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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Today, 07:51 PM
    Just as in the BMW N54 world we are starting to see more piggyback and flash combinations on the S63TU platform. This F10 M5 is benefiting from such a tuning setup and it shows in its very strong 760 rear wheel horsepower and 816 lb-ft of torque at the wheels dyno pull. Here are the mods on the car: Flash + JB4 S2/BCM AMS downpipes RPI Exhaust MSR Intakes BMS Meth Upgraded Clutch packs Pure S1 Turbo upgrade Now we would like to know who is doing the flash tuning. Additionally, there are still some issues to work out regarding misfires up top so the tuning is not yet perfect. Tuning for upgraded turbos is going to evolve over time but this is already a very good sign for the S63TU. It is also important to note the meth injection here as the S63TU fuel system needs the methanol support at these levels and owners would be wise to use it until direct injection fuel system upgrades are available and commonplace on the platform. Spectacular numbers regardless that should get even stronger over time. More details from the owner below:
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Today, 07:32 PM
    This is how you do different without overdoing it. We have of course seen black on gold combinations but somehow bronze looks more refined and less attention seeking. That is not to say this does not stand out as it definitely does but it seems to do so in a classier manner than bright gold would. Here are the wheels specs: SM5R Deep Concave Monoblock -209 front / 2111 rear -Gloss Brushed Bronze -Gloss Brushed Bronze Caps -Weight Reduction Pocketing The front wheels are 20 inches and the rear wheels are 21 inches. This certainly gives the California an aggressive and good looking stance. As these are large wheels and unsprung weight can become a performance concern at these sizes the wheels feature Strasse weight reduction pocketing. That helps strike a balance between looks and performance as well as rim strength. The black on gloss bronze just plays well well off the Nero Daytona black paint finish. This works and it works well on the Ferrari California.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Today, 07:13 PM
    The F82 M4 GTS is shaping up very well. The only downside is it will be fairly limited. 700 units for worldwide consumption? That means we expect less than half to come to the USA but for once you will not see BimmerBoost complaining as American M enthusiasts are still reeling from being passed over for the E46 M3 CSL and the E92 M3 GTS. BMW finally decided to do the right thing and reward its largest market. About time BMW and we still are never going to forgive you for the E46 M3 CSL and E92 M3 GTS. That said, this is an epic M car. Why? Because it takes performance seriously. It isn't an M badge thrown on an SUV that will never see the racetrack or some lame special edition that amounts to some new paint like the 'Championship Edition' E92 M3. This car actually gets real Motorsport division attention and not marketing division attention. Let's start with BMW reducing weight. They claim 3328 pounds. Does that 33XX number range sound familiar? It should because BMW originally claimed 3306 pounds for the F80 M3 and F82 M4. BMW missed that target badly and the F80 M3 came in at 3562 pounds which can go up depending on options. Something tells us this time the car will weigh close to what they are claiming but US cars no doubt will weigh more than European counterparts due to side impact crash regulations. Even if the US car is heavier expect a drop from the standard F82 M4. That is a very good thing and if BMW manages to shave some weight off the nose they can finally get the car to 50/50 front to rear weight distribution as it should be. The included water injection system will add weight though. Which brings us to the motor. Yes, the car has a water injection system for the S55 motor as previously reported. With the cooling and octane benefit BMW raises power to 500 horses no doubt with more aggressive tuning. As you know the S55 engine in the F80 M3 and F82 M4 is underrated and already at the 500+ horsepower mark so does this mean this figure is closer to 500 at the wheels than at the crank? We think it has to be. It would have been nice to see something along the lines of larger turbocharger or some hardware changes to the engine like E92 M3 GTS and E46 M3 CSL saw but in the turbo era this is how it goes. If we were to nitpick the car the lack of S55 internal hardware changes would be the spot to nitpick. You combine the higher power with less weight thanks to the CFRP parts and titanium exhaust system along with the improved aerodynamics adding substantial downforce and you get a 7 minute and 28 seconds Nurburgring laptime. This blows every production BMW out of the water. It is not even close. The vaunted E46 M3 CSL managed a 7:50 around the 'Ring and the E92 M3 GTS in the hands of Horst von Sauma only bettered the CSL by two seconds. The F82 M4 GTS is 20 seconds quicker than the E92 M3 GTS. If that is not evidence of a lot less weight and underrated power (on a track like the Nurburgring that loves power) we do not know what is. Not enough can be said about the BMW claimed Nurburgring laptime. It equals the Porsche Carrera GT in the hands of Walter Rohrl. If Porsche's own test driver and rally legend who knows the Nurburgring better than anyone can do a 7:28 in a vehicle of the Carrera GT's pedigree and the M4 can match that we finally have a serious BMW performance car that blows everything else BMW has ever produced out of the water to an extraordinary degree. You can read the full details and specifications from BMW in their M4 GTS presentation below but it is about damn time we got a car like this. By we, I mean American enthusiasts first and then BMW enthusiasts worldwide. Unfortunately it may be a bit too little and too late for some but at least it shows BMW can still produce when the M division is allowed to put in the effort. Unfortunately, the M division demonstrates this level of capability rarely these days. 'i' mean that.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Today, 06:31 PM
    Um well you mention that the Audi motor needs X amount of boost but the reason for that is the higher drivetrain losses so Audi has to push it harder to keep up with the larger German twin turbo V8's. As the C63 is lighter and also rear wheel drive it has a more efficient drivetrain and can offer similar performance or power to the RS7 at less boost. That doesn't make it less efficient but more efficient. This of course reflects directly back on the motor which has to send its power to the ground.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Today, 06:30 PM
    The BMW S55 isn't more efficient. The M177 will make 600 whp all day long with less boost and less heat to get to that number. Just because the M177 isn't as high strung stock doesn't make it less efficient or capable in this instance. Look at what it is already doing with fairly mild upgrades, 700 whp. Look at the torque too, right? The S55 can't match the torque through the curve. I'm not really sure where he is going with this.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Today, 06:21 PM
    The Cadillac twin turbo and direct injected 3.6 liter LF4 V6 engine continues to impress. You may remember last month New Era Performance posted their baseline and tune results. Now Fasterproms takes their crack at the car but also added catless downpipes. The Fasterproms baseline is slightly less at 417 rear wheel horsepower and 405 lb-ft of rear wheel torque. This can be attributed to weather conditions and fuel. What is important here are the power and torque gains. Tune only the car goes to 518 horsepower and 506 lb-ft of torque at the wheels. That is 101 rear wheel horsepower gained tune only and the torque gain mirrors the power gain. Add catless downpipes into the mix and horsepower goes to 558 to the wheels and torque jumps to 539 lb-ft at the wheels. A major difference over stock with your basic bolt on modifications. Based on these results the very first thing an owner should do is get a set of downpipes and a tune for them. The scary thing is they are hardly done. E85 tuning is up next and it may be possible that the ATS-V LF4 cracks 600 the wheel horsepower mark on higher octane fuel on the stock turbochargers with supporting bolt on modifications. Certainly impressive. <div id="fb-root"></div><script>(function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s); if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = "//"; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);}(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk'));</script><div class="fb-video" data-allowfullscreen="1" data-href="/fasterproms/videos/vb.223937640959209/1054704091215889/?type=3"><div class="fb-xfbml-parse-ignore"><blockquote cite=""><a href=""></a><p>Fasterproms 3inch down pipes are completed and installed!! 558rwhp!! We gained 32rwhp from the down pipes with no tuning changes!! An additional 8rwhp with a tune. The graph shows stock/tune only/down pipes (550)/down pipes and tuning. We will have these in stock and ready to ship soon! #fasterproms #atsv</p>Posted by <a href="">Fasterproms</a> on Tuesday, October 6, 2015</blockquote></div></div>
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  • ezec63's Avatar
    Today, 06:10 PM
    And then mention how much "more efficient" the S55 motor is when it takes pure stage 2 turbos with the largest wheel option, 34psi, full catless exhaust, race gas and meth to hit 645whp with a ton more lag LOL Not to mention the trans needs to be built to take that power level. This car is on pump gas, high flow cats, and stock trans pumping out 700whp on a superflow dyno with similar spool as stock turbos. Makes a lot of sense in M world
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  • BlackJetE90OC's Avatar
    Today, 06:01 PM
    Wait a second, you say Sticky can't claim how efficient the M177 is because he doesn't know the boost levels. But you then claim the S55 is more efficient than the M177 without knowing the boost levels of this setup. You can't have it both ways.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Today, 04:27 PM
    The reason they are everywhere in the EU is the price of diesel vs. gasoline there and MPG. Not because they are cleaner. People buy tiny little turbo diesels because the tax is lower based on displacement. You act like I've never been to Europe. Diesels pollute more. It's a physical fact based on their properties. You don't see gasoline engines needing Urea injection to meet mandated levels for a reason. I think you need to do some reading.
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  • xbox_fan's Avatar
    Today, 04:21 PM
    Or (for once) you could read up on actually CO2 emissions from petrol vs diesel car engines, the reason diesels are everywhere in EU is due to them having way way lower CO2 emissions. Car tax is based on CO2 emission per km in Sweden, ppl buy diesels since tax is lower, fuel costs are lower AND they have nice torque/power for normal driving.
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  • Hipressr's Avatar
    Today, 04:18 PM
    lol, no kidding, you seem to think that this is somehow a miraculous motor with ridiculous efficiency throwing around boost pressures at opposite extremes yet you don't even know what boost pressure makes the advertised 699whp.... Have a a look at the m3 motor and its development, you will see at the proportionate 3.0L, it is more efficient than this 63 4.0L....
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