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    06-27-2016, 10:52 PM
    You will find that after a certain point the majority of high power N54 builds utilize supplemental injection. In the early days it was methanol and these days a port fuel injection system is more common. Either way, it is easy to max out the factory direct injection fuel system at higher power levels especially if running E85. The details from VPG on their 654 whp run using the direct injection system are below: Hey everyone! Extremely excited to post a little more data on what we're doing over at Vargas Performance Group. We're testing a prototype hpfp system, and simultaneously testing control over it. Our testing started with normal E85, then Tony switched to E98 to really put the fueling system through its paces. Disclaimers/Info: -"proof of concept" prototype hpfp system -prototype is called "the prototype" because it's not ready for production, meaning we have significant work to do in order to turn this into a product ready to sell, if ever -indicates that DI only 600+ whp is possible on stock injectors -stopped log at 6300 due to auto transmission (have other logs revving higher, fuel pressure & A/F is still good but those weren't the glorious dyno this is) -Rail pressure was much smoother when we used higher targets, there is some control system learning that occurs -this dyno was done with no learning Run Data: Boost: ~28 psi Timing: ~9* Fuel: E98 Low Pressure Fuel Pump: Fuel-it! Stg 3 High Pressure Fuel System: Prototype Port Injection: None Methanol Injection: None Future Plans: -More DI only testing and prototype development -Examination of feasibility for production type configuration/implementation Take Home: -There is room to run over 600 whp direct injection only -Injectors and injector window is not an issue yet -Vargas continues to innovate and push hard
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    06-22-2016, 04:02 AM
    Is 800 rwhp the new 700 rwhp? Just the other day a 737 rear wheel horsepower stock internal N54 was posted on BimmerBoost. Well, this E90 335i takes things a bit further 802 rear wheel horsepower at 33 psi of boost with E70 fuel on a 131,000 mile stock internal N54. Impressive, right? Here is the full mod list: 131,000 mile stock engine car. MOTIV 900 Turbo Kit MOTIV Port Injection MOTIV Twin Disk Clutch Fuel It Stage 3 pump basket BCP Colossal Intercooler VRSF Charge pipe w/ TiAL Q blow off valve MHD Back End Flash by BCP AEM EMS4 for boost control and port injection control M3 cowl Modified stock catback exhaust Tuned in house by at BCP 802whp @ 33psi on E70 fuel Special thanks to Jake @ MOTIV Over 800 whp from a motor with over 100,000 miles on the clock that has not been opened. It's not going to last forever obviously and running it at 800 plus all the time is asking for trouble but 800 whp certainly can be done on the stock internals even with a well used N54. Great work by everyone involved.
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    06-18-2016, 12:51 AM
    Well, it's almost getting boring. Yet another 7XX N54? What once seemed improbable is now customary. What truly is remarkable is how affordable it is to build these E9X 335's or E82 135's into 7XX+ beasts these days. Just look over this mod list. Jpworkz manifold Precision 6266 gen 1 Tial wastegates Tial bov Tft charge pipe Fuel-it stage 3 fuel pump Fuel-it port injection Straight E85 30PSI Split second fuel controller Jb4 MHD back end flash BCP intercooler Custom SS 3.5" exhaust 15x10 ultra lights 275/50/15 Mickey Thompson ET 6 speed swap Mfactory smfw Spec stage 3+ clutch UUC short shifter Motiv oil cooler plate A nice list definitely but nothing there that should force anyone to go bankrupt. It is cheaper than ever before to build up a 700+ whp BMW which is a great thing. Running 100% E85 is not a problem either thanks to prevalent port injection options. Yep, just another 700 whp 335. No doubt one of many more to come. Thank you to Omar Margi for the details on his car.
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    06-04-2016, 11:22 AM
    The BMW N54 engine is heading into that next level of performance territory where things take on a custom tailored approach. For one, block reinforcement and closed deck blocks are becoming far more widely talked about with guys pushing 8XX wheel horsepower and beyond. For those wanting to get truly crazy you can get a stroker crank. ABR Houston has so far done 3.1 liter builds but thinks 3.4 liters is possible with some sleeves to squeeze out a bit more bore and going aggressive on the stroke. It's not easy to stroke the N54 considering the undersquare design. In addition they do ported headwork with custom valves. The question really is how crazy do you and your bank account want to get? A stroker with built internals is going to cost a bit. You start adding in headwork, valves, and other things and you can easily go past $10k. You want to play with the big boys? Better be prepared to pay.
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    06-07-2016, 09:11 AM
    For whatever reason automotive sites will not shut up about BBC's new Top Gear. It was once a great show. It was the most watched automotive show in the world. Trying to reboot it with Matt Leblanc and Chris Evans (who the hell is Chris Evans?) is not going to work. Yes, other people are involved. One such person who actually has credibility and can be taken seriously is Sabine Schmitz. Her background means Top Gear has a real driver with real ability. You can not say that about Leblanc or Evans. The fact of the matter is the chemistry of the old show is gone. That magic will not be duplicated. Whatever you might think about Jeremy Clarkson his repartee with Richard Hammond and James May is what kept people coming back. They were entertaining and serious when they needed to be. Plus, Clarkson has a stellar history in automotive journalism. Car enthusiasts will never take a guy who was on Friends seriously and American enthusiasts have no clue who Chris Evans even is. Personally, I don't like the guy. I'd trade him for Clarkson in a heartbeat and so would the audience it seems that dropped by 1/3 in just the second episode. The new Top Gear is just trying to use the name to make money. As it turns out, you can't just plug in new people and replicate the old show. This Evans guy is in denial:
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    06-24-2016, 07:50 PM
    Doc Race made waves with their BMW N54 single turbo kit released early this year. The N54 community reception was positive and thus far there is nothing but praise for the product. Doc Race is expanding their N54 offering which will included ported headwork and an upgraded intake manifold. Dyno results and specifications for the ported N54 head will come. For now, there are more concrete details on the intake manifold. This is more of a modification for someone already pushing high numbers and looking for a stronger and more efficient piece. They did get it on the dyno and it is more efficient than the factory design: Certainly great news and an exciting time in the N54 tuning world especially for guys pushing the limits.
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    06-30-2016, 05:52 AM
    Our Australian friends at Nizpro were nice enough to answer some questions for the BimmerBoost N54 community which is hungry for automatic transmission upgrade options. Nizpro recently demonstrated their upgraded ZF 6HP21 capability with hard launches on the drag strip. That is obviously just the beginning and development continues. BimmerBoost wanted to know when they were planning to release their transmission upgrade, what the upgrades entails, if the TCU software can be purchased separately, etc. These questions and answers below should provided some much needed details. BB: What is the expected cost? Nizpro: A fully internal Nizpro transmission upgrade will be approximately $ 7900 Australian dollars. BB: How close is it to release? Nizpro: We would like to be able offer full upgrades by Christmas . BB: Who is doing the TCU software tuning? Nizpro: Software calibrations are being done in house at Nizpro. BB: Does the $7900 AUD include software? Nizpro: Yes the calibration will be included as a complete package, however various calibration will be needed for various power levels. BB: Is it possible to purchase the software separately from the hardware? Nizpro: Absolutely, our plan is to offer calibrations totally separately. There will be a number of different calibration we will make available, for customers seeking different requirements. All will be based on standard transmissions, or of course our own upgraded transmission, if you have an upgraded transmission from another workshop you can certain use an off the shelf calibration but how it will behave I have no control over. BB: What is the expected torque capacity? Nizpro: Actual maximum torque numbers are a little hard to say, simply because there are many parameter that come into it. There is also a direct relationship with maximum torque numbers vs durability. In other words we could claim the transmission is capable of 1000 ft lbs of torque and in the fine print disclose it will last for half a mile at the torque figure. Customers need to be aware that the standard HP21 is rated at 450 nm, however this has a durability of 60,000 miles. It is clear that the stock transmission will cope with double its factory rating although its life expectancy is more like 20,000 miles those torque numbers. BB: How soon will Nizpro be testing the software as thus far the 335i with Nizpro upgrades did not utilize the software in its 1/4 mile runs? Nizpro: We actually have. We have track tested the car twice. Once using our upgraded transmission with Alpina for a base test data. 4 runs were recorded. We are not concerned with overall quarter mile times simply gear shift times for comparison, between calibrations. The second lot of testing using software changes were done the following weekend at a different track. The track had little grip on the day so the results were not really useful in terms of quarter times. This is all good news. Nizpro is on schedule to release their product this year and they will not force you to bundle their hardware and software together. Here are some additional details which should help get a better idea of what is involved. Things are looking up for the N54 automatic scene.
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    06-06-2016, 09:13 AM
    Late last month Propulsive Dynamics announced on BimmerBoost that they are working on hardware upgrade solutions for the ZF 6HP19 and 6HP21 transmissions. Part of their upgraded performance transmission hardware includes upgraded bushings. Why are upgraded bushings important? 1. The spiraled oil groove in the support bushings increases lubrication and cooling for the internal shafts which increases durability and longevity in the trans. 2. The upgraded metallurgy eliminates the pressure bleed in the dynamic (shifting) clutches. This is the most critical countermeasure because it's one of the main reasons the E Clutch (4-5-6) is slipping at the higher power levels. Because of this, we really don't know the true capacity of the stock trans. 3. The pure aluminum casing acts as a thermally activated locking mechanism which keeps the bushing axially aligned to the shaft's axis. This improves the true position, circularity and concentrically of the shaft to bushing relationship. Again, increasing durability and longevity. The bushings are a major performance component and a very important area in the transmission design especially as it pertains to capacity and longevity upgrades. More details on Propulsive Dynamics ZF 6HP19 and 6HP21 upgrades will come soon.
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    06-18-2016, 06:28 PM
    BimmerBoost wrote an article last month detailing the crank hub issue with the S55 3.0 liter turbocharged I6 motor under the hood of the BMW F80 M3 and F82 M4. Additionally, BimmerBoost contacted BMW for comment on the issue and if they plan to address it and so far BMW chooses to remain silent. It's typical BMW arrogance. It would be amusing if BMW did not make it a habit of screwing up M3 production engines. They have created a tradition of engine defects. The past three generations of M3 models all suffer from some sort of engine issue from the factory. The E46 M3's S54 motor initially developed a poor reputation due to a large string of engine failures. This was attributed to the rod bearings. We're talking well over 100 engine failures right off the bat. This was simply piss poor quality control from BMW. In other words, they made a mistake. BMW's explanation was that rod bearings were manufactured to the wrong clearance and were too tight resulting in inadequate oil film between the rod bearing and crank journal. Maybe that was the case. Maybe BMW realized their original spec did not work over the long term and so they issued a recall with larger clearances. They also decided to change the rod bolts so there seems to be more to it than just a manufacturing error. Getting BMW to admit they made a mistake of this magnitude is almost impossible though. The problem was solved in the recall at least temporarily. People still experience high bearing wear but redesigning the entire crank was not as cost effective of a solution as new bolts and bearing clearances. BMW pretended the issue did not exist until every BMW forum was talking about it and an engine failure registry kept collecting entries. They finally issued the recall. BMW screwed up on the S54 but they definitely learned their lesson with the E92 M3 and the new 4.0 liter S65 V8, right? After all, this was BMW's new race motor and they needed it to be reliable. Not exactly. The S65 also experiences bearing wear issues. If BMW did not get cute and cheap with the oil system and instead offered higher oil pressure and consistent lubrication from say a dry sump oil system that would definitely alleviate some of the wear problems. BMW simply got cheap and the oiling system was not the 'quasi dry-sump' system from the S85 V10 which the engine is based on but a pretty basic wet sump system. It is not just the oiling system to blame although that is the main culprit. There was a class action suit brought against BMW which alleged the following regarding the S65 engine: Another M3 generation and another BMW fuck up. Owners change bearings as preventative maintenance but if you are out of the warranty period it almost feels like a ticking time bomb. BMW does not care and just wants cars out of the warranty period as quickly as possible so they can wash their hands of any issue. If you intend to track your M3 a dry sump system is a must. Their race car engines receive much higher quality oiling systems, bearings, rods, etc., based on the S65 design so issues are alleviated. Owners of the street car are not so fortunate. Which brings us the F80 M3 generation. Surely, BMW did not screw up for a third straight generation? Oh yes, they did, as we covered in detail in our previous article on the S55 crank hub spinning problem. Unlike the S54 and S65 motors that see bearing and oiling issues the S55 experiences a crank hub failure. BMW simply plugged in the N54/N55 geometry with updates but they did not design a bespoke M3 engine. It's BMW cost cutting rearing its head again. However, it's also a very different issue with no documented solution thus far. It may be the worst BMW M3 engine mistake they ever made. We will not rehash the previous article on the topic but it is important to note BMW refuses to even acknowledge the issue. Motors are being replaced by dealers and there is plenty of evidence of this on any BMW forum. BimmerBoost asked BMW almost a month ago about this issue and sent the e-mail to multiple BMW sources. Every single one of them has refused to comment thus far. It's the S54 cover up all over again. BimmerBoost members are currently testing various options including a new bolt design which hopefully rectifies the issue but there is no denying BMW factory M3 engine defects are now a tradition. BMW has its flaws and its marketed image versus the reality (and reliability) of its products are vastly different things. They will chase profit over proper design.
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    06-09-2016, 04:41 PM
    This is a very interesting matchup. To begin with, this is not a factory Supra Turbo but a turbocharged naturally aspirated 2JZ-GE Supra. Ultimately it doesn't matter as it makes big power with a PTE 6766 single turbocharger said to provide 832 to the wheels on a Dynojet. The F10 M5 has bolt on modifications with Dodson upgraded clutch packs. The DCT is a big advantage as you see in the runs. Now, the first video here has the Supra run at 24 psi and 30 psi. The F10 M5 opens up a lead on the 24 psi pull and the 6-speed Supra struggle to catch up but it does close the gap. The Supra then goes to kill mode at 30 psi but there are shifting issues. The clutch is said to give out. It loses. Mods: F10 M5 with JB4 + BCS + Meth, MSR charge pipes and intake, 96 Oct, Dodson Clutch Packs, R888 MT Supra, PTE 6766, E85, FSR intake manifold, stock 2JZ-GE block and heads, R888 (Supra clutch gives up at the end of the second run) Based on the 24 psi result the Supra should have won easily at 30 psi. They later had a rematch where the Supra clutch issues are resolved. The Supra dominates the F10 M5: This time around the F10 M5 was said to have issues. There is another rematch planned. We look forward to the result.
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    06-08-2016, 11:11 AM
    This is a very cool build and what makes it particularly interesting is that it comes from Iran. The car is an E36 M3 with an S85 V10 engine swap from an E60 M5. It is also turbocharged courtesy of a Garrett GT45R in a rear mount setup. Say what you will about rear mount turbochargers the result here on the stock S85 V10 internals is 789 horsepower at the wheels: Tuning is done by Ben Salasko and as this car is in Iran it is a remote tuned setup on a Pectel SQ6 ECU: This car is still on single digit boost. The owner may go a twin bottom mount setup and build the motor and if he does BimmerBoost will try to bring you the details. Even now with the single rear mount and the stock internals this is an incredible build and we salute our friends in Iran on the work. Hopefully more details will be shared on the car and some videos as well.
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    06-28-2016, 03:30 PM
    Whoa! These pictures will definitely get you rethinking the W205 generation Mercedes design. Although the cars are blending together that is not to say the modern Mercedes styling language is bad. Just look at this black Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe for proof of that. The car is lowered with dark window tint and tinted lights. Vossen wheels in a matte bronze finish round it out but a gloss black finish would look even meaner. Either way, this is a badass C63 Coupe.
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    06-28-2016, 06:00 PM
    Well, it seems the Nizpro upgrade is real although this is still early. There is a competitive offering based in the US and Nizpro of course is in Australia. They took their E92 335i with factory N54 turbos to the strip and ran an impressive 11.2 @ 120 in the 1/4 mile. That elapsed time for the trap speed speed is very good. This is indicated by the 1.57 60 foot: Make no mistake about it there is room to improve but their transmission is holding together thus far. It would instill confidence to see higher torque launches. At this point, who cares about stock turbo N54 performance? The best test for the trans would be a high load launch with upgraded twins at the very least. More runs and details will come with time as Nizpro ran this car without any corresponding transmission software upgrades. They are clearly doing shakedown runs before going further. So far, so good.
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    06-15-2016, 03:55 PM
    Stop it already. Enough of this 2JZ-GTE nonsense under the hood of BMW's. The MKIV Toyota Supra motor has found its way under the hood of numerous BMW's. That includes the E39 M5, this E46 M3 you are viewing now, and even a 2002. Look, the 2JZ-GTE is a great iron block inline-6 that is capable of making a ton of power. We get it. If only BMW made iron block inline-6's that were capable of being turbocharged for big power. But they did. They made their name with such inline-6's. Frankly, the motors were so good BMW became synonymous with the idea of I6 motors. If you want to swap an engine into an E39 M5 do what this guy did and put a BMW M52 I6 under the hood and turbocharge it. He now makes over 900 horsepower which should be plenty and the engine platform can make much more if you really feel you need it. The E46 M3 already comes from the factory with one of the best BMW I6's ever produced. Swapping in a 2JZ-GTE into it should be illegal. At the very least, it's sacrilegious. Haltech sp2000 stand alone Haltech wiring harness Haltech iq3 cluster Haltech ignition box 2jzgte engine Triple disc Tilton clutch ABC 2jz to BMW adapter kit 1000 cc FIC injectors and FIC fuel Walbro 450 fuel pump Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator 10an feed line with filter and a check valve new rotors and pads all around Long tube equal length turbo manifold GT45 turbo 3" down pipe Exhaust cut out (vacuum controlled) 60mm waste gate 1000hp inter cooler carbon fiber dash kit UCC short shifter and brand new bushings
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    06-18-2016, 08:41 PM
    With all the engine swap talk lately here is yet another abomination. Somebody decided to put an LS V8 in an E36 3-Series and throw a positive displacement supercharger on top. This madness has to end. Think of the children.
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    06-24-2016, 06:31 PM
    After a bunch of teasers, spyphotos, etc., it's finally here! The highest performance Mercedes-AMG in the lineup is the 2018 AMG GT R. The car receives significant revisions including new active aerodynamics, engine changes, software changes, new brakes, new wheels, new tires, and just about everything that could be changed was changed. Mercedes-AMG unveiled the car today at the Goodwood Festival of Speed as they promised they would. You can watch the whole impressive unveiling event where they bring the car in with a helicopter from the Mercedes-Benz Youtube channel which is posted below. Overall, the car looks absolutely fantastic but this vehicle is about performance and not looks. The engine receives higher compression pistons and new turbochargers. Whomever it was that said they would just change the tuning software was wrong. Very, very, very wrong. The compression is bumped from the M177 10.5:1 but Mercedes-AMG has not yet posted the full specifications so we do not know the new ratio. Regardless, 577 horsepower is now the power output and it is sent to through an even quicker shifting dual clutch transmission. There are weight saving measures such as a lighter flywheel, a new exhaust that weighs 13 pounds less, and carbon fiber pieces abound. No word yet on the curb weight. This is the new king of the Mercedes-AMG lineup and it will go toe to toe with the Porsche GT3 RS or Turbo S and possibly encroach on 488 GTB territory. We can't wait to see it in action.
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    06-04-2016, 03:11 AM
    That did not take long at all, now did it? The BMW F87 M2 is already making over 500 horsepower at the rear wheels thanks to Pure Turbos Stage 2 N55B30T0 turbo upgrade. They hit a peak of 543 horsepower at the rear wheels on a Dynojet which is phenomenal power. Especially when you consider that the car makes 330 rear wheel horsepower stock and 394 rear wheel horsepower tuned. The car is begging for a turbo upgrade. Another benefit is that the turbo upgrade augments the ugly factory torque curve as power rises past 5000 rpm rather than dropping off meaning a better powerband especially for a car that will see the track (or highway). It's a much stronger top end curve. More details from Pure Turbos below. Hey guys, The M2 PURE Stage2 Upgrade is Now Available!!! The M2 is very similar to the non-M N55 turbos, but there is a few small changes. Our M2 turbo does run a different compressor wheel and a different DV+. More on that later. The M2 is a blast to drive. The transmission is crisp and it handles phenomenally. It begs to be driven hard. With 500whp now on tap, it's tough to ask for anything more out of this little blue beast! We had some fun testing on the dyno today! Brand new M2 with the following mods: -M2 PURE Stage2 Turbo Upgrade -M2 PURE HiFlow Inlet Pipe -BMS JB4 w/ EWG connector -BMS Intake kit -Fuel-It New Low Profile Port Injection System -Fuel-It Stage2 LPFP -Fuel-It Ethanol content sensor, with JB4 input! -Evolution Racewerks CP -Evolution Racewerks DP -Wagner FMIC -E47 Fuel (50/50 91oct/e85)
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    06-21-2016, 03:41 AM
    This is an interesting race on the highway as the M5's rear wheel drive layout is a benefit and not a hindrance when it stretches its legs. The Nissan GTR's are lighter by about 500 pounds and like the M5 are DCT equipped but they do have higher drivetrain losses. Not that it should matter for a GTR with a turbo upgrade. It of course depends which turbo upgrade as numbers can range from 7XX to 2000+ whp. These two are said to be full bolt on with the red car having hybrid turbos and the white GTR some unnamed turbo kit. They go from a low speed roll and the GTR's take an initial lead. The M5 quickly starts to pull as speeds rise and makes easy work of both cars. The GTR's were on pump gas though. On race gas or E85 this race would be a very different story. Still, it goes to show a bolt on M5 can beat turbo upgraded GTR's on the highway if they are not in kill mode. M5: Downpipes, K&N filters and tuneRed GT-R: FBO + hybrid turbos (700HP)White GT-R: FBO + turbo upgrade (730-740HP)
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    06-05-2016, 03:00 AM
    With the new B9 Audi S5 the most exciting part is not the styling but what is under the hood. The 3.0 TFSI turbo V6 is a new design and also shared with the B9 S4 model. Finding information on this motor is difficult as Audi has not shared much information on the engine themselves. Even what Audi did release is not entirely coherent. For example, Audi offers conflicting information on the torque the motor produces: Three Audi sources and three different torque figures. Obviously, 516.3 lb-ft is a mistake so we can throw that out as 500 newton-meters is 368 lb-ft and that is the correct figure. For whatever reason, Audi's technical video states torque is 398 lb-ft. That may be an indication the torque is underrated or of an overboost feature. Considering Audi decided to mate the 3.0 TFSI Turbo to an 8-speed automatic we're guessing the torque increase is pretty significant and Audi sandbagging 400 lb-ft or more is probably well within reason. What is the most exciting technical development of this engine? The twin scroll turbocharger. It is mounted up top in the valley of the V6. Why did they design it this way? Well, Audi explains it well here: Because they mounted it up top in the valley they can easily get both banks of exhaust gases to the turbo. There is no need for a ton of cross manifold piping and the design makes sense. The turbocharger benefits from exhaust pulses from both banks and they merge just before the compressor: This should make for quick spool and great top end punch as the turbo is continuously fed. Simply a great application of twin scroll turbocharger technology. It also should pay dividends with aftermarket tuning as for one you only need to modify a single turbocharger. Audi already placed it in an area that is easy to reach. In theory going to a large single turbocharger is now far easier than it ever was in any previous Audi model. The holdup will be the software tuning as always with the Germans. Not only is the engine more powerful than the supercharged motor it replaces it also weighs less: Plus they improved the cooling system: A lighter motor with superior cooling? That sounds great to us especially those of us who intend to raise boost. Audi also raises the compression ratio. How much? They don't say. It is higher than the 3.0 TFSI it replaces so we know it is more than 10.3:1. It is safe to guess they push it to around 11.0:1. BMW runs 11.1:1 in their new turbo B58 motor which will compete with the Audi 3.0 TFSI. Audi states they achieve a compression ratio bump without any issues due to their valvelift system: We have a twin scroll turbo in a high compression V6. Audi is definitely making what will be a very responsive turbo V6. Their emphasis seems to be on eliminating lag as well as creating a very efficient design. We wish we had more technical specs. Additionally, is this the engine based on the new Porsche top mount V8 as that V8 is going to provide the basis for the next generation RS4/RS5 V6 Turbo engine? If we had the bore and stroke figures we could tell you now. Audi states this new 3.0 TFSI Turbo V6 engine is 2995 cc's. That means the bore and stroke are not 86x86mm as in the new Porsche V8. Displacement would be 2997.3 cc with 86x86mm. If you plug in the bore and stroke from the supercharged 3.0 TFSI motor at 84.5x89mm it results in 2994.6 cc. It rounds up nicely to 2995 cc. What does this tell us? That this new engine is not exactly a completely ground up design as Audi claims. It also tells us that this motor will not serve as the base engine platform for the B9 RS4 and RS5 but it will be the new V6 based on the new Porsche V8. That is of course providing that Audi did not make any more mistakes in their press releases. Either way this will be a very exciting tuner platform and it is mated to a stout 8-speed ZF 8HP automatic which sees duty in the RS7 which is a far heavier car and its 4.0 TFSI V8 produces more torque out of the box. Tuned RS7's are holding together which means the transmission in the B9 S4 and S5 it should be good for 650 lb-ft of torque if not more. ZF themselves claims they have variants good for 737 lb-ft torque but there is no way of knowing yet which variant the S4 and S5 will get. For reference, the RS6 and RS7 utilize the ZF 8HP70. Audi has a great design here and on paper it certainly seems better than its competition. We'll know more when Audi tells us more.
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    06-15-2016, 06:01 PM
    Realistic numbers here from RK-Tunes on the F80 M3 and F82 M4 S55 3.0 liter turbocharged and direct injected engine platform. This is an F80 M3 with basic bolt on modifications running 93 octane. No methanol or E85 to boost octane. S55 / F80 M3 RK-Tunes DME tune RK-Tunes Intakes RK-Tunes Downpipes RK-Tunes charge pipes Stock exhaust 93 octane tune The results is a respectable 492 horsepower at the wheels and torque goes to just over 500 lb-ft at the wheels. The power curve is also pretty nice for a modern turbo BMW I6 motor as well.
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    06-21-2016, 03:41 PM
    Always fun to see competing N54 turbo upgrades go at it. Fanboys exhaust a lot of energy battling these options out on the forums but seeing them against one another shows you the performance is quite similar and the deciding factor is often the transmission and weight. Speaking of weight the 135i is indeed lighter than an E92 N54 except this is an E88 convertible meaning it is heavier than the standard car. Additionally, the 335is has a passenger so it is at a weight disadvantage. The DCT transmission of the 335is certainly helps compared to the 135i automatic. Ultimately, the cars are very even (maybe an edge to the 335is without the passenger) and these are great runs to see. 135i mods: Auto FBO+ inlets JB4 BEF+antilag Pure stage 2 turbos Fuel it port injection with stage 3 LPFP running 100% e85 335is + passenger (camera car) mods: DCT FBO+ Inlets BuraQ MHD tuned Vargas Varga 2+ turbos Fuel it port injection with stage 3 LPFP running 100% e85
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    06-16-2016, 10:52 PM
    BMW in the turbo era is heavily underrating their cars. This started when the E90 335i powered by the N54 motor first launched as a 2007 (2006 in Europe) model year car. The 335i was supposed to have 'only' 302 horsepower but dyno results showed it was on par with the E46 M3 and its 333 crank horsepower output. This underrating trend only continued and BMW's sandbagging increased. The F10 M5? Heavily underrated. The BMW Z4 sDrive28i? Underrated. BMW E82 1M? Underrated. Even their SUV's are putting out way more power than advertised. It is no different with the F80 M3 and F82 M4 S55 motors. The cars are rated at 425 horsepower (and only a moron thinks the new turbo S55 motor has 11 more horses than the S65 V8 in the car it replaces) yet that number is closer to output at the wheels than at the crank. It means the F80 M3 and F82 M4 are in the 500 horsepower range stock. The F82 M4 GTS is rated by BMW at 493 horsepower. It is not going to make less power than the F82 M4 so it has to make more than 427 to the wheels on the Dynojet. According to Dynojet results from BBM Motorsport in Germany the M4 GTS is at about 485 wheel horsepower when converting from PS: That means almost another 60 horsepower at the wheels when it is only supposed to be 68 more at the crank. The M4 GTS is making well over 550 horsepower but of course we will need to see American Dynojet results to confirm. Based on the BBM standard F82 M4 results their dyno is calibrated to read slightly higher than American Dynojet software so one should expect something around 460 at the wheels in the US which still is 550+ horsepower: BMW underrating the M4 GTS is no surprise at all. It helps explain the very fast acceleration results tested as well as how it goes door to door with a 991 GT3. BMW essentially tuned the S55 engine for you.
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    06-21-2016, 06:42 PM
    This RS7 built by Total Race we know pretty well as it belongs to AudiBoost member @Ghost. We've seen it beat up on one of the world's most powerful E63 AMG's and it made easy work of a tuned C6 RS6 V10. Not surprising with over 942 horsepower at the wheels. Which raises the question, why isn't the transmission disintegrating? The ZF 8HP is a stout transmission which is why Audi opts to replace the S-Tronic dual clutch of the S6 and S7 models with the ZF 8HP automatic for the RS6 and RS7. They will also be utilizing this transmission in the upcoming Audi S5. RS6 and RS7 models are holding up with bolt on modifications and even modified turbos. They are not making over 1000 lb-ft of torque though. Maybe @Ghost. can shed some light on if he has any ZF 8HP transmission upgrades but it is amazing how much torque the box coping with.
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    06-27-2016, 10:33 PM
    This is incredible considering that AMR Performance already showed a gain of 63 horsepower and 100 lb-ft of torque at the wheels on the 2016 W205 C450 model. That was with their 1.01c tune revision and now with their 1.02b tune revision they take things considerably further. How about 371 at the wheels or in other words another 53 whp from where they already were? That is more than 100 horsepower at the wheels over stock: Utilizing this tune and no other modifications a C450 went 12.3 @ 112 in the 1/4 mile in 98 degree weather. We expect easy 11's in winter conditions or just cooler weather: We are waiting on the slip but AMR is pushing the C450/C43 models harder than anyone else along with the M276 DEL30 engine. #AMR #amrperformance
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    06-11-2016, 03:03 PM
    Finally a test comparing two of Germany's best hardcore track specials. The Porsche 911 GT3 is well known. The naturally aspirated 3.8 liter direct fuel injected flat-6 is a work of art that spins to 9000 rpm. The GT3 is a light car with upgraded suspension components and simply one of the best driver's cars in the world. A tough task for the M4 GTS to top. The nice thing is the M4 GTS does an admirable job here. It actually makes a case for its $134,200 MSRP being worth it which in the context of the 911 GT3's $130,400 base price does not look quite so absurd. However, is anyone really going to pay 911 GT3 money for a BMW M4? The straightline performance between the two is virtually identical. The GT3 is more impressive however as it achieves its figures without any boost. It features a far more impressive motor that takes far more skill to extract horsepower from. BMW just changed the software on the S55 engine from the M4 and added water injection. Not exactly the same level of work Porsche needed to apply to the flat-6 engine for the GT3. While the acceleration may be even the handling is not. The GT3 laps the Hockenheim track in 1:09.2 and the M4 GTS takes 4/10's longer at 1.09.6. In the video below you can see how well each car corners but the GT3 is just a bit more planted and a bit easier to toss around. It helps the GT3 brakes better (rear engine layouts have their benefits) and transitions better as the superior slalom numbers show. It also carries less weight at 3205 pounds compared to the M4 GTS weighing 3507 pounds. The GTS missed its weight target of 3328 pounds as claimed by BMW who continues to lie about what its cars actually weigh. In summation, the GT3 wins the performance metrics. The conclusion is in German so our German readers can provide that information but for the same amount of money why would one opt for the GTS over the GT3? The GT3 is lighter, handles better, and has the racier engine that is far closer to the actual Porsche race car. Sport Auto chooses the GT3 as the winner with 89 points while the M4 GTS is awarded 87 points. While the M4 GTS is close the GT3 is simply the better driver's tool. Sport Auto gets it right.
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    06-16-2016, 01:22 AM
    Yes, that number is at the crank. At the wheels? 832 horsepower. Torque is an impressive 829 lb-ft. This is going to be the next level of M157 turbo upgrades and of course will apply to all M157 powered vehicles. This particular W212 Mercedes-AMG E63 has the Weistec bulletproof transmission upgrade as well. What makes this even more impressive? This is a stock internal M157. The fuel system is also stock. Weistec isn't sharing all the details just yet but the fuel on this run was 110 octane race gas. There no doubt will be questions about the recently released Weistec M157 forged engine internals. All we can say on the matter is those internals are suddenly looking far more interesting. It's taken a little while to get here but Weistec already made good on their 1000+ horsepower promise. More details to come but the M157 is moving into the big leagues. <blockquote class="instagram-media" data-instgrm-version="7" style=" background:#FFF; border:0; border-radius:3px; box-shadow:0 0 1px 0 rgba(0,0,0,0.5),0 1px 10px 0 rgba(0,0,0,0.15); margin: 1px; max-width:658px; padding:0; width:99.375%; width:-webkit-calc(100% - 2px); width:calc(100% - 2px);"><div style="padding:8px;"> <div style=" background:#F8F8F8; line-height:0; margin-top:40px; padding:50.0% 0; text-align:center; width:100%;"> <div style=" background:url(); display:block; height:44px; margin:0 auto -44px; position:relative; top:-22px; width:44px;"></div></div><p style=" color:#c9c8cd; font-family:Arial,sans-serif; font-size:14px; line-height:17px; margin-bottom:0; margin-top:8px; overflow:hidden; padding:8px 0 7px; text-align:center; text-overflow:ellipsis; white-space:nowrap;"><a href="" style=" color:#c9c8cd; font-family:Arial,sans-serif; font-size:14px; font-style:normal; font-weight:normal; line-height:17px; text-decoration:none;" target="_blank">A video posted by Weistec Engineering (@weistec)</a> on <time style=" font-family:Arial,sans-serif; font-size:14px; line-height:17px;" datetime="2016-06-16T02:05:38+00:00">Jun 15, 2016 at 7:05pm PDT</time></p></div></blockquote> <script async defer src="//"></script>
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    06-05-2016, 06:03 AM
    Lincoln is a boring car company. At least, that is exactly what it has been for some time now when enthusiast models are concerned. Are things finally changing? Maybe. The 2017 Lincoln MKZ is going to get some attention considering that it offers 400 horsepower, a twin turbo V6, and all wheel drive. The direct injected 3.0 liter motor make an impressive 400 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque. You can get this motor in a front wheel drive model which is detuned to 350 horsepower but who in the hell wants that? There also is a hybrid 2.0 and a turbo 2.0 I4 option but these options are nowhere near as exciting as the V6. Lincoln could take a hint from the Germans and streamline the model names of the MKZ regarding which engine is under the hood. This is still a front wheel drive platform but at least it is taking a step in the right direction. Especially considering the all wheel drive option gets a torque vectoring system from the Focus RS. It will be interesting to see how it stacks up to its rivals.
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    06-25-2016, 09:01 PM
    More runs here from BimmerBoost member @TZ04XJR and his Active Autowerke Level II supercharged E92 M3 DCT. Last month this M3 impressively beat up on a Ferrari 458 Italia. Now he decided to take on a variety of cars ranging from those mildly modded with bolt ons to 600+ whp beasts. Keep in mind he is still running the Level II Active Autowerke S65 supercharger and still has yet to install his Level III components. The Active Autowerke supercharger kit continues to impress. Cars and specs: M3- AA Gen 2 Level 2 S/C (553whp) C7- Procharged (575whp) 15' 5.0- Bolt Ons & Nitrous Z32 300ZX TT- Upgraded Turbos (600+whp) EVO 9- FBO, Stock Turbo (440whp) vs C7 Run 1 vs C7 Run 1, C7 View vs C7 Run 2 vs 15' 5.0 vs 300ZX TT vs EVO 8
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    06-03-2016, 11:37 PM
    The new 2017 B9 Audi A5 takes its styling cues from the B9 A4. It does not look quite as edgy or aggressive as the B8 generation it replaces. No doubt when the RS5 hits it will bring a far meaner to the car but the base styling is nice if not bland. The nose seems to be a bit too rounded. It makes for a side profile that gives the car somewhat of a snout. Considering the styling roll Audi is on the A5 is a bit underwhelming. The interior of course is beautiful and typical Audi. Everything is sharp, modern, and looks to be extremely high quality. You look at say a Cadillac ATS interior and then this and it feels like you stepped into the future. What about the engines? Initial model options are an A5 2.0T with roughly 252 horsepower and 273 lb-ft of torque. The S5 retains the supercharged 3.0 TFSI powerplant but with a tuning boost to 354 horsepower. EDIT: This is the correct engine info on the single turbo V6: There are rumors the A5 and S5 models will be available in manual and dual clutch but let's see what happens. For now, the S-Tronic dual clutch is a sure thing. Bring on the RS5 already and let's see what Audi can really do with this new platform.
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    06-21-2016, 03:23 PM
    You have decided to get your first custom dyno tune. Congratulations! That is a big step forward and a smart move. Your tuner will extract the maximum from your car providing they are a quality tuner and leave you with a stronger vehicle. First timers no doubt will have some questions and this FAQ has the answers. So you are booked in for your first Dyno Tune. You may have some questions, here are the common ones to keep you on the right track. Q: Should I make sure my spark plugs, leads and ignition system are in good working order prior to my booking? A: Certainly not. Just like other known issues, ignition problems provide your tuner with a bit of a challenge. They will enjoy removing your spark plugs for you (especially if they are hard to reach) as laying on the engine reaching down the back when it is scorching hot on the dyno keeps them warm in the cooler winter months. Q: It’s the morning of my booking and my car isn’t ready, should I call and notify my dyno tuner? A:It is generally considered best to not make any contact with the tuner, if they try and call you simply don’t answer. Once your car is ready for tuning, showing up unannounced and expecting the tuner to drop everything and tune your car is common and widely accepted by most dyno tuners as the best option. Q: Does a dyno tune use much fuel? A: No. Most modern day dynamometers utilize new technology to reduce fuel consumption. Minimal (and if available, poor quality) fuel is best. The DIS Dyno Systems EMS 1000 has the latest unicorn drive fitted allowing vehicles to be tuned with no fuel at all, converting the perpetual kinetic energy from a small amount of unicorn horn to drive the vehicle’s drive line throughout the tune. Q: Should my dyno tuner guarantee that my engine will not be damaged? A: Yes. Any tuner worth their salt should be able to utilize their time machine and x-ray vision to look inside your engine and assess the overall condition, service history, quality of parts used, and ability to handle the increased performance you are asking him/her to achieve. New parts further guarantee the strength of your engine, especially components purchased on certain online auction websites, manufactured in communist countries. Q: I heard dynos destroy tyres should I put my old junk tyres on for the dyno? A: Quality tyres are expensive, ideally fit your vehicle with old tyres. If possible, find some with some canvas and steel belting hanging out of the tyre. This not only gives the tuner an audible indication of wheel speed it also makes for some exciting sparks and possibly a tyre failure which everybody enjoys, just look at burnout competitions, it’s a real crowd pleaser. Q: What should I consider when choosing an ECU? A: Cost is the main consideration when selecting engine management. The cheapest option, even if not suitable for your engine configuration, will give you tuner the biggest challenge, they like challenges. This way you can spend more on tuning and add ons and it gives you the best chance of poor starting and garbage economy that comes with only the best race cars. It’s Also a good idea to choose an engine management system that your tuner has never seen before, obscure one off systems with difficult to use software allow your tuner the opportunity to learn and extend their knowledge while tuning your car. They often like to learn new things and will thank you for the opportunity (they might even give you a discount!) Q: If there is an issue I know about should I let my tuner know before he/she starts? A: Generally not, its like stealing the limelight at a wedding. You are robbing the tuner of the opportunity to challenge himself. Most tuners enjoy the thrill of the hunt, an intermittent misfire, a dodgy wiring connection or faulty fuel pump can provide hours of genuine entertainment for a dyno tuner. They will be very grateful. Q: My car didn’t make as much power as I thought, what should I do? A: Complain. Most dyno tuners try to achieve low power outputs by running less timing, low boost and rich mixtures, this ensures that your car can’t go too fast and improves road safety. Road safety is a high priority for dyno tuners but they are generally afraid of mushrooms, so please keep this in mind. Q: Can I stand in the dyno cell while my car is being tuned? A: Yes, OH&S is not an issue as it is your car. Often wheel weights can come off wheels at 200km/h or more and trying to catch them with your face is a great way to pass the time with your friends. If you have taken our advice on tyres, get a friend to stand at the back and video the sparks on their phone, when the tyre blows you will all have a great story to tell and have a few laughs over. Q: I have a previous dyno run, or a friends car that is the same that made more power, why? A: Your tuner must not be very good at their job. Non tune related variables in dyno readouts such as gear used, tiedown method, tyre compound & size, air density, air temperature probe location, dyno calibration, ramp rate, fuel quality, and many other factors are standardized by the National Dynamometer Variable Council (NDVC) so these will never be a factor in your power readout. If your readout is lower than another dyno on a different day it will most likely be because of the tune. Q: I’m not 100% happy with the tune I have, what should I do? A: Definitely do not talk to your tuner about the specific issues you are having and give them the opportunity to rectify them. If you do this you will most likely offend and upset them. If you do talk to them stick to vague descriptions like “Its just not right” or “it feels funny” this way you wont sound like a know it all. It is best to post in face book groups or on your own page that your tune is rubbish and never to go there, this way you can express your concerns without upsetting the tuner. You should be now armed with the best information to ensure a quick, painless and quality tune! Good Luck! Stay tuned for more great tips including, “Using the internet to Fix Your Car” and “How to Talk to Mechanics”. Source
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