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    07-19-2017, 05:31 PM
    This is a messy story. It starts with a report that five BMW's were street racing in North Carolina and their cars were impounded. In this type of situation a judge could potentially decide that the owners lose their vehicles to the state. A giant penalty. That is where things get interesting. The trooper that pulled them over and impounded the cars was caught on camera going the against traffic at high speeds to catch up to them. Once he got there only those involved know what happened but it seems maybe he went overboard. Especially considering he was suspended and now resigned. You can watch the initial report below: Here is the trooper speeding against traffic: As for the charges facing the BMW owners: Brennan T. Rowe, 22, of Wayne, N.J., charged with impeding traffic & exceeding posted speed limit Anthony W. Obrien, 20, of Havre de Grace, Maryland, charged with impeding traffic & prearranged racing Hoang T. Nguyen, 44, of Allen, Texas, charged with impeding traffic & prearranged racing Tran Hai Phi, 26, of Jacksonville, Florida, charged with impeding traffic & prearranged racing Haroon Masood, 27, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania charged with impeding traffic & prearranged racing Tamer Arslanouk, 24, of Waynesville, New Jersey, charged with impeding traffic Saad Ahmed Gil, 25, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, charged with impeding traffic & prearranged racing. Were these guys messing around on the road? Most likely considering the 911 calls. Did the trooper go overboard in going against traffic and potentially causing a head on collision himself? Absolutely. Was impounding the cars without evidence overboard? Yes. The bottomline? Don't be stupid and don't street race in a large group that will get attention. Source
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    07-21-2017, 07:32 PM
    Plenty of discussion on BMW N54 intake manifolds but few independent testing results. Fab Factory's billet manifold is a work of art by itself but the question is can it provide a performance benefit? BimmerBoost member @martymil put it to the test in his BMW E82 1M. His results are below but also keep in mind he has upgraded N54 turbochargers. They are RB Classics: Thank you to @martymil for providing us our first back to back results, stock vs our N54 Port Injection Billet Intake Manifold on a 1M! First dyno is a direct swap of intake manifolds, absolutely NO changes except for intake manifolds: And with a few flash tweaks/minor retune: Logs attached in the OP
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    07-18-2017, 02:31 PM
    BimmerBoost is happy to announce Awron GmbH is our newest vendor. You remember Awron from their absolutely incredible BMW engine swaps such as sticking an S63/S63TU V8 into an E63 M6 chassis as well as their BMW N54 engine swap package with the supporting electronics. Awron has lots of goodies for BMW's including this performance display for the BMW F87 M2 N55B30T0: What can it do? All of this: Check it out in action in the videos below: BimmerBoost will be bringing you more Awron product and project details in the coming weeks.
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    07-19-2017, 08:32 PM
    Great results and details here from BenzBoost member @KLR CLS. His username certainly is appropriate as his C218 generation Mercedes-AMG CLS63 is putting down huge numbers. How about 705 wheel horsepower and 858 lb-ft of torque at the wheels? Big, big numbers. So big that he needed an upgrade for his 722.9 transmission. Here are the full details in @KLR CLS 's own words: About a month ago I got around to completing my stage 2 build using the first set of VTT Stage 2 turbos along with a built transmission using AMS/Excedy Clutches and the Weistec deep pan. I also did a few other mods at the time including splitting the cooling circuit, custom turbo smart BOV, and all UPD pulleys. You may recall I posted pics of the VTT turbos, but here are a few for reminder. These are stock frame GT22 hybrids using Billet Impeller and larger non clipped exhaust wheels. The same wheels are good for close to 500 whp a turbo in other platforms like the ecoboost mustang, so there is good CFM capacity for sure. Full mods on the car are as follows: Turbo back full downpipes, 3" custom exhaust to tips, UPD Intake spacers and specter tubes, UPD Crank and accessory pulleys, VTT stage 2 turbos, Eurocharged Custom Dyno, tuneAMS Clutch upgraded transmission Installation. My car is RWD, and I was removing the transmission to be built, so I decided the motor would come out the old fashioned way, through the top of the engine bay vs dropping the subframe cradle. Overall it was a relatively easy job, akin to pulling any other motor. Did not even have to pull the rad out, just the fan assemble to make room. I removed the trans from below, removed all lines and harnesses above, and out she came on a cherry picker and load tiller. Best to have a couple of guys with you, one underneath, and one guy working the tiller, with another moving the hoist. As for the turbo install, it was smooth as butter given they are OEM frames. I probably went overkill, but I used all new hardware, gaskets, and oil feed and return lines. I have the parts list for those that may want it, but those parts totaled about $1100 CDN. Also did new mounts while I was there, for another $700 or so CDN. All that to say be prepared for ancillary parts costs along with install. you can probably get away with just gaskets on the lines, and not complete new lines, which would have saved about $500. Once the motor/turbo assembly was complete, we put it back in the car and waited for the trans to be built. I used a local re builder that specializes in 722.9 trans and they turned it around in 1 day. So after the install it toook me a while to get tuned do to having to work out some bugs. First car needed wet clutch adaptation for the trans. Then the shift adaptions and break in period for about 500 km, during which the car shifted erratic, inconsistent and some times not at all. I cleared all base adaptions after putting the trans back in, which may have compounded the problem. I spoke to someone else who had done the same build, and he assured me that it would get better once it learned adapations again. This proved right and trans is now 99%. I get the odd delay now and then at certain light throttle positions, but I'm sure its almost there. I tired a set of Brisk Silver core non projected plugs, and the car hated them. Consistent miss at idle, break up under boost, stalling and decel. I tossed those in the garbage and put in some NGK Iridium 8's and car idles and runs smooth as ever. The same weekend I fabbed up the BOV flange to the charge pipe, and got that installed as well. Finally ready to rock and roll. Intial Impressions: Once the car was running well, I start prodding a bit, but stayed out of much boost since I wasn't tuned yet. Car felt a lot stronger down low, and spool characteristic did not feel changed from stock turbos. All that to say it felt promising, but familiar. A few more miles on it and I felt it was time to tune and see what we could do. Results: So I did not do baseline completly stock, but I did dyno the car after getting it tuned originally ( an early version of the Eurocharged tune by jerry over 2 years ago). The dyno results at the time were 580whp and 660 wtq. After that I added downpipes/exhaust and UPD intakes, but never did retune or dyno again, so don;t have true before and after build comparison. When I got to Eurocharged Canada, They got it right on the dyno to baseline the car as is. Car made 640whp and 717wtq, so pretty good start. Having not had an M157 ECU with my SW version, Slav had to make a file from scratch. This took a bit of time, but let the car cool down a bit. As I am going to add a killer chiller and Methanol later in the fall, I wanted to run only pump gas (94 oct) and be very conservative for now. Given that and the temps of the day ( 28c and very humid) I was going to be happy with 700+ whp. Well we got there on the 3rd pull. 705whp and 830Wtq! This is pump gas only, no meth, and very conservative timing (mostly stock with 1 degree adder ). I didn't log boost on the dyno, but on the road later I saw 24psi in 4th. With cooler weather, meth and KC, I expect to run 28 psi and more timing. It should easily make 800whp in that trim. Here is the Dyno: Overall I am quite happy. Car looks/feels/sounds like a monster and has a ton more in it. It was great working with Tony @ Vargas TT to get these new stage 2 turbos built and brought to market and Slav and Vlad at EC Canada on the tuning. Also shout out to Salik at MB PowerHaus for helping me with the install efforts and letting me use the shop for a week. It takes a village....Tony has an interesting plan for these turbos so look for more game changing options from him soon. Feel free to hit him up for info on pricing and availability. Feel free to ask any questions!
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    07-19-2017, 07:41 PM
    This is the second part of a comparison from Drivetribe. The previous comparison was of acceleration between this trio with the Mercedes-AMG C63 S coming out on top in the sprint to 150 miles per hour. The Mercedes-AMG C63 S will have a much harder time on the track against the other two. The circuit is Anglesey in the UK. A fairly technical course and long enough that we get to see what the cars can do. Here are the times: F80 M3 ZCP - 1:40.16 Alfa Quadrifoglio - 1:41.55 W205 C63 S - 1:41.73 Overall, the M3 wins. The transmission is praised as the best with great balance. The M3 is lightest car in the trio which is important on the track. It is simply the best rounded car of the three. The Alfa is in the middle and said to be fun but it is not as refined as the BMW. The transmission isn't as good either. It's a great effort but just does not have the M3's composure. The Mercedes-AMG C63 S brings up the rear but it is honestly commendable it is so close to the Alfa Romeo. It is a big brute compared to the other two. The AMG isn't as nimble but it does well despite the rear stepping out easily. Additionally, the gearbox has a bit of a mind of its own compared to the BMW's DCT. The M3 wins. Decisively.
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    07-18-2017, 01:41 PM
    It is infuriating the USA does not get the RS6 and seeing more results like these only fuel that fire. Fortunately, we do get the motor but imagine having a wagon like this. You know, one with over 700 horsepower and 700 lb-ft of torque on pump fuel? That is what the APR Stage 2 pump gas tune provides. This dynograph comes from BWA Auto in Australia and their project RS6 on their MAHA dyno is already looking quite strong: Fantastic results on pump fuel with APR Stage 2 software, APR downpipes, MRC carbon turbo inlets, and a BMC Air Filter.
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    Yesterday, 06:50 PM
    Remember those people who were saying the Voodoo V8 would not lend itself well to boost due to its increased revs, displacement, and compression ratio compared to the Coyote V8? Send them a link a to this post. At 17.5 psi of boost this GT350 makes 1030 horses at the wheels. Torque is 797 lb-ft at the wheels. This is all courtesy of a Procharger F1A centrifugal blower. This is the highest horsepower stock internal Mustang GT350 Voodoo V8 in the world. Just jaw dropping numbers.
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    07-18-2017, 01:11 PM
    This is a ton of power on this type of dynamometers. 645 to to the rear wheels? Damn! Obviously the torque curve take a bit of a dive toward redline but what BMW turbo motor doesn't? That is a huge hit at 4k rpm that is a real kick in the pants. As for the mod list on this F80 M3: - Pure Turbos Stage 2 - Dmetuning backend flash - BMS JB4 - FBO - E20 fuel + meth A piggyback and flash stack make this possible. Methanol is key as well. Simply a huge increase over stock.
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    Yesterday, 08:33 PM
    Tuning for the 991.2 generation Porsche 911 9A2 3.0 models is not coming easily. The ECU is posing problems and only GIAC is doing any sort of flash tuning at the moment. They require removing the ecu and they also have a price point of $2500. With limited flash tuning options piggybacks have a place in the market at least early on. DTE Systems in Germany offers a tuning box with the following claims: A 991.2 Carrera owner in Bangkok tested the DTE box out. His car has the full Fabspeed exhaust including headers as well as sport cats and an IPD plenum so it will make more power and torque than stock. The dyno type is a Dynocom which in our experience reads slightly higher than a Dynojet: Apologies for the tiny graph but in the top performance mode the DTE box picks up 33 wheel horsepower and 44 lb-ft of torque at the wheels. Modest gains but close enough to the claims by DTE. BoostAddict has a VR Tuning Box for the Project 991.2 Carrera that has yet to be installed. It is a different hardware unit than the DTE box without selectable modes. Vivid Racing also claims greater gains. Expect dyno testing in the next few weeks. Note: Ignore the Carrera S badging in the dyno video. The owner added it along with the exhaust tips to make it look like an S.
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    07-22-2017, 07:31 PM
    A back and forth between Iroz Motorsport and APR is taking place on the EA888 2.0 liter MQB platform VW's. APR raised the bar with a new overall platform pass of 10.112 @ 142.76 last week in a front wheel drive MKVII Volkswagen GTI. Well, that record was broken and by quite a bit. It now stands at 9.580 @ 145.44. Incredible when you consider this was just done at the very slow Autoclub Dragway in Fontana at over 4000 feet of density altitude. Not a record breaking track and definitely not record breaking conditions. Yet, here we are. Iroz crushed their previous 10.2 second pass. Is this battle over? The IMS780 upgraded Golf R is able to put this power down thanks to all wheel drive with a Dodson upgraded dual clutch transmission. It will be hard for the record setting APR Stage III+ MKVII GTI to match the elapsed time. It certainly is incredible how well this platform is doing.
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    07-18-2017, 01:45 PM
    It is about time some concrete test results of the new Porsche Panamera Turbo were posted. As you are aware the Panamera Turbo receives a new 4.0 liter twin turbo V8 design with 550 horsepower and 567 lb-ft of torque. The Panamera desperately needed a new motor as the old 4.8 liter twin turbo V8 was getting absolutely trounced by the competition. Here is a handy chart illustrating the point: Engine: BMW S63TU AMG M157 Audi 4.0 TFSI Porsche 4.8 Displacement: 4395cc 5461cc 3993cc 4806cc Bore x Stroke: 89x88.3mm 98x90.5mm 84.5x89mm 96x83mm Horsepower: 560/575 577 560 520/570 Torque lb-ft: 500 590 516 516/553 Boost Pressure: 22 psi 14.5 psi 14.5 psi 12.3/13.5 psi Compression: 10.0:1 10.0:1 10.1:1 10.5:1 Redline/Fuel cut: 7100 6400/6600 6600 6500/6700 Valvetrain: DOHC 4V DOHC 4V DOHC 4V DOHC 4V Fuel Injection: Direct Direct Direct Direct Despite the downsizing the new engine architecture is much more efficient. The torque increase is especially appreciated as the Panamera Turbo now weighs 4593 pounds. Ouch. Very heavy but it is quick with 0-60 taking only three seconds and running 11.3 seconds in the 1/4 mile. Tune only, this is an easy 10 second car. The question is will the transmission hold up? The Panamera Turbo is the only car in its class offering all wheel drive and a dual clutch transmission. It should hold up with a tune but if not hopefully Dodson will have something for owners who want even more power/torque down the line. An impressive performer at an expensive price point. Expect the Panamera Turbo S to take things even further and run 10's stock. VEHICLE TYPE:front-engine, all-wheel-drive, 4-passenger, 4-door hatchback PRICE AS TESTED:$162,680 (base price: $151,050) ENGINE TYPE:twin-turbocharged and intercooled DOHC 32-valve V-8, aluminum block and heads, direct fuel injection Displacement:244 cu in, 3996 cc Power: 550 hp @ 6000 rpm Torque: 567 lb-ft @ 1960 rpm TRANSMISSION:8-speed dual-clutch automatic with manual shifting mode DIMENSIONS: Wheelbase: 116.1 in Length: 198.8 in Width: 76.3 in Height: 56.2 in Passenger volume: 96 cu ft Cargo volume: 17 cu ft Curb weight: 4593 lb C/D TEST RESULTS: Zero to 60 mph: 3.0 sec Zero to 100 mph: 7.5 sec Zero to 150 mph: 18.6 sec Rolling start, 5-60 mph: 4.3 sec Top gear, 30-50 mph: 2.4 sec Top gear, 50-70 mph: 2.8 sec Standing -mile: 11.3 sec @ 122 mph Top speed (drag limited, mfr's claim): 190 mph Braking, 70-0 mph: 153 ft Roadholding, 300-ft-dia skidpad: 0.94 g
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    Yesterday, 10:40 PM
    A Mustang GT making 775 rear wheel horsepower on E85 courtesy of a Procharger at 14 psi is nothing to take lightly. Unless you happen to have an Arrow 9.0 liter stroked Gen V Dodge Viper V10 that also has upgraded heads and an aftermarket camshaft. The Viper is just brutal. It just takes off instantly and that is what you get with 9.0 liters of American muscle. A Procharger just will not offer that same instant throttle response and builds its torque toward redline. Just incredible how quick this naturally aspirated Viper is. The Viper is on NT05R tires and also has American Racing Headers, an underdrive pulley, and a titanium catback exhaust.
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    07-18-2017, 03:50 PM
    Why do this? Because you can. Also, because the Toyota Prius is about as exciting as going to the dentist. The guys at ARH (American Racing Headers) decided for some reason to swap a Hellcat 6.2 liter V8 into a Prius and give it over 1000 horsepower. That makes for a Prius project we can get behind. Especially since they are throwing a 4.5 liter Whipple twin screw blower on top. They are basically putting the Prius body on an NHRA frame with a Tremec 6-speed manual gearbox. Power is sent to the rear wheels as the automotive gods intended. This thing is going to be a dragstrip terror which is not something you regular Prius owner can say. Feel free to follow the build on the ARH facebook page:
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    07-21-2017, 08:48 PM
    A hotter BMW F87 M2 model sporting the CS, CSL, or GTS moniker is expected next year. BMW continues to test an M2 on the Nurburgring and the speculation is that this car is sporting a revised BMW S55B30 powerplant from the F80 M3 and F82 M4 models. There may be some confusion as the M2 is expected to get a CS variant as well as a GTS/CSL variant. The detuned S55 engine rumors going into the F87 chassis started last year. Last month's article on all the upcoming BMW M models stated the M2 CS would get a 402 horsepower S55 engine. It seems everyone is just speculating and trying to get a scoop. Either way, a hotter M2 is coming for the 2018 model year.
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    07-21-2017, 08:00 PM
    An improvement of almost half a second from just changing the airbox on the 4.0 TFSI? Yep. Great results here from the Eventuri carbon fiber intake on an Audi C7 RS6 4.0 TFSI V8 which shows a considerable 60-130 improvement. Stock 60-130 MPH: 9.674 Eventuri 60-130 MPH: 9.274 That is with no other changes. Impressive for sure. Not to mention the airbox looks like a work of art. Pricing is not yet listed on the Eventuri website but AudiBoost will update this post with the cost.
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    Yesterday, 07:11 PM
    Porsche was expected to bring a hybrid system to the 911 with the 992 generation. That will not be happening. Why? Because of the added weight. Not to mention the added cost and complexity would push the 911 price into the stratosphere (as if it wasn't expensive to begin with). This may be a response to money troubles at VW but canceling a hybrid 911 is not a bad thing for enthusiasts. It will keep the weight and price down. The 992 is expected to be a little bit longer and wider. The engine will likely be pushed forward as well. That means better balance and handling. Will they be able to keep it light though? The target should be 31XX pounds for a manual 992. We will have to wait and see.
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    07-19-2017, 05:02 PM
    All wheel drive is becoming a staple of high performance cars. Why? Well, the amount of power and torque they put out in the turbo era is one major reason. Even the vaunted BMW M5 is available with all wheel drive from the company that said they would never give in. Well, they gave in and McLaren might have to as well. The difference is McLaren is not producing heavy cars. They do not need a ton of torque down low to get vehicles equipped with carbon fiber monocoques moving. Keeping weight down is part of the McLaren appeal. Porsche even produces a new 991.2 GT2 model with real drive despite internally debating for some time that the car produces too much power for a rear wheel drive layout. With everyone going to all wheel drive and turbos rear wheel drive sports cars with low weight are becoming a rarity. The Viper is gone and really the only options come from Porsche, Chevrolet, McLaren, and Ferrari. Keep doing what you are doing McLaren. Keeping the cars light is more important than turning them into dragsters.
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    07-21-2017, 10:04 PM
    A Honda Civic Type for $34,775? Maybe if you are just really into Civics. For $60k? Maybe if you suffer from sort of mental disorder. Why some people think they can just flip any car for profit these days shows not only incredible greed but gullibility. Paying over sticker to get the first Ferrari 488 GTB or some rare exotic? Ok, fine, being first is part of the appeal. However, trying to get almost double the price for a Civic is just a joke. It is even worse than the guy who wanted $40k for his spot in the Dodge Demon line. If someone is stupid enough to pay huge markup on a Civic, frankly, they deserve the car.
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    07-21-2017, 09:58 PM
    Auto Express got their hands on these two new super sedans and decided to do a laptime comparison. Now, it is important note the Auto Express test track is tiny and seems to be go-kart sized. Not exactly a place for big and heavy sedans to really stretch their legs. We know the Panamera Turbo is very heavy from a recent test. 4593 pounds does not exactly lend itself to a nimble car. Still, Porsche does an admirable job hiding the weight and delivering superb handling. Auto Express does not weigh the cars (seriously? you call this testing?) but says the Mercedes W213 E63 AMG S is lighter. Well, how much lighter? Where is the weight? Does it have more on the nose? Both are all wheel drive but the Panamera Turbo is rated at less power and torque at 550 hp / 576 lb-ft . The Mercedes-AMG E63 S on the other hands is stated to make 603 horsepower and 627 lb-ft of torque. You would have to get them both on a dyno to know the true output. Laptimes: Panamera Turbo - 44.9 Mercedes-AMG E63 S - 44.6 Higher quality comparisons will come down the line but it is surprising to see the Mercedes take the win here.
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    Yesterday, 07:41 PM
    Pretty good performance here although we expect more out of the car based on some acceleration videos posted. A 12.3 @ 115 in the 1/4 mile is respectable but this was done during the summer and the vehicle should be capable of breaking into the 11's with the all wheel drive. The owner mentioned a shifting issue: Maybe the quickest way to get it down the strip is to hit the shifts manually? We'll get a better idea as more owners take delivery but it is odd to hear about a shifting issue like this that was not present in the video linked in the beginning of the article.
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    07-19-2017, 08:53 PM
    Two heavyweights battling it out here. Calvo's twin turbo Vipers have been covered before and you can see another one of their twin turbo Gen V Viper builds slugging it out with some fast cars in a previous article. This time an orange Gen V runs a C6 Corvette said to be a Z06 with a Procharger F1X blower on E85. The Viper is on C16 race gas which means it is capable of well over 1300+ whp. The specifications on the motors are not shared. Both cars are incredible fast and the Corvette puts up a hell of a fight with a centrifugal blower against a larger V10 motor with a pair of turbochargers. Ultimately though, the Viper is the winner. Great runs to see.
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    07-19-2017, 06:44 PM
    There is little respect on this site for the Lexus RC F as a serious performance car. Basically, any of the modern turbo sport sedans eat it for lunch. Not to mention that at just over 4000 pounds it is the heaviest vehicle in the segment. The ATS-V is turbocharged, lighter, and has more torque. It is the quicker and faster car although not by much. In this video the RC F gets the hit and the ATS-V catches up but can not pull away. That is somewhat embarrassing but the Caddy owner can throw on a tune and decimate the Lexus. The Lexus needs a blower and beyond that, well, simply to pray it doesn't run into anything serious. Still, sad the ATS-V is running at the back of the pack with the RC F.
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    07-21-2017, 10:21 PM
    The Lexus LC 500 is a good looking car but a performance vehicle it is not. Lexus apparently is aiming to change that with an upcoming LC F model. Considering how hard Lexus is pushing the 'F' brand an LC F halo car make a lot of sense. What will they do to make it perform though? The LC is heavy at over 4300 pounds. The naturally aspirated V8 under the hood should have been put out to pasture years ago. What exactly are they planning on doing if a Nissan GTR is the target? Apparently 600 horsepower is in the works but we would have to guess forced induction will be necessary at that point. The Japanese site that started this rumor is saying a supercharger will provide boost. Our take? If you want GTR performance, buy a GTR. The odds of Lexus shaving off enough weight and getting enough power with a supercharger to make this thing perform on a high level are slim. Maybe it will end up being a nice alternative to a Mercedes-AMG S63 Coupe or BMW M though. Source
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    07-21-2017, 09:21 PM
    There's no shame in not being able to afford a Porsche. This owner of this Toyota RAV4 decided to embrace the idea. In all honesty though, if you have the means to pick up a 911, the vehicle is highly recommended.
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  • subaru335i's Avatar
    Today, 12:48 PM
    The Moostang would have had to leave last week to bead that Viper lol. Stalk Seeled Coyoteh FTL.
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  • pr3ci5n335i's Avatar
    Today, 12:44 PM
    See ya! That mustang would've had to leave on one or two to have any chance.
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