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    05-09-2017, 05:51 PM
    It was just a matter of time. Congratulations to TPG Tuning and everyone involved on having the first 9 second BMW F82 M4 as well as the first 9 second S55 pass. This is overall the quickest and fastest F82 M4, F80 M3, or S55 powered BMW. Just a couple of weeks ago TPG Tuning pulled a 10.06 @ 139.41. Before that, they ran a 140.42 trap speed being the first to crack the 14X.XX barrier. Now they topped both of those accomplishments: The mod list once again: TPG Tuning built Pure Turbos Fuel-It port injection Dodson Motorsports DCT upgrade Sheptrans Burger Motorsports HC Performance - Halim Cazimi Driveshaft Shop Evolution of Speed Fathouse Fabrications P&R Engine Where do we go from here? We'll have to wait and see. However, no reason to stop now.
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    05-15-2017, 08:43 PM
    Finally! GIAC released their ECU flash tuning software for the 991.2 Carrera 9A2 3.0 engine. The gains are massive. First, let's take into account that the baseline figures are on a Mustang dyno and very similar to what Porscheboost hit on a Mustang dyno with 91 octane pump gas. The baseline figure is 347 wheel horsepower and 326 lb-ft of torque at the wheels. With the tune? Horsepower jumps up by 54 at the wheels but the torque gain is just shy of 100 lb-ft at the wheels: That is a massive gain down low! The car sees gains throughout the curve as well but that torque hit at 3000 rpm is absurd. In a good way of course. Now how does this compare to the GIAC tuned 991.2 Carrera S? Well, only a Dynojet graph was released for the Carrera S without the torque curve included. PorscheBoost e-mailed GIAC for 991.2 Carrera S Mustang figures. Additionally, PorscheBoost e-mailed GIAC to try this tune out on the PorscheBoost Project 991.2 Carrera but GIAC has yet to respond. What about a race gas tune as well? So far there are only 91 octane numbers being shared. It is good to see the 991.2 tuning market getting going.
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    05-03-2017, 02:02 AM
    Get used to seeing this. Electric compressors that will force air into the motor have some advantages namely over turbochargers. Boost in theory will be instant as you do not have to wait as you do with a turbocharger for exhaust gases to spool the wheels. The downside of course is complexity, capability, and cost. What does something like this eBooster flow? We do not know. BorgWarner conveniently omitted specifications only saying that three major manufacturers will be using the eBooster which is expected to provide efficiency gains of 10%. That means this is going to primarily be a fuel efficiency technology and not a performance technology. It would be interesting to see a couple electric compressors used to offset lag from a big turbo setup. An electric compressor does not bring with it the weight and associated batteries of an electric motor. It still feeds an internal combustion engine making it a somewhat natural pairing if the amount of electricity needed is not exorbitant. Mercedes discussed introducing 'electric turbochargers' a couple years ago and it seems now they are finally reaching a production example. BorgWarner’s eBooster® Electrically Driven Compressor Celebrates Premiere - Nearly instant boost and torque for a fun-to-drive-experience - Enables small-engine fuel economy with big-engine boost - Improves performance for combustion and hybrid vehicles Auburn Hills, Michigan, April 28, 2017 – BorgWarner, a global leader in clean and efficient technology solutions for combustion, hybrid and electric vehicles, debuts its 48-volt eBooster® electrically driven compressor in Daimler’s latest 3.0-liter gasoline engine. The engine will feature the eBooster technology matched with a BorgWarner-supplied turbocharger to improve fuel efficiency, enhance low-end torque and deliver boost on demand without any perceptible turbo lag. “Our market-leading eBooster technology enables 6-cylinder engines to deliver the same performance and even more fun-to-drive experience as a much larger conventional V8,” said Frédéric Lissalde, President and General Manager, BorgWarner Turbo Systems. “By enabling engine downsizing, eBooster technology improves fuel efficiency by 5 to 10 percent in combustion and hybrid vehicles.” BorgWarner’s eBooster electrically driven compressor delivers boost on demand until the turbocharger takes over, improving boost at low engine speeds and nearly eliminating turbo lag. Featuring a brushless DC motor, durable samarium-cobalt magnets and highly efficient power electronics, the compact eBooster technology offers automakers flexible packaging options and can be adapted to a wide range of hybrid or combustion applications. Mass production of BorgWarner’s eBooster solution is currently ramping up with the innovative system launching first with three global automakers, including Daimler.
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  • Terry@BMS's Avatar
    05-13-2017, 02:46 PM
    An easy 700+ whp N54? Well, you could call this that. The recipe is fairly simple with an ACF 6266 single turbo kit, 50% E85, methanol, and JB4 tuning with the BimmerBoost app providing a back end flash. This setup provides great performance value for the money. Plus it's paired with a quality manifold and turbocharger choice. Read further details from BMS below: Had a chance to tune a customer car today running an ACF 6266 twin scroll kit, 50% E85, WMI with dual CM10 nozzles. Manual trans and the usual bolt on mods. Overall a fairly inexpensive and simple setup. Tuning via JB4 and BimmerBoost back end flash map. Running map8 progressive meth safety map with a 65 additive. As you can see the limiting factor was fueling... Port injection in this cars future. Easily another 50whp in this little 6266 G2 and it spools really well. Also the customer did not like the linear throttle mapping we have in our default maps so I gave him a more aggressive non-linear mapping. I'm going to be adding it to the default maps as a map option but if anyone does not like the linear mapping we have now in the single turbo firmware drop me an email and I can shoot over a more aggressive mapping you may prefer.
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    04-28-2017, 07:00 PM
    This is absolutely incredible. Not only because the numbers are strong but because there is no supplemental methanol injection involved or port fuel injection for that matter. This B58 motor is still on the factory fuel system. That makes the 534 wheel horsepower and 501 lb-ft of torque at the wheels all the more impressive: Big Boost Turbo hits these figures with their Stage 3 B58 turbo upgrade, BMS intake, a catless downpipe, and a JB4: BMS previously stated the B58 has a fueling cap around 400 whp so how they are comfortably exceeding that number is anyone's guess. The B58's tuning future sure is looking bright though.
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    05-07-2017, 09:21 AM
    Much respect here to @TwistedTuning, @DOCRace, and BimmerBoost member @psmith95 as this is his car after all. The all wheel drive 'xi' models are a bit more difficult to put big power down with. Why? The stress on the drivetrain. A big single with a ton of torque on a 335xi that is launched hard will likely break things quicker than a rear wheel drive example that can send that power up in smoke. All wheel drive brings traction benefits but there are pluses and minuses as with any setup. @Kirk@DOCRace posted a thread on the BimmerBoost forums regarding this car but it was with a virtual dyno. Now that we have Dynojet graphs to prove the numbers, it shows the speculation about this car making close to 700 horsepower at all four wheels was accurate: Accurate, and an all wheel drive platform record unless someone can prove otherwise. Congratulations to all involved!
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    04-25-2017, 12:33 AM
    The BMW M3/M3 and Porsche 911 have quite a bit in common this generation. Why? Because both have twin turbocharged and direct injected 3.0 liter six-cylinder powerplants. You can also get either with a dual clutch or manual transmission with power sent to the rear wheels. Let's look over the specifications of the motors: 9A2 3.0 991.2 Carrera Horsepower: 370 Torque: 332 lb-ft Boost Pressure: 13.1 psi Bore x Stroke: 91mm x 76.4mm Redline: 7500 rpm Compression Ratio: 10.0:1 Intercooler: Air to Air Turbos: 49mm compressor/45mm turbine Piston Speed FPM: 3759.842 BMW S55 Horsepower: 425 Torque: 406 lb-ft Boost Pressure: 18.1 psi Bore x Stroke: 84.0mm x 89.6mm Redline: 7500 rpm Compression Ratio: 10.2:1 Intercooler: Water to Air Turbos: 51mm compressor/43mm turbine Piston Speed FPM: 4409.449 Obviously, we all know the S55 engine is highly underrated by BMW. Recently, when Porscheboost was doing some testing at VF-Engineering on their Mustang dyno the opportunity presented itself to overlay a stock S55 with the stock PorscheBoost project 991.2. Here is the result, both dual clutch examples stock on 91 octane pump fuel: What is interesting to note is that the spool on the 991.2 Carrera 9A2 is much better than the BMW S55. The Carrera is spooled by 2400 rpm and the S55 has more lag by roughly 1000 rpm. That is significant. You will notice once spooled the curves are fairly similar. The S55 does have more peak torque and horsepower but the difference is not as large as one would expect. The difference in torque is only 3 lb-ft at the wheels. A wash. Not bad for what on paper is supposed to be 74 lb-ft. The 911 is making more torque than Porsche is letting on by quite a bit. The difference in peak horsepower is 15 at the wheels. This is attributed to the S55 making power to 6850 rpm while the 9A2 is tailing off past 6400 rpm. Both torque curves are dropping hard but the S55 maintains a top end edge from 6400-6800 rpm. Revving either engine out to their 7500 rpm redline does not gain anything and short shifting is preferred for maximum performance. It is interesting that the 9A2 engine with less boost and slightly lower compression is so close. It is also interesting the spool is so much better but Porsche likely concentrated very hard on quick spool down low to appease naturally aspirated purists who would complain about lag. The engine comes on strongly and quickly. It is no wonder the 9A2 knocked out the S55 in its category at the 2016 International Engine of the Year Awards. In an ideal world we would be able to toss a Carrera S and a GTS onto this dyno to see how Porsche is really separating their 9A2 motors. We do have Dynojet numbers posted for the Carrera and S but the GTS is the variant we are all eagerly awaiting to see. This is the difference between the turbocharged 991.2 Carrera S 3.0 and the naturally aspirated 991.1 Carrera 3.4: BMW of course has the Competition Package version of the S55 and now the CS version in an even higher state of tune essentially doing what Porsche does in offering the same motor in different flavors. The main difference though is that Porsche changes the turbochargers and not just the software offering greater differentiation and tuning value in this respect. What is clear is that the turbo era is elevating power and torque to heights we have never seen and it will result in a far greater proliferation of tuning for Porsche and BMW models than ever before.
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    04-26-2017, 10:21 PM
    Careful, the quote you are about to read is drenched in estrogen. "The 840-hp Dodge Challenger SRT Demon from Fiat Chrysler is so inherently dangerous to the common safety of motorists that its registration as a road-worthy automobile should be banned." Somehow the hyperbole being spewn seems to be much more dangerous especially to common sense. If we really want to get down to what is safe for our roads more people will be killed or injured by senior drivers than those with a Demon. Frankly, no Demons are even on the road so how is the author coming to the conclusion that the car needs to be kept off public roads for safety reasons? Well, because the premature and negative conclusion fits the narrative. This is one of those same people that sees a gun and automatically classifies it as an assault rifle based on the appearance and not the application. You know what the world needs? More Dodge Demons. More manufacturers that take enthusiasts into account. More cars that are fun to drive and less vehicles that are tuning into appliances that remove the driver from the equation. What does this person think is going to happen? A Demon on the road is just going to suddenly start driving into people? Owners will be drag racing across crowded parking lots? A teenager in a Honda who just got out of seeing a Fast and the Furious movie is more dangerous on the road than an adult behind the wheel of a performance car they paid for and are familiar with. The Demon is no more dangerous sitting in traffic than any other car. A 5700+ pound sport utility vehicle crammed with luggage and passengers traveling over the speed limit on the highway that physics simply will not allow to stop in the same distance as a lighter car is a much more dangerous proposition than the Demon. Truckers who have not slept for who knows how long hauling tons of goods on the highway across the country are a much more dangerous proposition than the Demon. If anything, the Demon is safer than the standard Hellcat. It is built for traction off the line which means you can get into trouble a lot easier with tire spin on the standard Hellcat. The tires offer more grip, not less. How is the Demon a result of misguided corporate choices? It is built to be the quickest production vehicle in the 1/4 mile and achieves that goal. It does so on an NHRA dragstrip, not the street. Did someone forget those exist? A place where you can take your car and run as fast as you want to without endangering the public? The Demon is the result of incredible engineering, development, and effort. Dodge did not randomly roll some dice and end up with the Demon. What they accomplished for the money has never been achieved. This kind of fear mongering is an enemy to the entire automotive world: It is not banned for being too fast. The NHRA requires a roll cage for cars that are quicker and faster than set limits. If the Demon is 'too fast' so are a host of other street legal cars. All that is necessary to get them into compliance is a roll cage you hack. It is not the Demon that needs to be removed. It is this garbage from Automotive News. The author did not even have the courage to put their name on it. That tells you what the purpose of it actually is. Source
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    05-20-2017, 07:42 PM
    ABR Houston is able to build your N54 motor in a variety of ways. They have several options to choose from. As the N54 is an open deck block some high power N54's run into issues with cylinders flexing under load. Basically, you can start here and choose options for your build: Let's go over three main options: THE MERCENARY $1999.95* Bare Bones Closed Deck Block What’s Included? CNC closed deck conversion Hone the cylinders to equal size and provide the cylinder bore size Replace oil galley plugs Deck the cylinder block with our custom deck plate THE HITMAN $3349.95* Closed deck conversion with crank installed What’s Included? CNC closed deck conversion Hone the cylinders to equal size, and provide the cylinder bore size Deck the cylinder block with our custom deck plate Check and if needed, straighten crank Refurbish the crankshaft, and polish the journals Replace oil galley plugs Clean all oil passages Inspect crank sensor tone wheel Measure and decode block and crankshaft Balance crankshaft and pistons to .5 gram Replace main bearings Replace and torque bedplate bolts Replace and torque main bolts Install front and rear main seals Install bedplate injection plugs, and seal bedplate Check turning torque of rotating assembly THE PUNISHER $4999.95* Assembled Short Block With Stock Rods & JE Pistons Exchange engine program! The fastest way to get back on the road! What’s Included? CNC closed deck conversion Hone the cylinders to equal size, and provide the cylinder bore size Deck the cylinder block with our custom deck plate Check and if needed, straighten crank Refurbish the crankshaft, and polish the journals Clean all oil passages Replace oil galley plugs Inspect crank sensor tone wheel Measure and decode block and crankshaft Balance crankshaft and pistons to .5 gram Install stock compression JE pistons File fit piston rings to each cylinder Replace Main bearings Replace and torque bedplate bolts Replace and torque main bolts Install front and rear main seals Install bedplate injection plugs, and seal bedplate Check turning torque of rotating assembly Depending on options things go up from there. You can add headwork, Pauter rods, or Schrick cams for example. The end goal is up to the customer. In today's age of big power N54's engine builds are becoming far more common. ABR Houston in particular has a lot of experience in this area.
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    05-08-2017, 01:20 PM
    With modern adjustable suspension systems the software settings for the hardware are obviously very important. How about improving your suspension performance with just some software changes? How about sharing those calibrations as some people share tunes? Imagine a calibration specifically for a certain track. Great for the roadcourse guys, right? Well, DSCsport allows exactly that. They have what they call their DSC Controller in Version 1 and 2 modules: You install the controller and then can download various calibration maps. You can tweak the calibrations yourself as well or go with their OTS maps. How potent are these calibrations? According to DSCsport a stock 2015 Nissan GTR Nismo with a DSCsport V1 controller and their tuning software lapped VIR (Virginia International Raceway) in 2:01.5: For context, a 2:01.5 around VIR is nuts. If you look at Car and Driver's results in the past years Lightning Lap competition at VIR a 2:01.5 puts the DSCsport GTR 42.7 seconds ahead of the Viper ACR. How is that possible? With just some suspension tuning the GTR destroys the Viper ACR by over half a minute? Conditions and driver skill are huge factors but it's hard to believe the DSCsport module makes that kind of difference. EDIT: The full VIR course is not the Grand course which is the full length. That explains the massive time difference. Here is the lap video backing up the time: It would have been great if they did a before/after lap but we have what we have. DSCsport offers these controllers for select Chevrolet, Porsche, Nissan, and Ford models. Hopefully there is more independent testing of these modules and their impact on laptimes.
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    05-06-2017, 06:04 AM
    The only thing better than race videos with high end hardware is more race videos with high end hardware. Evolve's F10 M5 attended a VMAX event a couple months back and some of those runs were detailed in a previous article. Although a few runs overlap there are some incredible cars in the video below. The event definitely attracts some fast and rare hardware. As a reminder, here are the mods to Evolve's F10 M5: Evolve Stage 2 + ECU Tune Evolve Catless Downpipes Supersprint Rear Exhaust Eventuri Intakes 93 OCT (99RON) Fuel Pirelli Trofeo-R Tyres Stock Clutch It is very stout for the factory turbochargers. The first race is against an F82 M4 with Evolve and JB4 tuning. The M4 does very well off the line and it takes a while for the M5 to start to run it down. Next up is a 991.1 GT3 RS and, well, it's not much of a race. The previously posted Huracan race is next and the M5 makes easy work of it as well. A tall order is up next in the McLaren 675LT. This is a very fast car in stock form. The cars are surprisingly close but the 675LT has a slightly higher trap speed. The next run is with a Weistec Stage III supercharged M156 W204 C63 Black Series. The C63 pulls hard. Maybe having three passengers wasn't the greatest idea for this run? Just an incredibly strong C63 AMG. The RS6 and Huayra runs were previously posted. A great video showing the event off and obviously a rapid and well tuned F10 m5.
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    05-17-2017, 06:23 PM
    This is a big, heavy, German tank and we love it. BMW might not make an M7 for whatever reason (but M SUV's make sense) however the G11 M760Li is the closest thing and basically an M7 in all but the name. The 6.6 liter N74B66TU powerplant is a powerhouse with 602 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque. That big motor moves the big all wheel drive 7-Series with ease. AutoTopNL runs it to the limiter at 162 miles per hour. That speed is reached in roughly 22 seconds. This is an autobahn cruise missile. Imagine one with a tune?
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    04-26-2017, 11:10 PM
    BimmerBoost member @pits200 has an automatic BMW 335xi with the VTT GC N54 turbocharger upgrade. The car has 115k miles on it and has not exactly been babied as it has been tuned for over 100k miles at this point. This is important to point out as the GC upgrade is obviously making big torque but his trans is holding the power at 26 psi of boost. It is running well as the drag race video below will testify to. He knows the transmission is on borrowed time but so far with a TCU flash it's holding together and not slipping. You can read his build thread here if you like. ETS FMIC BMS Filters JB4 MHD Backend VTT GCs
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    05-14-2017, 05:11 PM
    This Porsche 991.1 Turbo S belongs to PorscheBoost member @Markblackwell. Readers have enjoyed watching his car progress through the various tuning stages. He made 665 to all four wheels on a Mustang dyno which was then pushed to 747 to the tires. He also ran 9's and topped 144 miles per hour of trap speed in the 1/4 mile. Since that time his engine was built and he also upgraded the PDK transmission with parts from Dodson. Well, now the car is making 819 all wheel horsepower. The torque figure is 782 lb-ft at all four wheels. That is on a Mustang dynamometer and what the Dynojet output would be is anyone's guess. That figure is probably somewhere in the 9XX range. What will it hit now in the 1/4 mile? Hopefully we find out soon but he is likely close to the 150 trap speed range. Simply a beast of a 991.1 Turbo.
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    04-25-2017, 09:01 PM
    This drag race features some impressive hardware. Unfortunately, it is designed more for promotion than performance results but that's ok. Just getting these ten cars together and having them all race at once is very cool and obviously a great way to get views. Every car is tuned by German tuner Levella. The cars have their ECU tunes along with the Levella wheels. The cars look great but as you can see with the tires going up in smoke these wheel and tire setups are for looks and not performance. That means the all wheel drive cars are favored. The Nissan GTR takes it. It is followed by the Aventador, 991 Turbo S, Huracan, and Audi RS6. Yep, all wheel drive cars. There isn't any timing equipment employed but still fun to see so many tuned examples go at it.
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    05-03-2017, 12:48 AM
    BMS speculated that a 3.5bar TMAP sensor would have a big impact on their 2016 BMW F10 550i. They were right. This car is now making 601 rear wheel horsepower and 637 lb-ft of torque at the wheels on a Dynojet in STD correction. Remember, this car started at 511 rear wheel horsepower with the JB4. BMS added their BCM (boost control module) and increased things to 570 rear wheel horsepower. Well, now with the 3.5bar TMAP sensor power tops 600 to the tires: This is a budget M5 with more torque. You can see how it runs against an F10 M5 before the TMAP upgrade here. The turbos look to be at about their limit but the torque curve is much better looking than previous efforts and holding over a wider period which results in the power gains. A great tuning value on the factory turbochargers but it would be great to see what it does with a turbo upgrade.
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    04-26-2017, 09:42 PM
    BimmerBoost is filled with people chasing horsepower. Some of them get sick of trying to push BMW's motors to lofty heights. Fortunately, that is where the Automotive Performance Network comes in to cater to all enthusiasts. @lamboworld previously had a 2008 FBO E82 135i and a 2009 FBO E89 Z4 35i. Now he has a C6 Z06 that makes 585 to the tires naturally aspirated and goes well over 700 wheel horsepower with nitrous: Here is the full mod list: Advanced Induction 280cc head porting with milling of.03 Replaced guided with CHE guides OEM Intake Valves and Replaced Exhaust Valves with Ferrea Hollow 2040P BTR 660" Platinum Dual Spring kit with TI Retainers Chromoly Pushrods ARP Head Bolts Straub Bushing Trunions Hinson C7R Chain Comp Cam: 226/246, .60x/.61x, @ .050", 114+2 LSA Mamo Ported MSD Intake NW 102 TB 160 Thermostat NGK TR7 Iridium Plugs Haltech 103 Intake Kooks Headers and Catted X Pipe B&B Fusion Gen 3 Exhaust Mild to Wild switch on dead pedal DRM Bilstein Shocks with bushings lowered on Stock Bolts Monster LT1-S Triple Disc Organic Clutch with Slave and Remote 36" bleeder. Motul RTF 600 Clutch Fluid Elite Engineering 1/4" Tunnel plate with Thermal ABS Nitrous Outlet MSD Plate Kit Nitrous Outlet Heater Katech Belt Tensioner with Belt Nitrous Outlet C6 Stand Alone Fuel tank with C16 Nitrous Outlet Purge Kit Nitrous Express Maximizer 4 Progressive Controller Custom Nitrous Switch for Arm, Heater and Purge Lingenfelter LNC 2000 Timing Retard Custom Billet Aluminum Nano and Nitrous Bottle brackets SB Painted Proform Valve covers Coils Relocated under Haltech heat shield with custom MSD plug wires Skip Shift Eliminator R888's for the Track Custom Crystal Grey Powder Coated Spyders for Track Machine Face Cup wheels with MPSS and Jake Center Caps Eagle LED Tail Lights Lingenfelter Clutch Stop GM 427 Hood Emblems Not a bad way to go, is it? Especially with the tuning value C6 Z06's offer today.
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    Yesterday, 09:11 PM
    Maybe the factory BMW S63TU turbochargers can be pushed this far but is it really a good thing? To hit a glory pull peak figure like this would require pushing the turbos far out of their efficiency range. The number looks nice on the graph but is this really realistic F10 M5 performance? This is the claimed mod list: F10 M5 on Stock Turbos and No BEF JB4 and BMS chargepipes MSR intakes Akrapovic exhaust Fabworx downpipes Custom meth system installed by TNT Racewerks Tuned by TNT Racewerks MS109E with 3 gallons of e99 M1 Meth Tuners and owners alike need to get out of the habit of posting a cell phone snap of a dyno plot and then claiming some sort of record. Where is the torque curve? What is the correction factor? Where are the boost and air/fuel graphs? Where is a log? How lean is this thing running? If someone wants to claim a world record with this they can go ahead but there does not appear to be anything to be proud of here other than a meaningless glory pull. A quality tuner would never put their name on it.
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    05-14-2017, 04:31 PM
    AWRON in Germany offers various BMW engine swap packages. They provide the electronics to make it all happen including the engine management. You may remember their N63 twin turbo V8 swap into an E63 6-Series chassis from earlier this year. This time they may have outdone themselves. The N54 is a questionable choice for something like an E9 but there is no denying this is a cool swap. This appears to be a replica CSL but who cares? It's awesome. With 449 to the tires it is going to move well and if the owner wants more power he can get it. Whether the chassis can cope with it is a different matter entirely. The engine package electronics have the following characteristics: Motor control fully OBD, EOBD can be diagnosed. DSC is disabled Secondary air deactivated Configuration Diagnostics Control unit network adapted for self-sufficient use Subsequent motor probes Diagnostics and function deactivated Configuration on manual gearbox The N54 engine package has all the characteristics of a standard vehicle which is necessary for the fully functional engine operation. Furthermore, all existing motor protection functions correspond to the series, functional and active to ensure protection against motor damage. The kit is designed to allow you to install it in a variety of BMW models and connect it to the existing wiring system.
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    05-10-2017, 04:21 PM
    Many of you know the camera car in this video which belongs to BimmerBoost member @gzim335. He is getting supercharged soon but that hasn't stopped him from doling out plenty of kills while naturally aspirated with bolt ons against cars people said he shouldn't be able to beat. The S65 V8 may not be a powerhouse in today's turbo market but it is still plenty potent and with E85 tuning it is possible to pick up roughly 50 wheel horsepower with bolt on modifications to put it in the ~400 whp range. That is great power from a 4.0 liter NA V8. Just look at the difference between the tuned M3 and the stock M3. It's no contest. Yes, the camera car has some weight loss measures but the driver is well over 200 pounds. 2011 E92 M3 ZCP DCT Gintani tune E85 flex fuel Active Autowerke catless x-pipe Drop in filter Recaro seat Pulled passenger and rear seats Volk TE37SL 18's Lightweight battery
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    04-28-2017, 02:55 AM
    Here is a very well done rendering of the upcoming F90 M5. We are inching closer to the official reveal. What do we know? No dual clutch transmission but instead a ZF sourced automatic. Also standard all wheel drive with a 100% rear wheel drive mode which should make getting heat into the rear tires easy. What else? The S63TU 4.4 liter V8 will be tweaked somewhat which is honestly the best thing about the M5. BMW will offer the most displacement out of its German rivals. When was the last time BMW M could say that? Imagine stroking one to 5.0 liters. The truth is BMW is already getting 600+ horsepower out of the S63TU so it will be interesting to see how much more they push it. They will likely change out the turbochargers for bigger units. This car is going to be a dragster. That is fine. That seems to be what people want. All wheel drive solves the problem of F10 M5 owners whining they can't get traction from a stop. Who cares if the car will be nose heavy now? Who cares if the manual is dead? Who cares about 50/50 weight distribution? Also, will BMW actually be able to make it lighter? Doubtful. The F90 M5 will be the most radical departure yet from the traditional M5 formula yet the most conformist M5 at the same time.
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    04-25-2017, 08:33 PM
    The B58 engine is a stout mill that is going to be with us for quite a bit as it represents BMW's new modular engine design. As far as tuning is concerned, it responds well to bolt on modifications but there is a fuel cap in the ECU designed to keep owners from taking it too far. Well, good luck with that BMW. BigBoost Turbo is readying a port fuel injection system which should provide the B58 with all the fuel it needs to run their upgraded turbocharger. You can get an idea as to how much bigger their turbo is than the factory unit in the pictures provided. It is very early in the B58 tuning game so it is good to see turbo vendors tackling it.
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    05-10-2017, 10:31 AM
    This video comes to us from Russia (where else?) and auto theft is definitely a big issue in Russia. It is not hard to see why as thieves have it down to a science. With the right tools available and some practice a BMW X6 can be stolen in less than three minutes. The video is in Russian but it's easy to see what the guy does. He drills the lock much as a locksmith would to open it. When he gets in the alarm goes off so he uses some sort of OBD-II sensor tool to turn it off. The car will not start just yet it and it requires some work on the wiring. After this, no problem, it starts. Good thing for insurance, eh?
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    05-08-2017, 03:11 PM
    Now this is what the BMW F87 M2 should weigh to begin with. BMW unfortunately did not cut weight from the F22 chassis the way people hoped with the M2. The car in standard form comes in around 3436 pounds. That is E46 M3 level weight. Well, a German tuner with the very appropriate name Lightweight Performance tackled the F87 M2 with the goal of reducing weight. The target? 1400 kilograms or 3086 pounds. The actual result? 1371 kilograms or 3022 pounds. Shaving over 400 pounds off the M2 is going to make a gigantic difference. It is a wonder BMW does not focus more on weight loss than power. Colin Chapman of Lotus fame understood this: There is no reason one can not throw a tune on this M2 if they want to. With 400 less pounds to carry it will make a far greater difference than on a stock car. Lightweight Performance decided to swap in an S55 motor rather than mess around with the N55B30T0. Here is how they reduced the weight: Carbon ceramic brakes, a titanium exhaust, and lightweight windows made out of Makrolon Polycarbonate certainly help as well. The S55 motor is tuned to 621 horsepower. No dyno provided but we believe them. Additionally, no readout of the weight is provided but let's give them the benefit of the doubt. This is an M2 done right. The way it should be from BMW in the first place.
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    05-13-2017, 10:45 PM
    Great numbers here from BimmerBoost member @gzim335 who decided to supercharge his E92 M3 DCT. He went with a Gintani Stage 2+ kit but decided on a few changes. Namely, E85 tuning and higher boost. He is running 10 psi. As he is tuned on E85 he is running upgraded fuel pumps with upgraded injectors. As far as BimmerBoost knows, this is the highest recorded whp for a stock internal S65 V8 with a supercharger. The motor has topped 700 whp at 14 psi with turbos. The difference here though is that the torque hit down low will be relatively mild on the factory rods due to the nature in which a centrifugal blower builds boost. Very nice results and if you are looking for a supercharger for an E9X M3 and want similar results, there just so happens to be a Gintani Stage 2.5+ S65 supercharger kit for sale in the BimmerBoost classifieds.
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    05-15-2017, 09:20 PM
    The N55 is having a good year in the aftermarket. This particular F30 BMW 335i has the Pure Turbos Stage 2 N55 turbocharger upgrade and is topping over 500 horsepower to the wheels at only 20 psi of boost pressure. In addition the car is running supplemental methanol injection with JB4 tuning. The fuel is an E30 ethanol blend. This results in 513 wheel horsepower and 489 lb-ft of torque at the wheels: A very nice Dynojet result on the optimistic EAS Dynojet.
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    05-09-2017, 02:12 PM
    This C6 Z06 belongs to BoostAddict Automotive Performance Network member @The Ghost. It seems a few guys that used to be on the BimmerBoost side are moving to C6 Z06's as of late. It is hard to argue with them as look at these results. The car has an aftermarket cam, heads, and an E85 tune. It certainly makes good power at 616 to the tires in naturally aspirated form. Previously, we saw this car take on some of the cars you see in this video but there are a few more runs compiled here plus we get the dyno graph. Not to mention, it's just a good video that is short, sweet, and to the point. Enjoy.
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    05-07-2017, 12:53 PM
    Weistec officially released their W.4 AMG M157 turbocharger upgrade package last month. That package is for the stock M157 internals but the numbers are incredible with over 850 horsepower to all four wheels on 91 octane pump fuel with meth at only 20 psi of boost. The W.4 torque curve is tuned to be easier on the rods down low. What happens when you go to aftermarket rods and engine internals though? Well, that is exactly what we are going to find out shortly. Weistec is assembling an M157 with their forged internals specifically for a W.5 setup. That means the W.4 turbochargers but with more boost and far more aggressive tuning. What will they hit? Well, BenzBoost has a general idea but let's just say ~1000 horsepower is the range they are shooting for. The M157 is about to become a quadruple digit monster and looks poised to regain the horsepower crown from the BMW M S63TU.
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    05-14-2017, 03:11 PM
    This GLA45 AMG belongs to Benzboost member @Meltingtires. Previously it was incorrectly reported that another company did the tuning on the vehicle. Well, Eurocharged Canada handled the tuning and they managed to get an impressive 442 all wheel horsepower out of it. The car has the Pure Turbos M133 turbocharger upgrade and supplemental methanol injection. The previously posted graph showed 435 whp 444 wheel torque but Eurocharged Canada ended up hitting 442 whp and 450 lb-ft of torque at the wheels on a Dynojet in SAE correction: Custom Eurocharged ECU Tune Pure Upgraded Turbo Weistec Catless Downpipe Snow Performance Meth Injection AMS Center Heat Exchanger AMS Aux Heat Exchanger 442 WHP & 450 WTQ on Pump Gas Incredible numbers from the M133 2.0 liter motor.
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    05-03-2017, 12:33 AM
    Claiming 1500+ horsepower is nice but where is the proof? A video of a car revving is not proof of anything regarding output. We often see this from GAD Motors and their builds which definitely are impressive but rarely backed up with graphs. Can an Aventador make 1500+ horsepower with a pair of turbos? Sure. It will require a built motor though and a ton of work. What are the details here? What turbochargers are used? How is it tuned? Is it using a standalone? As a reminder, Underground Racing had twin turbo Aventadors roaming the streets back in 2012. They have done twin turbo Murcielagos as well. When it comes to twin turbo Lamborghini performance, Underground racing is king. Maybe we'll see some actual details from this car in the future.
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