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  • 135pats's Avatar
    02-01-2017, 11:21 AM
    It's been really busy recently gearing up for the draft but obviously, I have my thoughts on this weekend's game as a religious fan of all things NEP. Wanted to pass along my thoughts purely from a tactical standpoint; trying to keep it light on opinion and heavy on useful facts. Hopefully some of this is interesting and you'll be able to see it throughout the game. ATL Offense Scheme - Conceptually rooted in zone run and west coast passing concepts. Shanahan obviously the son of a WC innovator and worked his way up with Kubiak (also a big proponent of outside zone concepts). In the run game, you'll see very little gap or man techniques from the linemen. They'll come off the ball laterally looking to find a spot and then engage with the DL. The entire line gets flowing in one direction for staple outside zone runs; tailback pushes towards the hashmark and theoretically has at least three options. This opens up passing lanes down the seams when linebackers have greedy eyes and flow laterally too quickly - you're bound to see numerous boot plays in the passing game. ATL will sneak a backside TE out on boot plays into the flat when they are ahead of the chains on 2nd down. Simply put, an exceptionally diverse offense from a passing standpoint. Trips, motion, stack releases create stress on the defense and displace zone assignments. You'll see a ton of 'hi-low' routes which force intermediate defenders to pick a vertical level to defend (leaving the other route open). ATL's scheme forces you to defend the entire field, which is rare. Personnel - Outstanding and diverse skill group. Julio Jones has been sensational and is likely the most physically gifted WR in the league. Excellent combination of size, length, play speed, coordination, and balance. Not as dominant on the ball as highlights and reputation would suggest. Dominates by being a big player winning on 'little man' routes (slant, speed out, orbit). Gabriel a gimmick player but sudden and can get up field quickly. Small catch radius and allergic to contact. Sanu has a good catch radius but inconsistent hands. Not a natural runner, stiff. Monotone speed. Both tailbacks are talented. Freeman a compact inside runner who delivers sufficient contact power for his size. Can catch the ball and has v good lateral agility in space. Coleman a more linear player but can really run. Good long speed, a legit 4.45 player at his H/W. Matt Ryan's numbers have been a bit flattered by the collective talent around him; but he's quite good. A generally patient passer with a strong sense of the backside rush. Finds the backside of passing plays consistently and without issue. Throws the ball downfield without hesitation, though worth noting he lacks the arm strength to drive far hash deep throws consistently. In a dome, it shouldn't be much of an issue. Can be flustered by tight man coverage and baited into seemingly obvious errors. Extremely productive in the red zone this season and as in-command as i've seen him. All in all, a top 5 passer. ATL Defense Scheme - For whatever reason he won't admit it, but Quinn has more or less dropped in place the general scheme from SEA. There are subtle differences for sure, but big picture this is a 3 cover defense that wants speed at LB to cover the flats. They run more 2 cover man (sounds weird 2 cover = zone but it's simple - 2 high safeties, man coverage underneath) than SEA does. They lean more towards the PITT and SEA side of the spectrum in terms of 'we do what we do', you don't see a ton of change week to week on that side of the ball. As season has gone on, they've shown more confidence playing man concepts and walking safeties down. Results have been mixed. Generally play a straightforward 43 under front in their base defense. Again, not a ton of variation on this side of the ball. They generally let their guys shoot upfield more off the ball; you won't see as much 2 gapping especially on the inside. Personnel - The DL is unexceptional save for their two tackles. Both Hageman and Jarrett can play; though the latter is far more consistent. Neither are explosive upfield rushers. Hagemen flashes a power and first-step combination that is tantalizing, but he's a dog half the time. LB level is led by a youngster who I loved coming out of LaSU; Jones. He can run like the wind and always finds himself near the action. Reckless as a tackler and v light; can be displaced in the run game. Prone to over-pursuing in an effort to make the play. Beasley a fast-developing edge rusher. Finally starting to convert speed to power and has largely ditched that useless spin move. Excellent first step allows him to push upfield with haste. Turns the arc with ease and stays low in his speed rush. Not productive against the run and plays light. Can chase laterally without issue due to his speed. Secondary group is young but scrappy and not lacking for talent in certain spots. K. Neal a striker as a safety, uncoils and explodes into ball carriers. Not productive as a coverage player but already a plus player in run force. Jalen Collins and Robert Alford are both favorites of mine, though candidly neither have truly panned out relative to their lofty draft placement. Collins a classic 'Seattle' corner from LaSU; long limbed and can run down the field. Stiff and wooden in his lateral movements. Alford is a sensational athlete; sudden and fluid with the speed to carry down the field. Picks up a ton of flags and is often clueless when he gets out of phase. I think both corners are talented; question will be if the stage and pace that NEP throws at them will be too much. NEP Offense Scheme - Arguably the most diverse offense conceptually in the NFL; either this or ATL. NEP is fortunate to have had stability at QB and HC for so long that the same fundamental Perkins system has been in place and evolving for almost 20 years. The passing game has become more balanced and vertically oriented this season in particular; due largely to adapting to better talent outside. McDaniels exceptionally aware of his personnel's strengths. More motion than any team in the league pre-snap. Lot of underneath crossers vs. zone; deep in cuts and digs; vertical seem routes; and skinny posts from this offense. Man beaters abound via rub routes and pick plays. In the run game, you'll notice a lot more of the 'pull' concept, where the guard on the backside of the run play pulls out of his gap, loops around the center, and acts as a lead blocker for the tailback on the playside. It's a staple of gap run coaching and is very effective when executed well - but by definition it leaves an unblocked rusher on the backside of the play. NEP will probably take their chances in this game; ATL lacks a truly explosive 3 technique to take advantage (Hageman and Jarrett both good, but not upfield types). Personnel - Before Gronkowski got hurt, this was the best skill group NEP had fielded since 2011. Obviously losing Gronkowski changes the equation; having Bennett as a talented backup has preserved some of their staple 12 personnel (2 TEs) concepts. Bennett is hurt so not running down the field as well as he'd normally; still a massive player with soft hands and excellent lateral agility. Hogan has striding speed and gets on top of corners in the 15-25 yard area. Quite good on deep boundary throws and deep in cuts or digs. Edelman the key to the passing game; sudden and elusive in short space but able to run nearly the entire route tree effectively. Malcolm Mitchell a long limbed, athletic rookie. Relatively pedestrian long speed but gets off the ball quickly and separates with authority. Floyd gives them a fundamentally different H/W/S component but he probably won't play in a game of these stakes. On paper, a natural outside WR with excellent size, bulk, and ball skills. NEP has three tailbacks who play snaps, all who present different challenges. Blount a dancing bear for a 230lb runner. Is just as apt to hurdle someone as to run through them. Somewhat plodding going downhill, takes a few yards to generate contact power and rhythm. Deion Lewis is a matchup issue both as an inside runner and as a pass catcher. Capable of carrying the ball inside on one snap, but then motioning outside on the next. Excellent lateral agility; almost impossible to tackle in space 1:1. James White exclusively used in the passing game for his soft hands and crisp routes. A marginal NFL runner who lacks forward lean and contact power to be effective in that regard. Gets behind linebackers for large gains with frequency in the passing game. Brady is sensational and somehow improving in several areas of his game. Still susceptible to quick a gap pressure and can lock onto top targets in tight games. Unmatched ability to win the down pre-snap. I'll come back with NEP defense shortly :handgestures-thumb:
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    02-09-2017, 09:59 AM
    This comparison video comes from MotorTrend who lately has focused more on trying to force comedy than quality comparisons. This is a segment that many of us here take very seriously as enthusiasts due to owning (or having owned) the cars in question. For decades the sport sedan segment was dominated by the BMW M3. Basically, it was just everyone else gunning for the M3. Clearly, that has changed. BMW M slipped and everyone else got better. A hell of a lot better. There is even a notable new contender from Alfa Romeo. Their entry is the Giulia Quadrifoglio which boasts some impressive specifications. Namely, the turbocharged 2.9 liter V6 produces 505 horsepower. On paper, that is a ton of power from the displacement. Think of it this way, even the new Porsche 911 GTS with its 3.0 liter engine is over 50 horses short. What other factory motor makes that kind of power from this displacement? Well, the S55 engine in the F80 M3 does although not officially. It is rated at 425 horsepower but the car punches well above its claim. This F80 M3 also has the optional Competition Package which raises output among other things. Unfortunately, while the power and torque are great the car is now more dragster than the perfectly balanced and razor sharp driver's tool it once was. It just isn't quite what it was and it that is partially why others can easily now match (and exceed) its main aspects. So far we have two cars with turbo six cylinder motors. See a pattern yet? Well, the ATS-V joins the trend although its 3.6 liter LF4 engine offers more displacement. Which is a good thing as the ATS-V is heavier than the aforementioned cars at roughly 3800 pounds. It's a good thing the ATS-V LF4 responds so well to basic tuning. Speaking of heavy and big displacement, that is where the C63 S comes into the picture. It is the heaviest car out of the group at over 3900 pounds. It also has the largest motor with its 4.0 liter twin turbo M177 V8. The C63 can be thought of as more of a rear wheel drive E63 than a nimble sports sedan. Let's start with the laptimes. Giulia: 2:00.21 M3: 2:00.61 ATS-V: 2:00.81 C63 S: 2:02.49 The Competition Package addresses complaints with the F80 M3 and improves performance. Namely, the torque doesn't just turn it into a drift machine and it plants its rear end better. The ATS-V is right on its tail but comes up short. The C63 S is just way behind the other two and considering how portly it is and how it is tough to keep the rear in line that is no surprise. What is a surprise is that the Giulia Quadrifoglio beats up on everyone. Its handling is just superb. Even though the M3 is lighter and slightly better balanced the Giulia still rules the racetrack. So Alfa's first attempt tops everyone in the segment? How does that happen? MotorTrend calls it perfect despite its grabby brakes and shortcomings in overall interior polish. The main point of criticism we would say is the lack of the manual transmission option in the US and the automatic being forced on you. Maybe the Alfa will shake up the segment. The ATS-V was already doing that somewhat but it seems the Alfa Romeo is a better all around package. They did not do any straightline testing but if you equate what car is best to the quickest 1/4 mile time you never really understood what this segment was about in the first place.
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  • gzim335's Avatar
    01-30-2017, 05:58 PM
    Funny how M3s in n/a form aren't respected well this e60 m5 evolve stage 3 owner got to experience it first hand. 2011 E92 m3 zcp dct gintani custom tune,full e85 from local pump which is more like e70 around here with a flex fuel kit,active Autowerke catless xpipe,stock rear section,stock intake with a drop in filter,no pulleys with recaro driver seat,no passenger or rear seats and 6lb volt phreaks battery,volk te37sl 18s 2009 e60 m5 6spd evolve alpha n evolve long tube headers catless eisenman sec 1&2 and meistershaft sec 3 drop in filter 50mph (owner refused to do anything lower) to about 170mph as he went into fifth gear(fourth is 160mph) enjoy fellas
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  • R.G.'s Avatar
    02-15-2017, 07:17 PM
    Approx. 1 year ago I had an employee allegedly rear end another vehicle while driving a company truck. Here is one of the photos of the damage that allegedly was done. So what comes of this accident? Now being sued for 6 figures. Just received summons. Amazes me that this kind of thing is allowed. Someone have an anecdote that will make me less disheartened with this entire process? Just unbelievable...
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    02-01-2017, 12:28 AM
    So I have family visiting for Europe and they are coming over for the Super Bowl. I want to do typical American dishes and blow their socks off with some good food. So, what do I make? I'm thinking these Tornado potatoes might be awesome? Also, maybe cheeseburger onion rings?
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  • Clsbiturbo's Avatar
    01-23-2017, 10:58 PM
    Hey M157 Owners im new here my name is andrew nice to meet yall howdy. So i had my m157 for a while and ive beaten alot of cars im at about 60k miles in and i need some more juice so i started to research about these engines and there practically are bullet proof from factory i guess that's why the price tag is what it is. So yea doing research and i see turbo upgrades and intercooling upgrades and alot of stuff with a pretty hefty price attached to it so i started thinking these are like every car just more luxurious and faster. So i look at the turbo upgrade cause im looking for power to the wheels and its the best upgrade for whp then i see the 8k plus price from a couple different shops plus they want you to give them your turbo as a core lol so i laugh and i came up with a plan to upgrade the m157 turbos for alot less than what they asking for theres and to me it came out better so here are a couple pictures of what i went through if you guys have questions just ask away.
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