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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Today, 01:18 PM
    Welcome anthonyst11, take a look around, I think you will like what you see.
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  • leo985i's Avatar
    Today, 01:12 PM
    I can picture running into this thing at night on a foggy freeway drive, and all of a sudden it ROARS!!! and dissapears off into the unseen. Lol! Shit myself. Hearses are just fucking scary man.
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  • Torgus's Avatar
    Today, 01:04 PM
    so who wins the AFC championship game this year? Brady or Manning?
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  • leo985i's Avatar
    Today, 12:47 PM
    MB is sure on a roll lately. All their designs are gorgeous IMO. There is no doubt in the mind that they exude luxury and prestige. This is probably the best interior so far, it is beautiful! I hate to lust over cars but God forgive me :D
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  • 135pats's Avatar
    Today, 12:23 PM
    Getting close to the decision making stage of the process, outside of pro days and in-house visits, most of the tape study is done. From a high level standpoint, weíll now start to put together a big board, and get a rough feel for specific players we feel strongly about (good or bad). Here's one I am personally on the fence about. I should add more interior players, but the reports for a guard or 3 tech tackle arenít particularly sexy reads. Bradley Roby 5.010 194 Positives: -Prototype reactive athlete. Very good-excellent traits all around in that regard. Tested as a top level player in the relevant drills (3 cone, standing broad, 10 split, vert leap). Athleticism carries over to the field, not a shorts and tee shirt guy. -Sudden and explosive out of his back pedal. When playing off or in a zone look, can break down and drive on the underneath crossing or comeback routes. -Loose hips and ankles. Again, movement skills are his finest attribute and are near rare. Potentially the best in this class. Longer arms help him play taller than listed height. - Very good long speed. I see a true 4.4 type player who wonít be easily run by at the pro level. -Well proportioned build. Thick upper body with good muscle mass to re-route players. -Plays feisty, in your face brand of football. Unafraid and wants to compete. Can shed and attack in the run game. Flashes ability to be a factor on special teams with his speed. -Relatively pro style concepts at Ohio State. Iíve seen him play several zone looks, off man, bail, and a few snaps of press man free. Thatís much more than usual at the collegiate level, where zone and off looks dominate. Negatives: -Tape doesnít always reflect his ability (youíll notice I say this about many corners). Further complicating is that he shows all the reqd. traits on film, they simply donít translate to outstanding play. Was benched in 2013 at one point but rebounded nicely. -Shows natural ball skills yet at times seems awkward and lets his feet get choppy when the ball is in the air. Likely a technique issue that can be resolved with coaching. I counted 12 PBUs in 2013 so he can play the ball. -Have heard whispers of character concerns re: his social circle. Not so much him, more who he spends time with. -Poor form tackler. Willing, but not technically sound. A striker rather than a tackler, and lacks the frame to be effective as the former. -Overall technique needs a lot of work. Takes too many false steps when receivers set up their route stems with nuance and subtlety. Can get away with it at collegiate level due to his superior movement skills. Must be refined on Sundays. Hand placement in the few snaps of press I saw was arbitrary; clearly not something he is experienced doing.
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  • 07Tundra's Avatar
    Today, 11:42 AM
    With a little time and patients i think you can make them fit unless you're 1er
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  • jdub679's Avatar
    Today, 11:27 AM
    Right now my favorite cabernet is from Walla Walla. Seven Hills. Just lush.
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  • blipit's Avatar
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  • 135pats's Avatar
    Today, 10:54 AM
    I'm a wine N00b, but had an awesome Malbec last night. Bodega Catena I want to say was an '09 but don't recall. OK back to Gin.
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