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  • andy_divers's Avatar
    Today, 03:56 PM
    After many months of testing and thousands of miles now logged on our first few kits its into full production mode. We are also proud to announce a much lower price of $5999 for our 62mm "Hot Side" kit. A few things allowed us to do this... better buying and pricing on larger quantity orders have brought cost down, but the biggest change is the intake. The original kit included a high temp resin carbon fiber intake. However, the producer of the intake was not reliable and after not being able to find a new outlet to produce them we made the decision to step away. The intake is now a 6061 aluminum mandrel bent intake with the K&N filter still located behind the left headlight. I really wanted the CF intake, but it looks to be a blessing. No longer including a CF intake paired with parts savings has dropped the kits' price almost $900 without sacrificing quality, fit, or performance. Keep an eye out as we add the AD Engineering Intercoolers and Catch Can over the next few weeks AD Engineering BMW N54 Single Turbo Kit ( 135i/335i ) $5,999.00 - $7,099.00 The AD Engineering BMW N54 Single Turbo Kit is now available for purchase. This kit starts with a ceramic coated sch10 stainless steel 6-2-1 tubular bottom mount manifold with T4 turbo flange and 44mm wastegate outlet. Attached to this high flowing manifold is a Tial MVR 44mm wastegate and Precision T4 CEA billet compressor turbocharger with a ceramic coated turbine housing for both heat barrier and corrosion resistance. Exhaust gas exits the turbine wheel into a 3" 304L stainless mandrel bent downpipe with interlocked flex coupler that merges into twin outlets allowing it to easily bolt to the factory or any aftermarket replacement exhaust system. Fresh air is fed to the billet compressor wheel via a 3" diameter 6061 aluminum intake after being filtered by a K&N high flow filter located behind the left headlight. Heat shielding is use on the intake tube to keep radiant heat from the turbo manifold from heating the air prior to reaching the compressor. The compressor outlet carries the charged air toward the intercooler where a 2.5" coupler is location at the OEM breakpoint allowing easy connection to an AD Engineering front mount intercooler or any other factory replacement intercooler you may already have. Additionally, the kit features a new left side utherane dampened engine mount to replace the weak OEM oil filled mount. The urethane mount provides a firm feel without the harsh vibrations of a solid mount. From the top, the kit appears to give the engine bay a stock look with only the air filter and heat shield being the only real visible changes. This Stainless steel heat shield is lined with a heat insulating weave protecting the valvecover, gasket, and wiring harness as well as keeping the underhood temperatures down. O-ring block fitting and one piece crimped line assure oil is fed and returned from the turbo leak free. O-ring fittings are also used to block off coolant holes in the block and a new aluminum coolant manifold is used to transfer coolant bwtween the waterpump and engine block. Key features: -Bottom mount design is both efficient and keeps heat away from temperature sensitive components -Precision turbocharger - highest power producing turbo per millimeter -All quality namebrand components -No cutting or need to relocate anything (i.e. coolant reservoir) -Downpipe outlet and compressor outlet are in stock locations so any stock or factory replacement exhaust and intercooler attach with no modifications needed -included urethane dampened engine mount (usually not included when comparing other kits) -all new gaskets, hardware, and hose to complete installation. No running to the auto parts store or dealership for the nickel/dime parts -detailed and illustrated install instructions Included in the base kit ( “Hot Side Kit” ) -AD Engineering Stainless Steel tubular manifold -Precision 6262 JB T4 Turbo -3" Stainless Steel Downpipe -Tial MVR Wastegate -1.75" Stainless Steel Dumptube -Turbo Hot Side Intercooler Charge Tube -3" 6061 Turbo Intake -K&N Air Filter -Stainless Steel and insulated Heat Shield -Urethane Engine Mount -Coolant Block Manifold and Pipe -Coolant Blockoff Plugs -Oil Drain Plug -Turbo Oil Feed Block Fitting and SS Braided Line -Turbo Oil Return Fitting and SS Braided Line -New OEM Exhaust Manifold Donuts, Studs, and copper nuts -All Necessary Couplers, Clamps, hoses, gaskets, and hardware Optional items: -Ball Bearing Turbo -PTE 6766 T4 turbo (JB or BB) -AD Engineering Intercooler (850HP or 1000hp) -Recirculated Wastegate Dumptube Note: Turbo kits are built to order and take 3-4 weeks to ship. Please call if you need quicker delivery. Carbon Fiber Intake is NO LONGER included
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Today, 05:34 PM
    Impressive power here out of a MKV Volkswagen GTI built by Eurohaus in Puerto Rico. The MKV GTI features the Unitronic Stage 3 turbo upgrade kit but we are not sure on what turbocharger is being used in this application as the specifications are not specified. Chances are though it is the larger Garrett GT35R that is an option on the Unitronic Stage 3 kit. Beyond that the Unitronic high output fuel system is used as well as an intake, full exhaust, and downpipes. We would love to get the full specs including the fuel used as well as any details on internal engine hardware changes but this definitely is impressive power from the 2.0 motor.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Today, 03:53 PM
    Seeing pictures of a high end car like Porsche 991 GT3 wearing HRE wheels is nothing new. Seeing that same GT3 wearing five different sets of HRE's? Well, that makes for a very cool comparison seeing how the different styles and finishes contrast on the Sapphire Blue GT3. Here are the designs shown in the first image: 21" S101 in Satin Gold, 21" P103 in Frozen Green, 21" Vintage 501 in Gloss White, 21" RS102 in Polished Clear and 21" RS103 in Brushed Gold. On the car, 20" P106 in Brushed Titanium. Now, we get to see all of these except the white vintage 501's. A bit of a bummer but check take a look at the other wheels. Which is your favorite? It's not an easy decision.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Today, 04:34 PM
    Jon Olsson has a knack for modding cars. It helps when you have a bunch of money from professional skiing as well no doubt. Regardless, his vehicles are some of the most unique and well executed this network has seen. Take a look at his custom C7 RS6 below if you need further proof. Immediately apparent are the styling changes. Carbon fiber abounds from the front diffuser, to the fenders, to the rear diffuser, to the wing, etc. To pull something like this off it really needs to be done on a black car. He does a good job tying in red accents from tire lettering with the red lights, graphics, and diffuser highlights. His trademark top mounted container for his skis of course is included. Another interesting tidbit is the claim that this RS6 is putting out 900+ horsepower courtesy of a pair of upgraded turbos from The Turbo Engineers Germany. The Turbo Engineers have shown teasers of their upgrade but not much else. Give us a dynograph or proof of the output or it's just a bunch of hype and talk. Regardless, this is one of the baddest wagons on the planet. Hard to hate, isn't it?
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Today, 03:01 PM
    Here it is a few days early, the new McLaren 570S. The styling is what we expected with P1 design elements incorporated with the most obvious being the rear lights. Under the hood is the McLaren M838T twin turbo 3.8 liter V8 engine but in slightly detuned form from the 650S/MP4-12C. How is it detuned? Well, they achieve 562 horsepower by giving the motor different turbochargers than the MP4-12C/650S. That means the 570S will likely not show the same gains solely from tunes. So McLaren changed the turbos to keep the 570S from beating up on the 650S. Which it certainly could do considering its estimated 3000 pounds curb weight. That is likely optimistic but the car is a bit smaller and a bit lighter. It is everything you love about the 650S but in a lighter package with a fresher design. It uses a variant of the carbon tub, the same dual clutch transmission, the same motor, adaptive dampers, etc. As the vehicle is part of the 'Sports Series' range it is designed for everyday driving. It actually offers more cargo space than its big brothers. The carbon ceramic brakes and 19f/20r inch wheels wrapped in Pirelli Pzero Corsa ensure this car is ready for track duty should the need arise. So, it's a lighter, fresher, smaller 650S and it is only missing a bit of power and active aerodynamics (the air brake). Depending on pricing McLaren may have hit a home run here. Considering MP4-12C's are in the $180k and under range used this car will need be priced somewhat competitively. Perhaps expecting a price under $200k is a bit optimistic though. If it is priced aggressively though, who needs a 911 Turbo or S when this exists?
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Today, 05:10 PM
    This is now the top of the line at Cadillac. It is somewhat tough to position it against its European rivals as it is not exactly an S-Class or 7-Series but appears to be trying more for the CLS and 6-Series Gran Coupe demographic. Regardless, it's not quite as big and heavy as you might think. Why is that? Because of the aluminum and steel structure Cadillac built for the car. They felt the mix was necessary for safety at this level but the chassis is still very light. The CT6 actually weighs less than the current mid-size CTS. By only 55 pounds or so, but still, significant for a car in this class. More details will come after the official reveal this week but the design is certainly modern although the sort of teardrop LED light design element in the front may be a bit too edgy for some. 3.6 liter naturally aspirated V6 and 400 horsepower 3.0 liter twin turbo V6 powerplants are expected to begin with V8's eventually coming down the pipeline. Is Cadillac on to something here?
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Today, 06:11 PM
    We have already seen over 600 wheel horsepower from the Pure Turbos Stage 2 BMW S55 engine turbo upgrades. That 632 rear wheel horsepower figure they hit was not on pump gas but on race gas. So what can one expect with the Pure Turbos Stage 2 on an F80 M3 or F82 M4 with pump gas? Well thanks to BMS we have the answer to that question. BMS used their F80 M3 for testing and compared the results to the stock turbos. The BMS M3 with a JB4 tune on the stock turbos put down 479 RWHP on pump gas. The number goes to 518 with the Pure Turbos Stage 2 turbochargers. Now 91 octane pump fuel in California is not exactly boost or tuner friendly. To see the most of this upgrade on 91 octane pump one will need to utilize methanol injection. The result with methanol injection is 579 wheel horsepower and a gain of 62 lb-ft of torque at the wheels over straight 91: Of course people will also mention ethanol but E85 is not a reality for everyone. Not to mention this is still early in S55 tuning and we all know how many fueling issues there have been with direct injected turbocharged BMW motors and ethanol. For those who do have E85 available at the pump it should be looked into if they intend to tune the S55. For those on 91 octane pump though, these 91 + meth injection results are promising.
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  • bigb00st's Avatar
    Today, 11:28 AM
    Your first post and this is what you say? Sounds like Sticky already neg ripped you into oblivion once and you have re-registered. Could be wrong, just saying.
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  • MSIZZLE's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:27 PM
    The Nismo is a "HUGE LUMP of straight line lard" How so? Its one of the top 4 production cars on the planet when tested on just about any track!! It doing that while weighing so much is an engineering accomplishment not a failure, shedding weight cost way more money that making hp, if nissan could build this car for another 50k and it weighed 3-500lb less, the rest of the car world would be in for some trouble
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