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    10-02-2015, 09:15 PM
    Incredible numbers here from Renntech. Say hello to a new M177 world record (M178 as well) with 699.4 to the rear wheels. Just shy of breaking 700 but let's just round up for the momentous occasion. What is important to note is this was achieved on the stock M177 W205 C63 engine. It also was achieved on the stock transmission. Renntech is limiting boost from the upgraded turbos to preserve the stock motor and trans. Yes, upgrades in this area are in the works and Renntech plans a built motor stage after this going for 800+ whp. Who knows what they will reach. For now the record stands at 699.4 to the wheels. This is also over 800 horsepower at the crank. It is achieved with a modified air intake system, catless downpipes, upgraded intercoolers, Stage 2+ turbos, Renntech ECU tuning, and Renntech TCU tuning. Looking at the graph overlay between the R800 and stock there is not any increased lag but a whole lot more punch and area through the curve from 2700 rpm until redline. The power also holds well from 6000 rpm until the rev limit without a major dropoff. The test car was refitted for the overlay dyno with 200 cell cats and boost was slightly lowered as they are trying to reflect a safe and reliable package for the street. Those who want more will of course have the option of going catless and upping boost if they feel the need to push thing on the stock components. Renntech will also offer a more mild turbo upgrade as well at a lower cost which will be more of a Stage I package. Incredible stuff here already from the new C63 and the M177 motor. Congratulations to Renntech!
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    09-30-2015, 09:21 PM
    A trio of boosted bimmers going at it here on the highway from about a 40 miles per hour roll. BimmerBoost member @tjav8b took his ESS VT-650 supercharged E60 M5 out against a VF-620 supercharged DCT E92 M3 as well as a tuned F10 M5. Now the first run in the video features a three wide race between the E60 M5 and two F10 M5's (which F10 M5 has which tune is mislabeled). The middle F10 M5 has a Eurocharged tune on it. Now it looks like the JB4 tuned F10 M5 on the far right and the E60 M5 are close with the F10 edging. Unfortunately, it's a chase view. Why a chase view when the E60 M5 has a gopro on it? The F10 M5 in the middle with the Eurocharged tune is the slowest of the three yet it is the F10 M5 that engages with the E60 M5 and E92 M3 later on. Where does the other M5 go? Anyway, we get a nice three wide race between an E60 M5, E92 M3, and F10 M5. All BMW's with boost and all going about it a little differently. The E60 M5 has the most displacement while the E92 M3 has the least but is the lightest along with a dual clutch transmission. The F10 M5 is the heaviest but of course has turbos straight from the factory on its 4.4 liter direct injected S63TU V8 and also features a DCT transmission. It makes for an interesting race. The F10 M5 gets smoked and clearly needs a new tune or supporting mods. Either way, it can not hang with the E60 M5 and the E92 M3. The first run has the E60 M5 top end rule and it wins the race. The second run is the best of the bunch. Down low the DCT keeps the E92 M3 in the race but it is not enough as the supercharged E60 M5 does pull a couple car lengths. It's clearly the strongest car up top. It would have been nice to see the stronger F10 M5 in the mix but it is what it is. The S85 responds well to a bit of boost just as the S65 does. The E92 M3 owner needs a stronger supercharged setup (maybe a higher boost pulley and higher octane fuel like the E60) to beat the S85 top end and make up for that liter of displacement it is missing.
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    10-01-2015, 10:13 PM
    Road and Track has gotten lazy. At least their online presence has. The magazine still produces quality information and articles but damn is their online stuff garbage. Recently they put up a basic article designed to get clicks about what current cars on the market will be future classics. They say the S65 AMG coupe is one of them. Well, to be fair, they say 'almost definitely' that it will be a future classic whatever the hell that means. They also say in their support for this statement that although previous 65 AMG's have fallen in value this one won't because of its 'vibe' being different. That's it. Seriously, that is their reasoning for shelling out $200k+ on an S65 AMG Coupe. Nothing to further support it. The only other info provided is that other 65 AMG's have plummeted in value. That is not exactly confidence inspiring. The current 65 AMG's will plummet in value just like the previous ones have as Mercedes will just roll out the next generation right on schedule as they always have. Want to see how CL65 AMG's are holing up in value? Here's a look: Feel free to spend $234,050.00 betting that Road and Track is right here. Someone will be glad to take that S65 coupe off your hands for $35k in seven years.
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    Yesterday, 11:11 PM
    Evolve's F10 M5 is putting in some work! This is the same F10 M5 that recently went 11.4 @ 129 in the 1/4 mile on street tires. It features a Stage 2 Evolve S63TU ECU flash tune, Evolve catless downpipes, and a prototype Eventuri carbon fiber air intake system. Just like during the 1/4 mile run it is on 93 octane pump fuel and Michelin Pilot Super Sport street tires. They took it out to a VMAX Hypermax event in the UK which is a top end runway competition. Take a look at how the Evolve tuned F10 M5 does against some very stout competition. vs C63 AMG with Weistec Supercharger, Headers, Meth vs S63 BiTurbo (had a red 730 tab on the side - not sure what tune it is running) Struggled with traction up to top end of 3rd but still pulled on him. vs Manic Motorsports Stage 2 tuned F10 M5 This was one of the first runs so forgot about the wide angle but you can see the car in the wing mirror as our car pulls away. vs Ferrari 458 with 4 adult passengers as we were on our way to lunch :thump: vs Evolve F10 M5 with same modifications without the Eventuri Carbon Intakes. vs F82 M4 Stock Short shifted in this one for some reason. vs McLaren MP4-12C
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    Today, 03:40 PM
    N54 owners, rejoice! The next level of tuning is coming. What that level entails is a Syvecs plug and play standalone engine control unit. Syvecs is continuing to roll out BMW engine management systems with their S54 unit already on the market and their S65 control unit ready for launch any day now. The N54 is up next and Syvecs told BimmerBoost their N54 solution will be available by the end of this year: You will have direct and port injection control likely for a total of twelve injectors. Those worrying about the DCT will finally have a real solution for full control of the transmission. We expect the N54 unit will be a variant of the S6plus Syvecs ECU meaning the following should be supported: Four More Outputs meaning running 12 Injectors becomes easier - Six more Half Bridge Outputs - Can use OEM Denso Lambdas or Bosch LSU4.9 sensors - Logs Clutch A Pressure, Clutch B Pressure, Gearbox Main Pressure, 4WD %, Clutch Slip A and Clutch Slip B from the TCM - Main Relay control on board - Package (Canbus) Firmware can be updated in the field - Lower cost than S8 Kit - All of the above at a Retail price of £3300 + Local Taxes It is still early and the ECU is still under development so we will see what the final product actually is as well as the final cost. Regardless, expect N54 tuning to take a quantum leap forward by the end of the year.
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    10-01-2015, 08:51 PM
    Good results here from Evolve Automotive. They took their F10 M5 to the Santa Pod dragstrip over in the UK for some runs. This car features the Evolve Stage 2 S63TU ECU flash tune, Evolve downpipes, Eventuri intake system, and was running pump gas 93 octane fuel on street tires. The street tires (Michelin Pilot Super Sport) are really what is holding the car back here but it shows what the F10 M5 is capable of on a real street setup. You will notice every 60 foot time is over 2 seconds. This is definitely a 10 second car on drag radials with a 1.6X 60 foot. Regardless, this shows realistic, reliable, and repeatable street performance for an F10 M5 with a tune, intake, and downpipes on pump fuel.
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    09-30-2015, 10:34 PM
    A lot of problems have been reported for the C7 generation Corvette Z06. The car is a stunning performer as Car and Driver's absurdly fast lightning lap results show. When it works of course. It has not worked well for MotorTrend. The car also has some major heat soak issues and GM even went as far as to advise owners to get an aftermarket tune. This seems to be more than a string of bad luck. It is very hot out here in California and the Z06 was being tested at Laguna Seca which is not even close to California's hottest road course during the summer. Not to say that it is cool but that there are even warmer tracks. MotorTrend stated the car just refused to work. The ECU pulled 8 degrees of timing and the supercharger would not make boost. That sounds to us like it was protecting itself from detonation in the heat. Whatever it may be the ECU was pulling timing for a reason. Chevy said California's 91 octane was to blame as the car was set up for 93 octane. MotorTrend dismissed this but this network thinks maybe the car got a hotter tune for 93 octane and somebody forgot to switch it back for 91 octane or hoped it would work and the heat combined with California's piss poor pump gas gets you problems like this. It's just a theory but GM clearly has supplied press files to magazines with their new cars if independent results are anything to go by. This is a colossal mistake anyway with the Z06's reputation of heat soak and ECU issues as well as MotorTrend previously having a C7 Z06 go into limp mode. Once, maybe, is a fluke. Twice with the second time occurring during a roadcourse competition that GM wants to win? Plus the ECU retarding timing and the supercharger bleeding boost? Something was fishy with that car and also Chevy should at this point maybe admit pushing the boost on a smaller blower at higher rpm and higher compression worked better on the drawing board than in practice. Not exactly confidence inspiring GM.
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    10-01-2015, 01:01 AM
    If you read any car site out there even casually you know by now that Volkswagen screwed up badly by cheating emissions tests. It is a colossal f@#$ up, what else is there to say? The situation is gaining the attention of everyone including comedians and the internet which loves to make memes out of things like this. Below you will find a collection of pictures mocking Volkswagen as well as comedians Bill Maher, Conan O'Brien, and John Oliver poking fun at the situation. Sit back and laugh but we doubt these are going over too well with Volkswagen executives. Those that are still left that is.
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    10-01-2015, 08:19 PM
    Several tuners are now tackling upgrades to the factory Porsche 991 Turbo and Turbo S intercoolers. We have already posted documented results of heat soak issues here on PorscheBoost and strongly encourage Porsche 991 Turbo and Turbo S owners to look at the available intercooler upgrades on the market. The AWE-Tuning performance intercoolers of course join the other main option which is from Champion Motorsports. To fully realize the potential of these intercoolers software ECU tune revisions are necessary and GIAC working with Champion was able to show massive gains from upgraded cooling. AWE-Tuning is claiming gains of 26 horsepower and 21 lb-ft of torque for the intercoolers by themselves on the stock Porsche tune. Certainly believable as the stock tune is known to reduce power quite a bit after multiple runs. Here is the feature breakdown: 17% increase in volume over stock Lowers intake air temperatures by as much as 32°F compared to stock Dyno-verified max gains of 26 hp and 21 ft-lbs of torque at the crank 50% decreased pressure drop through intercooler cores Increased fin density AWE Tuning bespoke carbon fiber ducts Efficient bar/plate core style Precision cast and machined end tanks for optimized air flow 6-ply silicone hoses with factory-type locking mechanism Stainless steel T-bolt clamps for extreme clamping force Direct, fully reversible, plug and play install Engineered in-house at AWE Tuning using sophisticated Computer Aided Design & Computational Fluid Dynamics software AWE Tuning Fitment Guarantee And the dynos to back up the claims: Are these worth $3495? Absolutely. The factory intercoolers cause issues on the stock tune and owners are not getting the most of what they already have off the showroom floor. Intercoolers on the 991 Turbo platform should be the first upgrade they do to maximize the car's potential.
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    10-01-2015, 09:27 PM
    This just oozes Italian sexiness. The danger with modifying a Ferrari is that it is already basically perfect off the showroom floor. A lot of wheel makers like to their put their rims on a Ferrari of the caliber of an F12 but not all of them look like they belong there. These do. What you are looking at is the LOMA Stream Superlight Concave. The front wheels are a 9.5 x 21 inch setup running ContiSportContact 5P tires in a 255/30ZR21 size. The rear wheels are 12 x 22 inches housing massive 335/25ZR22 tires. The rims look fantastic with an aggressive drop. The gunmetal color plays very well against the similar color tone offered by the huge carbon ceramic rotors sitting behind them. The red calipers of course also blend perfectly with the color of the vehicle. Top end forged wheels for a top end car. Masterpieces among themselves – Ferrari F12 equipped by LOMA® Wheels Forged wheels made by LOMA® – yet only to mention the name of this wheel forgery with roots in Baden-Wuerttemberg makes the hearts of upper-class-car-owners leap for joy. The furnisher of exclusive rims for car tuning under direction of Mario RADOSAVLJEVIC – meanwhile settled at Marbella in Spain, near Circuito Ascari – presents a wide range MOT certified car technology program and much more than 50 exquisite wheel designs, offering indeed something for everyone’s taste. It does not even surprise that in 2015 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta has climbed very high on the ranking of automobile masterpieces. At this place, we want to talk about a jeweler (Cologne Watch Center), who intended to subject his above named piece of art to a car tuning. In his “desperation” he went to LOMA®-Wheels, world widely known company for exquisite Ferrari tuning, where four masterpieces at once – true to the slogan: like with like – were fixed to the car in shape of a special kind of wheel-tire-combination: LOMA® Stream Superlight Concave in dimensions 9,5 x 21 in. on the front, dressed with ContiSportContact 5P in 255/30ZR21 and on the rear axle in 12 x 22 in. with 335/25ZR22. The F12 is “kept on course” best as possible by a Novitec chassis. Of course, the High-End rim manufacturer LOMA®-Wheels uses the results of rim development and production for racing sports also in the area of road certified LOMA aluminum rims. Furthermore, it should be mentioned that the Spaniards-by-choice as – actually known – are the only European manufacturers for forged rims producing custom made deluxe rims. Already these two criteria assure LOMA® a special position on the global market. By the way, for LOMA®, rim manufacturing is always inextricably linked with the corresponding MOT tire certificate, implicating driving safety to nearly 100 percent. Quite the contrary is in the USA, where no obligatory MOT certificate is necessary and in consequence, the cars are sometimes equipped with tires that do not match to the car at all. Photos: Jordi Miranda For more Information concerning please contact directly LOMA®-Wheels Unsoeldstrasse 2 D/80538 Munich Phone: +49 89 / 25557 5870 E-mail: Internet:
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    Today, 04:22 PM
    Unfortunate situation here as a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster caught fire sitting in traffic. The owner was revving his car and showing off of course as that is part of the point of having an Aventador. While revving for the cameras the car catches fire. The car likely has an aftermarket exhaust possibly with no cats. Whether it is tuned or not who knows but it looks like a bit too much fuel was dumped through the exhaust and that led to this issue. The hot climate in Dubai certainly did not help. It is sad to see a car such as an Aventador go down in flames like this but we are not shedding any tears. The owner probably already has a new toy to replace it.
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