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    Today, 08:01 AM
    The stock C218 CLS63 S with its 5.5 liter twin turbo M157 V8 is very stout despite the 4Matic system adding considerable weight. Having a ton of torque helps get it going and the ability to put that torque down even on street tires as this example did makes for a strong straightline performer. The F80 M3 is a much lighter car carrying roughly 1000 less pounds. The S55 motor when tuned is no slouch and this F80 has a PTF OTS Bootmod3 E30 tune. The rest of the mods are as follows: BM3 stage 2 OTS E30 map RK Tunes front mount intakes BMS Chargepipes Eurocharged Catless Downpipe MT Drag Radials The M3 is car number 39 and runs an 11.235 @ 124.58 compared to the CLS63 S with a 11.601 @ 121.90. A great result for a stock CLS63 S on street tires though and right where it should be. With a tune the CLS will regain the advantage. The M3 of course can upgrade its turbos. The CLS can do the same. It basically becomes a game of who spends more. The M3 certainly is doing well for bolt ons and showing what an efficient package it is. It ran a best of 11.197 @ 124.55:
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    Today, 06:22 AM
    This will not be easy to stop. The 911 R became an instant classic due to offering a manual transmission and some stripped out weight compared to the 991.1 GT3 and GT3 RS models. The market quickly saw 911 R's being flipped for tremendous profit. Some of those 911 R buyers are now upset that the new 991.2 GT3 is coming with a manual transmission. PorscheBoost speculated early last year that the 991.2 GT3 would put a dent in 911 R values. The people who are really upset are those who buy limited edition GT cars with the intention of flipping them for profit. Porsche is not fond of this and wants to end the practice: The head of the GT department is right and has the correct philosophy regarding the cars. However, this won't stop flipping. It just will prevent the same person from flipping limited models multiple times.
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    Today, 05:12 AM
    In case you did not believe it the new McLaren 720S is a rocket. This is one of the strongest production cars in the world and it is only threatened by the multi-million dollar hybrid supercars from Porsche, Ferrari, and McLaren's own P1. When you factor in the 720S is lighter than the hybrid supercars and cheaper, the case for it is only strengthened. It certainly is not giving up much performance wise either. The more traditional performance recipe offers numerous benefits in cost, complexity, and weight. McLaren announced the 4.0 liter M840T engine with claims of a 10.3 second 1/4 mile and a 0-200 kph (124 mph) sprint of 7.8 seconds. Autocar's numbers back up the claims: 0-60 mph: 2.9 sec 0-100 mph: 5.6 sec 0-120 mph: 7.4 sec 0-150 mph: 11.5 sec Quarter mile: 10.4 sec at 143.5 mph 1 km: 18.5 sec at 179.8 mph Track: 1:06.10 (quicker than P1) On drag rubber and on a properly prepped strip one can expect 9 second performance. Mid 9's should not be much of a problem and honestly with bolt ons even 8 second performance seems will within reason. This is a fast, fast car. It's light. It handles incredibly well. It looks amazing. What is not to like other than the price which actually is a bargain in the segment? McLaren is simply the performance champ and offers incredible enthusiast cars right now. They certainly don't rest on their laurels.
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    Today, 04:41 AM
    Monaco does not provide for the most spectacular racing on the Formula 1 schedule but the event due to the locale and people attending is a very big deal. Speaking of big deals, Ferrari is leading the constructor's championship and Sebastian Vettel is in first place in the driver standings. Mercedes is the juggernaut and defending champ but Ferrari is providing quite a challenge this season. The team was not able to find the podium as Bottas finished in fourth and Lewis Hamilton finished in seventh. Issues with tires and a poor qualifying session made it tough on Hamilton who simply could not make enough ground after starting thirteenth. To his credit he made it up to sixth place at one point on the tight circuit. It was Ferrari's day though with a 1-2 finish: The Canadian Grand Prix on June 11th is up next. Race highlights and standings below.
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    Today, 04:12 AM
    BMW did something similar back in 2010 when they paraded an i8 clad in camouflage around which had the words '' on it. The idea of course being that everyone would blog about it to generate hype. BMW is doing something similar here with an M8 and the 'Too Many Secrets' decals it is wearing. All aboard the hype train everyone. Ok, the M8 is officially confirmed. Certainly good news for enthusiasts. It will take over the void left by the M6 coupe when the F12/F13 ends production. The main question is, what motor will the car have? A revised S63TU powerplant from the upcoming F90 M5 makes the most sense. Compared to the N74B66 twin turbo powerplant out of the M760Li it is lighter and can sit further back in the chassis for better weight distribution. BMW never built an M8 but the E31 850csi was the closest thing. It did have an M engine at its heart, the all but forgotten S70B56. The precedent for a V12 is set and BMW may offer an M8 with a V8 and an M860 with a V12 which is the most logical way to do it. If BMW copies the F90 M5 drivetrain for the M8 that means all wheel drive will likely be standard with the same automatic gearbox. Talk about a heavy car. As for the styling, those who complained about the 8-Series Concept design can rest as ease as the production styling and proportions are different.
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