever and did not bother to develop a new engine. Why did they spend all that money on developing the LF-A V10? Why not stick a variant of that motor in the LC and truly make for something special? This same old 2UR-GSE 5.0 liter motor was overmatched since the IS-F days back in 2008. Lexus should learn from Audi who finally ditched their 4.2 FSI V8. 50/50 weight distribution is nice but the LC500 is heavy. 4300+ pounds hardly makes for a nimble coupe. The car runs a 13.2 @ 110 in the 1/4 mile. That is not good enough. That is not enough to match a BMW 650i let alone an M6. It is not good enough to keep up with an E550 coupe. It is not enough to keep up with much of anything today. What does MotorTrend think? They think the car feels sluggish. They think the gearing is bad. Gearing is not going to fix the problems with it though. The steering feel is said to be dead. The brake feel is bad. What is there to say? This LC500 is a failure as a performance car. Lexus can market their 'F' brand as much as they want. They aren't fooling anyone. At least not anyone who actually knows what they are talking about. The LC500 is simply a superficial attempt that is more about style than substance. Back to the drawing board...
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:41 PM
    The B58 is looking strong early on, isn't it? BigBoost is pushing the platform hard with their turbo upgrade offerings. Last month they set the horsepower record on the platform with a 534 rear wheel horsepower Dynojet pull and now they have increased that number to 571 whp. Keep in mind the tuning and turbo setup is a work in progress. This is not yet done but BigBoost is already pushing the B58 close to ~600 whp territory: As already stated more work and more dyno runs are to come but things look very optimistic for the B58.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Today, 02:21 AM
    The IS38 turbocharger is the factory Golf R and Audi S3 turbo. This makes it a cost effective swap onto a GTI. Throw on a tune and you essentially have a car that outperforms the Golf R or Audi S3 at a fraction of the cost. This particular GTI is running is an APR IS38 tune but also a BMS JB4 stacked with it. It also has a meth kit. The result is very impressive and an IS38 turbo record with an 11.295 @ 124.20 1/4 mile pass. No dyno was posted but the car is said to be making in the 380-390 wheel horsepower range. Definitely impressive bang for the buck performance.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:03 AM
    Well, this is quite the lineup. The twin turbo Gen V Viper ACR in the video you should know from a video earlier this month where it went up against a 4.0 liter Whipple Coyote and a big turbo MKIV Supra on the highway. The Viper has a twin turbo setup from Nth Moto who builds some of the strongest Gen V's in the country. This ACR is still on the stock motor which means it is making under 1200 whp or so. The ACR aerodynamics are also still in place and they create extreme downforce but also extreme drag at highway speeds. The three C6 Corvettes in the video are blown although the Z06 and Grand Sport have centrifugal blowers. That means they are top end terrors. The Z06 obviously has the larger 7.0 liter LS7 V8 although this is a larger 441 ci built example on E85 and meth running an F1A while the C6 Grand Sport has the newer and larger F1X which is a nasty, nasty blower. The Z06 records the first run but it is botched. The second run has the Z06 do better before getting out of the gas again quickly. Next up is the ZR1 and the Grand Sport. The ZR1 is the camera car and the ZR1 also sprays on the run. It's over quick but the ZR1 pulls. The ZR1 takes on the Viper next without any juice. The ZR1 opens a lead and looks to take the hit but the Viper pulls back up top. Some very strong cars.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:48 AM
    There is no better place to 'prove it' than the dragstrip. An impressive timeslip goes much further in proving what a car can do than an impressive dyno run. LMR took their 1000 horsepower sixth generation Camaro SS to the strip and laid down some awesome runs. This car will do a 9.5X @ 148.95 miles per hour. Now that is moving! What is the mod list? As follows: 2017 Camaro "Ominous" LMR 1000HP Package 1st Qtr Test Session with the New Build 416 ci Engine LMR Heads and Cam Procharger Supercharger LMR Custom Fuel System American Racing Headers Prototype Circle D Converter Do not underestimate centrifugal blowers on the strip. LMR does not specify which Procharger unit they are using and they do not share the cost of this build either. Late Model Racecraft tends to be tight lipped with all the details but there is no arguing with the result.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:11 AM
    BMW lifted their gag order on the new F90 M5 and suddenly the internet is flooded with 'reviews' of the prototype. Basically, these are propaganda pieces designed to flatter new M5. You are not going to see any of these journalists sitting next to a BMW test driver and criticizing the car. These are not reviews but marketing fluff. Do we learn anything about the car? Well, the ability to go from all wheel drive to rear wheel drive appears seamless. The question BimmerBoost wants an answer to is what is the weight distribution? Additionally, what does the car weigh? Nobody seems to bring those points up. The idea of being able to switch from two wheel drive to four wheel drive on the fly is brilliant in appeasing purists and also appeasing those who just want to go fast off the line. You will finally see good elapsed times on the strip from the M5 even from terrible drivers. Complaints about traction will disappear. Somehow, despite the technology and traction advantages incorporated the F90 just does not feel like a real M5. Without a manual transmission and with far more weight up front BMW is not offering anything that stands out. Take a look at a couple of the 'reviews' below and see what you think.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:20 AM
    Maybe this is a good thing? Lotus has struggled which is no secret to anyone and they did not have the ability to roll out their entire product lineup (limited as it may be) worldwide. With an infusion of Chinese cash perhaps Lotus can return to some sort of glory or at least once against offer lightweight enthusiast vehicles. Lotus was already a part of Proton of Malaysia which did not seem to help the brand much if at all. Geely (which owns Volvo) is buying 49.9% of Proton which will result in a 51% controlling stake in Lotus. Really, the goal seems to be to get Proton and Lotus is just a bonus. The real question here is if this acquisition will be good for Lotus and its future. Nobody seems to know the answer and Geely's focus in the deal likely is not Lotus and sports cars. Source
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    05-22-2017, 07:16 PM
    There is a big difference between magazine times and real world dragstrip times. For one, GPS equipment does not work in the same manner as a dragstrip's timing lights. As everyone knows though on forums magazine racing tends to be prevalent when arguing which car is faster. This is a stock 2017 Porsche 911 Carrera S with the 7-speed manual transmission and 20 inch wheels. The owner did a good job improving his launch until he got a 1.947 60 foot which resulted in the 12.226 pass. A 1.8X short time would put him in the 11's. There is a difference there of half a second and three miles per hour over the various slips. Did the car suddenly get faster? Of course not. The launch got better and the driver got better. Compare this result to a 991.2 C4S PDK with a tune. A 1.667 60 foot makes a world of difference and it is a full second quicker. The tune obviously helps as well but in drag racing the first 60 feet are key to a good time. Magazines on the other hand get an 11.4 @ 123 out of the Carrera S PDK but notice how they never post a slip. GPS and PDK can make you feel like you are a better driver than you really are.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Today, 02:41 AM
    People focus a lot more on low end torque than high revs these days thanks to the increasing number of turbocharged engines. Torque feels nice but the truth of the matter is if low end torque won races we would all be in diesels. Horsepower wins races. You take a high revving naturally aspirated engine like the Lamborghini 5.2 liter V10 which is designed to make its power up top to 8500+ rpm and if you add a bit of boost you get a rocket like the one you see here. Horsepower is torque x rpm / 5252. If you increase torque up top and pair that torque with high rpm you will get the insane power you see here. Plus, you will notice the rpm drop on each shift keeps the car at roughly 7000+ rpm. This recipe results in acceleration from 45 to 170 miles per hour that takes ~7 seconds or so just eyeballing it. Incredible. Keep in mind this is also a roughly 1150 to 1300 awhp build depending on fuel.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:31 AM
    The McLaren 570S just continues to impress. As you know last year a stock McLaren 570S on street tires managed a 10.2 @ 135.2 in the 1/4 mile. The 570S also recently broke into the 9's with bolt ons running a 9.9 @ 140.5. This particular example has an exhaust and associated cosmetic upgrades. For minor mods the result is incredible: This 570S is on the verge of 9's on street tires. The 570S is simply a damn strong car.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:14 AM
    BMS seems to be tackling a ton of platforms these days. The VR30DDTT engine platform in the Infiniti Q50 and Q60 models is a perfect candidate for tuning. The 3.0 twin turbo direct injected V6 is available in 300 horsepower and 400 horsepower from the factory. This is the 300 horsepower version which obviously is underrated. BMS recorded the car at 321 rear wheel horsepower and 317 lb-ft of rear wheel torque completely stock on an E30 blend: That number jumps up significantly with the Stage 1 tuning box. Horsepower goes to 413 at the wheels and torque jumps to 412 lb-ft at the wheels. Why even bother paying the premium for the Red Sport models? It will be interesting to see if the Red Sport models sees larger peak figures with a BMS tuning box as well. More details from BMS:
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    05-23-2017, 08:30 PM
    Here we go again! The US government received a huge settlement from Volkswagen over their diesel scandal and rightfully so. The lawyers are probably the happiest out of anyone involved so why not rinse and repeat? The U.S. is now suing Fiat Chrysler over emissions cheating. The government states that some FCA diesel SUV's and trucks use software to cheat emission tests. This is very similar to the allegations against Volkswagen. FCA's defense is that their software detects changes in temperature and other conditions. Essentially, software tuning that adjusts based on certain parameters as most modern cars do. The question is if the software was set to change parameters if it knew emissions testing was taking place. What will happen? Who knows. FCA stock is already trending downward. It sure feels like FCA won't be the last manufacturer who is forced to defend their diesel tuning practices in court. Source
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