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    06-13-2015, 08:16 PM
    Who thought we would make it this far? Well, not too many people. Proving people wrong by succeeding is a cause to celebrate. The truth is, BimmerBoost would not be celebrating its fifth anniversary this year without the N54 community which is really the pulse of the forum. This is not just talk, BimmerBoost is putting money where its mouth is. To thank the N54 community for its support BimmerBoost will be giving away a set of the new RB EVO turbochargers. Before continuing to prattle on and on about how integral the N54 community is to BimmerBoost let's introduce the RB EVO package: "We are excited to introduce the highly anticipated RB Turbo EVO TD04 N54 Turbocharger package after approximately 8 months of development. As many well know by now we had found that the OEM N54 plumbing (ie. "inlets") were found to be extremely restrictive and have held back Stage 2 type hybrid turbocharger performance for many years (to a very large degree). Although we always knew there was restriction in the plumbing it certainly came to a shock to us about how badly our upgraded turbochargers were restricted the inlets alone. This along with the desire to use the largest style TD04 compressor wheels, it was very evident it way time to stop ignoring the other glaring issues with the N54's plumbing. WE felt that in order to move the amount of air these largest TD04 wheels can move "efficiently", that we needed to address the entire N54 system for utmost efficiency and airflow potential. We also believed that the system would've been under-designed without addressing the other very restrictive components, such as the affiliated outlets and compressor housings. So in short we decided to go the full mile and utilize a completely enhanced plumbing system including properly sized TD04 compressor housings to fully support these largest style TD04 compressor options. Although we are production ready, we are still in the beta testing and data collecting phase. So information IS limited regarding performance at this time. We do want to share where we are at today though being that we are production ready, and believe that any N54 trained eye can see that we have addressed all physical and logical limitations for an extremely free flowing compressor system. These improvements CAN ONLY improve upon what we have known and seen to date and this is simply indisputabe. After all as close to no pressure drop through a compressor system means a happier compressor system. At the end of the day we have several initial testers who will be installing this kit shortly and data will begin to flow, so for those die hard data junkies who want more and more all we can say is that it will come. And although through this phase we will not be adding this system to our website, we do advise any customers who may like what they see feel free to shoot us an email for any further inquiries. Thanks, Rob" As you have likely seen the N54 stock frames produce absurd gains nobody thought was possible and this is essentially the ultimate evolution. It is fitting to do a giveaway for the platform of turbochargers capable of power levels that nobody originally thought the platform was even capable of. So how much do these turbochargers cost? Rob Beck explains it here: "The EVO package will come at a $1899 increase in cost over our standard turbos (however billet compressor , thrust upgrade, and turbine clipping options are required selections). The EVO package includes full plumbing including the air filter, inlets, outlets, larger compressor housings with large TD04 compressor wheels, and all the bits to make them bolt up to retain a factory finish. Adding the EVO package to RB's creates a "Stage 3" bolt-on type system. The EVO package can NOT be added to existing RB's without them coming back for the full package enhancement. Likewise no other inlet system is required, nor are the standard intakes, as this is a full system from the air filter to the intercooler." Not necessarily cheap but this is taking the N54 stock frame design to the max. Also, BimmerBoost is not just going to give these turbos away without a way to tune them. @Terry@BMS of Burger Tuning has graciously offered to supply the winner with tuning for these turbos. BMS is really the first vendor that supported BimmerBoost and we are happy that after five years we can continue the relationship and give back positively the community. Additionally, I'd like to offer my personal thanks to our vendors and users that make all this possible. I know it has not always been a smooth ride here on BimmerBoost but through all the ups and downs and bumps and bruises we have gone further than anyone dreamed. What was a basic forum over five years ago has now evolved into the 41 website strong BoostAddict Automotive Performance Network. Did anyone really see that coming? The point ultimately being that we have come a long way. So friend, fan, or foe, thank you. Seriously, from the bottom of my heart I thank everyone no matter their position on playing a part in pushing things forward. This is hardly the end of the journey and there is a long way to go. BimmerBoost surely has room to improve and all I can personally say is I will strive to do better and hopefully create more fans of the site and BMW performance tuning in general. Thank you and good luck! Rules: 1. Raffle contest runs through July 31st. 2. To qualify for the raffle, simply post in this thread that you wish to enter and gain rep points from your entry time to gain raffle entries. 3. Minimum 10 rep points required to qualify for entry. 4. The winner will be picked randomly through a raffle based on rep points gained from time of entry. Every additional rep point from your points at the time you state you wish to enter equals 1 entry. Example: Enter the contest at 100 rep points. Contest ends July 31st and you have 110 rep points at that time. That is 10 entries into the raffle. 5. The more rep points you get by posting good content the more you increase your chances to win. Gain 100 rep points from the start of the contest and you gain 100 entries into the raffle. Contribute to win! 6. These turbos are not for resale. If one enters with the intention of flipping them for profit, they will be disqualified and will be charged the full price of the turbos should they have received them. 7. RB has a list of people waiting on these turbos already. It is only fair for those people to get their turbochargers first. Therefore, should production not be ready by contest end the contest will be extended to meet production. 8. A core deposit is required. Please PM me with any additional questions or concerns.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    06-23-2015, 09:00 PM
    The power record for an automatic BMW N54 motor currently stands at 741 horsepower to the rear wheels. That is a lot of power and what makes it remarkable is the number was hit in the California summer heat as well as through a stock internal N54 motor. The transmission is not stock but features mild upgrades from Level 10 in the form of a valve body and torque converter upgrade. Obviously handling power on the Dynojet and say a drag strip are two different things but we all know how the automatic transmission paired to N54's has struggled to handle big torque. This one is holding so far. Further details from Ventura Motorsports: Hey guys! Had a great turnout today with one of our customers. He came all the way from Texas to visit @SteveAZ, @Terry@BMS and us at VM for the weekend! The car did solid today, and we actually got some pump gas numbers too! The car is an 07 E90 AT equipped with: VM Top Mount PTE 6466 1.00AR CP,BOV, HPF IC Full exhaust w/ high flow cats Fuel it Stage 3 twin 450 Motiv PI with FPR Level 10 Valve Body and Torque Converter Upgrade JB4 with MHD E85 Flash As you can see the 4 different runs here. They all had very, very clean logs from all 15 pulls. These pulls are done WITHOUT Port Injection and Pump Gas: 17 psi on 93 only, it made 473 whp. Add a CM10 Nozzle and some meth, you can crank it up a bit. 22 Psi on 93 and meth it made 601. We didn't want to continue as we are happy with the results. It did not show any signs of slowing down though. These pulls we turned ON the Port Injection with Full e85. We added 10 gallons of e85 to the 1 gallon left in the tank so we could turn up the boost now. Meth has been disabled for these runs. 30psi on Full e85 is when it showed timing drops. We did two runs at 30 and made consistent power and left it at that. It was a VERY hot day today, but the car performed flawless. Again, big thanks to @Terry@BMS for always being there.
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  • Sticky's Avatar
    06-12-2015, 09:36 PM
    Oh my! We have a new world record folks for the F80 M3 and F82 M4 S55 turbo inline-6 platform. What a record it is with the Pure Turbos upgraded car being the first to crack 700 wheel horsepower on the platform. 708 horsepower to the rear wheels to be exact. Further details from Pure Turbos are below but what an achievement this early on. Congratulations to all involved. We brought the PURE M4 to EAS in Anaheim today for some dyno testing. We are very pleased with the results, and are happy to bring the S55 platform into 700whp territory! We used pump 100 + meth. Mods: -S55 PURE Stage 2 Turbos -BMS JB4 w/ OBD2 cable -BMS Meth Kit -Magnaflow Exhaust -Evolution Racewerks downpipes -BMC drop in filters -Stock 6MT clutch -Stock intake system Big thanks to Terry and the BMS crew. Big thanks to Tom, Steve, and the EAS crew.
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  • Terry@BMS's Avatar
    06-19-2015, 01:09 PM
    Things are finally heating up in the BMS S63TU twin turbo 4.4 liter V8 tuning world. BMS will be releasing a new JB4 tune for the platform and during testing they set a new world horsepower record on the platform with a very impressive 722 to the rear wheels. Keep in mind this is still on the stock turbochargers and fuel system of course. The F80 M3 and F82 M4 S55 motor with a turbo upgrade has already shown 700+ wheel horsepower so that just gives you an idea of where this motor could head with some impeller upgrades. Further details below in the words of @Terry@BMS: Hey guys, Just got back from doing a little dyno tuning on our upcoming S63tu JB4 upgrade. As most of you know the JB4 board provides us a lot more tuning and logging flexibility compared to the Stage1 we all know and love. One of the new features is the ability to take control of the boost solenoids which unlocks much higher power levels than previously attainable using TMAP sensor biasing. What's most interesting about the test car and this dyno is not what parts it's running but what parts it's not running. OEM exhaust, OEM dps, OEM intake w/ OEM filters. The only mods are a JB4, BMS meth w/ 50/50 boost juice, and dual CM5 nozzles in MSR chargepipes. Fuel is pump gas 91 with a can of NOS octane booster added. Approx octane 92.7 RM2. Temps in the 90s. Results were a best of 722whp (using WinPep8, WinPep7 shows 2hp more. shrug) in 5th gear at 25psi, 708whp at 24psi in 5th gear, 695whp in 4th gear at 25psi, and 680whp in 4th gear at 24psi. You'll notice that we've included something in this thread that (as far as I know) no other S63 tuner is able to or willing to post. datalogs from the dyno runs showing boost, timing, afr, and throttle. Good bad or ugly the data is all there for us to analyze. I suspect many M5/M6 owners will jump on the new JB4 not necessarily for tuning but just so they have a convenient mechanism to datalog existing flash tunes. I'll add a video I took in car of one of the runs later. We're still very early in the JB4_S63 development but so far the dyno potential is very promising. Now if we can get this power to translate in to impressive 60-130 times then I'll be one happy camper.
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    06-08-2015, 09:20 PM
    The Hellcat V8 is a flat out beast even in stock form. We have seen it beat up on a stock C7 Corvette Z06 and it will run 10's stock on drag radials. Sure, at over 4400 pounds the Hellcat vehicles are not light but 642+ rear wheel horsepower and a ton of low end torque in stock form help to mitigate the weight quite a bit. This is not exactly an easy race for a single turbo 335i. The VM (Ventura Motorsports) upgraded 335i is a manual transmission car and of course it weighs roughly 1000 pounds less than the Hellcat. How much power is it making? The owner, BimmerBoost member @djpaulie, has yet to dyno the car. We do know the setup is capable of well over 700 whp. Also, considering the easy work he makes of this Hellcat Charger it's safe to say the car is running strong. Hopefully next time we can get a higher quality video but ST upgraded 335's are looking strong on the highway. Hellcat: Stock Drag radials BMW 335i: E90 N54 ST VM Top Mount Comp Turbo 6467 1.0AR JB4 G5 ISO (30PSI) BMS PI 100% E85 Fuel-it STG 3 Circuit Werkes exhaust God Speed FMIC Forge 004 dual piston BOV's Michelin PSS 265 rear 245 front Suspension upgrades
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    06-10-2015, 02:14 AM
    Earlier this year BimmerBoost posted an article on the GSR Autosport F22 228i track car. At that time, the car was making 290 horsepower at the wheels and 345 lb-ft of torque at the wheels. GSR Autosport pushed things further and further and the N20 2.0 liter four-cylinder turbo motor eventually gave way. This is not the first time we have heard of N20 issues when the motor is pushed. People jumped all over this engine failure which happened at Bimmerfest this year as if it was GSR Autosport's fault. It isn't. It's BMW's fault. Oil starvation graph: Here is GSR Autosport's take on what happened: "Some of you may not know GSR but we are developing the 228 for Pirelli World Challenge TCA class and are also the homologating team so we are submitting all the paperwork along with requested changes to the rules. As part of this we are doing a lot of testing to back up our justification for changes because the rules are pretty limited as far as allowable changes to keep costs down. We expect the development of the first car including testing will cost about $250,000 all in with probably $50k spent on the motor alone. We have been beating the hell out of our little 228, testing cooling, oiling, brakes, suspension, and of course drivetrain. One day we saw 117 degrees out at Chuckwalla last summer. The car as proven to be pretty durable, more than we expected given what we have done to it. Of course, since this is a race car development program the idea of warranty was never even a consideration when we were abusing our little beast. The reason we go to this level of testing is our gentlemen driver customers not only want to win, they REALLY don't want to go home early - they are paying North of $15,000 per weekend and they value their time even higher so if something breaks they are not very happy and if it happens more than once or twice we don't have a customer anymore that is typically spending $100,000 or more a year to go racing. So with that said we have discovered two primary flaws with the motor. There are oiling issues with heavy right lateral loads especially under braking. In some instances oil pressure will drop to zero. Next are the rod bolts. Under heavy load they stretch leading to rod failure. We had been bumping up the hp/torque on our car... North of 400wtq we finally saw this - literally - here's a piece of our case to prove it. This was the failure some of you saw at Bimmerfest. Coming out of Turn 9, short shifting into third to reduce wheel spin, at 3,500 RPM (peak torque) boom. Now we will never be running this much torque/hp in PWC but we will have to deal with some of our customers missing a few shifts which puts similar loads on the motor. We'll be documenting the failure on multiple threads/sites once we have finished the analysis and taken all the supporting pictures. More on the positive side, we'll be publishing the build of the new race motor - the S20 we all wish BMW built for the M2. Obviously we are not selling a Stage 3 kit for the N20/N26 without bottom end upgrades that are part of the race engine build we are doing now, hopefully getting back to testing soon. We've also tuned down the initial torque peak on both Stage 2 and Stage 1 tunes for these motors. On a positive not, although the gearing is whacked, the manual transmission has held up through all this which we thought would be one of the first things to go." There you have it. If you intend to push the N20 past 350 lb-ft of torque at the wheels do not expect it to last. A Mercedes-AMG M133 2.0 liter four-cylinder it is not. It simply is not built to the level to handle a major torque boost beyond stock. It's built cheaply. That is what BMW does these days. They build engines to last the warranty period and to try to keep costs as low as possible. Oil starvation under hard cornering is really no surprise. Even the M cars that are supposedly designed for the track experience this. The E9X M3 has a history of oil issues because the oiling system is not a dry sump system and even more cheaply designed than the S85 V10 on which the S65 V8 is based. What happened here is they just pushed it too far. They were making 350+ wheel horsepower and 400+ lb-ft of torque. That's just too much for the stock N20 internals. It isn't a strong motor. It is hardly BMW's best work: Nick@GSR: "Our 228i car is a test mule for our Pirelli World Challenge program. We've been doing stress testing and have discovered a few weaknesses in the motor including oiling and bottom end. We've been bumping up performance to see what would fail so we can incorporate that into our PWC race motor builds. We were running a setup at Bimmerfest that was north of 350 whp and 400 wtq. Preliminary analysis is a rod bolt stretched and then failed. Based on what we have learned we are now building up our first race motor which of course includes updated rods and hardware." Bimmerboost is currently discussing the N20 engine issues with GSR Technik and we will be bringing you further updates. What is clear is that if you want to reliably cross the 300 wheel horsepower mark and the 350 lb-ft of torque at the wheels mark you will need an engine build.
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    06-17-2015, 09:07 AM
    It seems like all Pure Turbos is doing as of late is setting power records on BMW platforms. Their N55 work has impressed for a while now and the envelope with the Pure Turbos Stage 2 N55 turbocharger upgrade continues to be pushed. The new record stands at 560 horsepower to the wheels. This car belongs to BimmerBoost member @Obriennathaniel and this is hardly where things end. It's more like the beginning. You may notice the dyno graphs are jagged as he struggled with wheelspin on the Eurocharged Dynojet. Think of these runs as early results showing the capability of the Stage 2 turbocharger. The car is going to be retuned by Eurocharged after the addition of Fuel-It Stage 2 low pressure fuel pump (LPFP) upgrade. He also intends to add new diverter valves and colder spark plugs. 600+ wheel horsepower N55's coming soon? It sure looks like it. Mods: CG Precision VS-1 Exhaust & DR-1 DownPipe | Pure Stage 2 Turbo and Inlet | JB4/Eurocharged tune | FlexFuel | BMS Meth Injection 100% meth | ATM FMIC | ER Chargepipe Outlet | AFE Intake | BC Coilovers | Nitto Invo 245/35-285/30 AvantGarde F310 20x9.5 35 & 20x10.5 45 | Osram Xenarc | Full LED retro | AWRON digital AC gauge|
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    06-30-2015, 02:21 PM
    Last week CaddyBoost commented on the spectacularly fast ATS-V test numbers Car and Driver somehow managed to achieve which blew their previous test figures out of the water. It is starting to make more sense as those test figures appeared in this comparison test of the ATS-V versus the BMW M3 and Mercedes-AMG C63 S. If we knew those figures were recorded for this test we would have stated Cadillac may have sent a tweaked ATS-V to Car and Driver. Maybe they changed the software on all ATS-V's. Either way, something happened and the ATS-V is now spectacularly fast. Speaking of which, the C63 AMG S is not recording any spectacularly fast times. At least not in this comparison. Of all the races we have seen between the C63 AMG S and the M3/M4, the AMG takes the victory and somewhat easily. So how is the C63 AMG S only trapping 116 in the 1/4 mile which is a mile per hour less than the M3 and how is it getting beaten to 100 miles per hour and 150 miles per hour by the M3? We can not explain it. Is Car and Driver just throwing together test figures from different days for the cars? That certainly is how it feels. The numbers do not make sense in context. The ATS-V may actually be as fast as they are saying despite the previous slow tests from more than one source but that would mean it blows the C63 AMG S away. It's not even close with their claimed 6 miles per hour trap speed spread. What this network thinks is that the C63 AMG S would be the highway king out of these three. The acceleration numbers are puzzling. As far as the weights there is no surprise that the M3 is the lightest at 3608 pounds followed by the ATS-V at 3800 pounds and the C63 AMG S at 3939 pounds. The W205 C-Class is not the lightweight car Mercedes claimed it would be. In all fairness, the F80 M3 missed its weight target too. The M3's weight advantage pays dividends in the slalom posting the fastest time follow by the ATS-V and the C63 AMG S. The Caddy does record the best skidpad figure at 1.02g followed by the C63 AMG S at .98g and the M3 at .97g. BMW's 50/50 weight distribution is simply a myth in the turbo era. The cars have more weight on the nose and Car and Driver records 52.1/47.9 front to back. The ATS-V and C63 AMG S fair no better with 52.5/47.5 and 54.3/45.7 front to back respectively. Out of the trio the car chosen is the M3 finishing in first place. They comment that it is the lightest and leanest but criticize the brakes which seems to always be a point of criticism on BMW's and BMW just can't get it right. The Cadillac's handling is said to be better and the AMG braking is set to be better yet they still pick the M3 due to it being the better all around package. The Cadillac ATS-V wows with its eye opening (and suspicious) numbers but its overall package and namely the interior is behind the other two. The engine also receives criticism for being 'dull' whatever that means. Its sound is criticized yet BMW is faking their engine sound with synthetic engine noise through the speaker system. The ATS-V is said to be the best handling car offering the best steering feel and brake feel yet it loses out because of the lack of refinement. Cadillac is almost there. Almost. The AMG's transmission is criticized but it's V8 engine is praised despite putting up the slowest numbers. We still do not understand how the most powerful motor out of the group is somehow putting up the slowest numbers when all independent testing shows us it should be the fastest. Something is off here and perhaps Car and Driver got some 'magazine specials' to test. It's becoming harder and harder to trust these test results. Make of it what you will.
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    06-20-2015, 03:21 PM
    Here is something to break up the typical posts regarding parts, horsepower, tuning, turbos, and performance upgrades that dominate the front page. Yes, we focus on fast cars but who can forget the kids that try to make their cars look or sound fast rather than actually be fast. They are known as ricers and we tend to make fun of them. You've seen them with the neon lights and loud mufflers that set off car alarms. This certainly fits the profile. Plus it's hilarious.
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    06-30-2015, 01:25 AM
    Now before anyone takes these results out of context BimmerBoost would like to explain these are low boost shakedown passes. Only 21 psi out of the Motiv 900 kit is hardly pushing it. It is capable of much more. We also expect to see much more out of this car. Over 130 miles per hour of trap speed in the 1/4 mile on low boost on a manual 335i certainly is respectable though. The car was running pump gas, the Motiv port injection fuel system, twin disc clutch upgrade, and tuning through a Cobb AP. Street tires and not drag rubber on this pass as well. The turbo is theoretically capable of over 40 psi of boost but pushing a stock motor to that level is not advisable (that is reserved for Dyno bragging). Let's say with 30+ psi though and some E85 we could finally see some eye opening numbers on the drag strip from the N54. It's time.
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  • djpaulie's Avatar
    06-08-2015, 07:00 PM
    While in Mexico got a great opportunity to get some runs in with a 2015 Hellcat Charger bones stock with drag radials. Every one was really laid back and cool great looking and sounding car and for a stock vehicle impressive as well. We did multiple runs and all were roll on at about 50-140 and at 140 were around 4-6 cars. May need to find a way to hook through 3rd gear haha but the tires are new so i'm going to blow these off before changing out. Hellcat: Stock Drag radials BMW 335i E90 N54 ST VM Top Mount Comp Turbo 6467 1.0AR JB4 G5 ISO (30PSI) BMS PI 100% E85 Fuel-it STG 3 Circuit Werkes exhaust God Speed FMIC Forge 004 dual piston BOV's Michelin PSS 265 rear 245 front Suspension upgrades
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