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  • Newguy123's Avatar
    Today, 01:57 AM
    Hey guys I decided to pull the trigger on some 2 peice light weight rotors and pads from racing brake. To give you some background I do a lot of 1/2 mile racing and have warped multiple sets of rotors and cracked pads from the high speed stops. Wanted to give some initial testing feedback on the RB OE replacement rotors and high temp XT910 street pads. I did a few consecutive 130mph down to about 40mph hard stops back to back after I bead them in. On the stock 135i rotors this would have warped the rotors and cracked the pads. The RB rotors and pads took it like a champ! No pedal fade no vibrations just a crisp bite at the pedal as I expected. These rotors performed flawlessly through my stress tests and I am confident they will not warp after the next 1/2 mile event.Since the high speed stops I have done 3 separate canyon runs with the new setup, they have performed flawlessly with no squeak and much less brake dust over the oem stuff. the pedal feel is different then stock, you really have to push harder on the pedal when coming in hot which is a little weird to get used to cus the stock pads bite so hard with such little input.... Prob why they warp so easy ha! These rotors are 2 peice so when it's time for replacement you can order the rotor rings by them selves and re use the aluminum hat to cut down on replacement costs. Also these rotors shave 10-12 lbs of rotational weight in the front and another 10lbs if you choose to buy the rears also. To me that is worth it in itself. I purchased a front set first cus I didn't see a ton of independent reviews on the full kit. After about a week with the front rotors and pads I knew I had to have the rears. The look and unsprung weight savings alone is well worth the cost in my book. The front pads retain the OEM brake sensor while the rear pads do not. As far as I know Racing Brake is the ONLY company out there that makes a 2 PC light weight OE replaceable rear rotor for the 135i. You can really feel the difference with these things on all 4 corners! the car feels really light on its feet and feels like it turns in quicker. If you purchase the front and rear rotors/pads together you save also to save some additional money at check out use code GS-10. :music-rockout: Here are some pictures....
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Today, 01:24 AM
    by.skif, we appreciate you taking the time to join.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:35 PM
    I'm kind of laughing at yours. How is intentionally restricting airflow not operator error? I disagree. Ask any quality tuner about tuning on the dyno and they will tell you they get great results on eddy current dynos such as the Dyno Dynamics or Mustang. I don't see it as a marketing tool first. You do.
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  • zinner's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:49 PM
    When I see statements like this I chuckle. They system isn't setup to prevent errors. The software could insist on certain probes and parameters if it wanted to be fair. The chassis dyno is a marketing tool 1st, a testing tool a distant 2nd. That is my point
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:30 PM
    Welcome to a real enthusiast forum dan-db9.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:31 PM
    A back and forth between Iroz Motorsport and APR is taking place on the EA888 2.0 liter MQB platform VW's. APR raised the bar with a new overall platform pass of 10.112 @ 142.76 last week in a front wheel drive MKVII Volkswagen GTI. Well, that record was broken and by quite a bit. It now stands at 9.580 @ 145.44. Incredible when you consider this was just done at the very slow Autoclub Dragway in Fontana at over 4000 feet of density altitude. Not a record breaking track and definitely not record breaking conditions. Yet, here we are. Iroz crushed their previous 10.2 second pass. Is this battle over? The IMS780 upgraded Golf R is able to put this power down thanks to all wheel drive with a Dodson upgraded dual clutch transmission. It will be hard for the record setting APR Stage III+ MKVII GTI to match the elapsed time. It certainly is incredible how well this platform is doing.
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  • AdminTeam's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:18 PM
    Welcome to a real enthusiast forum exodus454.
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  • Eleventeen's Avatar
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