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    04-11-2014, 04:45 AM
    The camera car in these two videos is the Burger Tuning F10 M5. This car has a BMS JB4 piggyback and downpipes. Some impressive output at the wheels has been shown from this car on a Dynojet in the in the ~630 wheel horsepower range. That is a tall order to overcome for a 335i even for one equipped with upgraded twin turbos. The 335i just is giving up too much power and torque to the M5 along with quicker shifts to the DCT. And the DCT is the key. The first video shows an E92 335i that has a manual transmission and it gets crushed. The second video has a similarly modded E92 335is with the RB turbo upgrades but the difference is that it is the 335is model that has the DCT transmission. Look at the results and see what a difference a dual clutch makes for yourself.
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  • rdeterman's Avatar
    03-25-2014, 01:45 PM
    Saw this online, pretty remarkable results on tune only. Get some sticky tires and 3 of your closest buddies and probably run 10's. With its stout design, the hand-built Mercedes Benz AMG 5.5L V8 Biturbo engine provides excellent luxury class power for the 2014+ AMG 4MATIC lineup. The stock output of the E63 4MATIC is rated at 550 horsepower and 531 torque, but these engines are very under rated from the factory. Our completely stock 2014 E63 AMG non-S model put down 598hp and 576tq! MORE POWER THAN THE MCLAREN 12C MADE EASY An Alpha calibration file will take full advantage of your E63′s ability. By precisely adjusting camshaft timing, boost output and air/fuel ratios, your 5.5L Biturbo equipped AMG will produce a massive 700 horsepower with no other form of modification! That’s 75 more ponies than a McLaren 12c!
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    03-26-2014, 04:54 AM
    Is the Camaro Z28 overpriced at $75k? It has the venerable LS7 from the C6 Z06 at 505 horsepower clearly giving up power and torque to its German and Japanese rivals. It also has no turbos and no dual clutch transmission. Just a big 427 cubic inch naturally aspirated single overhead cam pushrod American V8 mated to the classic manual transmission. Is the Z28 in over its head against the $117,305 Nissan GT-R Track Edition and $182,050 911 Turbo S? Nope. And that $75k base price all of a sudden looks like a value in this company, doesn't it? What that money buys you is a Camaro that takes the roadcourse very seriously. 305/30/19 Pirelli Pzero Trofeo R tires are featured all around. Yes, 305's up front. There also are 15.5 inch carbon ceramic brakes rotors up front as well. The GT-R is the only one in this group without carbon ceramic brakes. The Camaro is clearly set up for roadcourse duty. It is also the slowest car of the group. A 12.3 @ 117.2 in the 1/4 mile certainly is not slow but it trails behind the GT-R with its 11.0 @ 125.1 run and the 911 Turbo S with its 10.9 @ 123.7. The 911 Turbo S again shows abnormally slow 1/4 mile numbers dying for some reason past 100 miles per hour despite being the first car to get there. Is the ECU cutting power? It sure looks like it. So the Camaro does not have a fancy dual clutch transmission, it does not have all wheel drive, and it isn't the most powerful. It isn't a lightweight either weighing 3857 pounds. 23 pounds lighter than the Nissan GT-R but 247 pounds heavier than the 911 Turbo S. That makes the Camaro beating the GT-R and the 911 Turbo S around the roadcourse all the more impressive because the car is doing it in the turns and not due to a power advantage. The cheaper rear wheel drive manual American car beats the more expensive dual clutch all wheel drive foreign robots that the automotive world seems to constantly rave about. There is some poetic justice in there somewhere. MotorTrend picks the Camaro as the best car in this test followed by the 911 Turbo S and then the GT-R. The GT-R is said to feel too controlled. In other words, it's boring. Who was it that told you it's a soulless robot? The 911 Turbo S also suffers from missing an 'X factor' in the driving experience. The GT3 would have been a better choice and addressed the driver involvement criticism. Now you likely understand why Porsche offers a GT3 and why horsepower is not everything. MotorTrend says the Camaro Z28 is GM at its best and it is tough to disagree. GM is definitely on a bit of a roll right now. A Camaro that is a better driver's car than a Porsche 911 Turbo and beats it around the roadcourse for $100k less is, well, unheard of until now. It is now the Porsche that is the dragster and the not the American 'muscle' car. Good for you GM. Way to beat the world's best without even needing to match the cost of entry. Thank you for building the Z28. 3rd Place: Nissan GT-R Track Edition Old soldiers never die, they just fade away. Still a monster, but long in the tooth. The 2015 refresh arrives none too soon. 2nd Place: Porsche 911 Turbo S One of the quickest production cars of all time, the Turbo S is caught in a weird space between grand touring and track attack. 1st Place: Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 Impressive. Most impressive. The General flexes its red, white, and blue muscles. Simply put, this is Chevy at its best. 2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 2014 Nissan GT-R Track Edition 2014 Porsche 911 Turbo S POWERTRAIN/CHASSIS DRIVETRAIN LAYOUT Front-engine, RWD Front-engine, AWD Rear-engine, AWD ENGINE TYPE 90-deg V-8, aluminum block/heads Twin-turbo 60-deg V-6, aluminum block/heads Twin-turbo flat-6, aluminum block/heads VALVETRAIN OHV, 2 valves/cyl DOHC, 4 valves/cyl DOHC, 4 valves/cyl DISPLACEMENT 427.9 cu in/7011 cc 231.8 cu in/3799 cc 231.9 cu in/3800 cc COMPRESSION RATIO 11.0:1 9.0:1 9.8:1 POWER (SAE NET) 505 hp @ 6100 rpm* 545 hp @ 6400 rpm 560 hp @ 6500 rpm TORQUE (SAE NET) 481 lb-ft @ 4800 rpm* 463 lb-ft @ 3200 rpm 516 lb-ft @ 2100 rpm** REDLINE 7000 rpm 7000 rpm 7000 rpm WEIGHT TO POWER 7.6 lb/hp 7.1 lb/hp 6.4 lb/hp TRANSMISSION 6-speed manual 6-speed twin-cl auto 7-speed twin-cl auto AXLE/FINAL-DRIVE RATIO 3.91:1/2.46:1 3.70:1/2.95:1 3.44:1/2.14:1 SUSPENSION, FRONT; REAR Struts, coil springs, anti-roll bar; multilink, coil springs, anti-roll bar Control arms, coil springs, adj shocks, anti-roll bar; multilink, coil springs, adj shocks, anti-roll bar Struts, coil springs, adj shocks, anti-roll bar; multilink, coil springs, adj shocks, anti-roll bar STEERING RATIO 16.1:1 15.0:1 12.3:1-15.0:1 TURNS LOCK-TO-LOCK 2.5 2.5 2.5 BRAKES, F;R 15.5-in vented, drilled, carbon ceramic disc; 15.3-in vented, drilled, carbon ceramic disc, ABS 15.4-in vented, drilled disc; 15.0-in vented, drilled disc, ABS 16.1-in vented, drilled, carbon ceramic disc; 15.4-in vented, drilled, carbon ceramic disc, ABS WHEELS, F;R 11.0 x 19-in; 11.5 x 19-in, forged aluminum 9.5 x 20 in; 10.5 x 20 in, forged aluminum 9.0 x 20-in; 11.5 x 20-in forged aluminum TIRES, F;R 305/30R19 102Y Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R 255/40R20 97Y; 285/35R20 100Y Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT600 DSST CTT 245/35R20 91Y; 305/30R20 103Y Pirelli P Zero DIMENSIONS WHEELBASE 112.3 in 109.4 in 96.5 in TRACK, F/R 66.1/64.7 in 62.6/63.0 in 60.6/62.6 in LENGTH x WIDTH x HEIGHT 192.3 x 76.9 x 52.4 in 183.8 x 74.6 x 53.9 in 177.4 x 74.0 x 51.0 in TURNING CIRCLE 37.7 ft (est) 36.6 ft 34.8 ft CURB WEIGHT 3857 lb 3880 lb 3610 lb WEIGHT DIST, F/R 53/47% 55/45% 39/61% SEATING CAPACITY 4 2 4 HEADROOM, F/R 37.4/35.3 in 38.1/- in 37.8/26.0 in LEGROOM, F/R 42.4/29.9 in 44.6/- in 66.7/26.0 in (est) SHOULDER ROOM, F/R 56.9/42.5 in 54.3/- in 53.4/47.3 in CARGO VOLUME 11.3 cu ft 8.8 cu ft 9.2 cu ft TEST DATA ACCELERATION TO MPH 0-30 1.7 sec 1.0 sec 1.0 sec 0-40 2.3 1.5 1.4 0-50 3.1 2.0 1.9 0-60 4.0 2.7 2.6 0-70 5.0 3.5 3.4 0-80 6.2 4.5 4.4 0-90 7.5 5.6 5.6 0-100 9.0 6.9 6.8 PASSING, 45-65 MPH 1.8 1.4 1.3 QUARTER MILE 12.3 sec @ 117.2 mph 11.0 sec @ 125.1 mph 10.9 sec @ 123.7 mph BRAKING, 60-0 MPH 97 ft 94 ft 100 ft LATERAL ACCELERATION 1.06 g (avg) 1.02 g (avg) 1.04 g (avg) MT FIGURE EIGHT 23.6 sec @ 0.84 g (avg) 23.4 sec @ 0.89 g (avg) 23.0 sec @ 0.93 g (avg) 2.3-MI ROAD COURSE LAP 96.17 sec 96.45 sec 96.34 sec TOP-GEAR REVS @ 60 MPH 1500 rpm 2150 rpm 1650 rpm CONSUMER INFO BASE PRICE $75,000 $117,305 $182,050 PRICE AS TESTED $76,150 $117,590 $199,065 STABILITY/TRACTION CONTROL Yes/yes Yes/yes Yes/yes AIRBAGS Dual front, front side, f/r rear curtain Dual front, front side, front curtain Dual front, front side, front curtain, front knee BASIC WARRANTY 3 yrs/36,000 mi 3 yrs/36,000 mi 4 yrs/50,000 mi POWERTRAIN WARRANTY 5 yrs/100,000 mi 5 yrs/60,000 mi 4 yrs/50,000 mi ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE 5 yrs/100,000 mi 5 yrs/60,000 mi 4 yrs/50,000 mi FUEL CAPACITY 19.0 gal 19.5 gal 16.9 gal EPA CITY/HWY/COMB ECON 13/19/15 mpg (est) 16/23/19 mpg 17/24/20 mpg ENERGY CONS, CITY/HWY 259/177 kW-hrs/100 mi (est) 211/147 kW-hrs/100 mi 198/140 kW-hrs/100 mi CO2 EMISSIONS, COMB 1.28 lb/mi (est) 1.05 lb/mi 0.99 lb/mi RECOMMENDED FUEL Unleaded premium Unleaded premium Unleaded premium *SAE certified **553 lb-ft w/temporary 20-sec overboost
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    03-27-2014, 08:47 PM
    This is utter insanity. In case you are not familiar with it, the Isle of Man Tourist TT (Tourist Trohpy) is a motorycle race held on the Isle of Man which is considered a self-governing part of the British Crown. Basically, a bunch of riders which stupid fast bikes gather on a small island off the coast of Great Britain and race against the clock at full throttle. It is very dangerous, very fast, and arguably the most intense motorcycle race run in history. A look at this video and you will not be surprised that there have been 240 recorded rider deaths during the 100+ years (first race held in 1907) that the race has run. There are those who want to put an end to these races and this network's response is let people live and take the risks they want to take. It's hard to say this rider is not living to the fullest. (The video features champion Michael Dunlop on a CBR600 who holds multiple lap records and has won in multiple classes)
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  • 427's Avatar
    04-08-2014, 10:07 PM
    I recently saw this thread regarding a new network name... I think 'BoostAddict' fits perfectly! While I was reading the post, I also had some ideas for a possible T-Shirt design. I wanted BOOST to stand out differently than ADDICT... just thought it might read easier. I've included four images with this post... mostly the same concept, but with a few twists on the 'Addict' font. These ideas a rudimentary... NOT final concepts. BTW- I was thinking the top/back/center could be the URL location, also the sleeve (if we opt for long sleeve), or the URL could be on the front pocket area and these designs could be the back... many combinations are possible. If you have some ideas, give it a try.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    03-26-2014, 07:35 PM
    Ok, time to wrap this network expansion up. I think the name I'm going to go with is It makes sense with the theme. The BoostAddict Network. The other names just don't flow as well and everything else is taken. So, I put up the options and go ahead and vote for what you think is best. I should have this all up and running officially next month. It's going to be pretty sweet if I do say so myself.
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  • sammy_0559's Avatar
    04-06-2014, 03:14 AM
    Someone sent me this… never really drive my car, went out tonight and this guy.. :rofl2:
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  • JonsC63AMG's Avatar
    04-13-2014, 05:11 PM
    I talked to this guy with the nasty sounding 5.0 At idle it sounded it had cams. He said it has all the boltons NA. Somewhere in the 430whp+. Damn it was so loud that it hurt my ears when he rev it. It was the nastiest sounding Mustang. Enjoy..
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  • charliekay's Avatar
    04-09-2014, 05:37 PM
    Hello all, Last night I finally got around to running the car, after a couple of busy months. Very impressed with the times, and gain overs the N/A setup. The car has the following: - 2008 C63 with Original Tranny - Weistec Stage II Supercharger w/ Oil/Air Seperator - OEM multispoke 19s on front, w/ OEM Conti tyres - OEM 5-spoke 18s on rear, w/ MT ET Streets 265/40 - Full interior with no weight reduction - Pump Fuel - 98RON (equivalent to 93R+M/2) - I only ever use BP Ultimate 98 - iPE Full Valvetronic Exhaust N/A the fastest the car ran was 11.803, this was with the iPE Exhaust and OE Tuning Stage II tune. Unfortunately I cannot find the timeslip for the 11.80 run, but I have one for an 11.83 run I did, which was 1.849 60ft, and trap speed was 119mph For comparison reasons, I used the same car, same wheels (including rubber), same fuel, same track (Sydney Dragway), same exhaust, all with full weight. Obviously it was a different day so different temp, looking at the different time slips, looks like there was a 10 degree Celsius temperature difference between the runs, last night being hotter. Not sure how much time this equates to, but just trying to be 100% clear with the results. So last night after the Stage II was put on, I ran 11,205, 11.181, 11.184, 11.184 again and the last run was the fastest being 11.162. This mean the Weistec charger took a minimum of 6.5/10ths off the N/A time. The reason I say minimum is traction is a problem with that much power, you can feel the car hesitates and jumps a little when it hits second. I think some 16s or 17s with better rubber would be worth 1-2/10ths just in solving the jump into second, not to mention the gains in weight reduction and 60ft gains. Anyways here is the time slip. Charlie
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    04-16-2014, 03:52 PM
    Not sure how many hockey fans we have here but whatever. I'm hoping the Ducks win another cup and they are the number 1 seed out west. Kind of hoping for a Kings vs. Ducks series in round 2 which would be epic. Boston will likely make it out of the weaker east to play for the cup. Anyway, go Ducks!
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    03-28-2014, 06:42 PM
    General Motors caught the attention of enthusiasts by announcing the upcoming C7 Z06 would not only offer an automatic transmission but that it would shift faster than a dual clutch transmission. GM specifically mentions the Porsche PDK dual clutch shift speed as the target. Enthusiasts are debating whether this transmission can beat the Porsche PDK or if this is GM spin to make the automatic no look like a cost cutting measure. So who is right? Quite possibly everyone. The 8L90 8-speed is not exactly 'cheap' or solely a cost cutting measure for GM. Cost is obviously a factor and the 8L90 is designed to be compatible with the standard C7 torque tube. GM is killing two birds with one stone by having a new 8-speed that will plug right in where the 6-speed currently offered in the C7 fits. The 8L90 is the same physical size as the 6L80 6-Speed it will replace but also eight pounds lighter thanks to aluminum and magnesium components. A dual clutch that can handle the torque and fit in the same physical space is a tall order that would likely require a lot more work. GM could just keep the 6-speed and not do anything at all if they were trying to be cheap but they sure are putting in a lot of effort on the new transmission. The cooling system for example has two inlet ports to provide adequate flow on heavy load and acceleration. This system automatically switches to a single port under lighter load reducing drag for greater efficiency. The internals are stout considering the torque rating is 1000nm or 737 lb-ft. It will be able to in stock form support the LT1 and supercharged LT4. It should handle bolt on upgrades to the Z06 before needing to be internally reinforced. A supercharged 6.2 liter V8 is going to put out a quite a bit of torque. So, GM is not taking shortcuts here. Is it a cheaper route than developing a dual clutch that can handle the LT4 torque and fit their packaging requirements? Absolutely. Is it a shortcut? No. GM has a team dedicated to this transmissions development and it is essentially custom made for the Z06 before it will go in any other applications. This is a transmission designed with sports car performance in mind. That brings us to the question, can it actually shift faster than the Porsche PDK dual clutch transmission? Maybe. The transmission has five clutches. Proponents argue that means it can essentially have five gears pre-selected. However, only two clutches are available at any single time for gear changes. This is not unlike a dual clutch which by definition has two gears engaged. The DCT has the next gear pre-selected and the power flow changes as one clutch engages and the other releases which is limited only by the mechanical speed of the rods. Theoretically the GM 8L90 gearbox can match this aspect of the dual clutch transmission. The question becomes how GM is measuring the shift speed. A torque converter transferring rotational power is a bit 'sloppier' so to speak than a clutch until it locks up. Dual clutch transmissions do not use a torque converter with a wet fluid coupling to transfer power to the clutches meaning direct power application. The torque converter however makes torque application fairly smooth which is a benefit for GM in their four-cylinder deactivation fuel saving mode and when cruising. Both use hydraulic pressure to drive the gears and both can start building hydraulic pressure in anticipation of a gearshift. When it comes time to make a shift, hydraulic pressure is bled from the engaged clutch and applied to the next clutch. This is the exact same mechanism for the DCT or a wet plate multi-clutch automatic like the 8L90. Now, if GM is measuring the shift speed based on the internal gear change speed capability of the clutches, sure, the 8L90 can match a dual clutch as they are mechanically similar and basically doing the same thing. However, are they measuring this through the entire process of a request for a shift, torque application through the converter, and clutches engaging/disengaging to make the gear change? This is not clear and GM has not provided any actual support, numbers, or details on how they are measuring shift speed to back up their 'faster' claim. We will have to wait and see some test results to come to a definitive conclusion here but the GM 8L90 is hardly cheap or antiquated technology. There are similarities in its design to a dual wet clutch transmission system but the major point of divergence is the torque converter and the shift rods. General Motors Rear Wheel Drive Eight Speed Automatic Transmission Technical Paper 2014-04-01 James Michael Hart, Tejinder Singh, William Goodrich General Motors Rear Wheel Drive Eight Speed Automatic Transmission General Motors shall introduce a new rear wheel drive eight speed automatic transmission, known as the 8L90, in the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette. The rated turbine torque capacity is 1000 Nm. This transmission replaces the venerable 6L80 six speed automatic transmission. The objectives behind creation of this transmission are improved fuel economy, performance, and NVH. Packaging in the existing vehicle architecture and high mileage dependability are the givens. The architecture is required to offer low cost for a rear drive eight speed transmission while meeting the givens and objectives. An eight speed powerflow, invented by General Motors, was selected. This powerflow yields a 7.0 overall ratio spread, enabling improved launch capability because of a deeper first gear ratio and better fuel economy due to lower top gear N/V capability, relative to the 6L80. The eight speed ratios are generated using four simple planetary gearsets, two brake clutches and three rotating clutches. The resultant on-axis transmission architecture utilizes a squashed torque converter, an off-axis pump and four close coupled gearsets. The three rotating clutches have been located forward of the gearsets to minimize the length of oil feeds which provides for enhanced shift response and simplicity of turbine shaft manufacturing. The transmission architecture features a case with integral bell housing for enhanced powertrain stiffness. A unique pump drive design allows for off-axis packaging very low in the transmission. The pump is a binary vane type which effectively allows for two pumps in the packaging size of one. This design and packaging strategy not only enables low parasitic losses and optimum priming capability but also provides for ideal oil routing to the controls system, with the pump located in the valve body itself. The transmission controller is externally mounted, enabling packaging and powertrain integration flexibilities. The controller makes use of three speed sensors which provide for enhanced shift response and accuracy. Utilization of aluminum and magnesium components throughout the transmission yields competitive mass. The dedicated compensator feed circuit, used in GM six speed designs, was supplanted by a lube-fed design in order to simplify oil routing and enhance shift response. Packaging is within that of the GM 6L80 design, allowing for ease of application integration. The overall result is a robust, compact, and cost effective transmission which offers significant fuel economy and performance benefit, over its six speed counterpart, and shall provide an attractive balance of overall metrics in the automatic transmission market.
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    03-25-2014, 07:10 PM
    Must have one of these.. or four:
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    03-27-2014, 09:28 PM
    The new W205 C-Class is a beautiful design evoking many of the design elements of its more expensive lineup siblings. The C300 and C400 look great but what we are really waiting to see is the top of the line high performance C63 AMG variant. It's coming and it is looking quite aggressive. The styling changes of course include the AMG bodywork including the integrated rear diffuser featuring the AMG angled quad exhaust tips. The front gets the more aggressive AMG single bar style grille. The fenders for whatever reason are the only area lacking in increased aggression as there does not appear to be any additional flaring for bigger meat. Is Mercedes AMG saving that sort of aggression that for a Black Series variant? As reported dozens of times already expect the M177 4.0 liter twin turbo V8 under the hood mated to a rear wheel drive powertrain and an automatic transmission. Horsepower should be close to 500 but has yet to be finalized.
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  • alpinedevil335's Avatar
    04-05-2014, 08:54 PM
    I recently mounted some wheels along with TPM's on my 335 and all was well. Monitors were new out of the box when installed and worked great for about a week or so. After the car sat for about three weeks I now get a "TPM Malfuction" warning on my IDrive and dash board. No matter how many times I try to reset the monitors the fault persists. Has as anyone had this problem before and how was it fixed?
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  • SLS AMG's Avatar
    04-04-2014, 09:15 AM
    This event was held at YAS marina drag race. We had An AMG and 63 only event. The event was hosted by Mercedes Benz of Abu-Dhabi. PP-Performance had cars mainly from all chasis. Sticky, any plans to come around this year?. I want to see your beemer at YAS
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  • BuraQ's Avatar
    04-10-2014, 07:21 PM
    Nope this isnt my 335is DCT tuned by PTF. This ca belongs to member Kcyrusm whom was the first to break 11s in his 335is DCT N54 ProTuned by Jake@PTF (reference) Back then when he broke 11s it was on a PTF E40 map if I am not mistaken. Within a year PTF got him up and running against two well respected high end cars also with DCT, the Audi V10 R8 and the BMW F10 M5 tuned I was suprised to find this video, and questioned why it was never posted. Regardless, PTF has done an awesome job tuning the 335is. I pesonally have one of their E50 maps tuned by dzenno@PTF , and, all I got to say it puts out soo much damn tourque I could feel the rear end buckle . However, here is something we dont see in example of there tuning against other respected high end cars, a roll race. Good job PTF
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  • ecpchris's Avatar
    03-30-2014, 08:25 PM
    Strong showing by bolt on turbo S
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