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    Today, 04:51 AM
    A long time ago Hamann was a respected BMW tuner. Now? They are a joke. Why? Because their 'tuning' consists of body kits and wheels. Hamann is the ultimate sellout. They realized long ago why should they bother doing any actual tuning work when spoilers and wheels require far less effort and generate far more profit? If you are someone out there who wants teal wheels on your M2 by all means call up Hamann. What is the tuning here? A front lip, side skirts, a spoiler, and wheels that will actually slow the car down? Hamann claims to bump the car up to 420 horsepower and 390 lb-ft of torque which should offset the performance lost by the increased drag and heavier wheels but of course does not provide a dyno to support any of their claims. That is what a company posing a tuner does. Hamann is nothing more than someone who rebrands springs and offers cosmetic upgrades. If you want serious tuning for your M2, look elsewhere.
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    Today, 05:21 AM
    In case you needed more convincing that the 991.2 Turbo S is the real deal here you go. The R8 V10 Plus is no slouch but it simply is not a match for the new Porsche 911 Turbo S. Forced induction simply offers a great advantage and the R8 with its naturally aspirated 5.2 liter V10 can't compete. Both cars launch off the start and by the 1/2 mile marker the Turbo S is pulling 160.59 miles per hour compared to the R8's 153.47 miles per hour. Unfortunately, we only get a chase view. Now, with turbos the R8 easily changes the result and puts down insane performance but stock for stock the 911 Turbo S is the faster car and very impressive.
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    Today, 04:22 AM
    An 'S' designation for a 911 Turbo usually means a hardware differentiation over the standard Turbo. For example, the Porsche 996 Turbo S included the X50 package with larger K24 turbos over the standard 911 Turbo with K16 turbos. This meant the S version not only was faster stock but also gained more power with a tune. With the 991.1 Turbo generation Porsche gave the 911 Turbo and the 911 Turbo S the same turbochargers. Why? Well, it saves money for one. However, the 991.1 Turbo S showed inconsistent performance. Testing from Cobb showed the ECU pulling timing and cutting power. As a matter of fact, the 991.1 Turbo S with bolt on modifications could not match the 997.2 in performance with similar mods. The 991.2 generation Turbo S changes all of this as it is performing like a tuned 991.1 Turbo S out of the box. Over 130 mile per hour in the 1/4 mile and low 10 second passes. This is an easy 9 second car with a tune. The new turbochargers with larger impellers, revised cylinder heads, and new tune are making a huge difference. Expect 9's at over 135 miles per hour with bolt ons. In other words, actually getting your money's worth for the S model.
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    Today, 09:01 PM
    BMW does not seem to know what the hell it is doing. They are making money but they certainly seem a bit lost. Way back in 2013 BMW said they would not mix the BMW 'i' and 'M' brands. BimmerBoost stated at the time that was an idiotic position to take. Well, someone at BMW seems to have finally caught onto common sense and what this website was writing years ago. The vice president of sales and marketing over at BMW M Peter Quintus stated the following: No kidding, genius. While electric cars are the future their current appeal is more from an efficiency standpoint than high performance. The truth is, you need a hybrid layout for now or you can simply ditch the heavy batteries and electric drivetrain and gain efficiency the old fashioned way by keeping weight down. When it comes to high performance internal combustion still rules the day. BMW got ahead of itself with the 'i' brand and now they are stuck. The i8 simply does not offer performance anywhere near on par with cars in its price range or even those that are cheaper. It's a nice little project but BMW invested a ton of money in a science experiment. Maybe BMW is starting to get it? BMW is just learning now that electric powertrains are heavy? Regarding M versions of the 'i' brand cars including the i8 here is what Quintus said: Shut the hell up about brand values. The only thing BMW values is money which is exactly what the end of his statement reinforces when referencing shareholders. Don't talk about brand values when you make front wheel drive BMW's that are rebadged Mini's and don't even sell an M version of your only two-seater. You sold out your so-called values a long time ago. An M version of the i8 makes all the sense in the world considering what BMW has already spent on the platform. If they can make money on it, they will build it. The only thing dictating BMW's product portfolio these days is what is best for the bottomline. Keep in mind BMW's 'values' sway with the wind: BMW suddenly goes from M and 'i' never mixing to now saying 'Absolutely!' it will happen. This company has lost its identity, values nothing beyond money, and simply does not know what it is doing. Source
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    Today, 08:02 PM
    Everybody has heard that one person at a car show or when looking at a 911 pronounce the name as 'Porsh' which is a very American phenomenon and very wrong. The word has more than one syllable and of course is actually based on a German last name. It seems Porsche had their fill of mispronunciation so they put out this video. Simple, right?
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    Today, 10:53 PM
    Cobb Tuning's Accessport now supports the MKVII Golf GTI. Currently, the 2015 and 2016 model years are supported but Cobb hopes to add functionality for 2017 models early next year. The results are very impressive with the OTS (off the shelf) maps. Stage 1 93 Peak Gains* +26% HP / +22% TQ Largest Gains* +35% HP / at 5500 RPM / +30% TQ at 2200 RPM Stage 2 93 Peak Gains* +30% HP / +31% TQ Largest Gains* +41% HP at 5730 / +37% TQ at 2250 RPM Stage 3 93 Peak Gains* +37% HP / +41% TQ Largest Gains* +46% HP at 5730 RPM / +41% TQ at 3050 RPM As you can see each Stage provide a big torque bump down low. The way the tuning per stage differs is with supporting modifications: VOLKSWAGEN STAGE 1 POWER PACKAGE GTI (MK7) 2015-2016 USDM Volkswagen Accessport V3 GTI (Mk7) 2015-2016 USDM Volkswagen High Flow Filter GTI (Mk7) 2015-2016 USDM VOLKSWAGEN STAGE 1+ POWER PACKAGE GTI (MK7) 2015-2016 USDM Volkswagen Accessport V3 GTI (Mk7) 2015-2016 USDM Volkswagen SF Intake System GTI (Mk7) 2015-2016 USDM VOLKSWAGEN STAGE 2 POWER PACKAGE GTI (MK7) 2015-2016 USDM Volkswagen Accessport V3 GTI (Mk7) 2015-2016 USDM Volkswagen SF Intake System GTI (Mk7) 2015-2016 USDM Volkswagen AMS Performance Front Mount Intercooler GTI (Mk7) 2015-2016 USDM COBB Vehicle Badge VOLKSWAGEN STAGE 3 POWER PACKAGE GTI (MK7) 2015-2016 USDM Volkswagen Accessport V3 GTI (Mk7) 2015-2016 USDM Volkswagen SF Intake System GTI (Mk7) 2015-2016 USDM Volkswagen AMS Performance Front Mount Intercooler GTI (Mk7) 2015-2016 USDM Volkswagen GESI Catted 3″ Downpipe GTI (Mk7) 2015-2016 USDM Volkswagen Cat-Back Exhaust GTI (Mk7) 2015-2016 USDM COBB Vehicle Badge Here is a comparison of a Stage 1 MKVI GTI 6MT to a Stage 1 MKVII GTI DSG. The DSG is quicker but the manual MKVI GTI actually is faster: Either way, the DSG is hard to beat. For those who want more than an OTS tune having a tuner use the Accessport to do a custom tune will extract more out of the car depending on fuel and supporting modifications.
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    Today, 10:56 PM
    I think in the Mercedes instance they are paying both huge money and either could take it as we saw. For other teams, there definitely is a 1-2 pecking order.
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  • SpeedLimit?'s Avatar
    Today, 10:37 PM
    If #1 & #2 drivers don't exist then why do things happen like Alonso receiving upgraded parts for races while Button had to wait this season...or Vettel over Webber during their last season together, etc. etc. If both your drivers are truly equal wouldn't you wait until parts are available for both drivers to avoid the optics and possible animosity such a decision might cause?
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    Today, 08:27 PM
    They had mentioned they were in testing phases on a set that would be in the 5k range for 4.
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    Today, 06:31 PM
    No, I'm not. You don't seem to understand we're going by Sport Auto times. The Sub-7 minute time was one Sport Auto observed but did not conduct.
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