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    07-15-2015, 05:21 PM
    N54 turbo inlets. This topic has caused a civil war on the BimmerBoost forums. TFT (Trueform Technologies) weighed in on the controversial topic and posted results with their inlet and charge systems. The numbers they are showing certainly are impressive. How does 670 horsepower to the wheels on an E70 blend with an FFtec inline LPFP pump upgrade sound? No port injection here: Original RB Turbos (cast wheels) TFT Inlet System and Charge System AMS Intercooler, AR Downpipes Tuned by Brian@TFT, via MHD Flasher Regarding the inlets, TFT stated the following: "With the rapid roll-out of these cheap inlet systems put together as afterthoughts hitting the market soon, one can't help but reference the timeless phrase: "You get what you pay for", and while some replica inlet systems might appear similar to the TFT Inlet Systems from afar, the important value is in the details. With that in mind, here is the latest from the TFT 335i - showing how effective, powerful, and issue-free the right parts (and the right combination of parts) can truly become. Next up: custom billet compressor wheels (properly sized of course) and 700whp!" This car is clearly capable of much more. We will see what they hit as the N54 inlet war rages on.
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    07-07-2015, 03:06 PM
    People are already asking about it though so we will start accepting people for open spots. Priority goes to last year's participants. The format will be the exact same except with three commissioners. If you wish to be a commissioner you can apply now and it will be determined based on league votes. Policy changes in the league will be based on commissioner votes. We did $100 last year and it kept everyone involved for the most part. I'm happy to do $100 again as I doubt most will go for more: Payout at $100 would be as follows: 1st place: $900 2nd place:$200 3rd place: $100 Payments through paypal. Address: This is last year's roster and people on it get priority for this year. There are currently three open spots: 1. @Sticky PAID 2. @135pats PAID 3. @chrisisnapping PAID 4. @Legionofboom PAID 5. @Terry@BMS PAID 6. @nafoo PAID 7. @Group.america PAID 8. @zeenon53 PAID 9. @Tony@VargasTurboTech PAID 10. cadillacgrills PAID 11. open 12. open There will be a trophy this year as well that goes to the winner. I'm thinking about making my own trophy. Welding some old turbo on some wood. Something like that. Thoughts?
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    07-08-2015, 09:03 PM
    A lot of great action in this video here! It starts out with a three-way race between E60 M5's with different modifications but all naturally aspirated. The camera car is the blue E60 M5 in lane three that features an Evolve Automotive tune along with the Evolve tubular headers. It is the headers that make the biggest difference here and it shows as the two black E60 M5's get a large jump but the blue E60 M5 camera car is able to run them down pulling harder up top. The basic mods between all three are the same with each featuring intake scoops, an underdrive pulley, cats deleted, and a tune. If anyone was wondering if headers make a large difference wonder no more. The second run between the trio features a far more even start. The blue E60 M5 again demonstrates its top end power superiority pulling past the other two. The other two M5's are basically neck and neck as they should be. The amount of weight in the car is enough to separate them. The third run again has the blue M5 pulling decisively and at this point it is well established it is the fastest out of trio. The fourth race is the one that is most interesting putting things in context as the fastest E60 M5 takes on a Stage I BMS tuned F10 M5 that is tune only. The S85 V10 top end shows well here against the F10 M5 which gets pulled. They run again and the race is closer but the E60 M5 again pulls up top. The F10 M5 looks to be running a very mild map based on the result but the S85 V10 strength is top end highway runs and it shows. A great video with great races.
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  • 5soko's Avatar
    07-06-2015, 08:55 AM
    Some really interesting races here... All mods listed in the video.. Skip to 4:00 mark to see the F10 M5 Jb4 vs the Evolve modded with long tube headers E60 M5
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    06-30-2015, 02:21 PM
    Last week CaddyBoost commented on the spectacularly fast ATS-V test numbers Car and Driver somehow managed to achieve which blew their previous test figures out of the water. It is starting to make more sense as those test figures appeared in this comparison test of the ATS-V versus the BMW M3 and Mercedes-AMG C63 S. If we knew those figures were recorded for this test we would have stated Cadillac may have sent a tweaked ATS-V to Car and Driver. Maybe they changed the software on all ATS-V's. Either way, something happened and the ATS-V is now spectacularly fast. Speaking of which, the C63 AMG S is not recording any spectacularly fast times. At least not in this comparison. Of all the races we have seen between the C63 AMG S and the M3/M4, the AMG takes the victory and somewhat easily. So how is the C63 AMG S only trapping 116 in the 1/4 mile which is a mile per hour less than the M3 and how is it getting beaten to 100 miles per hour and 150 miles per hour by the M3? We can not explain it. Is Car and Driver just throwing together test figures from different days for the cars? That certainly is how it feels. The numbers do not make sense in context. The ATS-V may actually be as fast as they are saying despite the previous slow tests from more than one source but that would mean it blows the C63 AMG S away. It's not even close with their claimed 6 miles per hour trap speed spread. What this network thinks is that the C63 AMG S would be the highway king out of these three. The acceleration numbers are puzzling. As far as the weights there is no surprise that the M3 is the lightest at 3608 pounds followed by the ATS-V at 3800 pounds and the C63 AMG S at 3939 pounds. The W205 C-Class is not the lightweight car Mercedes claimed it would be. In all fairness, the F80 M3 missed its weight target too. The M3's weight advantage pays dividends in the slalom posting the fastest time follow by the ATS-V and the C63 AMG S. The Caddy does record the best skidpad figure at 1.02g followed by the C63 AMG S at .98g and the M3 at .97g. BMW's 50/50 weight distribution is simply a myth in the turbo era. The cars have more weight on the nose and Car and Driver records 52.1/47.9 front to back. The ATS-V and C63 AMG S fair no better with 52.5/47.5 and 54.3/45.7 front to back respectively. Out of the trio the car chosen is the M3 finishing in first place. They comment that it is the lightest and leanest but criticize the brakes which seems to always be a point of criticism on BMW's and BMW just can't get it right. The Cadillac's handling is said to be better and the AMG braking is set to be better yet they still pick the M3 due to it being the better all around package. The Cadillac ATS-V wows with its eye opening (and suspicious) numbers but its overall package and namely the interior is behind the other two. The engine also receives criticism for being 'dull' whatever that means. Its sound is criticized yet BMW is faking their engine sound with synthetic engine noise through the speaker system. The ATS-V is said to be the best handling car offering the best steering feel and brake feel yet it loses out because of the lack of refinement. Cadillac is almost there. Almost. The AMG's transmission is criticized but it's V8 engine is praised despite putting up the slowest numbers. We still do not understand how the most powerful motor out of the group is somehow putting up the slowest numbers when all independent testing shows us it should be the fastest. Something is off here and perhaps Car and Driver got some 'magazine specials' to test. It's becoming harder and harder to trust these test results. Make of it what you will.
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    07-14-2015, 03:22 PM
    Impressive power here numbers from the upcoming FSR Motorsport E46 M3 turbo kit. This kit is not yet released and BimmerBoost explored this turbo option last week. BimmerBoost member @6spd_legend has the pre-production kit and his car showed an impressive 720 horsepower to the wheels at 19 psi. Torque is at 538 lb-ft at the wheels and yes this on a completely stock E46 M3 S54 motor: Tuning is done through the AEM Infinity standalone engine management unit. As far as pricing, the kit is expected to come in at $9k and goes up from there with additional options such as larger injectors and upgraded fuel pumps. Further details: We're selling our Pre-Production S54 turbo kit. This kit is dyno proven to make 650whp in current setup. You can add larger injectors, additional fuel pumps or a larger turbocharger to make even more power. The kit contains the following used components: Precision 6466 dual ball bearing turbocharger, Turbosmart Hypergate45, FSR stainless steel tubular manifold, stainless steel dump tube, FSR stainless steel downpipe/midpipe combo that mates to OE exhaust, 6061 AL hot and cold side intercooler piping, Precision 31 1/2"L X 8.0"H X 3 1/2"D Intercooler with mounting brackets, turbosmart Raceport blow off valve, FSR fabricated intake manifold, intake with filter, oil feed and return lines with fittings, black couplers, SS clamps, FSR motor mount w/ bushing, hardware to mount turbo/manifold/intercooler, boost actuated exhaust cutout. You also get the following NEW items: AEM Infinity pkg for E46 M3 (includes AEM Infinity ECU, adapter harness, 5 bar SS map sensor, 150psi fuel pressure sensor, intake air temp sensor, wideband adapter harness, wideband sensor, boost control solenoid), Fuel Injector Clinic (FIC) 1100cc Hi Impedance fuel injectors, Walbro E85 compatible 400lph fuel pump (also called the 460/465/485) and Radium Engineering E46 M3 fuel pump install kit. It has been used on our shop car for dyno and road testing so it does show a little wear.
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    06-30-2015, 01:25 AM
    Now before anyone takes these results out of context BimmerBoost would like to explain these are low boost shakedown passes. Only 21 psi out of the Motiv 900 kit is hardly pushing it. It is capable of much more. We also expect to see much more out of this car. Over 130 miles per hour of trap speed in the 1/4 mile on low boost on a manual 335i certainly is respectable though. The car was running pump gas, the Motiv port injection fuel system, twin disc clutch upgrade, and tuning through a Cobb AP. Street tires and not drag rubber on this pass as well. The turbo is theoretically capable of over 40 psi of boost but pushing a stock motor to that level is not advisable (that is reserved for Dyno bragging). Let's say with 30+ psi though and some E85 we could finally see some eye opening numbers on the drag strip from the N54. It's time.
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    07-09-2015, 07:43 PM
    This certainly was unexpected but also shows just how large and powerful ECS Tuning has become. Turner Motorsport is a BMW aftermarket mainstay with far reaches throughout the community for several generations of BMW models now. ECS Tuning somehow was able to come to terms on acquiring Turner. Turner Motorsport has increasingly focused on racing and owner Will Turner likely intends to continue his racing programs and even expand them. A giant cash influx certainly won't hurt in that regard and word on the street is he will continue to be involved in day to day operation and his position will be president of the Turner Motorsport division. ECS has expanded its reach and much respect to them in regards to their success and acquisition. ECS Tuning Announces Acquisition of Turner Motorsport Wadsworth, Ohio, July 6, 2015 – ECS Tuning, LLC (“ECS”), a leading global engineering and ecommerce retailer of European automotive performance parts and accessories, announced today the acquisition of Turner Motorsport LLC (“Turner Motorsport”), an industry leading ecommerce retailer for BMW performance parts and accessories. ECS is one of the web’s most popular destinations for European car enthusiasts ( The company is distinguished by its highly engineered proprietary products and ever-expanding parts catalog featuring more than 1.4 million SKUs for BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Porsche and Volkswagen. The addition of Turner Motorsport will make ECS a premier destination for BMW parts online and will enable both companies to offer a broader selection of high quality engineered solutions and enhancements for the BMW marketplace. “Turner Motorsport has always been dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality performance parts and accessories for BMWs,” said Will Turner, founder of Turner Motorsport. “I have a lot of ideas for new products and I’m excited that as part of the ECS family, we can bring those to life more quickly and offer an even broader selection of products to BMW owners, enthusiasts and racers.” Turner confirmed that the Turner Motorsport Racing team will remain unchanged, with ECS and Turner Motorsport continuing as primary sponsors. Turner founded Turner Motorsport in 1993 to provide enthusiasts with high performance products and accessories for their BMW. With its focus on customer service, leading performance products, and in-house R&D, the company has developed a noteworthy reputation in the marketplace for high quality products, many of which are featured on the championship-winning Turner Motorsport Racing team vehicles. Will Turner will remain with the company as president of the Turner Motorsport Division. “ECS is thrilled to partner with Will Turner,” said Tom Demrovsky, co-CEO of ECS. “Will shares our passion for European cars and Turner Motorsport is an excellent addition to the ECS family that allows us to better serve our customers. In addition, we look forward to leveraging our combined R&D efforts to introduce more industry-leading products across all of our vehicle makes.” “Will is widely respected in the BMW enthusiast and racing circles, and we’re excited that he’ll be part of the combined ECS and Turner Motorsport team. We also look forward to welcoming the additional expertise of the broader Turner Motorsport team to the ECS family,” added Brian Demrovsky, co-CEO of ECS. Based in Wadsworth, Ohio, ECS is owned by Bertram Capital, the company founders, and management. About ECS Headquartered in Wadsworth, Ohio, ECS is a leading global e-commerce platform for Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Porsche and Volkswagen automotive parts. The company offers a diversified product portfolio covering the full spectrum of genuine, aftermarket, and performance parts. ECS has a content-rich catalogue of more than 1.4 million parts from leading automotive brands, including its owned brands: ECS Tuning, Ziza, Alzor, Bremmen, and Schwaben. Visit for more information. About Turner Motorsport Founded in 1993 in Amesbury, Massachusetts with a deep heritage in performance racing, Turner Motorsport is dedicated to developing, manufacturing and retailing high performance BMW parts and accessories. Visit for more information.
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