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    06-24-2016, 06:27 PM
    After a bunch of teasers, spyphotos, etc., it's finally here! The highest performance Mercedes-AMG in the lineup is the 2018 AMG GT R. The car receives significant revisions including new active aerodynamics, engine changes, software changes, new brakes, new wheels, new tires, and just about everything that could be changed was changed. Mercedes-AMG unveiled the car today at the Goodwood Festival of Speed as they promised they would. You can watch the whole impressive unveiling event where they bring the car in with a helicopter from the Mercedes-Benz Youtube channel which is posted below. Overall, the car looks absolutely fantastic but this vehicle is about performance and not looks. The engine receives higher compression pistons and new turbochargers. Whomever it was that said they would just change the tuning software was wrong. Very, very, very wrong. The compression is bumped from the M177 10.5:1 but Mercedes-AMG has not yet posted the full specifications so we do not know the new ratio. Regardless, 577 horsepower is now the power output and it is sent to through an even quicker shifting dual clutch transmission. There are weight saving measures such as a lighter flywheel, a new exhaust that weighs 13 pounds less, and carbon fiber pieces abound. No word yet on the curb weight. This is the new king of the Mercedes-AMG lineup and it will go toe to toe with the Porsche GT3 RS or Turbo S and possibly encroach on 488 GTB territory. We can't wait to see it in action.
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  • blisstik's Avatar
    06-23-2016, 12:32 PM
    The time has come. I am selling my highly modified E92 2007 335i (Space Gray / Coral Red). Year: 2007 Make: BMW Model: 335i E92 Mileage: 108,xxx miles Price: $25,995 FIRM NOT PARTING OUT BUT WELCOME TO TRADES // PM ME NOT PARTING OUT BUT WELCOME TO TRADES // PM ME If you are serious, please PM me and make an offer. Performance • MOTIV 750 Single Turbo Kit for N54 (HTA 3586) • MOTIV 750 Port Injection Kit (fuel rail and fuel lines) • Fuel-IT Stage 3 HULK Dual LPFP Kit • Split Second AIC1 Port Injection Controller • JB4 with JB4 ConnectKit v3 Bluetooth Module • MHD for backend flash (custom tune by MOTIV Motorsports) • COBB Cat-Back Exhaust • Spec Stage 3+ Clutch with Spec Steel Single Mass Flywheel • Helix FMIC • Evolution Racewerks J-Pipe • Evolution Racewerks Long CP • Tial BOV • Dual OCC Setup: BMS OCC / Mishimoto + RB PCV Kit / Blocked valve ports Suspension • M3 Front Control Arm/Tension Strut Retrofit Set • M3 Aluminum Rear Guide Rod Set • M3 Aluminum Rear Wishbone Set • M3 Front Sway Bar Kit • M3 Rear Sway Bar Kit • M3 Rear Subframe Bushings • Quaife LSD Pumpkin (built by VAC Motorsports) • Bilstein PSS9 Coilovers Wheels/Tires/Brakes • Forgestar F14 19x8.5 +34 Front • Forgestar F14 19x10 +38 Rear • Michelin Pilot SuperSports 235/35/19 Front • Michelin Pilot SuperSports 275/30/19 Rear • Cool Carbon Front Pads (just replaced) • Cool Carbon Rear Pads (~10k miles) • Goodyear Stainless Steel Braided Lines • Racing Blue Brake Fluid (just flushed) Interior • BMW Aluminum Brushed Pedals • B&M Short Shifter Kit • UUC RK6A-L Weighted Shift Knob with Leather Covering • ViseeO Tune2Air WMA3000B Bluetooth Audio Adapter Exterior • OEM Front Bumper with molded OEM Aero Lip • JG Mods M-Tech Rear Bumper • JG Mods M3 Side Skirts • JL Motoring Performance Style Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler Frequently Asked Questions Q: Is it still for sale? A: Yes, as long as the thread is NOT closed, it's still for sale. Q: How much power does it make? A: Depends on how much boost. See attached dyno sheet below (not my actual dyno). I've normally ran at 23PSI on summer and 20PSI on winter. Q: Why are you selling it? A: Got a sedan and its now a garage queen. Q: Why did you go ST then proceed to sell it after 7K miles? A: I was working at home for the past year and it has become a garage queen. Time for someone else to enjoy it. Q: How does it drive? A: With the custom tune done by MOTIV, it drives like stock turbos with downpipes and mild tune on the low end but a monster after 4K RPM. Q: How does the clutch feel? A: It's stiff compared to stock but you will get used to it. Q: How does shifting feel? A: It feels solid, mechanical, short and precise. Q: What type of gas can you use? A: You can use 100% E85 or any pump gas (i.e., 91, 93 octane) but will require a 2 minute flash via MHD app. I will include the Android tablet with MHD app. Q: How can you log? A: With JB4 Connect Kit v3, you simply download the JB4 app on the Android Play Store or IOS App Store then connect via Bluetooth. Q: Can I stream music via Bluetooth? A: Yes via the Tune2Air WMA3000B Bluetooth adapter which the radio sees as "iPod". You can then use SoundCloud for all your music and even use the steering wheel to skip tracks. You can also plugin a USB drive and play music through there as well. Q: Have you done any oil analysis? A: Yes, for the last two oil changes, I've sent an oil analysis to BlackStone Labs. I can provide the reports if requested.
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    06-22-2016, 02:09 AM
    You have to take the horsepower figures here with a grain of salt. GAD motors obviously builds powerful M157's so no doubt they can deliver 900 horsepower in this ML but without dynos there is no proof either of these SUV's are making their claimed horsepower. The X6M traps 126.8 in the 1/4 mile and the ML63 124.3. That just does not feel like 850-900 horsepower performance even in 5300 horsepower SUV's. The X6M can do about 115 stock so almost another 300 horsepower is an increase of 11 miles per hour of trap speed? Whatever the actual horsepower figures may be these are two powerful German SUV's going at it. The X6M is the faster of the two and beats the ML63 to the 1/4 mile and 1/2 mile marks decisively although the AMG puts up a fight. Hopefully we can get the details on what is done to each but turbo upgrades are a given.
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    06-21-2016, 03:16 PM
    You have decided to get your first custom dyno tune. Congratulations! That is a big step forward and a smart move. Your tuner will extract the maximum from your car providing they are a quality tuner and leave you with a stronger vehicle. First timers no doubt will have some questions and this FAQ has the answers. So you are booked in for your first Dyno Tune. You may have some questions, here are the common ones to keep you on the right track. Q: Should I make sure my spark plugs, leads and ignition system are in good working order prior to my booking? A: Certainly not. Just like other known issues, ignition problems provide your tuner with a bit of a challenge. They will enjoy removing your spark plugs for you (especially if they are hard to reach) as laying on the engine reaching down the back when it is scorching hot on the dyno keeps them warm in the cooler winter months. Q: It’s the morning of my booking and my car isn’t ready, should I call and notify my dyno tuner? A:It is generally considered best to not make any contact with the tuner, if they try and call you simply don’t answer. Once your car is ready for tuning, showing up unannounced and expecting the tuner to drop everything and tune your car is common and widely accepted by most dyno tuners as the best option. Q: Does a dyno tune use much fuel? A: No. Most modern day dynamometers utilize new technology to reduce fuel consumption. Minimal (and if available, poor quality) fuel is best. The DIS Dyno Systems EMS 1000 has the latest unicorn drive fitted allowing vehicles to be tuned with no fuel at all, converting the perpetual kinetic energy from a small amount of unicorn horn to drive the vehicle’s drive line throughout the tune. Q: Should my dyno tuner guarantee that my engine will not be damaged? A: Yes. Any tuner worth their salt should be able to utilize their time machine and x-ray vision to look inside your engine and assess the overall condition, service history, quality of parts used, and ability to handle the increased performance you are asking him/her to achieve. New parts further guarantee the strength of your engine, especially components purchased on certain online auction websites, manufactured in communist countries. Q: I heard dynos destroy tyres should I put my old junk tyres on for the dyno? A: Quality tyres are expensive, ideally fit your vehicle with old tyres. If possible, find some with some canvas and steel belting hanging out of the tyre. This not only gives the tuner an audible indication of wheel speed it also makes for some exciting sparks and possibly a tyre failure which everybody enjoys, just look at burnout competitions, it’s a real crowd pleaser. Q: What should I consider when choosing an ECU? A: Cost is the main consideration when selecting engine management. The cheapest option, even if not suitable for your engine configuration, will give you tuner the biggest challenge, they like challenges. This way you can spend more on tuning and add ons and it gives you the best chance of poor starting and garbage economy that comes with only the best race cars. It’s Also a good idea to choose an engine management system that your tuner has never seen before, obscure one off systems with difficult to use software allow your tuner the opportunity to learn and extend their knowledge while tuning your car. They often like to learn new things and will thank you for the opportunity (they might even give you a discount!) Q: If there is an issue I know about should I let my tuner know before he/she starts? A: Generally not, its like stealing the limelight at a wedding. You are robbing the tuner of the opportunity to challenge himself. Most tuners enjoy the thrill of the hunt, an intermittent misfire, a dodgy wiring connection or faulty fuel pump can provide hours of genuine entertainment for a dyno tuner. They will be very grateful. Q: My car didn’t make as much power as I thought, what should I do? A: Complain. Most dyno tuners try to achieve low power outputs by running less timing, low boost and rich mixtures, this ensures that your car can’t go too fast and improves road safety. Road safety is a high priority for dyno tuners but they are generally afraid of mushrooms, so please keep this in mind. Q: Can I stand in the dyno cell while my car is being tuned? A: Yes, OH&S is not an issue as it is your car. Often wheel weights can come off wheels at 200km/h or more and trying to catch them with your face is a great way to pass the time with your friends. If you have taken our advice on tyres, get a friend to stand at the back and video the sparks on their phone, when the tyre blows you will all have a great story to tell and have a few laughs over. Q: I have a previous dyno run, or a friends car that is the same that made more power, why? A: Your tuner must not be very good at their job. Non tune related variables in dyno readouts such as gear used, tiedown method, tyre compound & size, air density, air temperature probe location, dyno calibration, ramp rate, fuel quality, and many other factors are standardized by the National Dynamometer Variable Council (NDVC) so these will never be a factor in your power readout. If your readout is lower than another dyno on a different day it will most likely be because of the tune. Q: I’m not 100% happy with the tune I have, what should I do? A: Definitely do not talk to your tuner about the specific issues you are having and give them the opportunity to rectify them. If you do this you will most likely offend and upset them. If you do talk to them stick to vague descriptions like “Its just not right” or “it feels funny” this way you wont sound like a know it all. It is best to post in face book groups or on your own page that your tune is rubbish and never to go there, this way you can express your concerns without upsetting the tuner. You should be now armed with the best information to ensure a quick, painless and quality tune! Good Luck! Stay tuned for more great tips including, “Using the internet to Fix Your Car” and “How to Talk to Mechanics”. Source
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    Yesterday, 10:19 PM
    This is incredible considering that AMR Performance already showed a gain of 63 horsepower and 100 lb-ft of torque at the wheels on the 2016 W205 C450 model. That was with their 1.01c tune revision and now with their 1.02b tune revision they take things considerably further. How about 371 at the wheels or in other words another 53 whp from where they already were? That is more than 100 horsepower at the wheels over stock: Utilizing this tune and no other modifications a C450 went 12.3 @ 112 in the 1/4 mile in 98 degree weather. We expect easy 11's in winter conditions or just cooler weather: We are waiting on the slip but AMR is pushing the C450/C43 models harder than anyone else along with the M276 DEL30 engine. #AMR #amrperformance
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    06-26-2016, 02:17 AM
    LAUNCHMODE, we appreciate you taking the time to join.
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