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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Today, 06:35 PM
    Welcome to a real enthusiast forum Shaba.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Today, 06:01 PM
    Second most points and I go up against the most points this week. To make it worse it was a loss to Terry of all people.
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Today, 05:54 PM
    Hey Kadence: :text-welcomewave:
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  • BPCMotorsports's Avatar
    Today, 04:43 PM
    Its always a good idea to get it "topped" up once a year. I have used Gtechnic on all my cars (wife's Ats-V, my F80 M3) and it shines bright day after day. The M3 hasn't been on a year yet as its only 6 months old but the wife's V has been on for 2 years now and still looks perfect.
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  • Bob Loblaw's Avatar
    Today, 04:38 PM
    Hive Blockchain Technologies started trading on the TSX-V yesterday. I believe they're the first publicly traded mining company in North America. They've bought a gpu-based data centre in Iceland and have the option to purchase additional data centres as capital allows. It's believed they will be mining mostly Eth.
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  • Bob Loblaw's Avatar
    Today, 04:30 PM
    Do you know which ceramic product was applied? I meticulously ceramic coated my car last year around this time and it probably lasted longer than most sealant's I've used, but I think the manufacturer claims about their longevity are exaggerated.
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  • ///MPOSTER's Avatar
    Today, 02:05 PM
    Something else happened the week of Hillary Clinton’s book launch: the release of more “lost” emails that further highlight her corrupt ways. The watchdogs at Judicial Watch shared 1,600 fresh emails released thanks to their Freedom of Information lawsuits — missives that Clinton & Co. failed to turn over from her private servers, but which the feds recovered from other sources. The emails contain new examples of the Clinton Foundation requesting and receiving State Department favors, plus more cases of classified information being sent through unsecure, accounts. This latest dump, notes Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton, shows foundation honcho Doug Band working with Clinton aide Huma Abedin to get favors for donors, from visas to Cuba to meetings in Singapore. see also Hillary opens up about the 'damn' emails, concession in new book Hillary Clinton tackles topics both big (the election and its... “It’s there in black and white,” noted Fitton. “And I don’t understand why the Justice Department hasn’t gotten its act together and reinitiated an investigation as to what went on here. Because we all know Comey’s investigation was a sham. They need to restart it up.” In her new book, Clinton pooh-poohs the furor over her emails as “an even dumber scandal.” But the pay-to-play sale of government favors is a big deal, as is the routine mishandling of classified info. So, too, is Team Hillary’s failure to fork over hundreds of damning documents after it vacuumed the evidence from the server. Something to ask Clinton about if you care to spring a few hundred bucks to actually talk to her on her book tour.
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Today, 01:05 PM
    Welcome ali pontiac, take a look around, I think you will like what you see.
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  • Itsbrokeagain's Avatar
    Today, 10:59 AM
    Hahahahahahahaha Just stop it now. Someone needs to remix that
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  • Proflyer's Avatar
    Today, 10:29 AM
    I do my own detail work (used to work for a shop in HS) but am curious of this. I used the Wolfgang 3.0 sealant and am very impressed with the results, it's not ceramic though. What's a good ceramic product? I've found that a clay bar, the Menzerna FG 400 (to remove heavy scratches/rubs) then Menzerna FF 3000 to polish and then the wolfgang I am left with a car that looks near new and it's an 08 335. I just use the FF 3000 every 6 months and then the wolfgang, the FG 400 is heavy and I use it in spots as needed now. I use the cheap harbor freight orbital with meguiar's micro fiber pads for the FF and FG and then a meguiar's blue/black foam for applying the wolfgang.
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  • ///MPOSTER's Avatar
    Today, 10:08 AM
    Pelosi shaking from being heckled.
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