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    Yesterday, 11:54 PM
    Just in time for July 4th, right? If American automotive culture can be represented by any one thing it is definitely V8 horsepower. The Americans simply make the most. Disagree? Well, you can talk to Steve Morris Engines about some of their builds like this absolutely absurd twin turbo big block. Absurd in a good way of course with 4000 horsepower on race gas and how about 3000 on pump? That 3000 figure comes at only 20 psi by the way. Who knows what it really does cranked up. Here are the specs: Cast BRODIX 5" bore-space block with in-house custom machining Premium SME piston package for big boost Billet crankshaft and aluminum connecting rods Custom cam profile Jesel belt-drive and MOROSO dry-sump oiling system INNOVATORS WEST balancer with integrated crank trigger Cast BRODIX cylinder heads with SME port program and modifications JESEL custom shaft-mouted rocker system Custom billet valve covers Fabricated (optional billet) intake manifold Competition machining and assembly Yes, this is street legal and goes into a street legal car. You might balk at the $63,999 price but the horsepower per dollar is unbeatable if you consider that 2000+ horsepower Underground Racing builds are six figures and that they will only make half the power. This is street legal performance on a whole different level. The video below covers the details directly from Steve Morris. Well worth a watch for any enthusiast. 'Merica!
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    Yesterday, 07:51 PM
    Speedriven continues to push the Mercedes M275 twin turbo V12 into territory nobody else has even approached. Last month they announced their standalone engine managment system for the platform. Well, now we have a video of it in action and some dyno results. Let's start with the dyno. The reason you are seeing gains here is not due to raised boost. Actually, they are running .9 BAR for just a baseline tune which is less than stock: More power even at less boost? More control? Impressive. Those are exactly the kind of advantages a standalone ECU provides and it shows: As you can see in the video it is plug and play. No wiring issues, all the gauges work, ABC works, no warning lights, no CEL, it just works like stock with more capability. They can alter the transmission parameters as well such as the shift points. The car drives just like stock as well without issue. Keep in mind this is just the beginning. As detailed in a previous article, the big guns that will really tax this new engine management system are coming. Much respect to Speedriven for continuing to push the M275 engine platform forward.
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    Today, 01:39 AM
    The MP4-12C was phased out in favor of an updated version of the platform you all know as the 650S. That is not to say a stock MP4-12C is not potent as it definitely is. It's a tall order for any mid-size luxury sedan to take down on the highway even a modded one. This second generation Cadillac CTS-V is supercharged from the factory with the 6.2 liter LSA engine. It responds well to modification which it will need to move its portly butt to keep up with the 31XX pound MP4-12C. This LSA receives a higher boost boost pulley, a cam upgrade, drag radials, and most importantly E85 fuel. Nothing too crazy about the mod list there. They run twice and the CTS-V gets the better of the MP4-12C in the first run partially thanks to a better start. For whatever reason the second run is not shown from the CTS-V's view but instead we get a chase view. The first perspective is out of focus and in the second view it looks close with the MP4-12C edging. Either way this is a potent Cadillac considering the mods and all the MP4-12C needs is a tune to decisively put things in its favor.
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    Yesterday, 06:48 PM
    It is no surprise to anyone that the Porsche 911 Turbo is a greater performance value than a Lamborghini Aventador. That is kind of the appeal of the Aventador. It is an exclusive and exotic car. There also are not six hundred thousand variants of it as there are with the 911. Top Gear Poland decided to drag race the two cars and beyond both having all wheel drive they have nothing in common. The 911 Turbo S facelift has 580 horsepower from the 3.8 liter twin turbocharged engine. The Aventador makes due with breathing on its own and a 6.5 liter 691 horsepower V12. The Aventador is louder, heavier (by 300+ pounds ignore the weight in the graphic), and more expensive. No dual clutch transmission for it either but an ISR (Independent Shift Rod) transmission. The Turbo's torque pays dividends off the line although the Aventador starts to close the gap up top but it can not pass in time. Why the 911 is drag racing with its top down is anyone's guess.
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