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  • Sticky's Avatar
    04-11-2014, 04:45 AM
    The camera car in these two videos is the Burger Tuning F10 M5. This car has a BMS JB4 piggyback and downpipes. Some impressive output at the wheels has been shown from this car on a Dynojet in the in the ~630 wheel horsepower range. That is a tall order to overcome for a 335i even for one equipped with upgraded twin turbos. The 335i just is giving up too much power and torque to the M5 along with quicker shifts to the DCT. And the DCT is the key. The first video shows an E92 335i that has a manual transmission and it gets crushed. The second video has a similarly modded E92 335is with the RB turbo upgrades but the difference is that it is the 335is model that has the DCT transmission. Look at the results and see what a difference a dual clutch makes for yourself.
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  • charliekay's Avatar
    04-09-2014, 05:37 PM
    Hello all, Last night I finally got around to running the car, after a couple of busy months. Very impressed with the times, and gain overs the N/A setup. The car has the following: - 2008 C63 with Original Tranny - Weistec Stage II Supercharger w/ Oil/Air Seperator - OEM multispoke 19s on front, w/ OEM Conti tyres - OEM 5-spoke 18s on rear, w/ MT ET Streets 265/40 - Full interior with no weight reduction - Pump Fuel - 98RON (equivalent to 93R+M/2) - I only ever use BP Ultimate 98 - iPE Full Valvetronic Exhaust N/A the fastest the car ran was 11.803, this was with the iPE Exhaust and OE Tuning Stage II tune. Unfortunately I cannot find the timeslip for the 11.80 run, but I have one for an 11.83 run I did, which was 1.849 60ft, and trap speed was 119mph For comparison reasons, I used the same car, same wheels (including rubber), same fuel, same track (Sydney Dragway), same exhaust, all with full weight. Obviously it was a different day so different temp, looking at the different time slips, looks like there was a 10 degree Celsius temperature difference between the runs, last night being hotter. Not sure how much time this equates to, but just trying to be 100% clear with the results. So last night after the Stage II was put on, I ran 11,205, 11.181, 11.184, 11.184 again and the last run was the fastest being 11.162. This mean the Weistec charger took a minimum of 6.5/10ths off the N/A time. The reason I say minimum is traction is a problem with that much power, you can feel the car hesitates and jumps a little when it hits second. I think some 16s or 17s with better rubber would be worth 1-2/10ths just in solving the jump into second, not to mention the gains in weight reduction and 60ft gains. Anyways here is the time slip. Charlie
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  • BuraQ's Avatar
    04-10-2014, 07:21 PM
    Nope this isnt my 335is DCT tuned by PTF. This ca belongs to member Kcyrusm whom was the first to break 11s in his 335is DCT N54 ProTuned by Jake@PTF (reference) Back then when he broke 11s it was on a PTF E40 map if I am not mistaken. Within a year PTF got him up and running against two well respected high end cars also with DCT, the Audi V10 R8 and the BMW F10 M5 tuned I was suprised to find this video, and questioned why it was never posted. Regardless, PTF has done an awesome job tuning the 335is. I pesonally have one of their E50 maps tuned by dzenno@PTF , and, all I got to say it puts out soo much damn tourque I could feel the rear end buckle . However, here is something we dont see in example of there tuning against other respected high end cars, a roll race. Good job PTF
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  • Eleventeen's Avatar
    04-13-2014, 03:09 PM
    Hey guys, I have moved on to a new platform (CTS-V), so I am selling my custom made single turbo kit. This fits a 335i, and may fit other cars; but I cannot confirm. This is a top-mount GT3582R w/ Tial .82 A/R housing and Tial 44mm wastegate (vented to atmosphere). It currently mates up to the factory style dual exhaust, or you can have an adapter fabricated to mate up to a single exhaust of your choice. I made 570WHP / 488WTQ @ 22psi through the stock exhaust with this setup. It will come with just about everything you need to install. You will need about 6' of 7/8" heater hose to relocate the coolant reservoir and probably a few miscellaneous fasteners and hose clamps. You will also need the tuning solution of your choice (I used JB4 G5 + Cobb) and a low pressure fuel pump solution. Feel free to P.M. me with any questions. ASKING PRICE: $3200 O.B.O. shipped to lower 48 states. The kit includes: Garrett GT3582R turbo w/ .82 Tial housing Tial 44mm external WG Manifold - TIG welded Schedule 10 304SS w/ 1.25" primaries to 1.50" secondaries to 2.00" collector (nominal pipes sizes) Downpipe Downpipe to dual exhaust adapter Dump tube Oil line & oil drain Water lines Block-offs for unused oil / water connections Modified coolant pipe for 6AT cars (nipple for trans cooler will need to be capped off for 6MT use) Driver's side coolant reservoir w/ level sensor, cap, and power steering reservoir relocation bracket Modified charge pipe w/ Tial BOV (clears driver's side coolant reservoir) Turbo mount K&N air filter PCV to filter hose V-band clamps Hot side charge pipe MAC boost solenoid w/ P&P harness N20 3.5 bar MAP sensor w/ P&P harness Heat shield NOTES: The following pictures show the CURRENT condition of the parts after they were removed from my car. The manifold has been freshly sandblasted to remove some light surface rust, and can be coated, wrapped, or just left bare. The long O2 sensor standoffs were designed to protect the sensors from excessive heat (but the tubes are dual chambered to draw plenty of exhaust gasses to the sensor to maintain accuracy). This has been designed to connect to an aftermarket intercooler with 2.5" silicone couplers. I built this kit myself; but I am not a tuning shop or hardware manufacturer, so there are no warranties provided. I cannot sepparate any components at this time. I can accept PayPal or money order. Thanks for looking!!! :)
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  • alex@ABRhouston's Avatar
    04-10-2014, 10:55 PM
    copy/pasta from my ebay ad. So what you have in front of you is pretty much the coolest thing you've seen all day. Trust me, I know. Hold your excitement to a low level- I know you're checking out mindless stuff on ebay while you should be : sleeping In bed studying doing the dishes doing the laundry on a boring date, and we both know it ain't going anywhere just moved need some stuff for the house to fill it in spending time with the wife spending time with the kids dealing with the ex working on business stuff calling your mom or dad to say happy birthday making dinner for your friends taking a shower mowing the lawn fixing the toilet etc.etc.etc.etc. This engine came into our life from a flood car that we had to fix. Science lesson: Can water be compressed? The answer: Try it! This engine sucked water while driving it through a 3' or so deep river going down the side of the freeway in the great state of Houston after it rained. For ya'll that don't have to deal with flooding EVERY time it rains, God bless you. Heck, I even have a picture of it when we pulled the head off to investigate what happened! "customer complains running rough and loosing coolant" Gee, ya think? So we pulled it out. "Let's try to fix it!" They said...... "What could go wrong?" They said...... So.......We sent it to the machine shop. They welded it all back up, and sleeved it. We put it all back together and well- it didn't work. The sleeve still leaked. So..... We tore it all apart, found another block and got the car up and running again. Thats where the life of this coffee table began. What to do with this stupid engine block that took a week of my life away working on it? Well a few things came to mind. We were originally going to recycle it and turn it into Johnny Walker or some Glenlivet scotch. Then we were going to do a rendition of "office space" to it, to relieve some aggression from all the work we wasted. We didn't want to have a 10lb sledge bounce off the block and whack our shins. Then we thought maybe we could run it over with something- but we don't own a tank or a bulldozer. Then we thought of shooting it. I have a 50 BMG, but didn't want to clean up the mess. Then we decided on finally just doing something cool with it, so here it is. The block is a BMW N62 4.4 V8 out of a 745. The pistons and rods are out of a BMW N54 3.0 twin turbo straight 6 that we upgraded the rods and pistons.... which by the way we offer our own proprietary connecting rods/pistons/head studs/main studs for..... The bolts are N62 head bolts, cut down and modified. Yup! All 100% BMW stuff, meticulously put together and assembled by hand while drinking beer. "But why don't you have a piece of glass on it?!" A couple reasons- A) I'm not keeping it and I don't know your tastes. Hell, you didn't even invite me over for a bbq last year! Sheesh! B) I'm not sure if it's gonna stay local or if its gonna get shipped out. Have you ever shipped glass? I don't want to. C) When you buy it, you can put your own personal touch on it and put some glass on it. Round/square/tinted/whatever, I don't care, its yours and you can do whatever you like. I gave you some good ideas above if you want. Shipping- ah, shipping. Lets go over that. If your local, this is easy- we put it in your truck, and I'll talk to you later. If you want this shipped, I can remove and label the legs and table stands (pistons/rods) so you can reassemble it..... You'll need an E12 socket to tighten them, BTW. I can box the block, stick the pistons in the holes and it *should* get pretty compact, but I'm betting the assembly weighs about 70lbs or so.... expect shipping to be expensive. In my past experience, you can get a somewhat blind parrot to give you a better number than the Ebay shipping calculator- so use it as a guide, but not the bible. I can package it up, and get a real quote for you once you buy it.... but expect it not to be cheap. So, that being said I disabled it and tried to remove it from the stupid auction, because frankly the shipping calculator thing sucks. Let me know if you have any questions, or concerns. Let me know if you need a real world shipping quote, I'll try to get you one thats accurate. thanks!
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  • rawad1017's Avatar
    04-13-2014, 12:53 PM
    dig deep into the vid comments and you'll see John and his famous ways making the most idiotic comment i've ever seen from a tuning company. guess you can't expect more from a straight-line tuning company that overprices their pos cars anyway. lolol okay smartass what if the One:1 hits 200mph in less than 17 seconds? enhanced aero, lighter weight and more power means nothing to this man apparently. it's also funny cause koenigsegg at least builds their shit from scratch. let's somewhat break down the Venom GT cost wise Ricardo M-7003 manual transmission $15-20k? LS7 Engine $20k? Lotus Exige (complete car 85k) parts needed $30-40k Extra cheese and tomatoes $40k ? soo..~$100k? so what's the extra 0 in the price tag for..oh right the years of R&D and engineering to produce a kit-car lolololol it's almost like DINAN
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  • BlackJetE90OC's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:28 PM
    2015 Mercedes AMG GT interior photos leaked The first pictures of the Mercedes AMG GT have surfaced online, ahead of the car's rumored debut at the Paris Motor Show. Drawing cues from the SL and SLS AMG, the GT's cabin is sporty and elegant as it features two-tone leather sport seats, a flat-bottomed steering wheel and carbon fiber trim. We can also see a wide center console with metallic accents, a touch-sensitive COMAND controller and an AMG drive selector with what appears to be five different modes. The console also has buttons to firm up the suspension, turn off the traction control system and make the exhaust sound sportier. The cabin also has circular air vents, a freestanding COMAND display and a leather-wrapped dashboard with contrast stitching. Other highlights include an Alcantara roofliner and auxiliary switches above the interior lights.
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  • mjmarovi's Avatar
    04-12-2014, 09:42 AM
    Both items were on the car four about 4k miles; if I need to explain anything else.... BMS White DCI (oiled)- $100 shipped BMS OCC- $160 shipped
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