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    08-15-2017, 11:43 AM
    BoostAddict reported what was going on behind the scenes with Dime Racing. It seems people have not been paying attention or simply dismissed the reports. Remember when Dime Racing was taken to court by Weistec? BoostAddict posted the entire complaint with further details. The court case was not the only warning sign. Dime was caught on social media calling Weistec performance results their own. Furthermore, they used a Weistec dynograph on a Mercedes forum to promote their products. Those involved with Dime used to be involved with Weistec. This is exactly what was posted to inform people: 1. Steve Atneyel is no longer with Weistec Engineering. 2. Murad Shuqom/Rod Shegem is not involved with Weistec Engineering. 3. Steve Atneyel is a convicted felon. 4. The two individuals named above are involved with Dime Consulting. 5. Dime Consulting has contacted various BenzBoost vendors and attempted to sell products (likely Weistec products) and get money through backchannels. 6. Steve Atneyel and Murad Shuqom allegedly funneled large sums of money from Weistec. 7. Parts were ordered outside the normal Weistec accounting channels. 8. The full complaint against these individuals and Dime Consulting is outlined below. Why would you bring your car to a convicted felon in the first place? Why wouldn't you do a simple google search to see the evidence and allegations against Rod Shegem: How about a quick search revealing ? Furthermore, BoostAddict can say that before all of this went south Rod made a request to scrub his name from this website. It was odd, but at the time there were no red flags so his name was edited out of early Weistec articles. Hey, BoostAddict reported what nobody else did and did its job. So what you see in the video below should not surprise you. Long story short, Dime Racing made promises to this Huracan owner they could not deliver. Originally, the owner wanted go with VF-Engineering and in hindsight he should have. Things started to unravel quickly: It's your classic delay strategy. Take the money stall, and hope someone else comes in with more money to keep funding operations. Feels like a Ponzi scheme, doesn't it? The problem is Dime has people on social media and on forums (a certain Mercedes forum is complicit in deleting complaints and having moderators help cover up issues which could have warned people) constantly pushing their products. Notice they stay away from this forum though? Maybe that's because I have met all of these people since before this all started and know what happened throughout the saga? This guy learned a lesson the hard way. It sucks. At least he owned up to it and posted his story. BoostAddict does not believe Dime Racing will be able to continue to fund operations for all that much longer if what we hear behind the scenes is true. Then again, Rod Shegem isn't in jail for all his money laundering so who knows if they will continue to weasel their way through keeping the lights on. in an odd way is thrilled its reporting is confirmed as 100% accurate. Some people in this industry still care about their credibility.
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    08-02-2017, 05:22 PM
    Dear lord that is a ton of power from a completely stock car! 698 wheel horsepower to be accurate so not exactly 700 to the tires but close enough. This level of power certainly explains the test numbers we are seeing as well as the real world performance. The torque curve drops a bit in the higher rpm range. Peak power comes at roughly 6500 rpm. The previous generation McLaren M838T sure revved out a bit more and made its peak power further up in the rpm band. If you would like to compare this graph to stock and tuned McLaren 570S, 650S, and 675LT M838T models check out this article from last year. What else is there to say? The 720S is significantly stronger than a tuned 675LT. The car is an absolute beast.
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    07-27-2017, 08:21 PM
    The Schrick N54 cams should seem to be a good match in high output N54's. You may recall that early this month VTT (Vargas Turbo Tech) made over 900 lb-ft of torque at the wheels along with 830 wheel horsepower utilizing these Schrick camshafts. Cam tuning is still evolving. As is the tuning in general on this E90 335i. Strong numbers though, right? No torque figures are shared and neither is the full graph but it gives you an idea of what is going on at 30 psi. The graph is said to be in STD correction. Motiv teased they could take it up to 40 psi. BimmerBoost would love to see it! This is flash only tuning too. The significance of course is that it is done on the factory DME. BimmerBoost e-mailed and messaged @CKI@Motiv for further details but they seem to be keeping specifications quiet for now. The car is being prepped for an event and more details will come. So, are we going to see that 9XX N54 this year? The odds are pretty good.
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    08-09-2017, 09:12 AM
    BimmerBoost wishes this was an isolated incident but it isn't. As a matter of fact, years ago Spec Clutch was a vendor on BimmerBoost. What happened? Well, horror stories about trying to get Spec to honor their warranty as well as poor customer service kept popping up. Nothing seems to have changed. Australian BimmerBoost member @martymil has this story to share: Well, what is he supposed to do? Spec is ignoring him. Some customer service, eh? The Australian vendor involved will reimburse him but it isn't that vendors fault. Spec should be handling their warranty claim. Why does Spec keep getting business when these stories keep popping up? This is nothing new. Feel free to search the forum for plenty of Spec issues. It's beyond time they were held accountable.
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    07-24-2017, 05:50 PM
    Many European BimmerBoost members feel slighted as they do not have as many turbocharger options as US members. Well, in comes Lynx to the rescue as they are a European based N54 turbo option operating out of Switzerland. The Lynx turbochargers are available in two options: RT-650 and RT-750. As implied in the name, the 650 supports up to 650 horsepower and 750 up to 750 horsepower. Simple, right? Let's look at the design. The turbochargers feature cast manifolds and housings. The manifold diameter is larger than the hybrid options on the market as is the A/R of the turbine housing. High performance bearings are utilized. So what are the compressor wheels? RT-650 utilizes the TD04L-16T and the RT-750 the TD04HL-19T. The air intake is 2.0 inches in diameter compared to 1.75 inche for stock. You will need to upgrade pipes to accommodate the larger diameter. The turbine features 9 blades. Lynx states this makes it lighter than 11 blade setups as well as offering higher theoretical flow. Ok, so what is the pricing? Here you go: To order, go here: Further questions can be answered by @Donvittorio on the forum. BimmerBoost looks forward to seeing results from members trying out this option.
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    08-03-2017, 07:11 PM
    You may have heard of BPM Sport and the owner Mike Benvo. For those unfamiliar, BPM is a BMW coding company. While they sell tunes Mike Benvo is not a tuner. This became glaringly obvious in a recent discussion (since deleted) where he attempted to warn people about unsafe tuning practices. We will not delve too far into BPM's or Mike Benvo's background but suffice it so say there are those who believe he simply reads out files from other tuners (some would call this theft) and flashes factory BMW software at a premium. For example, BMW E92 M3 GTS DCT software which you can get for free right in the BimmerBoost file section. Character issues and reputation aside you do not go from coding BMW's to being a tuner overnight, if ever. That is the problem here. Benvo goes on the forums to 'warn' people about another tuner and their unsafe tuning practices. Read here: On the surface or to the untrained eye, this seems reasonable. How is your average forum reader supposed to know anything is off there? Most users browsing aren't tuners or experts on the platform and the various tables that can be modified. Benvo claims the 'minimum timing map' is set incredibly unsafe and this well respected yet unnamed tuner is putting people's motors at risk. Your average reader will not think about the issue beyond what is presented and accept what is written as the truth because there is no way for them to know otherwise. This tactic is used by people who will then leak the name of the supposed other tuning company and someone will post that name in the thread. The damage is then done. BPM comes off looking like a hero and the well respected tuner is no longer well respected. Fanboys will then parrot this disinformation for all eternity. Things did not go as planned, however. Experienced tuners immediately saw that Benvo did not even know what table he was modifying or referencing: So after that all that spiel from BPM about unsafe tuning practices they do not even know the table they are modifying is actually the ignition offset for combustion pressure limitation. Obviously, not the minimum ignition table. You would think a tuner would know where, how, and why to modify the ignition. Multiple tuners e-mailed BimmerBoost these screenshots because anyone who knows anything on the platform saw right through it. Benvo doesn't even try to defend it. He knows instantly he looks like a fool. You can not 'agree to disagree' about what table is what. Tables are not open to interpretation: Here is what Benvo thought he was modifying and how it actually looks: This was all quickly deleted and rumor has it BPM sent some not so nice text messages about the topic. It is all here for you to see for yourself as coders masquerading as tuners should not be protected. They should be exposed. It also shows the nastier side of the tuning business when businesses use threads as warfare against their competition. Would you want someone giving advice on tuning and unsafe tuning practices when they themselves have no idea what they are doing? Obviously not. Which is also why we need more discussions like this one and forums willing to host them.
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    07-29-2017, 07:11 PM
    889 rear wheel horsepower definitely is a ton of power. It also puts the N54 on the verge of breaking into that 9XX range people are eagerly anticipating. It likely also is no coincidence this pull comes hot on the heels of Motiv posting an 869 wheel run saying they have much more left in it. Now, the graph here is not the prettiest. The Motiv power curve is much cleaner (although they did not show a torque curve): As for the specs EMP Tuning has yet to respond (forgivable as it is the weekend) but it is a Doc Race single turbo kit. Boost is around 38 psi and the car is on the factory cams. Motiv's built motor setup with Schrick cams is definitely more efficient. More info to come but clearly there are a few N54's vying for that top spot at the moment. 9XX and more will come shortly.
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    08-15-2017, 09:36 AM
    This is a hell of a build. It is also how the BMW E82 1M should have come from the factory. You know, with an actual M motor? BimmerBoost posted an article back in 2010 about 10 reasons why the 1M is not a real M car and does not deserve the M badge. This 1M clone is more of a real M car than the actual 1M ever will be. Let's not reignite the M purist debate all over again though and just focus on this masterpiece. At the heart sits a BMW S65 V8 in place of the N54. There are advantages here for the S65 as for one it sits further back for better weight distribution due to being shorter in length and the S65 is fairly light. With all the plumbing removed from the nose it would be interesting to see what the weight distribution of the 1M now is. If the S65 V8 was not enough it is stroked to 4.6 liters by Dinan. You can read all about the Dinan stroker motor in a past article comparing it to the RD Sport S65 Stroker motor. This in itself is already impressive but Performance Technic paired the V8 to a DCT transmission. As you recall, the E82 1M came from the factory solely with a manual transmission. E92 M3 GTS DCT transmission software is included. The bodywork is all from the BMW factory to create this authentic clone. It wears 275 tires at all four corners. The final touch is M Performance Sport Seats for the interior as well as the E92 M3 gauge cluster of course. Ironically, this 1M clone is more of a real M car than the actual 1M. This is how BMW should have capped off the naturally aspirated M era. With a bang instead of a whimper. Simply brilliant!
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    08-20-2017, 02:22 PM
    This network of websites never shies away from reporting what is truly going on in the aftermarket industry. It is a very dirty industry with many people ripping each other off and stabbing each other in the back for profit. That is no surprise to anyone. It is also no surprise to receive legal threats when reporting something certain companies do not want you to see. Legal threats from ESS-Tuning in particular are nothing new. They did this back in 2011 when BimmerBoost shared photos of a blown motor. Absjorn Bohn who is the owner stated he would take pleasure in hurting me and in addition hurting my family: Classy guy, right? Nothing ever came of that threat or any legal threat from anyone because if you tell the truth you have nothing to fear. This latest action is in response to the article BoostAddict posted regarding ESS-Tuning copying the VF-Engineering 5.2 liter Audi/Lamborghini V10 supercharger design. BoostAddict of course has made VF-Engineering aware of this threat. Amusingly, ESS-Tuning contacted BoostAddict in the beginning of this year hoping to, well, likely keep such a story from ever appearing: Let me make it crystal clear. I will not be bullied, threatened, intimidated, or otherwise kept from doing my job as a free and open press is a cornerstone of American values. I will continue to report any dealings that are illegal, dishonest, or just downright theft along with the usual array of positive automotive news. I will not take part in sweeping anything under the rug so that someone can make money at someone else's expense. If ESS wishes to press the matter is more than happy to revel in the additional attention and traffic generated. The article stays. Period.
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    08-11-2017, 09:30 AM
    Remember all of those stories BimmerBoost wrote about BMW dealers charging absurd markups on the BMW F82 M4 GTS? Santa Maria BMW for example was asking $245k for a GTS. Yes, seriously, $245,815.00 thanks to a $110k markup. It made the $60k over sticker Sterling BMW in Newport Beach, California asked for seem like a value. What does a new M4 GTS go for these days? Well, Encinitas BMW in California is not marking their M4 GTS up but knocking $10k off the MSRP just to finally move it off the floor: It is amusing how California dealers went from artificially inflating the M4 GTS market to now desperately trying to clear out the remaining cars. BimmerBoost was told this car has been sitting for quite a while. What happened to the market? Well, BMW produced more of the 'limited edition' cars than they said they would (never trust BMW's marketing department) and it just is not as good of a performer as it should be for the money. Oh well, congrats to the dealers that were able to get people to pay markup.
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    08-17-2017, 01:43 PM
    This BMW E89 Z4 35i is a bolt on N54 model tuned by BQ Tuning. It features a Cobb Protune, Afe filters, MMP inlets, MMP outlets, Wagner Evo 2 intercooler, VRSF catless downpipes, 200 cell sport cats, and was on a mix of E45. Apparently the car suffered a bit of a boost leak but it is hard to tell based on the performance. The first race features some N54 on N54 action as the Z4 runs a 1M. It is not much a contest. The DCT plays a big role but the difference between the cars is large. Race 2 is against a 335 wagon. Also easily dispatched. Up next is a Shelby GT500 Mustang. This is the first good run of the bunch as they go neck and neck with the Mustang opening a slight lead early on. The Z4 closes the gap and edges. Impressive! A JB4 tuned M135i runs next. It hangs in there for a bit but ultimately is pulled up top. An E60 M5 with unknown mods tries its luck next. The S85 V10 is known for its top end pull but the Z4 dispatches it easily. A great run for context. An Audi RS6 sedan tries its luck next. This is the C6 generation RS6 with a twin turbo V10 motor. It is tuned by MTM and pulls as it should but the Z4 actually does an incredible job against it. Maybe time to upgrade those N54 turbos? The final run is against an F10 M5. It looks stock based on the result as the Z4 pulls it. This E89 is running very well. Impressive stock turbo N54 performance.
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    07-26-2017, 08:00 PM
    VAG (Volkswagen Auto Group) is doing a fantastic job incorporating dual injection systems in performance cars. The Lamborghini Huracan and Audi R8 5.2 liter V10 for example feature both port and direct fuel injection systems. The same can be said for the new W12 Bentley motor. Well, the new 400 horsepower Audi 2.5 TFSI I5 also features a dual fuel injection system: This is great news for those who want to tune the MKIII Audi TT-RS and the upcoming Audi RS3 sedan. Motors featuring direct injection only run into fuel system issues pretty quickly when increasing power. Especially if using ethanol as fuel. What do most people do when they encounter fuel system limitations? They add injectors. In this case, Audi already did the work for you. The ECU will likely pose a problem but tuners will have it cracked quickly and once they do, the sky is the limit with the incredible 2.5 TFSI.
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    08-09-2017, 01:42 AM
    A street race for $100 (that's it?) was set up between these two rear wheel drive sedans. The Cadillac of course being the larger and heavier sedan carrying a penalty of about 700 pounds on the lighter and nimbler BMW F80 M3. The Cadllac's LSA 6.2 liter V8 is supercharged whereas the M3 features a twin turbocharged 3.0 liter S55 I6. What are the modifications? Both are said to be bolt on cars which could mean any number of things. The M3 is on race gas and also looks to have methanol injection. The bottom line? It is a driver's race between the two. They are that close.
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    07-27-2017, 03:52 PM
    C6 Z06's are tough to take down, no doubt about it. This is a bolt on example and of course the Chevy fanboys would love for us to point out that the LS7 really wakes up with a big cam and some headwork. That is true. It is also true the N54 gets a lot stronger with a hybrid turbo upgrade. The upgrade is not named but we leave it up to those in the comments to share the details. The N54 is stated to be full bolt on but what fuel it is running is omitted. The bike is a Buell 1125CR with unknown mods. It really doesn't matter as it just keeps doing wheelies instead of keeping up with the other two. When the bike does actually put the power down, it pulls on a couple runs. Overall the N54 is the quicker car. A very solid 335i sedan here.
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    08-10-2017, 12:51 AM
    Mercedes-AMG is going to squeeze another model in between the 43 and 63 AMG vehicles. The upcoming 53 AMG's are expected to utilize a variant of the M256 turbocharged inline-6 engine architecture. This is a new modular engine family. The E53 AMG coupe for example is expected to make about 430 horsepower. It should also make for an interesting tuning platform unless AMG goes out of their way to lock tuners out. It will also be interesting to note what role the electric compressor plays and if it will be possible to overspin it. Engine M 256 M 276 No. of cylinders/arrangement 6/in-line 6/V Displacement per cylinder cc 500 499 Displacement cc 2999 2996 Cylinder spacing mm 90 106 Bore mm 83 88 Stroke mm 92.4 82.1 Bore/stroke 1.11 0.93 Connecting rod length mm 140.5 148.5 Rated output kW/hp over 300/408 245/333 Peak torque Nm over 500 480 Compression ratio 1: 10.5 10.5
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    08-14-2017, 09:21 AM
    This Porsche 991.1 Turbo S should be well known to avid BoostAddict readers as it belongs to @sdg1871. He pushes the 991.1 Turbo platform hard and his car is quite simply a beast. It features the 68mm Champion Motorsports VTG turbochargers. Additionally, GIAC Stage IV tuning makes it all work. In addition the Turbo has Champion Motorsports intercoolers, a Tubi race exhaust, and ran on Sunoco GT 260 Plus fuel. @sdg1871 only provides one camera angle (get another GoPro!) facing to the rear but that is all he needs. Let's start with a modified GTO. The owner should modify it a bit more: Next up is a C6 Corvette with unknown mods that puts up a pretty good fight. A Porsche 996 Turbo tries its luck but just not have the top end to compete: A bolt on F10 M5 is next. There are some very strong bolt on F10's out there but this does not appear to be one of them. How about tuned F13 M6? Nope, fares worse than the M5: A Cobb tuned Porsche 991.1 Turbo S is the final run. It gives a good idea as to how a bolt on 991.1 Turbo compares to a 991.1 Turbo with a turbocharger upgrade: How about some runs against stiffer competition @sdg1871? Maybe some of those McLarens we see in the background?
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    08-03-2017, 05:42 PM
    This is the same car that you recently saw pull what is said to be a C6 Z06 with a cam upgrade. It also was involved in a controversial video against another hybrid N54. Well, the timeslip provides context on the car and its performance. This is clearly a well dialed-in hybrid 335i: - Pure Turbos Stage 2 - FBO - E30 blend - JB4 - Stock HPFP - Custom flash - Stock motor - Stock AT This was achieved with roughly 27-28 psi. The owner states he intends to go to the track seeking a 10 second slip but that will likely have to wait for conditions to cool in California. It seems a lot of hybrid N54's are bunched up around that 11 second and 130 mark.
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    08-02-2017, 01:50 PM
    Carwow decided to do a comparison between this trio and fortunately they did a drag race and a rolling race. It seems some people are getting it through their heads that a dig on street tires does not always display which car is actually the fastest. Carwow previously compared this same C63 to a BMW F80 M3 ZCP and an Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. The Alfa Romeo was the champion with the C63 bringing up the rear. Interestingly, a 0-150 comparison of the same three cars by Drivetribe had the C63 S come out on top. So how does the new twin turbo V6 Audi RS5 do against its German rivals? Off the line, it crushes the rear wheel drive M3 and C63. The Mercedes starts to reel in the RS5 but there simply isn't enough room for it to catch the Audi. The M4 brings up the rear. Based on that result the C63 should be the roll champion and the question mark will be the M4 against the RS5. For some reason, the Audi driver isn't in the right gear and waits for the car to kickdown on its own. Why? The Mercedes is gone by the time the Audi gets in the right gear. The M4 leaves it too. What is the point of doing a rolling comparison just to screw it up? Unbelievably stupid.
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    08-14-2017, 10:25 AM
    Did you know the BMW F80 M3 and F82 M4 come from the factory with a carbon fiber driveshaft? Well, if not, now you do. The only problem is BMW will ditch the lightweight carbon fiber driveshaft for a conventional steel unit later this year for the upcoming 2018 cars. Why? There is not enough space for the larger diameter carbon shaft and the necessary petrol particulate filter which is necessary to meet emissions standards. Sounds like it will be a tight fit even with the thinner steel shaft. Stronger aftermarket S55 carbon driveshafts will likely pose an installation problem. Munich. From November 2017 onwards, the CFRP driveshaft in the BMW M3 Sedan, BMW M4 Coupe and BMW M4 Convertible high-performance sports cars (fuel consumption combined: 9.5 8.3 l/100 km , CO2 emissions combined: 218 194 g/km) will be gradually replaced by an M specific high-performance driveshaft made of steel. This measure will create the necessary technical basis for meeting future statutory emissions requirements. At a later point in time, a petrol particulate filter (PPF) will be incorporated into the existing installation space in these models in major markets. The newly developed steel driveshaft has been designed to ensure the superlative performance and handling qualities of the BMW M3/M4 high-performance sports cars remain unaffected. For production-related reasons, this pre-enabling needs to be carried out universally for the BMW M3 Sedan, BMW M4 Coupe and BMW M4 Convertible. This measure does not apply to the BMW M4 CS and BMW M4 GTS special-edition models. Now in their fifth generation, the BMW M3 Sedan, BMW M4 Coupe and BMW M4 Convertible represent the epitome of the high-performance sports car that can be used without compromise every day. Customer deliveries of the successful current generation of models have now topped 68,000.
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    08-15-2017, 10:30 AM
    You know the Porsche 991.1 Turbo S in this video from the other day when owner @sdg1871 posted a video of his car destroying everything he raced. The Champion Motorsports 68mm VTG turbo upgraded Porsche with GIAC Stage IV tuning is a beast. If it is a beast what do you call the UGR Huracan that makes it look like it is standing still in the video below? The acceleration is so incredibly fast the video almost looks fake. Mother of...
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    08-02-2017, 04:22 PM
    Why do this? Wraps are popular because you do not need to paint the car to change the color. If you get sick of it, you can take the wrap off. People do various colors and styles but this M4 owner decided to go with a camo theme. Why? The white portions just kind of make the car look like a cow. Is it different? Sure. Does it look good? Well, we leave that up to you. Let's just say it is a good thing it isn't permanent.
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    08-02-2017, 04:41 PM
    These are the most revealing pictures yet of the upcoming mid-engine Corvette. That is not saying much though as GM is doing a very good job keeping the design covered. Even the test drivers scrambled to cover the car as they noticed they were being photographed. The last time we saw it was when the C8 was doing some winter testing with a C7 ZR1. These photos show off a bit more of the shape but what the actual end design will be is anyone's guess. The rumor floating around is that the car will be dual clutch only. If paired with the rumored DOHC naturally aspirated V8 GM is said to be developing this car will offer a very unique driving experience in the modern automotive performance market.
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    08-20-2017, 01:43 PM
    High power all wheel drive N54's or 335xi are not too common. The reason being is the torque puts tremendous stress on the drivetrain. This owner is making just over 600 horsepower to all four tires and his solution to keep it together is to simply not launch it. That is one way to go about it. BimmerBoost requested a higher resolution graph from Pure Turbos. It would be nice to see the torque curve as well. This habit of posting low resolution graphs with little information needs to stop. Regardless, a very impressive 335xi. 600whp on 27-28 psi - PureTurbos stage 2 - Full E85 - Upgraded PI & stg3 lpfp - FBO - MHD tuned
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    07-26-2017, 08:12 PM
    Some interesting exhaust testing here from Soul Performance Products showing the difference between HJS HD 200 cell sport catalytic converters with the PSE, cat bypass pipes with PSE, and their full three inch trackback exhaust. The testing took place at AWE-Tuning with their Mustang dynamometer. AWE-Tuning adjust their Mustang to read like a Dynojet so ignore the peak figures. Focus on the delta between the runs. Let's start with the sport cats with the factory PSE: Solid gains throughout the curve with just a catalytic converter change. Next up are cat bypass pipes: Slightly more torque and a top end power gain but really not enough to warrant going catless over catted. That is, unless you want more sound and to spend less money. Next up is a full straight pipe three inch Soul Performance Product exhaust: There is definitely power and torque to pick up in the exhaust if getting rid of the factory cats. Whether that be for sport cats or straight pipes is up to you.
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    07-29-2017, 07:51 PM
    The McLaren 675LT is a rocket. Independent dragstrip runs show it trapping over 137 miles per hour with an elapsed time of 10.2X seconds. The new McLaren 720S makes that level of performance look slow in comparison. The video below shows both cars going at it on the autobahn in Germany but the drivers fail to line up evenly time and time again. This is partially due to traffic as well as just poor effort. At the 2:45 minute mark they finally get a solid run in. What happens? The 720S decimates the 675LT. Quite simply, it puts bus lengths on it. It is so fast in comparison it is almost hard to believe. The bottom line? If you run into a 720S, hide:
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    08-19-2017, 03:21 PM
    BPC (Bimmer Performance Center) tunes a variety of BMW's and their N55 work is particularly impressive. Just look at the results here with 100% E85 ethanol fueling thanks to port fuel injection and a Pure Turbos Stage II upgrade on a stock internal N55. Stock internal N55 -BPC custom Backend flash -JB4 -Fuel it port injection & upgraded pump -Upgraded intercooler & charge pipes -Pure Stage II turbo -100% e85 551rwhp & 518rwtq SAE or 562rwhp 529rwtq STD That is quite simply excellent power from the N55 with a hybrid upgrade and fueling upgrades not to mention a massive jump over the baseline. The Pure Stage II N55 turbocharger is simply showing excellent results.
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    08-05-2017, 05:51 PM
    It certainly looks like BMW is going to offer an M2 CS and a hardcore M2 CSL. The resurrection of the CSL moniker is a great thing not to mention it leaves the GTS badge for the M4. This information comes from BimmerBoost vendor Evolve Automotive who placed a deposit down for the M2 CSL with a UK dealer. As a reminder, an M2 CS or CSL was spotted testing on the Nurburgring recently and the CSL is expected to have a variant of the S55 powerplant from the F80 M3 and F82 M4. It looks like the CSL is a go. Thank goodness!
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    07-24-2017, 08:50 PM
    You should be familiar with this F80 M3 as it holds the stock internal S55 platform 1/4 mile record. A very potent F80 as it runs 10.1 @ 139 in the 1/4 mile courtesy of its Pure Turbos Stage 2 upgrade. Stout but then again so is the competition it is facing in this video. There are a pair of Z06's in the video. The C7 is obviously blown from the factory and it features bolt ons. The C6 Z06 has an unnamed aftermarket blower. Both are said to be around 700 whp. The C6 pulls the C7 nicely. The next run after the Corvettes is the ZL1 LSA said to be around 700 whp. Well, the F80 M3 handles it without a problem. Next up is the C6 Z06. The M3 gets on the throttle quickly and it opens up a lead which is held. It looks like the C6 Z06 may have hit the limiter. They go again from a higher speed roll and it is a better run but the M3 still pulls and wins. This F80 is running very, very well. F80M3 Mods list: - Pureturbos Stage 2 - Precision Tuning Motorsports BEF - Burger Motorsports JB4 - FBO - DDS clutch pack - FULL WEIGHT - Race Fuel - Stock motor - Stock Fuel systems
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    08-18-2017, 01:42 PM
    You have no doubt seen huge claims from certain tuners on the S63TU twin turbo 4.4 liter V8. Remember when TNT Racewerks posted a graph (or part of one) showing over 800 horsepower at the wheels from an F10 M5 on the factory S63TU turbochargers? That car was later shown smoking badly during a race and we have not heard anything about it since. The truth is, many tuners are showing numbers from the F10 M5 and F13 M6 that are not realistic. They may hit an impressive peak figure on the dyno but in the real world the turbos and engine will not last or perform as expected based on the dyno run. Here is what realistic, real world tuned S63TU figures look like. F10 M5 Red is stock Blue is 20psi 91 octane DP and Intake only Green is 24psi 110 octane DP and Intake only No Meth and stock exhaust system flash tune with no piggyback 724 wheel horsepower on race gas with downpipes and an intake. The car holds the torque fairly well toward redline. This is well tuned example done by Gintani. Gintani doesn't want to push it further. Why? Because at this point the factory rods become a concern. That is something our friends at Bimmer Performance Center who take apart and build these motors concur with. You will see tuners out there posting higher peak numbers than this. The problem is you will often not see the whole graph and furthermore they are doing nothing more than flashing files they play with from B&C Consulting. People buy their flashing kits and call themselves tuners: You would be surprised how many tuners are simply using the B&C tools and flashing their files or modifying their files to flash. You and I could become tuners overnight by buying these tools and flashing the same files. Do we really know what we are doing though? Are we really tuners? Be careful when a tuner promises numbers nobody else is hitting or even approaching.
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    07-23-2017, 08:33 PM
    Tuning for the 991.2 generation Porsche 911 9A2 3.0 models is not coming easily. The ECU is posing problems and only GIAC is doing any sort of flash tuning at the moment. They require removing the ecu and they also have a price point of $2500. With limited flash tuning options piggybacks have a place in the market at least early on. DTE Systems in Germany offers a tuning box with the following claims: A 991.2 Carrera owner in Bangkok tested the DTE box out. His car has the full Fabspeed exhaust including headers as well as sport cats and an IPD plenum so it will make more power and torque than stock. The dyno type is a Dynocom which in our experience reads slightly higher than a Dynojet: Apologies for the tiny graph but in the top performance mode the DTE box picks up 33 wheel horsepower and 44 lb-ft of torque at the wheels. Modest gains but close enough to the claims by DTE. BoostAddict has a VR Tuning Box for the Project 991.2 Carrera that has yet to be installed. It is a different hardware unit than the DTE box without selectable modes. Vivid Racing also claims greater gains. Expect dyno testing in the next few weeks. Note: Ignore the Carrera S badging in the dyno video. The owner added it along with the exhaust tips to make it look like an S.
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