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  • Sticky's Avatar
    04-01-2015, 08:28 PM
    I'm still working out a few minor bugs but I've launched the BoostAddict FaceBook page: Kindly 'like' it as I need to start building up the Facebook presence to leverage. Like it , post in this thread you liked it, and you'll get 20 rep rep points.
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  • Eleventeen's Avatar
    04-01-2015, 09:41 PM
    Hey guys, I just saw this and thought some people may be interested. Precision JUST announced a new turbo that falls between their 58xx and 62xx units. This should be another great option for the N54:®-Turbocharger-Introduced/293
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  • drfrink24's Avatar
    04-02-2015, 11:24 AM
    Wondering if anyone here has experience working on their cars under a 4 post ramp-style lift? I'd have a jack-tray to raise the chassis while on the lift as well. I'll be using this lift to install a turbo kit, as well as other tasks on this vehicle and others. The drive-on diamond plate ramps are 18" wide with 37.5" gap between ramps for work access, and being 175" long, I can have the vehicle on the ramps away from the end cross-member. I realize that a two post lift offers the best access to a vehicle and suspension, however there are some limiting factors in my situation: - I have infloor pex tubing and would like to avoid drilling concrete, my pad thickness is at the bare minimum (4") - I like the idea of having casters and storage potential under a 4 post - I only have 11' ceilings
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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    04-12-2015, 02:25 PM
    After a few emails with Sticky it would seem people are becoming increasingly offended by some of the negative vendor interactions by us, and many other vendors on this forum. We have decided to implement a new policy for ourselves, and our threads. It is outlined below. 1. Any vendor is allowed to post, and comment in our threads, doesn't matter who you are. 2. If at any time a vendor participating in one of our threads starts posting negative comments (back handed or blatant), derailing the thread, arguing with people in the thread, or generally side tracking the thread away from what it is intended for, they will be immediately removed from it. At the moment, this means we have to request for sticky to remove the offending person, as the ability to do it for vendors is not yet complete 3. We will keep our interactions with other vendors to a minimum, and will not post anything negative in another vendors thread it does not matter who you are. If us, or our products are directly referred to in a negative way, or false / misinformation is posted, and we feel wee need to address it. This will be done by started our own thread to address it. Not destroying the vendors thread with an argument. 4. At no time will blatant attacks, business, personal or otherwise be tolerated by anyone, non vendors included. We pay money to advertise here, and will not attacked in a place of business. This is social exercise for most, for us it is business, and will be treated as such. Again if we feel someone is being offensive, we will have them removed from the thread. With this system in place, we feel it should not only increase our enjoyment of the forum, but make it a much more enjoyable place for all. It is no secret there is no love lost between some of the vendors here, so we will take a stand to try to bring BB back to a place where there is less drama, and more useful information. If you have any positive comments, or suggestions, feel free to post them. If you have negative things to say, keep them to yourself, or start your own thread, we do not want it posted here. Thanks, enjoy your Sunday! VTT
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  • drfrink24's Avatar
    03-22-2015, 09:25 AM
    Lets hear some opinions: Been lightly modifying cars since 2001 (GTI, '04 STI and now 08' 335xi) have done some fair amount of wrenching, but nothing major. But nothing will remain stock in my garage. Here are my considerations: 1. Used GTR (goal is under $50k in 1-2 years from now). Will do e85 conversion w/full exhaust. Pros - Dream car, fast, visceral. Cons - Cost of ownership insane, even if you do your own work. One mechanical failure away from a $10,000 repair bill. Automatic transmission as good as it is, I fear will undermine the fun of driving it. 2. Used 996TT (goal under $40k in 1-2 years from now). Will modify, even consider turbo-upgrade. Pros - Lower cost of ownership, fast, manual transmission, (reliable, don't laugh, its supposedly true!) Cons - Don't really care for 911s. Will be a 12+ year old car for $40k+. No trunk. 3. Near new BRZ/FRS w/turbokit Pros - Cheap, fast w/turbo kit, two major tuners are within 50 miles of me (Full Blown and MAP), lowest cost of ownership. Cons - RWD only, seriously deviating from the stock setup 4. Keep my 08' 335xi (65k miles, well maintained, no issues) and upgrade to RB or VTT w/intake. Pros - Paid off, has spec 2+ clutch + full bolt ons w/meth, very familiar with platform. Comfort. Cons - AWD system is sub-par (not performance), have owned for 4 years.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    04-13-2015, 11:34 AM
    This is a very odd result. It does not even make much sense really. Yes, the Porsche 991 generation Porsche 911 Turbo is slightly more powerful at 530 horsepower and 483 lb-ft of torque from its 3.8 liter twin turbo flat-6 than the AMG GT S with its 510 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque 4.0 liter twin turbo V8 M178 powerplant. Recently, we witnessed the AMG GT S just easily pull away from a Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS as it should considering the 911 GTS is just overmatched. Based on the specifications alone the 911 Turbo and AMG GT S should be a pretty close fight considering the the power is very close between the two and the AMG GT S is sending its power to the rear wheels and not all four. It is also a brand new chassis and also features a dual clutch transmission. 0-60 figures of course will favor the all wheel drive 911 Turbo and they do at 2.9 seconds to the AMG GT S 3.7 second sprint. What is truly is puzzling is the 911 Turbo is just over a full second faster to 124 miles per hour than the GT S. It is almost a full second faster to 100 miles per hour as well (.9) so its advantage is actually increasing with speed. What else is odd here? The 911 Turbo is lighter. Autobild weighs it at 3567 pounds and the AMG GT S at 3679 pounds. Why the AMG GT S is that heavy when it is rear wheel drive and fairly compact is a mystery to us. Ok, fine, but what about performance around the track? The AMG GT S is absolutely destroyed on the Nurburgring Nordschleife turning a 8:10.10 minute laptime compared to the 991 Turbo 7:59.20. Keep in mind these are not hired guns from the manufacturer extracting laptimes but a difference of over 10 seconds between the cars? Really? It's not just the Nurburgring either, the Sachsenring time for the 911 Turbo is seconds ahead as well: This test just does not feel right. We're not saying Autobild is misleading anyone or anything of that sort but we definitely want to see more comparisons from other sources. Vehicle data Mercedes-AMG GT S Porsche 911 Turbo Motor V8 Biturbo Six-cylinder, turbo Mounting position forward along backward along Valves / camshaft 4 per cylinder / 4 4 per cylinder / 4 Camshaft drive Chain Chain Capacity 3982 cc 3800 cc kW (hp) at 1 / min 375 (510) / 6500 383 (520) / 6500 Nm at 1 / min 650/1750 660/1950 Vmax 310 km / h 315 km / h Transmission Seven-speed dual clutch Seven-speed dual clutch Drive Rear-wheel drive Four-wheel drive Brakes, front / rear Discs / wheels Discs / wheels Test car tires v 265/35 R 19 Y -. h 295/30 ZR 20. v 245/35 R 20 Y -. h 305/30 R 20 Y. Tire Type Michelin Pilot Super Sport Pirelli PZero Wheel Size v. 9 x 19 "- h 11 x 20". v. 8.5 x 20 "- h 11 x 20". Exhaust CO2 219 g / km 227 g / km Consumption * 12.2 / 7.8 / 9.4 l 13.2 / 7.7 / 9.7 l Fuel capacity 65 l / Super Plus 68 l / Super Plus Refrigerant R134a R134a Pass-by noise 74 dB (A) 73 dB (A) Trailer weight braked. / Unused. no no Boot volume 285-350 l 115-375 l Length Width Height 4563 / 1939-2075 ** / 1288 mm 4506 / 1880-1978 ** / 1296 mm * City / highway / total 100 km; ** Width with door mirrors Readings Mercedes-AMG GT S Porsche 911 Turbo Acceleration 0-50 km / h 1.8 s 1.1 s 0-100 km / h 3.7 s 2.9 s 0-130 km / h 5.4 s 4.5 s 0-160 km / h 7.5 s 6.6 s 0-200 km / h 11.4 s 10.3 s Intermediate sprint 60-100 km / h 1.9 s 1.5 s 80-120 km / h 2.0 s 1.8 s Empty weight / payload 1669/221 kg 1618/372 kg Weight distribution v. / H. 48/52% 39/61% Tropic left / right 11.7 / 11.8 m 10.4 / 10.3 m Braking distance from 100 km / h cold 35.8 m 33.3 m from 100 km / h hot 34.5 m 32.5 m Interior noise at 50 km / h 66 dB (A) 64 dB (A) at 100 km / h 70 dB (A) 72 dB (A) at 130 km / h 75 dB (A) 76 dB (A) Test consumption - CO2 14.5 liters - 344 g / km 12.6 liters - 300 g / km Reach 440 km 530 km
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    04-09-2015, 08:59 AM
    Interesting run here between two very different cars. The Mustang Cobra you see here is the 1999-2001 model that came with a naturally aspirated 4.6 liter V8 offering 320 horsepower. This preceded the bad boy Terminator with a supercharged 4.6 liter that escalated the pony car wars to new heights (and the war is still raging). The Nissan GTR everyone knows and loves but this is a fairly modest example. It has the stock turbos, a Pro EFI ECU, Undercover tuning, and is running E85. It is of course also on the stock motor. So, stock motor tuned all wheel drive GTR on E85 versus a built motor 6-speed manual rear wheel drive Cobra with a 2.3 liter Whipple twin screw. What happens? The Cobra gets destroyed. Running a GTR from a stop on the street in a rear wheel drive supercharged manual 99-01 Cobra is suicide. No matter how good the driver is he will not hook like the GTR and he will not out shift the GTR dual clutch transmission. The mildly modified GTR makes easy work of the built motor Cobra. It's not even a race.
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  • rac's Avatar
    03-25-2015, 04:16 AM
    anyone have experience/opinion on good engine simulation software? particularly interested in being able to load custom head flow numbers, cam profiles etc and be applicable to turbocharged application. i don't mind paying some $, but not that keen on paying $ and finding out its useless for everything other than a 350 chev. r.
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  • DavidV's Avatar
    04-01-2015, 10:16 AM
    The McLaren P1 versus the Porsche 918 Spyder. Both of these cars have carbon fiber tubs and body panels. Both have small displacement, high revving V-8s packed between their passenger compartments and rear axles. Both use twin-clutch transmissions, carbon ceramic brakes, and active aerodynamics. Both have roughly 900 hp. Both are plug-in hybrids. And today, with the help of pro racing driver Randy Pobst, we find out which one is fastest around Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.
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  • robc1976's Avatar
    04-19-2015, 01:43 PM
    I am selling my basically brand new (1700 miles) motiv 750 Single turbo kit. The kit comes with everything you need for install. Why am I selling: Only reason I am selling is because I want a top mount and that is the ONLY reason, This is arguably one of the best kits for the N54 period. NOTE: with ER FMIC I had to trim less than 1/4" off the CP since ER has a extra long end tank, this will NOT hurt anything on your install if you use different FMIC and if you like I will get you new CP but is honestly not needed. I just want to make sure all cards are on table. Price: $6950.00 plus shipping (buyer covers shipping and 3% Paypal fees or gifts payment). No over seas shipping, no checks no wire transfers, just paypal or cash. This price I am pretty firm on, Turbo has never went above 23psi and only on several pulls. Included is custom filter with metal top, custom MAC selonoid bracket & custom cut heat-shield and 12-AN fitting on filter for OCC. You can use rubber hose with clamp or -12AN fitting with this setup. If you choose not to run a OCC you can get cap for $5.00. Kit will take 2-4 weeks to remove since I will be waiting on other kit to limit down time so there are 2 options. 1. Put down 50% and pay other 50% once kit is off and ready to ship 2. Pay in full, still will have the waiting time (some prefer to pay up front so giving this option). Motiv 750 kit before install, looks the same except slight coloration on manifold (normal).
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    03-29-2015, 01:41 AM
    You are going to see these cars compared frequently. They are not exactly the same thing but they represent tremendous performance cars from their respective countries. You are smart enough to know what those countries are so we do not need to go over the basics here and can get right down to the meat and potatoes. The Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is the newest of the trio. The GTR at this point is riding the most dated platform but it can not be overstated just how admirable of a job Nissan has done in continually updating the GTR. The Porsche 991 Turbo S of course is the highest performance turbocharged 911 available these days. All of these cars have forced induction powerplants but the GTR and 911 Turbo S have all wheel drive and dual clutch transmissions. Major factors admittedly versus the 7-speed manual rear wheel drive Corvette Z06. Now, on paper, the Z06 should demolish these cars. Z06 performance has been very perplexing though as MotorTrend learned when they compared the Z06 to the Nismo GTR. Well, now it is Car and Driver's turn. The Z06 is the lightest car here at 3530 pounds. It offers the most power and torque with its 650 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque supercharged LT4 V8. So why is it the slowest in a straight line? It isn't surprising the Z06 can not win 0-60 sprints against all wheel drive competition but trailing 0-150? And in 1/4 mile trap speed? The 991 Turbo S beats both but that also raises questions as Car and Driver previously got a 10.8 @ 126 out of the Turbo S in a 1/4 mile. Is this car a ringer? Or did Car and Driver suddenly master the ever so complicated PDK? Something already stinks here. Regardless, the 991 Turbo S with its 10.6 @ 130 is the quickest and fastest car. The Nismo brings up the middle with an 11.0 @ 128. The Z06 trails with an 11.5 @ 125. Maybe Car and Driver needs the automatic Z06? Is it the drag of the Z07 package that is an issue again? Acceleration isn't everything, right? The Z06 brakes better than the other two. It is better balanced being the closest to 50/50. Its skidpad number is an insane 1.15g. It has the best slalom speed. It has everything going for it. So what wins on the roadcourse? We don't know. Car and Driver is 'saving' themselves for their Lightning Lap comparison. What is this, a freshman cheerleader on prom night? Give us the goods. MotorTrend put out, why can't you? Instead we get a bunch of talk from Car and Driver regarding which car they liked the best. It turns out the Z06 is the car they liked the best. Its handling is described as next level and indeed it is. The Z06 is amazing when you do things other than accelerate which is why this network is pissed off we have no laptimes. The GTR finishes in last and is said to feel dated. It is dated. That does not mean it still is not a hell of a performance car but when a Corvette Z06 feels more refined there are problems. The 911 Turbo S finishes in the middle of the pack and perhaps it is time too for Porsche to re-evaluate this whole the 911 has to be the top of the food chain mentality. It did finish last in the slalom and perhaps having all that weight over the rear end is not the best for handling transitions. What would happen if they gave the Cayman the 911 Turbo S engine? Yeah, we all know what would happen. Porsche does too. So, an interesting comparison despite Car and Driver not giving us the real goods. These days though, we don't like to be teased. We want to come away satisfied. This comparison does not provide that satisfaction. COMPARISON TESTS VEHICLE 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 2015 Nissan GT-R NISMO 2014 Porsche 911 Turbo S BASE PRICE $78,995 $151,585 $183,695 PRICE AS TESTED $102,120 $151,880 $195,175 DIMENSIONS LENGTH 177.9 inches 184.3 inches 177.4 inches WIDTH 77.4 inches 74.6 inches 74.0 inches HEIGHT 48.6 inches 54.2 inches 51.0 inches WHEELBASE 106.7 inches 109.4 inches 96.5 inches FRONT TRACK 63.5 inches 63.0 inches 60.6 inches REAR TRACK 62.5 inches 63.0 inches 62.6 inches INTERIOR VOLUME F: 52 cubic feet F: 53 cubic feet R: 26 cubic feet F: 50 cubic feet R: 17 cubic feet CARGO 15 cubic feet 9 cubic feet 13 cubic feet POWERTRAIN ENGINE supercharged pushrod 16-valve V-8 376 cu in (6162 cc) twin-turbocharged DOHC 24-valve V-6 232 cu in (3799 cc) twin-turbocharged DOHC 24-valve flat-6 232 cu in (3800 cc) POWER HP @ RPM 650 @ 6400 600 @ 6800 560 @ 6750 TORQUE LB-FT @ RPM 650 @ 3600 481 @ 3200 516 @ 2100 REDLINE / FUEL CUTOFF 6500/6700 rpm 7000/7000 rpm 7000/7200 rpm LB PER HP 5.4 6.5 6.4 DRIVELINE TRANSMISSION 7-speed manual 6-speed dual-clutch automatic 7-speed dual-clutch automatic DRIVEN WHEELS rear all all GEAR RATIO:1/ MPH PER 1000 RPM/ MAX MPH 1. 2.29/9.8/66 2. 1.61/13.9/93 3. 1.21/18.5/124 4. 1.00/22.4/150 5. 0.82/27.3/183 6. 0.68/32.9/185 7. 0.45/49.8/175 1. 4.06/5.3/37 2. 2.30/9.4/66 3. 1.60/13.6/95 4. 1.25/17.3/121 5. 1.00/21.6/151 6. 0.80/27.2/191 1. 3.91/5.9/42 2. 2.29/10.0/72 3. 1.58/14.6/105 4. 1.18/19.4/140 5. 0.94/24.4/176 6. 0.79/29.2/198 7. 0.62/36.9/180 AXLE RATIO:1 3.42 3.70 3.44 CHASSIS SUSPENSION F: control arms, leaf spring, anti-roll bar R: control arms, leaf spring, anti-roll bar F: control arms, coil springs, anti-roll bar R: multilink, coil springs, anti-roll bar F: struts, coil springs, anti-roll bar R: multilink, coil springs, anti-roll bar BRAKES F: 15.5-inch vented, cross-drilled, ceramic disc R: 15.3-inch vented, cross-drilled, ceramic disc F: 15.4-inch vented, cross-drilled disc R: 15.0-inch vented, cross-drilled disc F: 16.1-inch vented, cross-drilled, ceramic disc R: 15.4-inch vented, cross-drilled, ceramic disc STABILITY CONTROL fully defeatable, traction off, competition mode, launch control fully defeatable, competition mode, launch control fully defeatable, launch control TIRES Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 ZP F: P285/30ZR-19 (94Y) R: P335/25ZR-20 (99Y) Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT 600 DSST CTT F: 255/40ZRF-20 (97Y) R: 285/35ZRF-20 (100Y) Pirelli P Zero F: 245/35ZR-20 (91Y) R: 305/30ZR-20 (103Y) C/D TEST RESULTS ACCELERATION 0–30 MPH 1.6 sec 1.2 sec 1.0 sec 0–60 MPH 3.3 sec 2.9 sec 2.5 sec 0–100 MPH 7.5 sec 6.6 sec 6.2 sec 0–150 MPH 17.9 sec 15.8 sec 14.9 sec ¼-MILE @ MPH 11.5 sec @ 125 11.0 sec @ 128 10.6 sec @ 130 ROLLING START, 5–60 MPH 4.0 sec 3.8 sec 3.4 sec TOP GEAR, 30–50 MPH 13.9 sec 3.8 sec 2.1 sec TOP GEAR, 50–70 MPH 10.8 sec 3.0 sec 2.3 sec TOP SPEED 185 mph (drag ltd)* 191 mph (redline ltd) 198 mph (drag ltd, mfr's claim) CHASSIS BRAKING 70–0 MPH 135 feet 152 feet 145 feet BRAKING 100–0 MPH 261 feet 275 feet 291 feet ROADHOLDING, 300-FT-DIA SKIDPAD 1.15 g 1.02 g 1.07 g 610-FT SLALOM 50.1 mph 48.2 mph 48.1 mph WEIGHT CURB 3530 pounds 3894 pounds 3590 pounds %FRONT/%REAR 50.3/49.7 54.3/45.7 38.8/61.2 FUEL TANK 18.5 gallons 19.5 gallons 18.0 gallons RATING 91 octane 93 octane 93 octane EPA CITY/HWY 15/22 mpg 16/23 mpg 17/24 mpg C/D 450-MILE TRIP 13 mpg 12 mpg 14 mpg SOUND LEVEL IDLE 60 dBA 54 dBA 55 dBA FULL THROTTLE 93 dBA 90 dBA 83 dBA 70-MPH CRUISE 77 dBA 75 dBA 73 dBA *C/D estimated. tested in California City, California, by K.C. COLWELL and TONY QUIROGA Final Results VEHICLE RANK Max Pts. Available 1 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 2 2014 Porsche 911 Turbo S 3 2015 Nissan GT-R NISMO DRIVER COMFORT 10 8 10 7 ERGONOMICS 10 9 9 8 REAR-SEAT COMFORT 5 0 1 1 CARGO SPACE* 5 5 4 2 FEATURES/AMENITIES* 10 9 10 7 FIT AND FINISH 10 8 10 8 INTERIOR STYLING 10 8 9 7 EXTERIOR STYLING 10 9 9 8 REBATES/EXTRAS* 5 0 0 0 AS-TESTED PRICE* 20 20 2 8 SUBTOTAL 95 76 64 56 POWERTRAIN 1/4-MILE ACCELERATION* 20 16 20 18 FLEXIBILITY* 5 3 3 3 FUEL ECONOMY* 10 9 10 8 ENGINE NVH 10 8 10 7 TRANSMISSION 10 9 10 7 SUBTOTAL 55 45 53 43 CHASSIS PERFORMANCE* 20 20 17 15 STEERING FEEL 10 10 9 9 BRAKE FEEL 10 10 9 8 HANDLING 10 10 9 8 RIDE 10 8 10 6 SUBTOTAL 60 58 54 46 EXPERIENCE FUN TO DRIVE 25 24 24 20 342352234 203 195 165
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    04-08-2015, 01:00 AM
    It is going to be interesting to see how the AMG GT and Porsche 911 are matched up. The GT S with its 510 horsepower 479 lb-ft of torque M178 powerplant has more power and torque than any Porsche 911 in the lineup other than the 911 Turbo and 911 Turbo S. The 530 horsepower and 483 lb-ft of torque Porsche 911 Turbo starts at $151,100 though. The AMG GT S on the other hand starts at $129,900. That puts it much closer to the $121,895 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS based on pricing but the 3.8 liter flat-6 naturally aspirated mill has 'onlyl 430 horsepower and 324 lb-ft of torque. A mismatch? You bet it is if you are going by raw grunt. The only advantage the 911 GTS has in this comparison is its all wheel drive which will help with traction off the line and the testers at MotorSport magazine in France state the 911 is 176 pounds lighter than the GT S which is hard to believe. The race goes as one would expect with the Porsche taking the lead and the AMG GT S quickly reeling it in and passing it. The 0-400 meter numbers given show the AMG GT S completing the sprint in 11.8 seconds to the 911 Carrera 4 GTS 12.3 seconds. The French being the piss poor drag racers they are do not show any trap speeds, 60 foot or 0-60 figures to indicate the launch quality, or 0-100 numbers. Essentially all we get is elapsed time which is just one part of a much larger puzzle. At least we get something useful out of this but what is clear is that the AMG GTS S is quicker and faster than the Porsche Carrera 4 GTS. With the even more affordable AMG GT model coming it is safe to say the 911 is finally feeling some serious pressure.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    04-08-2015, 09:06 AM
    Well, the cat is finally out of the bag on this one. It was in that bag for a quite a while. Now, you obviously know that Weistec is already doing M133 turbo upgrades for the 45 AMG models and this is something that they announced themselves. The M177/M178 upgrades were supposed to remain under wraps. Just how long have they remained under wraps? How about since June of 2014. Don't believe me? I managed to find these picture on a Polish website way back on June 26, 2014: Ok, this is really weird. This should not be possible and due to that I discount this but I'm having trouble putting my finger on what motor this is. It clearly is a V8 with top mount turbochargers, that much is certain. That means likely the Audi 4.0 TFSI or the BMW N63. I was browsing some Polish website and came across this engine labeled as an M177 and for sale. Sounds just like a scam but what motor is this? Every diagram I'm looking at it doesn't quite match up. EDIT: Unedited photos removed by request I posted that thread and it got very little attention. Hell, the cars were not even on the road so who knew what this was? Well, Weistec knew. How did they know? This was their development motor they procured in shipment. Yes, they managed to get an M177/M178 before the cars were even for sale. Why is this a big deal? It shows just how far Weistec's reach has gotten and how far they plan in advance. Also, not to toot BenzBoost's own horn, but it shows just how good this website is as finding things few others do. Weistec did not want others knowing they were already developing turbocharger upgrades and the thread was removed as a professional courtesy. When this network says there are things that can not be shared when it would love to be able to share them, it means it. If you guys only knew some of the things out there that can not be posted due to the high stakes involved. Well, with a recent thread on BenzBoost regarding Weistec M177/M178 upgrades we can finally come clean without any repercussions. Below you will find pictures of Weistec working on the motor except that the the turbocharger portion is blocked out. You can probably surmise why. Weistec does not want anyone to know what they are doing, what turbos they are using, how they are mounted, what impellers, etc. Basically, no info given as this is a highly competitive sphere. Enjoy this interesting look behind the scenes though.
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  • Tony@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    04-15-2015, 06:11 PM
    We are redoing our web store as what we use currently, sucks. We hired a person to do this work, and nothing was accomplished in 5 months. I need someone who can take our existing store, fold it into shopify, or something similar, and make it nice and sparkly. We are willing to trade products for this, or just a normal pay to play deal. I'm posting here because its always good to have a liked minded person working on your stuff. Feel free to email if interested.
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  • manbeer's Avatar
    03-25-2015, 02:32 PM
    Was wondering how difficult it would be to edit a file to riches up the fuel mix upon deceleration to add a bit more crackle and pop to the sound? I've noticed different tunes have different levels of this and whenever my car is cold and in limp mode (crank sensor ftl) it sounds like gunshots. I know that from a performance standpoint this isn't beneficial but was curious about it
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  • Xearom3's Avatar
    04-14-2015, 04:51 PM
    First off, a little back story. This is all stuff that came off my total'd car last year. It was a 2008 BMW 135i AT. I had another thread regarding that, but at this point the car is gone, and all I have left is a few parts. I've also moved into a shop that I can access 24/7, from a storage area that I could only get to a couple hours a day. This will make it MUCH easier on me to locate and inventory whats left. The previous thread had a lot of people asking over and over for the same parts because of the thread length, so I hope to give more info in this thread of what I have so that's not an issue. I'm still getting settled at my new place, so excuse the mess. These pics were taken a couple days ago. So, if you see it in the pic its probably available. If anyone is interested in coming to pick anything up I'm located in the 31763 area code. What you see in the pics is what I have. Those boxes/totes are full of stuff too. I will try to get pictures of that stuff soon. Also, a short list of what I can remember is still available: Auto trans trans wiring harness TQ converter starter wheel Starter AC compressor power steering rack (pump too) ac condenser engine harness' stock turbos stock intercooler stock exhaust/downpipes dashboard front bumper & cover side skirts driver side headlight passenger side taillight automatic driveshaft small 3.46 bolted diff (non-lsd) headliner (no idea how i would ship this) plastic engine cover rear calipers blackline exterior window trim keys, key port/ignition center console subs/low speakers under front seats radio headunit seat belts/retractor units
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    04-15-2015, 05:05 AM
    Anyone else feel like there is a bit of a power race going on regarding AMG M177/M178 tuning? Renntech just took delivery of their new 2015 W205 generation C63 AMG and they are already tuning the car. Normal people would still be breaking it in but AMG tuning enthusiasts are not normal car people. Renntech is still working on their software so it is not officially released but BenzBoost is told they have it over 600 horsepower. Renntech will continue to test and refine their software and BenzBoost will have a dynograph posted ASAP. Enjoy the M177 engine sounds and know that development is moving rapidly:
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  • SVP03's Avatar
    04-01-2015, 04:52 AM
    SVP03 started a thread C197 SLS: My SLS BS 2013 in SL, SLR, SLS-Class, and AMG GT
    I have got a SLS AMG Black Series with only 180 km. It is for investment for the prices is on the way up. Are there any who know how many BS there were make total, i here from 350 to 450 total. I have also a new 911 GT3 RS 2016 delivered in december 2015. The old one from 2011-2012 with low km is allready higher in price than from new. The next is a 918, but with 918 total i will wait and see how the prices is when all the cars are delivered.
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    04-15-2015, 08:07 AM
    Is there anything sweeter than seeing two heavyweights slug it out on the dragstrip? No dynos, no bench racing, just a heads up match to see who crosses the 1320 first. This particular matchup is great to see as it features the new $60k Challenger Hellcat representing American muscle against Japan's best which comes in at $150k. That is quite the price difference, isn't it? In the GTR's defense you do not have to buy the Nismo edition (the standard car is sitll $100k) and it has a lot of technology including all wheel drive and a dual clutch transmission. But you know? F that. This is America. Drag racing is about traction and cubic inches. Drag racing is purely American for these reasons and always will be. The Japanese may have the more technologically advanced car even a grandma can launch but the Hellcat is 707 horses of straight up twin screw supercharged American muscle fed to the rear wheels. So who wins? Well, the lighter all wheel drive GTR manages a best of 11.086 @ 126.130 miles per hour: There were multiple runs however and each car took a win meaning this truly was a driver's race. Reaction time and launch was really the deciding factor with the two cars so close running low 11's at roughly 125 miles per hour as you can see here: The Hellcat took that one. For those wondering why the times are not quicker or faster the density altitude at the track was in the 2700 feet range. Meaning these times are incredibly impressive for the conditions. There will be those who will state the Nissan GTR being 700 pounds lighter than the Hellcat and with far more impressive handling is the more complete car. In response to that all we have to say is 707 horsepower from a 6.2 liter twin screw supercharged Hemi V8 for under $60k. 'Merica, F@#K YEAH!
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    04-09-2015, 02:14 AM
    Is anyone else sick of hearing about how 'fast' the Tesla P85D is? Because, it really isn't. Sure, it has a ton of torque off the line and for about 30-60 miles per hour it is pretty impressive. Oh, wow, instant torque and all wheel drive gives it a jump off the line. What a surprise! The P85D shows 864 lb-t of torque at the wheels so going from a stop is its best bet. What happens when it races cars that actually have some serious top end acceleration? It gets annihilated. It gets flat out destroyed. Just take a look at a 458 Italia spanking it and a Lamborghini Aventador having its way with the overrated electric sedan. Not too long ago people who had no idea what they were talking about made a huge deal about how the Tesla P85D beat down the new 707 horsepower Challenger Hellcat on the dragstrip. This gave Tesla owners a giant erection and they thought their car was something spectacular in a straight line. Up until about 30 miles per hour, it certainly is something special thanks to its traction and instant torque. This network stated back then what holds true now: 'It gets off the line quickly, we all get that part. It is not going to beat Hellcats though. It is not going to be a lot of todays performance cars for that matter. That is unless their tires go up and smoke and they abandon the run.' No, it is not going to be Hellcats unless they sit there spinning their tires. As this rematch shows, the Tesla Model S P85D is no match for any serious performance car out there today. It's a great achievement and has a lot of merit but if the Hellcat hooks up the P85D has no chance. The Hellcat is almost a full second faster with a trap speed 13 miles per hour higher. In other words, go home Tesla owner and plug your car in while watching some Netflix. That torque went to your head.
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