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  • Sticky's Avatar
    05-11-2017, 07:40 PM
    I asked about 20's previously but I'm going to get 21's. Why? Well, 20's come stock and moving up one size really will offer the looks I'm going for. There is no point sticking to 20's as I'll have a separate set of smaller rims for competition purposes. No point in trying to do everything on 20's as it makes more sense to have a set for the street and for the strip/competition. I still want light rims though. I just can't find a lightweight 21 inch set. Suggestions? I contacted Velos but they can't deliver the rims I want in a 21 inch monoblock but instead need to do a heavier two-piece. So they are out.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    05-10-2017, 09:59 AM
    I love my dog but he is a walking mess. I just can't stand him slobbering all over my seats and shedding all over any longer. Anyone have any solutions for transporting their dog? A crate is not an option.
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  • Imran@Evolve's Avatar
    05-02-2017, 11:48 AM
    Follow us as we attend the Vmax 200 event in the UK held at Bruntingthorpe Air Strip against 675 LT, Huayra, Huracan and others. We have another Vmax event this weekend where will be trying out some new turbo inlet pipes on top of the current set up.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    04-25-2017, 12:24 AM
    The BMW M3/M3 and Porsche 911 have quite a bit in common this generation. Why? Because both have twin turbocharged and direct injected 3.0 liter six-cylinder powerplants. You can also get either with a dual clutch or manual transmission with power sent to the rear wheels. Let's look over the specifications of the motors: 9A2 3.0 991.2 Carrera Horsepower: 370 Torque: 332 lb-ft Boost Pressure: 13.1 psi Bore x Stroke: 91mm x 76.4mm Redline: 7500 rpm Compression Ratio: 10.0:1 Intercooler: Air to Air Turbos: 49mm compressor/45mm turbine Piston Speed FPM: 3759.842 BMW S55 Horsepower: 425 Torque: 406 lb-ft Boost Pressure: 18.1 psi Bore x Stroke: 84.0mm x 89.6mm Redline: 7500 rpm Compression Ratio: 10.2:1 Intercooler: Water to Air Turbos: 51mm compressor/43mm turbine Piston Speed FPM: 4409.449 Obviously, we all know the S55 engine is highly underrated by BMW. Recently, when Porscheboost was doing some testing at VF-Engineering on their Mustang dyno the opportunity presented itself to overlay a stock S55 with the stock PorscheBoost project 991.2. Here is the result, both dual clutch examples stock on 91 octane pump fuel: What is interesting to note is that the spool on the 991.2 Carrera 9A2 is much better than the BMW S55. The Carrera is spooled by 2400 rpm and the S55 has more lag by roughly 1000 rpm. That is significant. You will notice once spooled the curves are fairly similar. The S55 does have more peak torque and horsepower but the difference is not as large as one would expect. The difference in torque is only 3 lb-ft at the wheels. A wash. Not bad for what on paper is supposed to be 74 lb-ft. The 911 is making more torque than Porsche is letting on by quite a bit. The difference in peak horsepower is 15 at the wheels. This is attributed to the S55 making power to 6850 rpm while the 9A2 is tailing off past 6400 rpm. Both torque curves are dropping hard but the S55 maintains a top end edge from 6400-6800 rpm. Revving either engine out to their 7500 rpm redline does not gain anything and short shifting is preferred for maximum performance. It is interesting that the 9A2 engine with less boost and slightly lower compression is so close. It is also interesting the spool is so much better but Porsche likely concentrated very hard on quick spool down low to appease naturally aspirated purists who would complain about lag. The engine comes on strongly and quickly. It is no wonder the 9A2 knocked out the S55 in its category at the 2016 International Engine of the Year Awards. In an ideal world we would be able to toss a Carrera S and a GTS onto this dyno to see how Porsche is really separating their 9A2 motors. We do have Dynojet numbers posted for the Carrera and S but the GTS is the variant we are all eagerly awaiting to see. This is the difference between the turbocharged 991.2 Carrera S 3.0 and the naturally aspirated 991.1 Carrera 3.4: BMW of course has the Competition Package version of the S55 and now the CS version in an even higher state of tune essentially doing what Porsche does in offering the same motor in different flavors. The main difference though is that Porsche changes the turbochargers and not just the software offering greater differentiation and tuning value in this respect. What is clear is that the turbo era is elevating power and torque to heights we have never seen and it will result in a far greater proliferation of tuning for Porsche and BMW models than ever before.
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  • TwistedTuning's Avatar
    05-02-2017, 08:41 AM
    Our Blaze cable is a faster, up to 2x's faster, more reliable and a safer way of flashing your BMW. This is an upgraded/enhanced version of the typical K+Dcan cables you are used to seeing. Firmware is modified and other things are modified to give you the best K+Dcan cable experience to date. Cable is switched for those users/owners who want or need double K-Line cross-compatibility for newer models as well as older models such as E46, E53, E39, E38 and etc. PRICE: $45 Price Includes Shipping!!!! ***Read/Write Speeds vary from module to module, but our cable does the task at up to 2x's faster than the other cables on the market*** PURCHASE LINK:
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    05-08-2017, 01:16 PM
    With modern adjustable suspension systems the software settings for the hardware are obviously very important. How about improving your suspension performance with just some software changes? How about sharing those calibrations as some people share tunes? Imagine a calibration specifically for a certain track. Great for the roadcourse guys, right? Well, DSCsport allows exactly that. They have what they call their DSC Controller in Version 1 and 2 modules: You install the controller and then can download various calibration maps. You can tweak the calibrations yourself as well or go with their OTS maps. How potent are these calibrations? According to DSCsport a stock 2015 Nissan GTR Nismo with a DSCsport V1 controller and their tuning software lapped VIR (Virginia International Raceway) in 2:01.5: For context, a 2:01.5 around VIR is nuts. If you look at Car and Driver's results in the past years Lightning Lap competition at VIR a 2:01.5 puts the DSCsport GTR 42.7 seconds ahead of the Viper ACR. How is that possible? With just some suspension tuning the GTR destroys the Viper ACR by over half a minute? Conditions and driver skill are huge factors but it's hard to believe the DSCsport module makes that kind of difference. EDIT: The full VIR course is not the Grand course which is the full length. That explains the massive time difference. Here is the lap video backing up the time: It would have been great if they did a before/after lap but we have what we have. DSCsport offers these controllers for select Chevrolet, Porsche, Nissan, and Ford models. Hopefully there is more independent testing of these modules and their impact on laptimes.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    05-03-2017, 01:56 AM
    Get used to seeing this. Electric compressors that will force air into the motor have some advantages namely over turbochargers. Boost in theory will be instant as you do not have to wait as you do with a turbocharger for exhaust gases to spool the wheels. The downside of course is complexity, capability, and cost. What does something like this eBooster flow? We do not know. BorgWarner conveniently omitted specifications only saying that three major manufacturers will be using the eBooster which is expected to provide efficiency gains of 10%. That means this is going to primarily be a fuel efficiency technology and not a performance technology. It would be interesting to see a couple electric compressors used to offset lag from a big turbo setup. An electric compressor does not bring with it the weight and associated batteries of an electric motor. It still feeds an internal combustion engine making it a somewhat natural pairing if the amount of electricity needed is not exorbitant. Mercedes discussed introducing 'electric turbochargers' a couple years ago and it seems now they are finally reaching a production example. BorgWarner’s eBooster® Electrically Driven Compressor Celebrates Premiere - Nearly instant boost and torque for a fun-to-drive-experience - Enables small-engine fuel economy with big-engine boost - Improves performance for combustion and hybrid vehicles Auburn Hills, Michigan, April 28, 2017 – BorgWarner, a global leader in clean and efficient technology solutions for combustion, hybrid and electric vehicles, debuts its 48-volt eBooster® electrically driven compressor in Daimler’s latest 3.0-liter gasoline engine. The engine will feature the eBooster technology matched with a BorgWarner-supplied turbocharger to improve fuel efficiency, enhance low-end torque and deliver boost on demand without any perceptible turbo lag. “Our market-leading eBooster technology enables 6-cylinder engines to deliver the same performance and even more fun-to-drive experience as a much larger conventional V8,” said Frédéric Lissalde, President and General Manager, BorgWarner Turbo Systems. “By enabling engine downsizing, eBooster technology improves fuel efficiency by 5 to 10 percent in combustion and hybrid vehicles.” BorgWarner’s eBooster electrically driven compressor delivers boost on demand until the turbocharger takes over, improving boost at low engine speeds and nearly eliminating turbo lag. Featuring a brushless DC motor, durable samarium-cobalt magnets and highly efficient power electronics, the compact eBooster technology offers automakers flexible packaging options and can be adapted to a wide range of hybrid or combustion applications. Mass production of BorgWarner’s eBooster solution is currently ramping up with the innovative system launching first with three global automakers, including Daimler.
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  • ///MPOSTER's Avatar
    04-25-2017, 09:45 PM
    Hi, So I had a tail light out and inspection is around the corner. I was curious as to how much it would be and the service advisor quoted $350. I searched and found someone who had success with replacing the Valeo board with a mean-well LED driver. The part is LDD-500HW. You can choose which ever method of connection you prefer but i ordered the one with wires. I ordered 2 for about $20 total after shipping. You can find them here: or here See attached photos as it was pretty simple. Take the tail light off, remove the connections, and attach the new led driver with a no solder method. I am sure I could dig deeper and find the connector mate to the valeo board so there is an actual plug and play, but I didn't do it because it is already late at night.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    04-26-2017, 11:05 PM
    BimmerBoost member pits200 has an automatic BMW 335xi with the VTT GC N54 turbocharger upgrade. The car has 115k miles on it and has not exactly been babied as it has been tuned for over 100k miles at this point. This is important to point out as the GC upgrade is obviously making big torque but his trans is holding the power at 26 psi of boost. It is running well as the drag race video below will testify to. He knows the transmission is on borrowed time but so far with a TCU flash it's holding together and not slipping. You can read his build thread here if you like. ETS FMIC BMS Filters JB4 MHD Backend VTT GCs
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    04-26-2017, 10:14 PM
    Careful, the quote you are about to read is drenched in estrogen. "The 840-hp Dodge Challenger SRT Demon from Fiat Chrysler is so inherently dangerous to the common safety of motorists that its registration as a road-worthy automobile should be banned." Somehow the hyperbole being spewn seems to be much more dangerous especially to common sense. If we really want to get down to what is safe for our roads more people will be killed or injured by senior drivers than those with a Demon. Frankly, no Demons are even on the road so how is the author coming to the conclusion that the car needs to be kept off public roads for safety reasons? Well, because the premature and negative conclusion fits the narrative. This is one of those same people that sees a gun and automatically classifies it as an assault rifle based on the appearance and not the application. You know what the world needs? More Dodge Demons. More manufacturers that take enthusiasts into account. More cars that are fun to drive and less vehicles that are tuning into appliances that remove the driver from the equation. What does this person think is going to happen? A Demon on the road is just going to suddenly start driving into people? Owners will be drag racing across crowded parking lots? A teenager in a Honda who just got out of seeing a Fast and the Furious movie is more dangerous on the road than an adult behind the wheel of a performance car they paid for and are familiar with. The Demon is no more dangerous sitting in traffic than any other car. A 5700+ pound sport utility vehicle crammed with luggage and passengers traveling over the speed limit on the highway that physics simply will not allow to stop in the same distance as a lighter car is a much more dangerous proposition than the Demon. Truckers who have not slept for who knows how long hauling tons of goods on the highway across the country are a much more dangerous proposition than the Demon. If anything, the Demon is safer than the standard Hellcat. It is built for traction off the line which means you can get into trouble a lot easier with tire spin on the standard Hellcat. The tires offer more grip, not less. How is the Demon a result of misguided corporate choices? It is built to be the quickest production vehicle in the 1/4 mile and achieves that goal. It does so on an NHRA dragstrip, not the street. Did someone forget those exist? A place where you can take your car and run as fast as you want to without endangering the public? The Demon is the result of incredible engineering, development, and effort. Dodge did not randomly roll some dice and end up with the Demon. What they accomplished for the money has never been achieved. This kind of fear mongering is an enemy to the entire automotive world: It is not banned for being too fast. The NHRA requires a roll cage for cars that are quicker and faster than set limits. If the Demon is 'too fast' so are a host of other street legal cars. All that is necessary to get them into compliance is a roll cage you hack. It is not the Demon that needs to be removed. It is this garbage from Automotive News. The author did not even have the courage to put their name on it. That tells you what the purpose of it actually is. Source
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