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    05-25-2016, 10:22 AM
    In the N54 world there are three transmissions mated to the motor as sold by BMW. There is a manual 6-speed, dual clutch transmission, and an automatic from ZF (ZF Friedrichshafen AG) which has six speeds and has the model name 6HP21. High power N54's have thus far been relegated to the manual transmission as the clutch can easily be upgraded. The dual clutch transmission is in far less N54 powered cars and although upgrades are available the amount of DCT guys pushing big power with a huge single turbo for example is relatively small at least as it pertains to N54 motors. The odd man out has been the automatic yet it is numerically the option with the most cars on the road. Why? Why has the automatic been so tough to upgrade? Well, there are a few reasons. For one, nobody has (until now) cracked the TCU or transmission control unit. Additionally, even if you have software control of the transmission there really are not any serious material upgrades that can hold big torque from say a big turbo kit. Oh, sure, people will point to Level 10 transmission upgrades but the reality is Level 10 is only an option to replace factory parts and get a broken transmission working again. They have never demonstrated an ability to hold the kind of power the manuals hold. That is where Propulsive Dynamics comes in. Their proprietary G3 material works in concert with Kolene Steels, a proprietary patent-pend bi-metallic bushing alloy and increased surface area in the holding clutches, to result in an increase in holding capacity of 30.4%. This friction increase is not some number pulled out of thin air but a result of SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) testing. Pretty awesome stuff, right? There is much more information to come but for now rest assured automatic N54 fans that a serious upgrade that can handle whatever you throw at it is on the horizon. That means we will finally see N54's take that next step forward especially when it comes to times on the drag strip. Is 2016 the year of the N54 automatic? It sure is shaping up that way.
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    05-23-2016, 09:01 PM
    This is becoming a big problem. You may remember that Maximum PSI was pushing their BMW F80 M3 project car pretty hard. Just earlier this month they were on the verge of a 9 second pass after going 10.2 @ 137. Then everything went to hell. So what happened? This: That was the end of the @maximumpsi 9 second chase and the F80 M3 and F82 M4 community have been holding their collective breaths since for a solution to the crank hub spinning problem. Maximum PSI has yet to comment on what they intend to do to BimmerBoost. What is the cause? It is somewhat difficult to pin down but look at this comparison of the S55 3.0 liter I6 crankshaft and the E9X M3 S65 V8 crankshaft: The S65 crankshaft is on the right and you can see timing gear and oil pump gear are a part of the design whereas the S55 does not have the same design. The S55 quite frankly is simply an evolution of the N54/N55 geometry and design which is basically the same. That makes one wonder why the N54 and N55 do not see this problem to the same degree. Is it the higher redline of the S55 that is partially to blame? Perhaps. You can say what you want about the BMW turbo era and it's easy power with bolt ons but the fact is if BMW raced the S55 design the same way they raced the S65 design no doubt this design flaw would have popped up in serious Motorsport competition and it would have been addressed before production. It is not some fluke. Here is what BimmerBoost member @sA x sKy had to say about it and his own experience: Once? Ok. Twice? Bad luck. Three times? It's a flaw. Four times? WTF BMW? TPG Tuning supposedly has a solution but @JasonTPG has yet to tell us anything about it. Their idea was to cut a notch in the stock piece but it didn't work and they are trying a different approach now: The TPG hub failed on member @sA x sKy three times: So what else can one try to prevent this? Well, Gintani thinks they have the solution: They are looking for someone to test this out. Speaking as someone who has had Gintani try various solutions with on his own car for going on six years now a word of advice is to not be anyone's guinea pig and let them try their solutions out on their own cars first. Let them assume the risk considering their track record and pay for their own development. Will the Gintani one piece crank hub solve this issue? Who knows. Maybe there just is no solution: The Gintani solution may introduce new problems. BMW seems to be aware of the issue but they still put the car in production. It's a numbers game for them. How many cars can they sell and what % will have the issue? Apparently the number is low enough to simply pay out warranty claims on those cars that spin their crank hub (and have not been tuned). You can have your bolt replaced and tightened every so often which is probably the best way to go. Maybe someone will come up with someone else. Maybe not. Where we are at right now is BMW quite simply screwed up on the S55 design and doesn't care. BimmerBoost reached out to BMW for comment on the issue but do not hold your breath for a response.
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    05-17-2016, 04:11 AM
    The N54 has an open deck block as most BimmerBoost members know. It's still plenty stout but for those guys pushing limits to 1000+ horsepower eventually they will run into problems. One of the things that happens in an open deck block is the cylinders can start to lose their shape or warp. BimmerBoost member @Ericbh77 is tackling the issue before it becomes an issue for him. He explains it best: This is essentially a modified Darton design. As you can see the inserts go around the cylinders. In the Subaru world where open deck block reinforcement is common many guys insert metal pins/pegs around the cylinders and it works. This approach looks to be far more comprehensive than pegs: @Ericbh77 is also doing some other things that will be of interest and will be detailed but we can not reveal everything at this time. One thing we can say is he is looking at the cams among other things. Will we finally see that elusive 1000 whp N54? Maybe this is the year...
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    05-06-2016, 03:00 PM
    You know what sells parts faster than anything else? A dynograph with huge peak numbers. People rarely look into anything beyond the superficial and if the graph says a tuner is hitting X amount of horsepower they believe it is X amount of horsepower and quickly open up their wallets. We see it all the time but what 22RPD is doing here takes tuner dishonesty to a whole new level. Some tuners inflate numbers by icing a car down, using higher octane fuel than claimed, or showing a heat soaked baseline to exaggerate gains. These guys aren't that bright. They just photoshopped in their own peak number of 670 horsepower at the wheels and then manually drew in their own horsepower curve. Somehow the thought did not cross their mind that someone can simply add in the rpm ranges on the graph as torque and horsepower cross at 5252 rpm: Horsepower is simply calculated as torque x rpm / 5252. What you see on the graph is 400 lb-ft at redline. That means 400 x 7500 / 5252 = 571.21. Not the 670 they are claiming which it looks like they just changed the 5 to a 6. Would you trust this tuner to tune your ECU when basic math escapes them and they poorly photoshop dyno graphs? What a fail. Thank you to @hobbit382 for the tip.
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    05-17-2016, 09:42 PM
    There is high end automotive tuning and then there is this. It makes a lot of sense for Weistec to lend their engineering expertise to the Huayra aftermarket as they have a close relationship with AMG and of course AMG builds the twin turbo V12 engine for the Pagani Huayra. The engine is not your run of the mill M275 twin V12 which Weistec has experience tuning. AMG considerably modified their V12 for Pagani use creating a 6.0 liter M158 V12. The turbochargers, software, oil sump, cylinder heads, valvetrain, and configuration are all quite different. The Huayra is rated at 720 horsepower and 740 lb-ft of torque. As you can see in photos Weistec had a Huayra on the dyno rollers and we are begging and pleading for a graph which BenzBoost will try to bring you. One can only imagine how much more power Weistec is getting out of the motor. This is one of those tuning programs where you contact Weistec and they tailor the upgrades to suit the owner. If you have to ask how much money it isn't for you. This is for a select handful of people who want more out of their Pagani Huayra. It is interesting to note a handful of owners have already contacted Weistec who provided their engineering services. Obviously you can surmise from the teaser photos that downpipe, exhaust, and software changes are where things begin but the sky is the limit. Very, very high end tuning here and exciting to see.
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    05-05-2016, 03:03 PM
    BimmerBoost can relate to member @SVH who has been waiting a while on Gintani to finish his project. What is the project? A stroked S65 V8 with twin turbochargers in an E93 M3 convertible. As the convertible model is quite a bit heavier than the coupe the extra displacement totalling roughly 4.5 liters will help quite a bit. These are the specs: CSF radiator and Oil cooler, Gintani Oil pan, sleeved, 4.5 liter, stock comp, OEM main and rod bearings coated with WPC to GTS specs, ARP hardened head bolts, 5 point head work. @SVH is keeping the compression stock which will make for very good spool and driveability down low. He is not going for all out horsepower but a fun and reliable package with a ton more torque than stock. The car is still being broken in and we do not have any dyno figures yet but it will be interesting to see the torque and power curves on this motor when all is said and done. There are videos of it being started and revved below. It looks like Gintani will finally be delivering a built S65 with turbos but we have all heard that before. Hopefully @SVH gets what he paid for. The question now is, where is BimmerBoost's twin turbo built motor E92 M3?
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    04-27-2016, 10:23 PM
    It is good to see more tuned N55's hitting the strip especially M235i models to compare their results to the F87 M2. Both of these M235i's are xDrive all wheel drive models. This pays dividends in the 60 foot but of course the all wheel drive system adds weight. Here is the breakdown of mods between the two cars: 2015 Black Sapphire F22 M235 xDrive AT FBO #11759 - HRE FF15s w/ Continental DWS06 - Pure Turbo Stage 2 Hi-Flo - EnzoPerformance ECU Tune - JB4 OBD2 stacked Custom Boost Map6 - Enzo's Catless Downpipes - GFB DV - ATM FMIC - ER Chargepipes - Tuningwerk Exhaust - Exxon 110 oct 2015 EBB M235 xDrive AT #12126 - 19' Summer Tires - Enzo Performance ECU Tune - ER Catless Downpipes - Fabspeed Exhaust w/ Muffler Delete - Dinan Lowering Springs w/ Supp Handling kit on pump gas 93 The timeslip: The Pure Turbos Stage 2 is providing about another 6 miles per hour of trap speed. It's a very large difference when you take into account where the black M235i xDrive was before the turbo upgrade and bolt ons. Here it is tune only with just a flash and catted downpipe: And now with full bolt ons: This is how the car progressed. 12.736 @ 109.32 - Enzo Tune and catted downpipe 12.492 @ 110.10 - Enzo Tune and full bolt ons 11.759 @ 117.70 - Enzo Tune and Pure Turbos Stage 2 Great performance data for N55 owners.
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    05-07-2016, 02:03 PM
    Is there anything more satisfying than beating a high priced Italian exotic? Especially in your BMW which no doubt is underestimated? This run is courtesy of BimmerBoost member @TZ04XJR and his Active Autowerke Level II supercharged E92 M3 DCT S65 V8. His M3 makes roughly 553 rear wheel horsepower. Keep in mind this is not the higher power Level III Active Autowerke supercharger kit. The 458 Italia is stock but potent with its 9000 rpm high revving naturally aspirated V8. It has a dual clutch transmission and the 458 is lighter than the M3 by a few hundred pounds. The passenger offsets that weight advantage somewhat but the M3 also has a passenger. It is a close run between the two with the M3 edging out up top thanks to its horsepower advantage. The 458 puts up a very good fight showing how impressive the Ferrari motor is. Maybe time for a Level III upgrade from Active Autowerke to really put some distance on the 458?
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    05-13-2016, 07:17 PM
    The N54 is incredibly stout and one can make multiples of the stock power level and the engine will take it without breaking a sweat. This leads to some people thinking the motor is indestructible but it simply isn't. Everything has a limit and unfortunately BimmerBoost member @Tech found the limit of his motor. Now, how long an engine lasts or when it may let go and for what reason will vary. The amount of use, how it is used, the fuel, and even the weather all play a factor. Here is a summary of what went down: Thank you @Tech for sharing photos and what happened. 165000 miles out of the motor and pushing it with upgraded turbos at 145000 miles is certainly an indication of a stout platform. On the bright side parts are cheap for the N54 and this can be rebuilt stronger than ever. The entire motor can even be replaced for relatively cheap these days.
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    05-02-2016, 07:32 PM
    Exactly like this. Ok, maybe they could have gone slightly bigger on the turbos because it's never enough boost, right? This is a custom project built for someone named Mike Murillo. No idea on the specs but who cares. We salute everyone involved.
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  • Chris@VargasTurboTech's Avatar
    05-25-2016, 04:41 AM
    Hey Everyone, itís about time for some exciting announcements from VTT. This has been a long time coming! As most of you know, I've taken over online representation for Vargas -but that's not the only thing I do for fun. The overarching announcement is that VTT is now one piece of a bigger group; Vargas Performance Group, or VPG. There are 3 major parts of VPG: 1: VTT (Vargas Turbocharger Technologies): Turbocharger Manufacture/Repair/Upgrades/Sales 2: VPP (Vargas Performance Products): Performance Parts Manufacture/Sales 3: VHP (Vargas Hi Performance): Turbocharger & Performance Parts Installation/Service Iíll quickly go over some announcements as they pertain to each category: VTT NEWS GC's: This is the one many of you have been waiting for. You know the ones -the stock location twin turbo setup that made 736 whp. Just look at the power under the curve! Street spool will be even better! The VTT GCís have started arriving and the first sets have shipped. We expect a second shipment shortly and the remainder of them by the first week in June. The plan is to quickly get caught up on all existing orders and soon after be in a position such that they are available for same day shipping. Note for those who got the ceramic coating; as of this week, itís adding around a week to the ship date. Bundles: GCís can now be bundled with installation ($1000 for inst. labor at VHP, more on that later) and/or a PTF tune ($249 for a MHD tune, $499 for a MHD tune with PI) 93 Octane Testing: I know there are some unfortunate souls out there who don't have access to E85 and for whatever reason don't want to use methanol. For them, we WILL be doing some pump gas testing. Expect this late 2nd quarter/very early 3rd quarter (read that: around July).I don't even want to speculate on dyno numbers -we'll find out while testing and post those results. VPP NEWS Vargas Performance Products. These are all teasers -think of this post as a quick look into the VPP crystal ball looking forward. Here are a few things in the works for VPP and one thing we're just too excited about not to share: Line Lock Kit: Here are a couple development pics -not final config by any means. This will fit all E9X and E8X, not sure about 535's or Z4's -we'll be looking for testers there down the road. Port Injection Plate with Top Mount Injectors: Anyone say they wanted an N54 port injection kit with top mount injectors? We heard you, and we agree -if you can fit them, top mounts are worth doing. We can and we are. ~3rd quarter 2016. S55 Love: We're not just playing with N54's here... the S55 gets some love too -how about some port injection (bottom mount -no room up top)? Oh, and GC's for the S55 are already in process -very late 2016/early 2017 release on those. Transmission Fun: By now everyone and their grandmother has heard the awesome news about Nizpro and the magic they're doing with transmissions. We're working directly with them and will have one the first fully built and flashed transmissions from them. While this (obviously) isn't a VPP product, we're very excited about this and have some high hopes for this really being a huge jump forward for the platform. VHP NEWS Wouldn't you rather have your turbos installed by the same guys who made them? A shop that understands turbos and has 100+ installs under their belts? If you're within driving distance of Hayward, CA, you can buy turbos, schedule an install, and have VHP install them for $1000 labor. Of course you still need to buy your gaskets (we have an installation kit for $230) and do an oil change while you're there, but it makes for a pretty good deal -especially after the GC's are in stock and available same-day. OTHER STUFF Expect more updates with more products, more accurate ship-by dates and more options for everyone. And I'm just getting started... Chris
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    05-24-2016, 08:33 PM
    Here is the scenario. You work overseas and have a Porsche 996 Turbo. You see a classified ad go up from Vivid Racing for a 4.0 liter stroker short block advertised with a new crank, new pistons, new rings, new Darton sleeves, new gaskets, etc. Sounds good right? Especially considering the advertised $10k price is less than doing this all yourself and assembling all the parts and having the block sleeved. So what is the problem? The customer did not get what was advertised: Basically, what was advertised as new and in great condition simply was not true. Not to mention the scuffed and rusted liners with marks in the flange which he asks Vivid to replace. Vivid says Darton is responsible and Darton says they sold this to Vivid over 2 years ago and who knows what happened since then. Darton is right in this instance, they can not be expected to replace parts Vivid messed with or did not store properly. The solution here is very simple. Vivid should replace the parts, right? Well, they didn't. Rather than replacing the damaged sleeves Vivid is willing to sell more at cost since Darton won't be suckered into paying for Vivid's mistakes and should not be expected to. Vivid knew they were selling something that was not brand new and perfect as advertised and they just wanted to pass this onto a sucker who would have to shell out more out of pocket to get it working. That line about exceeding customer expectations and satisfactions is just a load of horse shit or a sick joke. This is honestly nothing new with Vivid. They will exaggerate or misrepresent things to make sales. We have seen it before such as when they claimed 407 wheel horsepower from a BMW S65 V8 with their tune on a Mustang dyno which is impossible unless one messes with the correction factor which they clearly did to exaggerate the capability of the tune they were selling. Vivid is all about making money and they do not seem to care how they get it. They basically just ship a lot of parts to a lot of people. It's why they acquired the HPF (Horsepower Freaks) name to simply utilize another brand to ship more and more parts from their warehouse. The bottom line is they don't give a crap about their customers and won't do the right thing if it means money out of their pockets. Think this is an isolated incident? Read this 60 page thread on Vivid's business practices which goes from praise to horro stories in a hurry: Why do people keep going to them? Caveat Emptor.
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    05-12-2016, 06:53 PM
    These two cars belong to BimmerBoost members. The 335is to member @Artsoasis and the supercharged E92 M3 to @TZ04XJR. The M3 you likely are familiar with since you have great taste and are an avid BimmerBoost reader and you saw it go head to head with a Ferrari 458 Italia last week. The N54 I6 vs. S65 V8 stuff is always fun as N54 owners always tend to use the more expensive M3 as a measuring stick and as justification of their purchase. Whatever side you stand on the races are fun to see as the tuning options evolve for the respective platforms. The M3 is an Active Autowerke Level II supercharged E92 M3 DCT. The 335is has the Vargas Stage 2 N54 turbo upgrade. The first run has the M3 come out on top. The second run has the 335is come out on top. There is already some smack talk going on in the forums and the 335is has raised its boost and the M3 is preparing to move to the Level III Active Autowerke setup which will put it around ~600 horsepower to the wheels. The rematch is going to be fun to watch.
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    05-18-2016, 08:11 PM
    This is difficult to believe but the graph is posted as proof. Powerhaus Performance obviously does some great tuning work but we have not seen much from them regarding turbo upgrades for the M157 AMG 5.5 liter twin turbo V8 platform. The dyno numbers here are from a Mustang dynamometer so keep that in mind when looking at the peak figures as they will be lower than a Dynojet and some other machines. The baseline figure Powerhaus Performance claims is from a 63 AMG M157 with a billet twin turbo upgrade. That number is 538 horsepower and 601 lb-ft of torque. Output with the Powerhaus Performance upgrade? 642 horsepower and 629 lb-ft of torque at the wheels: Now, that is a huge change. Especially when you factor in they claim this was done at the same boost pressure on 93 octane pump gas. That is the claim but there is no proof of this. It is of course in the best interest of Powerhaus Performance to show their tuning and turbos as superior to the competition as that equals sales. This raises a lot of questions though. Whose turbo upgrade is on the car? Why is the difference so large? Where are the details on their turbo upgrade? Where are the pictures? Where are the comparison photos of their turbos and the competitor's they say they are outperforming? Where is the pricing? A lot of unanswered questions here.
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    05-15-2016, 06:12 PM
    BimmerBoost has known some details about this for a while but as a courtesy to Pro Tuning Freaks we have not published the details and will continue to keep PTF's confidence. However, as this is a major development it is only fair we inform the community that big steps forward for F-Series flashing are on the way. This is still being tested (by some BimmerBoost members as a matter of fact) and will not be launched for a little while but the speculation can be begin. Basically what you see here is a box that will interface with the OBD-II port and allow you to flash your S55 ECU along with other F-Series ECU's on your own. That is huge. If this all works out as planned Pro Tuning Freaks will have a major leg up on everyone. Thus far nobody has hand held OBD-II S55 ECU port flashing ability. At least not without physical modification of the ECU with a bench flash first. There will likely be an unlock of sorts required here as well. A game changer on the way? We will all soon find out.
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    05-05-2016, 08:48 PM
    That 9 second F80 M3 / F82 M4 S55 platform slip looks to be coming soon. Less than a week ago Maximum PSI set the quickest and fastest S55 platform record with a 10.2 @ 137 pass. That put them on the doorstep of being the first to break into the 9's on the platform. Well, with the latest changes including 100% E85 fuel things certainly look promising. They increased output to 712 rear wheel horsepower and 685 lb-ft of torque. The Pure Turbos Stage 2 S55 turbocharger upgrade is definitely working well. Oh, and look at that meat on the rear! Those Hoosier drag radials no doubt will help achieve a better 60 foot than the 1.720 hit previously on the record 10.278 pass. Get it done Maximum PSI!
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    04-30-2016, 02:51 PM
    The S55 platform in the BMW F80 M3 and F82 M4 officially has a new quickest and fastest record holder. Maximum PSI took their DCT F80 M3 to the strip that features the Pure Turbos upgrade for the S55 3.0 liter inline-6 turbochargers and raised he bar. The previous 10.347 @ 133.82 pass was surpassed with a 10.316 @ 137.22. That means the quickest and fastest records for the S55 platform belong to this F80 M3 as it tops the record holding 135.5 pass. This elapsed time and trap speed come on a worse 60 foot at 1.743. What that means is if they get consistent 1.6X's out of the car (maybe 1.5's with some tweaks) the F80 M3 and F82 M4 platforms are on the doorstep of breaking into the 9's. Mods are the same as before until @Pure Turbos tells us otherwise: Pure Turbos Dodson clutches/baskets Flash/jb4/port injection Straight ms109 fuel Maximum PSI intakes, downpipes, charge pipes, 3.5"exhaust Evolution of Speed prototype intake manifold and intercooler Stock axles Exciting times in the S55 world. EDIT: They kept chipping away and ended up with a 10.2 @ 137 which is the record:
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    05-16-2016, 05:01 PM
    Well, the N55 had a pretty good run but the B58 is beginning to replace it across the lineup. The latest model which will have the N55 phased out for a B58 is the F22 M235i. You can expect a 2017 M240i now much in the same vein as the 335i name changed to 340i. It is an inevitable move and probably a pretty good one for those who like to tune as the B58 is showing strong numbers early on especially in comparison to the N55 engine. The M235i is rated at 320 horsepower and 330 lb-ft of torque. BMW will like put the M240i at around 340 horsepower and 340 lb-ft of torque. The crank ratings do not mean too much from what we have seen from B58 dynos. It's strong.
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    05-16-2016, 01:01 AM
    Mercedes has dominated Formula 1 for quite a bit now. The 2016 season is much of the same with Mercedes winning every race. More specifically, every Formula 1 race in the 2016 calendar was won by Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg. That is, until today's Spanish Grand Prix. What happened? Nico Rosberg and teammate Lewis Hamilton crashed into each other on the very first lap. These two collided before but that was back in 2014 at the Belgian Grand Prix. There is a bit of a rivalry between the two and Hamilton clearly is upset he is so far behind in the standings to Rosberg. Hamilton brilliantly took the pole for the race. Guess who was second? At the start of the race both drivers got a great start and Rosberg managed to pass him. This is what happened shortly afterwards when Hamilton tried to retake the lead: and Nico defended, Hamilton went onto the grass, he spun into Nico, and they took each other out. Ouch. Instead of another likely Mercedes victory both drivers failed to finish. It is safe to say there will be repercussions from the team. The bright side to all of this? An 18 year old kid named Max Verstappen won the Spanish Grand Prix. The youngest to ever win. He led the final 21 laps. Talk about a good start to a career.
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    05-03-2016, 10:40 AM
    Last year back in August BimmerBoost member @RingMeister01 shared his ESS-Tuning horror story when attempting to get an S55 engine turbo upgrade from ESS. What followed was forum censorship, ESS saying he is not allowed to publicly share development details, and @RingMeister01 saying he will take them to court. That was almost ten months ago. What happened since then? Did this get resolved? Did ESS-Tuning step up to the plate and do the right thing? Hardly. Here it is from the horse's mouth as BimmerBoost asked @RingMeister01 what happened: Basically, the ESS 'dealer' a guy named IMG on the forums ran away with the money. Asbjorn Bohn and Roman at ESS-Tuning did nothing to help. They just did what they could to get this off the forums and ignored any resolution. Roman posted publicly that he could get a refund to quell the forums but it was just all talk and no refund was provided: Quality customer service, eh? Roman is now apparently gone from ESS-Tuning. That is a good thing. Who wants to deal with this? @RingMeister01 unfortunately was a guinea pig without knowing it and ended up paying for ESS development out of his own pocket. That brings up a bigger question though, what is the state of ESS-Tuning upgrades for the F80 M3 and F82 M4 S55 motor? You will notice these turbo upgrades are still not available for sale from ESS and you will be hard pressed to find any positive results with them. Well, BimmerBoost follows the aftermarket BMW scene very closely and we do not see anything significant from ESS on the S55 platform. Thus far, we have major tales of failure such as this one. Oh, sure, they will offer ECU flash tunes as the flash leaks out to everyone who claims to be a tuner. This highlights a bigger issue though with ESS-Tuning. Their sole domain of success is really S65 supercharger kits on the previous generation E9X M3 S65 V8. How does putting together a Vortech based supercharger kit thanks to having European software sources supplying them with a tune to make it work equate to them having ability across all BMW platforms let alone new turbocharged M's? It doesn't. If BimmerBoost were to guess Roman saw the writing on the wall and left. ESS-Tuning is not going to be much of a factor in the turbo era. You have plenty of experienced turbo tuners already dominating the platforms. ESS-Tuning can't compete with them. AMS realized ESS-Tuning's abilities were overrated a while ago. Frankly, they will likely have to source hardware and tuning from others just like they did previously. It's just that this time around they are late to the party and already overmatched. They can't and won't catch up. The supercharger market on the E9X platform is pretty much tapped out and ESS-Tuning did well controlling the largest S65 V8 forum which is available to the highest bidder. Dissenting opinions were squashed/deleted, users who did not support ESS were banned, and the consensus became ESS-Tuning was the best BMW tuner in the world. They made a lot of money this way at the expense of the community and open dialogue. Fortunately, the BMW turbo era is exposing ESS-Tuning for what they actually are which is nobody special.
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    05-06-2016, 11:21 AM
    The pit stop in Formula 1 has evolved quite a bit to say the least. Completing a tire change this quickly is hard to even fathom. This is not even the fastest Formula 1 pit stop ever, either. The record is held by Red Bull Racing who managed a 1.923 change. This is what involved: This is essentially a quickly choreographed team dance and beautiful to watch.
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    05-22-2016, 08:53 PM
    Now this is the kind of power you like you see out of a turbocharged BMW I6. The iron block straight sixes remain king and this a reminder of that with everyone so caught up in the new direct injected BMW turbo sixes. 1178 wheel horsepower and 907 lb-ft of torque at the wheels with tuning by Jordan Horowitz of RK-Tunes. What are the specs? Here you are: RK-Tunes stock DME turbo tune package - 1600cc injectors. C85 fuel GTX 3576r turbos ICS performance Custom twin turbo kit ICS Camshafts ICS Pistons 9:1 K1 Rods M52 / S52 motor S52 crank Ported Head OEM intake manifold, OEM throttle body. Some of you will notice a dip on the 1178 pull on the graph. This is the reason: Just absolutely absurd power and this is one of the strongest street BMW's in the nation.
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    05-21-2016, 04:11 PM
    Some big claims here from VF-Engineering who is known in BMW circles primarily for their supercharger kits. Those who know VF-Engineering's history know software tuning was the main weakness of their kits especially in the S54 days. Have things changed with their S55 engine tuning software for the F80 M3 and F82 M4 models? Maybe. They are making some big claims. They say they offer Stage I and Stage II flash tuning software. Additionally, they say they have TCU (transmission control unit) software for the DCT transmission: The TCU software seems to be much like the software for E9X M3's where they simply up the line pressure in the transmission to increase clamping force. This certainly is useful when torque is increased. So what are the power and torque gains? Let's take a look: Vehicle: 2016 BMW M4 (DCT) - Austin Yellow Software Level: HEX Tuning Stage ONE (username:1FastS4) Additional Mods: Completely Stock Vehicle: 2016 BMW M4 (DCT) - Yas Marina Blue Software Level: HEX Tuning Stage TWO (username:yellowssm) Additional Mods: VRSF Downpipes / Factory Rear Section / Berger "Cold-air" Intake Vehicle: 2015 BMW M3 (DCT) Software Level: HEX Tuning Stage TWO & Stage TWO+ Additional Mods: Evolution Racewerks Downpipes / Akrapovic Exhaust / Eventuri Carbon Intake / ERW Chargepipes They get up to 497 wheel horsepower and 550 lb-ft of torque at the wheels with their Stage 2 S55 flash along with downpipes, an exhaust, and intake. That is certainly the right range and they are not claiming any exaggerated numbers or posting any glory pulls. It looks like they have a few customers running their tune. The problem? It's a bench flash. That means this is basically relegated to the Southern California market and VF plans to go on a flashing tour so to speak to reach other people. Will they do that before people in other areas find a local solution though? You can of course mail in your ECU but most owners are uncomfortable with doing that. Also, who is the source here? VF-Engineering is likely buying this from someone and the question is from whom? Many tuners do this but it's good to know the source to know the quality. If we knew the source though why even bother going to VF? You see the problem. Is the option worth exploring? Sure, why not? However, once OBD-II flashing gets here the bench flashes will be a thing of the past. It's just a matter of time.
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    05-06-2016, 05:12 PM
    Is what mechanics do art? Does art apply to the automotive world? Absolutely! Photographer Freddy Fabris visited some garages and the idea came to him to recreate famous Renaissance paintings with mechanics after seeing them working on cars. These mostly speak for themselves. This is just very well done. The Creation of an Auto Mechanic In the style of íThe Creation of Adamí (Michelangelo) The Last Supper of Auto Mechanics In the style of íThe Last Supperí (Leonardo da Vinci) A series of íRembrandt-styleí portraits The Anatomy of a Car Lesson In the style of íThe Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulpí (Rembrandt) Source
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    05-17-2016, 01:41 AM
    A little over a week ago a video was posted of BimmerBoost member @TZ04XJR going at it from a roll with a Ferrari 458 Italia in his Active Autowerke Level II supercharged E92 M3 DCT. Well, here is the rematch between the two. The difference this time is the cars go from a higher speed roll with the M3 in third gear just over 60 miles per hour. The previous race was a lower speed roll. A lower speed roll definitely helped the Ferrari as its lower weight and aerodynamics somewhat offset the power disparity. Higher speeds really show the difference in power. The M3 is making much more horsepower and you can see it in the result from both runs below. Hopefully these two meet up again when the M3 goes to the Level III Active Autowerke S65 V8 supercharger setup.
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    04-30-2016, 01:15 AM
    There is something to be said for the M157's 5.5 liters of displacement. While the motor will be phased out over the next few years for the smaller 4.0 liter M177/M178 V8 the large M157 V8 still has the task of moving some of the heavier Mercedes-AMG vehicles in the lineup and the torque certainly helps in that respect. It definitely has a whole lot of torque down low. The baseline figure is 536 lb-ft at the wheels. Tuned? 725 lb-ft at the wheels for a gain of 189 lb-ft at the wheels. Huge but expected out of tuned M157's. What is odd is the baseline horsepower curve. The 421 peak horsepower figure is about 100 wheel horsepower off of what the car should be at based on previous M157 results. It's very low while the torque peak is about what it should be. Maybe AMG's software dials power back on the dyno (AMG has previously had dyno mode issues) or maybe there was some other issue. Regardless, the tuned numbers are right where the should be and very strong for a tune only car. 624 wheel horsepower and and 725 lb-ft of wheel torque will make for quite the ride.
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    05-23-2016, 07:20 PM
    Well, if you want maximum naturally aspirated power this is not a bad way to go. The LS7 V8 is more than twice the size of the 3.2 liter I6 the BMW E46 M3 comes with. The S54 is arguably the best I6 BMW produced so it is a shame to see it ditched but it is also fun to see different things. The LS swap into a BMW of course is nothing new as the LS1 has been done. A guy is even doing an E90 LS1 swap with a single turbocharger on top to boot. People have done E46 M3 LS swaps and then supercharged them. For maximum naturally aspirated horsepower though the LS7 is probably the best choice as the Viper V10 isn't going to fit. The LS7 does though and this guy did some nice custom fab work especially with the headers to get everything to fit nicely. It will be nice to see the finished product in action. Source
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    05-02-2016, 11:41 AM
    This is becoming a bit of a theme in the BMW turbo era, isn't it? Some accuse BimmerBoost of hating on Dinan but that is not the case. BimmerBoost tremendously respects what Steve Dinan achieved. BimmerBoost just places actual tuning results and getting your money's worth above the Dinan brand name. Unfortunately, Dinan results on modern turbo BMW's are very weak especially when one factors in the cost. Only 20 whp gained on an F80 M3 / F82 M4 S55 motor for $2500? Over 100 whp by switching from Dinan's Stage 2 Dinantronics box to a flash tune on the F01 Alpina B7? Well, now let's add in an M6 Gran Coupe S63TU as the latest car to find huge gains by ditching Dinan. How big of a difference? About 82 wheel horsepower and a massive 140 lb-ft of torque at the wheels (yes, at the wheels and not at the crank like the numbers Dinan promotes with) over the Dinan Dinantronics piggyback. Just tune only Eurocharged obliterates Dinan's Stage I or Stage II Dinantronics unit. You can call this tune Stage Beatdown. Some people may want to pay $3000+ for a Dinan piggyback offering the most modest gains in the BMW aftermarket simply due to Dinan's warranty promise. We believe that is a mistake. BimmerBoost also feels there is a bit of poetic justice in these results as Dinan criticized piggyback tuning only to adopt piggyback tuning when Dinan was not able to offer an ECU flash tune for modern M cars. BimmerBoost does not believe in overpaying for something that underdelivers. Leaving 140 lb-ft of torque at the wheels on the table is exactly what someone opting for the Dinantronics box deserves. Oh, and to the owner this M6, now that the car has a Eurocharged tune you might want to get that Dinan badge off the car. People might start thinking Dinan cars are faster than they really are otherwise.
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    05-11-2016, 05:13 PM
    Pure Turbos just continues to crush it on BMW platforms and especially the S63TU 4.4 liter V8 twin turbo motor under the hood of the F10 M5 and F13 M6. This is the same BMW F10 M5 that belongs to BimmerBoost member @allmotor_2000 who ran 9.9 @ 140 in the 1/4 mile. That was with the Stage 1 S63TU turbo charger upgrade from Pure Turbos and now he is moving to the Stage II. It is safe to say the Stage II turbos are potent as even early on in the tuning phase he already set a new record on the platform with a 847 wheel horsepower pull. Oh, and look at that torque figure. 862 lb-ft of torque at the wheels! How much further will things go from here? When will the fuel system become a liability? How much torque can the clutches take? Who knows. We will have to wait and see but things are looking bright.
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    05-01-2016, 05:24 AM
    There are so many hot hatches in this test the entire list would not fit in the title. This test is done by Auto Trader in the UK so we might as well get out of the way that the weather makes this a less than ideal comparison. It's typically British in that regard. If you have to do a comparison in the rain why even bother with 0-60 testing? Of course the all wheel drive cars will top their rear wheel and front wheel drive counterparts in the wet. Why not try to mitigate the conditions by showing some roll on testing in addition that will reduce the traction advantage and provide some more meaningful data and comparisons? Ok, so the comparison isn't perfect but it is the best comparison we have right now of all of these vehicles. The Europeans obviously love their hot hatches so it makes sense this comes from a European source that includes makes and models that are not featured in the US market. The cars tested are the Ford Focus RS, Honda Civic Type-R, Audi RS3, Mercedes-AMG A45, Volkswagen Golf R, Renault Sport Megane 275 Cup-S, Peugeot 308 GTI By Peugeot Sport 270, BMW 135i, Seat Leon Cupra 290, and the Subaru Impreza WRX STI. Here is a table overview of the tested metrics: The 0-60 figures are not too important here due to the traction penalty on the cars without all wheel drive but the Mercedes-AMG A45 is the quickest to 60 at 4.2 seconds followed by the Audi RS3 at 4.3. If you intend to drag race in the rain, the A45 is your car. Around the track though the Mercedes-AMG also wins. Yes, the traction advantage is a major factor here. The Focus RS comes in a close second around the track despite having a manual transmission and less power than the Mercedes. It's chassis dynamics seem to be superior. Take the data presented with a grain of salt. What do the testers think about the cars? The BMW's engine and gearbox is praised but it is said to feel more like a GT than a hot hatch. The BMW's character just is not sporty enough in this company. The Subaru is said to feel dated which is a shame. Honda's Civic Type R is penalized for being too much to handle in the wet. Oh, a front wheel drive turbo car is hard to push to the limit when it's raining? Who knew? It is said to be lively and fun in the dry though which is when you will want to push it. They narrow the list of cars down to their top 3 choices. Those are the Mercedes-AMG A45, Ford Focus RS, and the Renault Sport Megane 275 Cup-S. They decide to drag the trio. The track looks less damp for this race but it really doesn't matter. The A45 AMG easily takes it with the Ford Focus RS coming up second. The M133 engine under the hood of the A45 is simply a beast. If you don't have 35 minutes to spare to watch this video let's spare you some time and tell you what the conclusion is. The Renault is simply outperformed by the A45 and Focus RS. It finishes in third. The A45 AMG is the quickest in a straight line and around the track but it's chassis dynamics, handling, and feedback do not match the Ford Focus RS. The new Ford beats out everyone else as the best all around driver's hot hatch. It is the best hatchback in the world right now. Well done Ford.
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