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  • 135pats's Avatar
    02-01-2017, 11:21 AM
    It's been really busy recently gearing up for the draft but obviously, I have my thoughts on this weekend's game as a religious fan of all things NEP. Wanted to pass along my thoughts purely from a tactical standpoint; trying to keep it light on opinion and heavy on useful facts. Hopefully some of this is interesting and you'll be able to see it throughout the game. ATL Offense Scheme - Conceptually rooted in zone run and west coast passing concepts. Shanahan obviously the son of a WC innovator and worked his way up with Kubiak (also a big proponent of outside zone concepts). In the run game, you'll see very little gap or man techniques from the linemen. They'll come off the ball laterally looking to find a spot and then engage with the DL. The entire line gets flowing in one direction for staple outside zone runs; tailback pushes towards the hashmark and theoretically has at least three options. This opens up passing lanes down the seams when linebackers have greedy eyes and flow laterally too quickly - you're bound to see numerous boot plays in the passing game. ATL will sneak a backside TE out on boot plays into the flat when they are ahead of the chains on 2nd down. Simply put, an exceptionally diverse offense from a passing standpoint. Trips, motion, stack releases create stress on the defense and displace zone assignments. You'll see a ton of 'hi-low' routes which force intermediate defenders to pick a vertical level to defend (leaving the other route open). ATL's scheme forces you to defend the entire field, which is rare. Personnel - Outstanding and diverse skill group. Julio Jones has been sensational and is likely the most physically gifted WR in the league. Excellent combination of size, length, play speed, coordination, and balance. Not as dominant on the ball as highlights and reputation would suggest. Dominates by being a big player winning on 'little man' routes (slant, speed out, orbit). Gabriel a gimmick player but sudden and can get up field quickly. Small catch radius and allergic to contact. Sanu has a good catch radius but inconsistent hands. Not a natural runner, stiff. Monotone speed. Both tailbacks are talented. Freeman a compact inside runner who delivers sufficient contact power for his size. Can catch the ball and has v good lateral agility in space. Coleman a more linear player but can really run. Good long speed, a legit 4.45 player at his H/W. Matt Ryan's numbers have been a bit flattered by the collective talent around him; but he's quite good. A generally patient passer with a strong sense of the backside rush. Finds the backside of passing plays consistently and without issue. Throws the ball downfield without hesitation, though worth noting he lacks the arm strength to drive far hash deep throws consistently. In a dome, it shouldn't be much of an issue. Can be flustered by tight man coverage and baited into seemingly obvious errors. Extremely productive in the red zone this season and as in-command as i've seen him. All in all, a top 5 passer. ATL Defense Scheme - For whatever reason he won't admit it, but Quinn has more or less dropped in place the general scheme from SEA. There are subtle differences for sure, but big picture this is a 3 cover defense that wants speed at LB to cover the flats. They run more 2 cover man (sounds weird 2 cover = zone but it's simple - 2 high safeties, man coverage underneath) than SEA does. They lean more towards the PITT and SEA side of the spectrum in terms of 'we do what we do', you don't see a ton of change week to week on that side of the ball. As season has gone on, they've shown more confidence playing man concepts and walking safeties down. Results have been mixed. Generally play a straightforward 43 under front in their base defense. Again, not a ton of variation on this side of the ball. They generally let their guys shoot upfield more off the ball; you won't see as much 2 gapping especially on the inside. Personnel - The DL is unexceptional save for their two tackles. Both Hageman and Jarrett can play; though the latter is far more consistent. Neither are explosive upfield rushers. Hagemen flashes a power and first-step combination that is tantalizing, but he's a dog half the time. LB level is led by a youngster who I loved coming out of LaSU; Jones. He can run like the wind and always finds himself near the action. Reckless as a tackler and v light; can be displaced in the run game. Prone to over-pursuing in an effort to make the play. Beasley a fast-developing edge rusher. Finally starting to convert speed to power and has largely ditched that useless spin move. Excellent first step allows him to push upfield with haste. Turns the arc with ease and stays low in his speed rush. Not productive against the run and plays light. Can chase laterally without issue due to his speed. Secondary group is young but scrappy and not lacking for talent in certain spots. K. Neal a striker as a safety, uncoils and explodes into ball carriers. Not productive as a coverage player but already a plus player in run force. Jalen Collins and Robert Alford are both favorites of mine, though candidly neither have truly panned out relative to their lofty draft placement. Collins a classic 'Seattle' corner from LaSU; long limbed and can run down the field. Stiff and wooden in his lateral movements. Alford is a sensational athlete; sudden and fluid with the speed to carry down the field. Picks up a ton of flags and is often clueless when he gets out of phase. I think both corners are talented; question will be if the stage and pace that NEP throws at them will be too much. NEP Offense Scheme - Arguably the most diverse offense conceptually in the NFL; either this or ATL. NEP is fortunate to have had stability at QB and HC for so long that the same fundamental Perkins system has been in place and evolving for almost 20 years. The passing game has become more balanced and vertically oriented this season in particular; due largely to adapting to better talent outside. McDaniels exceptionally aware of his personnel's strengths. More motion than any team in the league pre-snap. Lot of underneath crossers vs. zone; deep in cuts and digs; vertical seem routes; and skinny posts from this offense. Man beaters abound via rub routes and pick plays. In the run game, you'll notice a lot more of the 'pull' concept, where the guard on the backside of the run play pulls out of his gap, loops around the center, and acts as a lead blocker for the tailback on the playside. It's a staple of gap run coaching and is very effective when executed well - but by definition it leaves an unblocked rusher on the backside of the play. NEP will probably take their chances in this game; ATL lacks a truly explosive 3 technique to take advantage (Hageman and Jarrett both good, but not upfield types). Personnel - Before Gronkowski got hurt, this was the best skill group NEP had fielded since 2011. Obviously losing Gronkowski changes the equation; having Bennett as a talented backup has preserved some of their staple 12 personnel (2 TEs) concepts. Bennett is hurt so not running down the field as well as he'd normally; still a massive player with soft hands and excellent lateral agility. Hogan has striding speed and gets on top of corners in the 15-25 yard area. Quite good on deep boundary throws and deep in cuts or digs. Edelman the key to the passing game; sudden and elusive in short space but able to run nearly the entire route tree effectively. Malcolm Mitchell a long limbed, athletic rookie. Relatively pedestrian long speed but gets off the ball quickly and separates with authority. Floyd gives them a fundamentally different H/W/S component but he probably won't play in a game of these stakes. On paper, a natural outside WR with excellent size, bulk, and ball skills. NEP has three tailbacks who play snaps, all who present different challenges. Blount a dancing bear for a 230lb runner. Is just as apt to hurdle someone as to run through them. Somewhat plodding going downhill, takes a few yards to generate contact power and rhythm. Deion Lewis is a matchup issue both as an inside runner and as a pass catcher. Capable of carrying the ball inside on one snap, but then motioning outside on the next. Excellent lateral agility; almost impossible to tackle in space 1:1. James White exclusively used in the passing game for his soft hands and crisp routes. A marginal NFL runner who lacks forward lean and contact power to be effective in that regard. Gets behind linebackers for large gains with frequency in the passing game. Brady is sensational and somehow improving in several areas of his game. Still susceptible to quick a gap pressure and can lock onto top targets in tight games. Unmatched ability to win the down pre-snap. I'll come back with NEP defense shortly :handgestures-thumb:
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  • gzim335's Avatar
    01-30-2017, 05:58 PM
    Funny how M3s in n/a form aren't respected well this e60 m5 evolve stage 3 owner got to experience it first hand. 2011 E92 m3 zcp dct gintani custom tune,full e85 from local pump which is more like e70 around here with a flex fuel kit,active Autowerke catless xpipe,stock rear section,stock intake with a drop in filter,no pulleys with recaro driver seat,no passenger or rear seats and 6lb volt phreaks battery,volk te37sl 18s 2009 e60 m5 6spd evolve alpha n evolve long tube headers catless eisenman sec 1&2 and meistershaft sec 3 drop in filter 50mph (owner refused to do anything lower) to about 170mph as he went into fifth gear(fourth is 160mph) enjoy fellas
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    02-09-2017, 09:59 AM
    This comparison video comes from MotorTrend who lately has focused more on trying to force comedy than quality comparisons. This is a segment that many of us here take very seriously as enthusiasts due to owning (or having owned) the cars in question. For decades the sport sedan segment was dominated by the BMW M3. Basically, it was just everyone else gunning for the M3. Clearly, that has changed. BMW M slipped and everyone else got better. A hell of a lot better. There is even a notable new contender from Alfa Romeo. Their entry is the Giulia Quadrifoglio which boasts some impressive specifications. Namely, the turbocharged 2.9 liter V6 produces 505 horsepower. On paper, that is a ton of power from the displacement. Think of it this way, even the new Porsche 911 GTS with its 3.0 liter engine is over 50 horses short. What other factory motor makes that kind of power from this displacement? Well, the S55 engine in the F80 M3 does although not officially. It is rated at 425 horsepower but the car punches well above its claim. This F80 M3 also has the optional Competition Package which raises output among other things. Unfortunately, while the power and torque are great the car is now more dragster than the perfectly balanced and razor sharp driver's tool it once was. It just isn't quite what it was and it that is partially why others can easily now match (and exceed) its main aspects. So far we have two cars with turbo six cylinder motors. See a pattern yet? Well, the ATS-V joins the trend although its 3.6 liter LF4 engine offers more displacement. Which is a good thing as the ATS-V is heavier than the aforementioned cars at roughly 3800 pounds. It's a good thing the ATS-V LF4 responds so well to basic tuning. Speaking of heavy and big displacement, that is where the C63 S comes into the picture. It is the heaviest car out of the group at over 3900 pounds. It also has the largest motor with its 4.0 liter twin turbo M177 V8. The C63 can be thought of as more of a rear wheel drive E63 than a nimble sports sedan. Let's start with the laptimes. Giulia: 2:00.21 M3: 2:00.61 ATS-V: 2:00.81 C63 S: 2:02.49 The Competition Package addresses complaints with the F80 M3 and improves performance. Namely, the torque doesn't just turn it into a drift machine and it plants its rear end better. The ATS-V is right on its tail but comes up short. The C63 S is just way behind the other two and considering how portly it is and how it is tough to keep the rear in line that is no surprise. What is a surprise is that the Giulia Quadrifoglio beats up on everyone. Its handling is just superb. Even though the M3 is lighter and slightly better balanced the Giulia still rules the racetrack. So Alfa's first attempt tops everyone in the segment? How does that happen? MotorTrend calls it perfect despite its grabby brakes and shortcomings in overall interior polish. The main point of criticism we would say is the lack of the manual transmission option in the US and the automatic being forced on you. Maybe the Alfa will shake up the segment. The ATS-V was already doing that somewhat but it seems the Alfa Romeo is a better all around package. They did not do any straightline testing but if you equate what car is best to the quickest 1/4 mile time you never really understood what this segment was about in the first place.
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  • R.G.'s Avatar
    02-15-2017, 07:17 PM
    Approx. 1 year ago I had an employee allegedly rear end another vehicle while driving a company truck. Here is one of the photos of the damage that allegedly was done. So what comes of this accident? Now being sued for 6 figures. Just received summons. Amazes me that this kind of thing is allowed. Someone have an anecdote that will make me less disheartened with this entire process? Just unbelievable...
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    02-01-2017, 12:28 AM
    So I have family visiting for Europe and they are coming over for the Super Bowl. I want to do typical American dishes and blow their socks off with some good food. So, what do I make? I'm thinking these Tornado potatoes might be awesome? Also, maybe cheeseburger onion rings?
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  • newb335guy's Avatar
    02-25-2017, 08:46 PM
    newb335guy started a thread For Sale: Part out, moving on. in Buy/Sell - Parts
    Doc race single turbo-ceramic coated PTE Gen 2 6266. everything that I got from Doc Racing goes to you plus I will provide the Hose setup that is in picture to vent back into turbo so you avoid venting to air and having to smell oil. Also Moshomito Catch can setup provided and ADV 02 Sensor (very recommended). Price to sell at $4700.00 We can package fueling into it also. Any questions you can call or text 850-240-0293 This is off of Doc Website: BMW 335i 135i N54 Top Mount Single Turbo Kit Turbo Bearing Ceramic Coating $5,495.00 USD Cpe/BMS Port injection with Split Second AIC controller $800 Stage 3 Fuelit setup with upgraded fuel lines, return line fittings and Hobbs switch $600 DSS Axles $700
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  • Karura's Avatar
    02-20-2017, 09:04 AM
    I'm just looking into the M3 rack install and people have mixed thoughts, some say that the 335i don't have Servotronic, and some others say that the E92 335is has Servotronic, so I wanted to confirm, does the E92 335is have or not have Servotronic? How do I check whether it has it or not, is it possible to confirm by checking the VIN and packages? If the 335is doesn't have Servotronic, then does that mean the M3 (which is also non-Servotronic) will just be a direct bolt-on? I know a few members on Bimmerboost have done this, and would love to hear your thoughts.
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  • berns's Avatar
    01-30-2017, 08:08 PM
    You guessed it. It's a great fucking tire. However, I didn't see or feel any massive improvements over the Super Sport. Oh yeah, the name... Some weird bureaucratic reasoning behind it, but it should have been the Michelin Pilot Super Sport II. Michelin set me up for two nights at the Ritz Carlton in Palm Springs. We ate a fancy meal, prepared by a Michelin-starred chef who flew in with his team from Chicago. Did you know Michelin restaurants and Michelin tires were the same Michelin? It was news to many in attendance. The following morning, we headed out to The Thermal Club. A seriously awesome new track in the desert, members only, country club style scene, and where the BMW Performance driving school takes place. There was quite a bit of rain, which proved for an interesting test. I drove an M2 and an M4 on track for about 10 laps each. The wet grip of the 4s was seriously impressive, especially in cars like these with so much torque and hyper-responsive accelerator pedals. There was also some classroom time, where some French Michelin engineers told us about rubber compounds and showed fancy charts with different heat colors etc... Even the employees mentioned the Super Sport was the top of its class, and improving on it was no easy task. So, the 4s is really just marginally better, rebranded and designed to bring the attention back to Michelin with a tire that will hold them over for a few more years till the next big advancement in rubber. I also drove a 340i on a drying-up Autocross course, fitted with the 4s and competitors from Goodyear, Bridgestone and Pirelli. The Goodyears weren't far behind, but you really could feel the Michelin's working best, giving the quickest response and most grip of all the competitors. Timed runs and braking distances concluded the same. Funny how that worked out in their favor! Afternoon came and the rain was gone for good. We headed out for a 3 hour drive around Joshua Tree national park with some fun cars, including a police escort to avoid any trouble. Ferrari California T (fuck, the motor in here is amazing and the Michelin's gave me traction all the way through 2nd gear), R8 V10 plus (what a goddamn delight this car is. if you haven't driven one, do yourself a favor. SO GOOD), and lastly, the new C63 (fun car, loads of torque, kind of uninspiring in comparison to the M's). Now, my honest opinion, for what it's worth -- I've driven most fast, new cars since 2008. I've worked in the automotive industry for 9 years, previously on staff at 0-60 Magazine, Rides Magazine and was Senior Editor for European Car Mag for two years as well. I still shoot and write for a few, including Road & Track, and I'm addicted to making cars handle well and make unusable gobs of power. I usually run aggressive tires on the street, like the Falken Azenis RT615k, Dunlop Direzza Star Spec II, Hankook RS3 etc... They are affordable and provide insane grip and stability. Caveat is always the treadwear. My Falken's are 180, and the Michelin's are 300... You'll pay for this, and I'd still say my RT615k's would outperform them in an all-out dry test. Though the engineering and rubber compound in the Pilot Sport 4s is undeniably superb, and their ability to find traction in dangerously wet conditions was pretty mind blowing. Wet traction with the Falkens is scary. The Michelin's are silent on road and track, they don't get greasy when hot, and they look phenomenal. There's a reason the brand carries such a successful history with its name. Should you buy these? I assume they'll stop making the Super Sport, so yes, if you like those tires, you will absolutely love these as well. The best has gotten ever so slightly better. Would I buy them? We'll see how much they are first. But I'd definitely consider a set because of the treadwear. FYI, just did a search for the Super Sports and they are CHEAP right now! Would be a good time to restock. Here are some quick pictures from the event. Feel free to ask my any questions, happy to talk about any of this stuff. And for good measure, here's an M4 GTS taking off into the sunset. Why they ditched a screaming V8 for this terrible sound will always be beyond me.
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  • DFM's Avatar
    02-07-2017, 04:55 AM
    Picked up a set of cheap wheels with blizzaks on them for 400.
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  • krazi3azn's Avatar
    02-10-2017, 02:51 AM
    Just got a set of 3 piece wheels and the chrome plating is peeling on the lips. I want a polished or brushed lip instead (Maybe powdercoat). Whats the best way of doing this since I heard its not that easy removing all the chrome? My last resort is to buy new lips but just looking for options.
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  • lulz_m3's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:36 PM
    Figured it was time for a dedicated Sous Vide thread. I just picked one up last week. Grass fed London Broil/Top Round cut. Cooked @ 133 for 7.5 hours. It was so tender I literally cut it with my fork. Added Worcestershire, freshly chopped garlic and Weber Chicago steak seasoning into the bag. I'm traditionally a BBQ guy, but so far I'm convinced this is my new go to method. My next experiment will be brisket cooked SV, but smoked on my wsm to impart some smoky flavor and crust.
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  • I6+TT=FTW's Avatar
    02-17-2017, 10:35 AM
    A v6 ecoboost in one of these, lowered, and you've got a cool little sport truck.
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  • TT-Tom's Avatar
    02-06-2017, 12:02 PM
    TT-Tom started a thread For Sale: JB4 w/USB $300 + FREE Dci in Buy/Sell - Parts
    JB4 G5 ISO, updated with latest firmware, no bent pins, working perfectly when uninstalled. Plug and Play, ready to go. You get the JB4, USB and FREE DCI included with purchase. Shipping included but only within conUS. Please email me : with any questions. Thank you!
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    02-10-2017, 06:17 PM
    Welcome Jymmijamez, take a look around, I think you will like what you see.
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  • MFactory's Avatar
    02-09-2017, 07:44 AM
    Hey guys, with winter past us (for the most part), and race season preparations now under way, MFactory/YCW Suspension/SWIFT Springs are now looking for serious individuals to add to our marketing team! the sponsored driver(s) will be responsible for helping us to promote MFactory/YCW Suspension/SWIFT Springs, in particular, our new range of coilovers: Why MFactory/YCW Suspension/SWIFT Springs? For those of you whom are not familiar with YCW Engineering, we are the parent company for MFactory (LSD's, Axles, Clutches, Flywheels etc). Whilst MFactory is but a "brand", YCW is the engineering company behind it all, with our own in-house manufacturing facility in Taiwan with several million dollars worth of specialist CNC and Measuring/Diagnosis Equipment. You're probably wondering why/how a Drivetrain company can develop and manufacture Coilover Kits? Well, the majority of the components that make up a Coilover Kit are machined (which is where we excel over other Coilover brands due to our in-house manufacturing experience), so not only do we do the final assembly of our Coilover Kits ourselves, we machine all of the "machined" components ourselves (and those familiar with MFactory can testify to the quality of our machined components). As for SWIFT Springs, a lot of you may already be familiar with this brand/company. Founded in 1997 in Tokyo Japan as a motor sports division of Tokyo Hatsujo Manufacturing Co, Ltd (S.W.I.F.T: Springs With Intelligence From Tohatsu), our sole purpose was to demonstrate our superior engineering in springs by developing the next generation of motor sports suspension coil springs. They had to have the best characteristics of any brand or design in the market, which required the springs to be the lightest in weight and most durable, and to exhibit the most linear characteristics while still being cost effective (unlike Titanium). With this in mind, we set out to produce a new material for coil springs: a proprietary steel alloy we call "HS5.TW". This material was created in order to maintain the following 4 factors: 1) The most consistent spring rate throughout the stroke 2) The largest amount of stroke 3) The highest durability against loss of spring height 4) The lightest in weight Our priority was to achieve the fastest reaction speed possible to get compliance on road surface conditions. Our springs are created with proprietary winding methods, as well as some other trade secrets focused on ensuring our springs separation from the standard market. SWIFT’s impressive motor sports history dated back to 1998, first was with Nissan Skyline GT-R in the Super Taikyu Endurance championship series in Japan. Then SWIFT got involved with the championship teams in Le Mans 24hrs, Nurburgring 24hrs, Super GT (JGTC), Super Taikyu series, D-1 World Grand Prix, F3, F3000, Formula Toyota, and many other world class races. In 2004, Team Goh Audi R8 won 1st place at the world renowned Le Mans 24hrs race on swift springs Requirements - Must have a good history of track racing (Circuit/Auto-X. Not Drag) i.e Your achievement history will be required - Must have a planned racing itinerary i.e We need to know what confirmed events etc you will be attending - Must have a good network/following i.e Online Forums, Social Media etc - Must have good experience in installation, setup and diagnosis of suspension/chassis components i.e Be able to provide us with sufficient feedback/recommendations - Must have sufficient resources and time to help us develop and test any future updates/modifications i.e We don't want to have to wait weeks for you to test an update because something is broken on your car or other non-emergency commitments - Must have good experience in providing detailed reports/write-ups i.e Good camera and explanation skills - Must be willing to have our MFactory/YCW Suspension/SWIFT Springs branding on your vehicle in prominent locations (we will pay the costs for branding) - Must not have competitor branding on the vehicle - Car must be available for trade shows/events (e.g SEMA, PRI etc) What you get in return - A production set of coilovers, at no cost to yourself (other than time) - Any and all upgrades/modifications deemed necessary during the sponsorship period, at no cost to yourself (other than time) - Possible event fee subsidy and contingency bonus (dependent on performance/exposure) Interested? If you are, or know someone who may be, interested in joining a new and fast-growing Suspension Company and be part of the Official MFactory/YCW Suspension/SWIFT Springs Race Team, please do not hesitate to contact us: PM: MFactory Email: info @ teammfactory . com (without the spaces)
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    02-01-2017, 04:51 AM
    An automotive speed record that still stands from the 1930's? Yep. It belongs to Mercedes-Benz and the W125 Rekordwagen which hit 268.9 miles per hour or 432.7 kilometers per hour over a flying kilometer run. To put this in perspective the Bugatti Veyron set a top speed record with a 254.05 mile per hour or 408.84 kilometer per hour run. The SuperSport that followed hit 267.856 mph or 431.072 kph. Yes, bested by a Mercedes from 1938 with a .18 coefficient of drag. Here are the specs: Engine: MD 25 DAB/3 60 Degree V12 Engine position: Front longitudinal Aspiration: Twin Roots superchargers Valvetrain: DOHC 4 valves per cylinder Displacement: 5,576.75 cc / 340.31 in³ (82.0 x 88.0 mm) Compression: 9.17:1 Power: 541 kW (736 PS; 725 hp) @ 5800 rpm Power/displacement 131.97 PS (97.06 kW; 130.16 hp) per litre Power/weight: 621.1 PS (456.8 kW; 612.6 hp) per tonne Transmission: 4-speed manual Engine cooling: Ice supplemented normal coolant as air intakes were kept very small to improve aerodynamic flow over and around the car Keep in mind the Veyron Super Sport made its top speed run on a test track and not on a public road. That makes what Mercedes pulled off 79 years ago all that much more impressive. Will anyone top this record? Will any government let such a record try take place on a public road? Who knows. What is clear is that the W125 Rekordwagen was way ahead of its time.
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  • ba114's Avatar
    02-08-2017, 12:37 AM
    Per topic, i'm looking for a single clamp (071-1026) for my PTE 6262 with a 3" vband exit. I can find them online for about US$19 however everyone wants US$80+ to ship them to Australia which is just obscene! Does anyone know a retailer that would be willing to throw one in a $20 flat rate box or something similar? thanks
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  • SpeedLimit?'s Avatar
    02-22-2017, 10:28 PM
    I wish they ran without passengers but cool to see the Laf putting in timed runs in the wild...
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  • PLF's Avatar
    02-01-2017, 11:48 AM
    PLF started a thread For Sale: RTD Shifter in Buy/Sell - Parts
    I have a used RTD Shifter for sale, this was baught from DocRace and used for only around 3-400 miles. Everything worked perfect and its already adjusted for reverse lockout. I am selling some non-critical mods on the car to recup some cash to replace my smoking hexons.. It also comes with grade 12.9 hex bolts. Asking $550 Shipped
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  • pr3ci5n335i's Avatar
    02-03-2017, 08:59 PM
    Includes the non-resonated mid-pipe and mufflers. Transforms the sound of the N54 engine and turbos. $800. Located in North County San Diego. This video is with Macht Schnell Downpipes and the BMW Performance Exhaust:
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  • R.G.'s Avatar
    02-07-2017, 11:07 PM
    Has anyone seen this show? What a hilarious mind fuck.
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  • trickcruiser's Avatar
    01-30-2017, 04:49 PM
    Greetings, A good friend of mine recently purchased a partout 2007 E90 with the plans of swapping the N54 into another project car. The car was a one owner car with only 96k miles and serviced at BMW its entire life. He has since changed directions and went with another swap. This means he has a complete N54 up for sale!$2,800 OBOEngine has been tested and runs smooth without issue.EVERYTHING attached! Turbos, injectors, NEW valve cover, intake manifold, wiring, etc... Cincinnati, OH 45248 Here are a couple photos taken during the valve cover job (really clean).
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    01-31-2017, 02:59 AM
    The only reason this is being featured is to mock it. It's garbage. A comparison with the new Panamera Turbo and its brand new 4.0 liter top mount twin turbo V8 powerplant should be exciting but Autocar turns it into a joke. First of all, why the hell are they using the S63 Coupe in this comparison? You have the Panamera sedan and the M6 Grand Coupe both of which are 'four-door' coupes. The Mercedes-AMG vehicle that belongs here is the CLS63 considering the CLS started the fad. Why is the heavy S63 chosen? Probably because Autocar just doesn't care about quality and it is all they had available. They decide to compare the performance by running the cars in the rain around some back road. They use a cell phone for timing which is done by the guy sitting the back seat. He is also drawing a picture while this is going on. Seriously? Not only is it raining you are using a manually timed cell phone operated by the passenger who is drawing? The Panamera 'wins' if you want to call it a win. BoostAddict calls this garbage.
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  • alex@ABRhouston's Avatar
    02-21-2017, 12:46 PM
    alex@ABRhouston started a thread Want to Buy: N55 engine needed in Buy/Sell - Parts
    Any leads on an N55 engine? In Houston, can arrange for shipping to us.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    02-24-2017, 07:13 AM
    A humbling experience here but a full bolt on Nissan GTR is no slouch. Neither is a BMW N54 with the Pure Stage 2 turbo upgrade. The E60 chassis is a bit heavier than your typical N54 and namely an E82 1-Series variant. Run what you brung though. This E60 belongs to BimmerBoost member @viperware and it is a strong car. His vehicle is a 2010 E60 535i with FBO, JB4, Port Injection, Pure Stage 2, RB Inlets, VTT outlets, and an MFactory LSD. It just wasn't enough.
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    02-17-2017, 08:15 PM
    Welcome Hitler, take a look around, I think you will like what you see.
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  • PLF's Avatar
    02-01-2017, 11:57 AM
    PLF started a thread For Sale: BMS Short Throw Shifter in Buy/Sell - Parts
    I have a used BMS Short Throw Shifter, used for around 3000miles, the threads are damaged but if you are using a stock shift knob it doesnt make any difference, one could also just use a tap to correct them its not that bad. All the parts are included, I would recommend new locking bushings part 25117507695 wich are worth around 3.00$. Asking $100 Shipped OBO
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    02-09-2017, 04:34 PM
    bdhh started a thread For Sale: FS N54 Performance Parts in Buy/Sell - Parts
    Switch to ADE Single turbo, so I have a bunch of Twin parts for sale. Removed from my 2008 E93 N54 Parts have one summer, approx 2000 miles on them. I live in Vancouver Canada. So if you want them shipped from Washington State I need a max of 2 weeks to find time to go across the border. Limited to how many pics I can upload. So I can email more. Paypal only Text Barry @ 604-561-5156 -VRSF passenger side inlets $160.00 Shipped - Fuel-it Throttle body injection Bronze kit. Turned it on twice when i was at the track, great condition. $320.00 shipped -VRSF Down Pipes, Great condition, heat coloured. $225.00 Shipped -RB Hi Flow Turbo Drains Great Condition $150.00 Shipped -VTT Silicon Outlet Has a couple of motor mount rub marks, that I protected with a rub hose. Missing the piece that transitions to the intercooler. $120.00 Shipped - New ECS Tuning Upgraded Passenger side Motor Mount I installed it and then realized I had to use ADE mount. So it has 0 Miles on it.
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