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  • BMtroubleYOU's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:36 PM
    Great results here on a built motor supercharged E46 M3 which belongs to BimmerBoost member BMtroubleYOU. He got his S54 engine built by VAC Motorsports who dropped the compression to 11.0:1 (the OEM S54 is 11.5:1). He also added the VAC Motorsports Stage 1 ported cylinder head. Next up was a VF-Engineering VF570 kit which includes a Vortech V3si blower. As the motor is built he upped the boost to 14 psi along with 50/50 water methanol injection. The result is an impressive 633 wheel horsepower pull although there is a bit of a spike at the end. Regardless, there are multiple pulls over 600 wheel horsepower and this is one of the strongest supercharged E46 M3's in the world. Full details in the owner's own words below along with the dynographs. Gentlemen, After all these deployments and First Sergeant duties, I finally got to finish my project. For those that are in the M3 Forum, and followed my build seeing my M3 being build from the beginning, Well finally, here it is. The dyno sheet is also attached. I was at the Cars & Coffee meet in Austin this past Sunday with a group of BMW enthusiasts from the Killeen TX area. VAC Lower engine build 11:1 CR Stage 1 VAC head Vortech V3 Si trim 14 PSI Bimmerworld 3.5 Y pipe (half way to 3") Headers wrapped all the way to the 3" reducer (halfway of car) 3" resonator and El Diablo Exhaust AEM Water methanol controller, Labonte Motorsports Nozzles, Devils own 300 PSI pump 50/50 W/M, 7 nozzles, 1 precharger and 6 to the individual throttle bodies 3 seven inch fans, 1 to custom oil cooler and 2 behind the Frozen boost dual pass intercooler. wrapped all hoses with heat reflector tape , then header wrap. AEM in tank Fuel pump. inline Walbro 255 w/ Aeromotive FPR. current @ 4 bar. much more.....
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  • HRE_Wheels's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:21 PM
    So we launched the 3-piece HRE Classics a few weeks ago, and since then, we've been receiving requests about 1-piece versions... So without further adieu, we give you the HRE Classic Monoblok Series! The new Classic Monoblok line debuts with five new styles in 1-piece form including the 300M mesh, the 301M split-9-spoke, the 303M 13-spoke, the 305M 5-spoke, and the 309M 19-spoke. The Classic line is available in diameters ranging from 18 to 22 inches. Widths range from 8 to 13 inches. Also available in center lock. Feel free to PM us with any questions regarding fitment or pricing! Enjoy.
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  • HRE_Wheels's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:50 PM
    In a few weeks, we will be introducing the follow-up to the FF01 FlowForm Wheels design, the FF15. SEMA will serve as the launch platform for the second FlowForm Wheels model and we can't wait... Here's a sneak peek!
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:15 PM
    Daimler is messing around with all its naming schemes and the latest genius idea someone in their office had was to bring back the Maybach moniker. You probably know that Maybach was officially killed off in 2013 and Mercedes announced it would do so back in 2011. So what is going on here? Mercedes is splitting the car division three ways. Mercedes-Benz will denote the standard cars. Mercedes-AMG will be used with the performance cars. Mercedes-Maybach will now denote their premium luxury segment. This certainly brings up a lot of questions such as what will the first Mercedes-Maybach car be? Is Mercedes still doing the Pullman long wheelbase S-Class or will that now be a Maybach model after Mercedes specifically stated they were getting away from the Maybach name? Who knows what they intend to do but Maybach, at least for now, appears to be back. Source
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:29 PM
    There are major changes in store for the Porsche 911, that much is certain. However, a recent report from CAR stated that when the 991 generation receives its mid-cycle refresh all models will be turbocharged. CAR is taking some major liberties with the details and that is what they typically do. To begin with, CAR does not have an official source on this. They do not have a quote from anyone, a picture of a turbo engine, or anything to go along with this report other than a test mule they are guessing off. We do know that Porsche has tested a new turbocharged powerplant in the 991 Carrera / Carrera S body but the motor was a turbo four-cylinder and not the new turbo flat-6 being reported. Now, the new turbo boxer four-cylinder engine is expected to be a fully modular platform and essentially the 911 flat-six with two cylinders removed and boost added. CAR says Porsche will downsize the flat-6 engine to 2.9 liters from 3.4. That certainly is possible as the four-cylinder will not hit that displacement. Where things get very speculative is that CAR states the 911 Carrera will go up to 400 horsepower. Ok, fine, that is possible. They then state the Carrera S will get a turbo 3.8 liter and go to 530 horsepower. Well, um, is that not basically what the 911 Turbo is? The Carrera S has never swelled by over 100 horsepower with a refresh and this redundancy in the lineup with the Turbo does not make sense. A rear wheel drive turbo 911 is a GT2 isn't it? Porsche stated the level of power they are making creates traction issues for a turbo rear wheel drive 911 plus the Carrera S also is available as a 4S. CAR is just guessing wildly. The GT3 will remain naturally aspirated so all 911's will not be turbo. At least not yet but signs sure point toward this. We will have to wait and get concrete details from a source that can actually tell us what the source for information actually is. Source
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    Yesterday, 02:26 PM
    John Udy, we appreciate you taking the time to join.
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    Yesterday, 03:26 PM
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    Yesterday, 04:59 AM
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    Yesterday, 09:54 PM
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    Yesterday, 11:29 AM
    Welcome Troy6d2, take a look around, I think you will like what you see.
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    Yesterday, 07:50 AM
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    Yesterday, 09:28 PM
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    Yesterday, 06:36 AM
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    Yesterday, 10:05 AM
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  • MikeB@FFTEC's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:25 AM
    P3 Cars VIDI (vent integrated digital interface) Connect with your car in an entirely new way. Why settle for just a boost gauge? Sporting features available in products 3x the price, this is a swiss army knife of performance data, with design and integration that won't spoil the clean lines of your interior. Specifically designed to support your chassis! Plug and Play install: Quick plug and play install with zero cutting required. All power and ground connections come directly from the low profile concealed diagnostics port connector. Plug and play boost tubing kit included for n54 engines. Boost/Vacuum Display: High resolution boost/vacuum sensor and display showing actual manifold boost, Can also read Boost/Vaccum via diag port on n55 engine cars. Multiple Gauge Displays: Boost/Vac, Coolant Temp, Intake Air Temp, Exhaust Gas Temp, Throttle Plate, Speed, RPM with Shift-light, Battery voltage and more! 2007 Model Year only supports Boost/Vac, Batt Voltage, and Analog inputs. Peak Recall & Run Record: Recall the peak value from any mode, or record and playback 15 seconds of data from the current mode. Temperature peaks recorded in the background. Universal Aux Inputs: Includes additional inputs to optionally connect any 0-5v sensor with universal settings for display ranges and bargraph displays from -999 and 9999 max values. On the Fly Configuration Menu: Lockout/Display off mode, English(PSI, F, MPH) or Metric(BAR, C, KPH) selection, Adjustable boost display resolution, Ambient Calibration for boost sensor and more! Available applications include: F8X M3 and M4 E9X 335 and M3 E8X 135 and 1M F3X 328 and 335 F1X 550, 535 and M5 E6X 2008+ E85 6, Z4M and M coupe Call, Email or PM For special sale pricing!!!
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    Yesterday, 12:35 PM
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