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    Today, 04:14 AM
    Hey face2: :text-welcomewave:
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    Bump 70 +del
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    Hey I4071: :text-welcomewave:
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    Welcome to a real enthusiast forum S43G.
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    joseri, we appreciate you taking the time to join.
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    Today, 01:12 AM
    It's hard to believe it has been over a decade since Mercedes strapped turbos to its SOHC V12 creating the insanity that is the M275 engine. The idea seemed crazy at the time as the 5.5 liter M275 available in 600 models put out 493 horsepower and an earth moving 590 lb-ft. Mercedes AMG decided to give the entire automotive industry a huge middle finger and show who the king of power output truly was by taking that same motor and increasing displacement to 6.0 liters with more aggressive tuning and boost for 604 horsepower and 738 lb-ft of torque. It was so much power and torque back in 2004 many wondered if AMG had gone too far. The cars featuring the engine (the S65, SL65, and CL65 AMG) were absurdly expensive. The other absurd part about these cars was their depreciation. The CL65 AMG depending on options was a $180,000+ car back then. Today, you can pick up a nice used example in the $30k range. The car was not an investment that is for sure. What does this money get you? A twin turbo V12 luxury rocket with 528 horsepower and 674 lb-ft of torque to the wheels. A simple ECU tune will bring those numbers up into the low 600's to the wheels for horsepower and close to 800 lb-ft of torque at the wheels. A quality tune will run you a little over a grand. If that is not a tuning value BenzBoost does not know what is. The only problem really is the maintenance as the coil packs tend to go out and there are well known issues with the ABC (Active Body Control). These issues can be solved with proper maintenance and parts. Getting more out of the car beyond a tune becomes tricky due to the turbos being integrated into the manifolds. The K24 turbos on the motor are popular in the Porsche 911 Turbo world and easily modified but the problem is getting to them and removing them. Turbo upgrades therefore are expensive and there are not many successful upgrades out there. Keep in mind the 'modern' M279 twin turbo V12 Mercedes sells is basically this exact same motor. Yes, this basic twin turbo architecture is providing over a decade of service. Why overpay for a new version of the same thing? Pocket the change and have an AMG monster for a fraction of the cost. It's hard not to love 800 lb-ft at the wheels with a tune (tune by Eurocharged on a CL65):
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    Today, 01:07 AM
    135i-Fan, we appreciate you taking the time to join.
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    Today, 01:00 AM
    Not this one! :)
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    Today, 12:57 AM
    MSoutter, we appreciate you taking the time to join.
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    Today, 12:13 AM
    i mean to be honest if the interior was handcrafted with all the finest blah blah and came with white gold in the interior as well as 50 bulls' hides and the highest quality toilet paper and blah blah blah then maybe i could appreciate the price they're trying to meet at the line with the luxury car market and the performance enthusiast market but i don't see any options on the car that wow me on the luxury end and performance wise, well that's pretty much self explanatory
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    Today, 12:13 AM
    Gshimun, we appreciate you taking the time to join.
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    Today, 12:03 AM
    It's cool, but I agree I wouldn't pay that much. You could easily build an old school mustang to perform just as if not better for half the price
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