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    Yesterday, 09:02 PM
    This is certainly an interesting development and our users will agree that the more aftermarket options they have the better. Evolution of Speed, who we have never heard of previously and have no affiliation with, is set to release their N5X intake manifold which will gain a lot of interest from N54 and likely N55 owners as well. The obvious here is that guys would want to pair this with methanol injection or port injection for supplemental fuel. The expected price point and design makes that aspect attractive. This would not be something that N54 or N55 owners expecting big gains over the OEM manifold would benefit from but for more hardcore owners making big power with say a single turbo upgrade. Exactly the kind of power junkies who are on BimmerBoost. It will be interesting to see the results from members who buy this product and what the options will be such as the finishes, integrated port injection, etc.
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    Today, 01:41 AM
    We are all big fans of the Focus RS and what Ford is doing with automobiles geared toward performance enthusiasts. The Focus RS with its all wheel drive system as well as availability in the US for the first time is getting a lot of attention and rightfully so. The car has an excellent powerplant offering 345 horsepower with some big changes from its Mustang Ecoboost sibling, a built-in drift mode in the stability control, and quite a bit of tuning potential. Is it worth the $35,370 you see in the screenshot that is supposedly from a Ford site that is not supposed to be public knowledge? We think so considering what a German all wheel drive high performance turbo four-cylinder car will cost you that will not have near the performance per dollar especially when the aftermarket is factored in. Look at what a CLA45 AMG costs with options, a Golf R with options, and then look at the Focus RS. It looks a lot better in that context.
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    Today, 02:42 AM
    Great results here from AMR Performance showing an overlay of a stock, Stage I tuned, and Stage II tuned 4Matic E63 AMG. As you should know the E63 AMG is only available as a 4Matic model now in the USA and specifically only as a E63 AMG S model now with no standard E63 AMG available. The AMR Performance flash is able to add quite a bit of power to your M157 equipped vehicle. Not to mention a ton of torque. This is of course an E63 AMG 4Matic test car but this flash is available for the CLS63 AMG as well as the other M157 63 AMG models in the lineup. The baseline on the all wheel drive Dyno Dynamics shows 557 horsepower stock so it is reading crank output and not wheel output. The AMR Performance Stage I software takes things to 619 horsepower. Sage II pushes output further to 662 horsepower tune only. Horsepower is only one area of focus and we wish AMR included the torque figures on the graph as well but it's easy to see the massive difference in torque between the stock and tuned car as early as 3000 rpm. Just a giant increase in torque which of course tapers toward redline but from 3000 to 5500 offers much more meat. Just more consistent and reliable tuning from AMR for the new breed of AMG's. Year(s): 2012+ Make: Mercedes Benz Model: M157 E63 AMG 5.5 V8 Series: VARIOUS Flash Type: BDM This vehicle will require removal of your ECU to be shipped to AMR in order to access/upload the AMR calibration. Octane(s) Available: 91 Octane 93 Octane 95 Ron 98 Ron 100 Octane AMR ECU Enhancement Features: Optimized Fuel Mapping Optimized Timing Curve Improved Fuel Efficiency Speed Governor Removed Increased Throttle Response Broader & Stronger Power Band Lower RPM Hesitation Eliminated Increased Turbocharger Response In-House Engineered & Tested Results Smoother Firmer Transmission Shift Patterns Installation Methods: AMR Performance (main office) The 2014 Mercedes-Benz E 63 AMG 4-MATIC is a vehicle that continues to impress. In stock form, a vehicle rarely feels this good. The factory was able to push out 550hp & 531tq out of the 5.5L BiTurbo engine. The factory did a decent job of achieving these numbers, but we, at AMR Performance, know that this is just the "top layer of the onion". Through development, we notice that the vehicle is very close to what the factory claims. The vehicle's power outputs are a steady 557hp and 513tq. A great base line and close to the factory being "true to their word". After numerous hours of data acquisition, ECU calibrating (tuning) and extensive software development, the AMR Performance ECU Software upgrade produces a steady, stable & consistent 620hp & 735tq. An increase of +70hp & +222tq with no additional modifications. We have seen as high as +90hp & +250tq, but this was only during first startup conditions when the turbocharger's cooling system is at its lowest temperature and not a realistic "day-to-day" driving conditions. Rather then focus on that peak power "dyno queen", we focus on a powerband that is reliable, steady, stable and constant. Giving your vehicle the power increase during day-to-day driving and having it readily available the moment the throttle is touched. Unlike competitors who use a "piggy-back" or "generic" program to try and increase the power on the vehicle, our proprietary software enhancement process is engineered and designed for your specific vehicle's ECU. Our software calibrations are developed through numerous hours of data acquisition and on & off road/track testing to ensure your vehicle's performance is stable without sacrifices the reliability. Product/Service Link: Give us a call: (203) 616-5130 Email: Website: Follow us on Twitter: FIND US ON FACEBOOK! Search: AMR Performance
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    Yesterday, 08:43 PM
    I can't make any rhyme or reason out of how Mercedes is using this motor and the models they are using it in. I expected the heavier models as you stated as well as the AMG Sport models to use it. There appears to be no logic to it.
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  • NeilH's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:29 PM
    It is a shame. I was fairly sure that the higher displacement would make its way into the heavier models. As far as I can tell, even the GLE has the 3.0 version. It most definitely has the potential for far, far more than 333
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